tallstar's revenge

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omg is it canon tallstar is gay?? !! :0

Multiple of the writers have said so. And everything else they said is taken as canon. Hell the books are their word. Im not letting this one thing be dismissed because people don’t like that the writers said it.

It will be never written in the books because Harper Collins said no, but the writers have said “His heart belonged to his Jake”.That quotes by Kate, the writer of Tallstar’s Revenge. Thats canon to me.

(also pls dont reblog this lmao im firm on this point and dont want discourse about it and if i get shitty anons ill have to turn off asks)

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16 from the ask thing please

16. Favourite Pairing

Talltail x Jake

I just love the way these two are written in Tallstar’s Revenge. The romantic nature and tension is never stated out loud but you can clearly see it in between the lines. It’s very subtle yet effective and I wish the authors would use this tecnique more with their couples (though part of that writing is probably due to the fact that they can’t state it in the book because of the publisher, but still)

Also Jake and Talltail never had any needless drama in their relationship and they supported and tried to help each other the way I think a couple should.

Plus they have a bit of a bittersweet ending, which I’m a sucker for.


I find most [romantic] relationships in the warrior cat books to be very bland and forced so I am in awe of how realistic theirs was??

I really love Tallstar's Revenge though

Like, the more I read it the more I fall in love with it.

Tallstar is probably my most favourite pov character to date now. Personally I really relate to a lot of his feelings and how he views the world around him. Not to mention that he feels fresh as a character. Not only is he more open-minded towards other Clans, but he also has a desire to explore beyond what he knows.

And boy do I love all the subtext in this book!
Like, the whole situation with Tallstar and Sandgorse, how Tallstar wants to please his father even if it goes against his own feelings and desires.

How they talk about how you else “feel like a moor-runner or a tunneler” and it can’t be forced on you. And all the while Sandgorse’s attitude is
“No son of mine is a wimpy moor-runner!”
when Tallstar actually doesn’t show interest in tunneling and everyone says he’s a great moor-runner.

Like, just replace “moor-runner” with something else and you already have a whole new situation on your hands… which fits even better when you think about the fact that Tallstar winds up falling for Jake, a tom, later on in the book.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I like to think that there’s more layers to that situation than just “I want to do a job my dad doesn’t want me to do” (not that that message alone would be bad at all. It’s actually a very good and relatable viewpoint)