tallis cosplay


Massive Tallis, Dragon Age WIP Post -

I should have better pictures coming, but here is a preview of the costume completed.

All the armor is made from 5 oz veg tan leather.  I decided to use acrylic paints instead of dye for the green to make the details stand out.  I wet formed the chest, shoulders, thigh and wrist pieces.  The daggers are carved from wood.  The belt buckle, shoulder clasps and choker jewel were made from worbla.  The boot covers were made from oil tan and covered with antique brass spots.  The hood was made from faux suede.

Now that I have worn this costume for several hours there are a lot of things I need to adjust before I wear it again. 

  • The chest piece was tremendously uncomfortable.  I am going to test a few things out to try to get it where I can wear it for more than a few hours without bruising my ribcage.  
  • The thigh pieces kept sliding down.  I knew they would, but not to the degree that they did.  I had to walk the entire parade holding them up.  I may add a hidden strap that connects it to the belt to hold them up better.
  • I will probably remake the hood out of real suede, just because I am picky.  

Even though this cosplay practically murdered me, I felt pretty pleased with the look of the costume.  I got to meet David Gaider and he even signed the inside of my pouch.  I would like to wear Tallis again after I make some adjustments, but then I watched the Inquisition preview and I really want to make a cosplay from it, so we will see if Tallis will make an appearance at Dragon Con 2014.