Product Review: Talluto's

Talluto’s is a charming Italian pasta shop conveniently located in the middle of the 9thstreet Italian Market. Once inside the doors, the tiny storefront is packed with delectable foods – olives, cheeses, pizzelles, stuffed shells, soups, meatballs, sauces, fresh pasta and all wonderful comfort foods. In awe I admired the variety of ingredients as a family paid for their frozen pastas at the cash register. When the woman behind the counter politely asked if I was looking for anything in particular and if she could assist me, I told her it was my first time to Talluto’s. A smile spread from ear to ear as she told me about the seasonal pumpkin tortellini which she highly recommended.

Of course, I was now obligated to try this so highly esteemed pumpkin tortellini. Although I make pumpkin ravioli from scratch almost every year, I grabbed a pound, paid her for my purchase and went home with the pasta and some produce from the street vendors.


Admittedly, I was anxious to see how this tortellini might stand up against my infamous Fall pumpkin ravioli. My curiosity came over me and compelled me to try the pumpkin tortellini as soon as possible. Part of this may have been
because I had not made any of my own yet this year and was craving the comfort of it, but nonetheless I soon found myself in the kitchen.

Boiling the water seemed to take forever as my impatience became almost intolerable, but I was excited for my lunch. I let the tortellini dive in the water and as they swam and grew, I browned butter in a sauté pan. When the tortellini finally bobbed at the top, I strained the water, laid the hot tortellini in a bowl and drizzled browned butter on top so they could bask in the
golden warmth.

Now it was time for the much anticipated first bite: slowly, my fork plucked a single pumpkin tortellini, raised it to my mouth and aroused my senses. The pumpkin was sweet, with the taste of allspice and nutmeg, the thick tortellini was doughy like a pie, but the browned butter made the pasta savory and balanced out all the flavors. I couldn’t help but feel a little more at home with every bite I took, until I soon realized my bowl was empty.

Overall, Talluto’s was very helpful and I was pleasantly surprised with their product. The employees were warm and welcoming, and the pasta was a nice comfort. I cannot wait to go back and try more of their products.

Plum Tomato and Marinated Mozzarella Salad

So, this mozzarella is my favorite in the world. It’s marinated in olive oil and various Italian spices. It’s very nostalgic as I used to have it as a rare treat as a young kid, but when I did, I always looked forward to getting it. It’s from a place called Talluto’s, an Italian deli on 9th street in the Italian market. I made a visit this past Saturday and I must say it was quite nice to stroll around in the morning and pick up some fresh veggies and mozzarella. The result: this tomato and mozzarella salad. Thanks again to Talluto’s. Life-long supporter right here.