@matthewdaddario struggling with Snapchat and being tall

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Tall Girls

There’s so much discrimination against tall women, there are so many posts on the internet about how shorter girls are cuter. So many tall women are adorable and sweet but everyone’s putting them down. It’s okay to be proud and short, but don’t put others down in the process.

Things I hate about being tall.

1. Clothes: I don’t mind being tall except for the fact that I am skinny. Being skinny is not a lifestyle choice for me. I have an extremely fast metabolism, and it is difficult for me to gain weight. The problem with that is people don’t make clothes for tall skinny people like me. I gave up wearing baggy shit a while back because it made me look fucking stupid, and this summer, I stopped wearing pants because nobody sells fucking pants that go past my ankles, and again, I’m not a fan of looking fucking stupid. I believe it’s really unfair that tall, overweight people get to wear clothes that fit but I can’t. Fuck the manufacturers that cater to those people. 2. Fuckings cars that are too small for me to drive, airplane seats that I can’t fit in, and low ceilings. 3. People: Fuck everyone that assumes that I’m a basketball player. And also fuck you for saying I should be one when I say I’m not. And just because I’m not a basketball, I’m automatically a “computer whiz”? What the fuck is that? A programmer? An engineer? What the fuck are you trying to say? I’m gonna start telling people I play in the NBA, just to be an asshole.