1. Who’s the one who raises one of their legs, demanding to be carried like royalty?
2. Who’s the one who happily holds their arms out to do what they were told, as if they were born to carry people?
3. Who’s the one who hesitates because they’d have to be the one holding their butt?
4. Who stands by, watching and contemplating the dilemma that person 3 has found themselves in?
5. Who stands in the back, looking lost?

I was just thinking..
  • Allison Daniels
  • Caroline
  • Julia
  • Amelia
  • 4 'Secrets' Hookups
  • Jess
  • 1 Randomly mentioned wedding hookup
  • 3 'Goldmine' Hookups
  • Skanky girl from 'Goldmine'
  • Kai
  • And then:
  • Fireman Teddy
  • Spencer
  • Genz
  • Russell
  • Sam
  • Nick
  • Cloverfield guy from 'Goldmine'
  • Ryan
  • I can't sleep so this is what's running through my head. Did I miss anyone?
Disney Ladies’ Hogwarts Houses

I tallied up my poll and these were the results!

Snow White: Hufflepuff (44), Ravenclaw (6), Gryffindor (3), Slytherin (0)
Alice: Ravenclaw (31), Gryffindor (14), Hufflepuff (12), Slytherin (1)
Wendy: Gryffindor (35), Ravenclaw (13), Hufflepuff (7), Slytherin (1)
Cinderella: Hufflepuff (28), Gryffindor (19), Ravenclaw (7), Slytherin (4)
Aurora: Hufflepuff (26), Ravenclaw (13), Gryffindor (10), Slytherin (7)
Ariel: Gryffindor (35), Slytherin (9), Ravenclaw (8), Hufflepuff (7)
Belle: Ravenclaw (46), Gryffindor (9), Slytherin (0), Hufflepuff (0) Option 5 (2)                 yes I made a mistake on the form you sarcastic shits
Jasmine: Slytherin (28), Gryffindor (26), Hufflepuff (2), Ravenclaw (1)
Pocahontas: Gryffindor (41), Slytherin (7), Hufflepuff (6), Ravenclaw (4)
Jane Porter: Ravenclaw (42), Hufflepuff (8), Gryffindor (6), Slytherin (0)
Esmeralda: Gryffindor (23), Slytherin (22), Hufflepuff (8), Ravenclaw (4)
Mulan: Gryffindor (45), Slytherin (6), Hufflepuff (3), Ravenclaw (3)
Megara: Slytherin (46), Gryffindor (5), Hufflepuff (1), Ravenclaw (1) 
Kida: Gryffindor (21), Ravenclaw (19), Slytherin (7), Hufflepuff (6)
Tiana: Hufflepuff (22), Ravenclaw (17), Gryffindor (12), Slytherin (6)
Rapunzel: Hufflepuff (32), Ravenclaw (14), Gryffindor (8), Slytherin (2)
Merida: Gryffindor (43), Slytherin (14), Hufflepuff (1), Ravenclaw (1)
Anna: Hufflepuff (39), Gryffindor (14), Ravenclaw (2), Slytherin (1)
Elsa: Slytherin (38), Ravenclaw (12), Hufflepuff (4), Gryffindor (3)

Total Gryffindors (7)

Total Slytherins (3)

Total Hufflepuffs(6)

Total Ravenclaws(3)

Thanks to everyone who participated!! :)

edits to be made at some point

Recently I hit 1000 followers here on tumblr. I am completely blown away by that fact, especially considering roughly 800 of you have appeared since November (thanks DAI), and in honor of that HERE IS ME, CELEBRATING YOU WITH A FUN SURPRISE!

I am excited to unveil the start of a…. Create Your Own Adventure Fic, following the exploits of a certain Inquisition Commander! 

Some rule type things: 

  • Only votes submitted through the designated Google Forum will count. 
  • You must leave your tumblr URL, this is a follower appreciation after all.
  • Voting will run for ONE WEEK (there are several tiers for voting)
  • One vote per person. 

Voting for Tier 1 will run until August 7th, at which point I will tally the votes, and write more fic!

Now without further ado… let’s find out exactly what Commander Cullen Stanton Rutherford is up to….

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zayns--girl asked:

Hi ☺️ I was wondering if you could post more fic recs because the last ones your posted I bloody loved them and I need more and you said you had a lot more, so yeah please help a girl out -Kenzie 🐢🐢🐢🐢

omfg ok let me supply with more

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