Should we just make the Campaign Official?

Like, have people vote in November for their favorite candidate and see who wins, and for the next four years the winner will be the fandom president as some sort of weird meme thing?  Because everyone seems serious enough.

➶ Snaibsel Week 2016!!! 🎩

Hello, lovelies! Thank you all so much for your votes and suggestions! We tallied it all up and the prompts for Snaibsel Week 2016 are:

  • October 30: Soulmates
  • October 31: Halloween/Paranormal
  • November 1: Hunter/Witch
  • November 2: Dreams
  • November 3: Hurt/Comfort
  • November 4: Magic
  • November 5: Free day! (submit any Snaibsel fanwork you feel inspired to create!)

Thank you all again for your participation in the voting process! Another big thank you to those who followed and reblogged our intro post. You rock!

We cannot wait to see what everyone creates next month! Fanart, fanfiction, edits, playlists, headcanons, crafts, whatever floats your boat! 

As a reminder, you can check out our rules here about submissions and contributions! Again, feel free to ask us anything you’re unsure about!

Let’s make this a magical week! 

Have fun, everyone!

One Piece Week 2016

It seems that this has been successful which makes me very happy! 
Thank-you to all of you who has submitted themes! Now it’s time to vote! 

Below is the link to the themes that have been suggested. You may vote for more than one theme and even suggest more! In a few days time, I’ll tally up the results and those will be the themes for the week!


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arcanistdagnarp  asked:

I need headcanons on Alistair's bar mitzvah. Go.

-fiona and maric both cried a lot

-his parsha was one of the ones about moses (i cannot for the life of me remember parsha names im sorry)

-fiona definitely did not cry during his speech

-it was very small. a lot of people were at the service and they were definitely all fed but the reception was very small. adaia and her family were there, as were duncan, loghain & anora probs some others idk who

-eamon and isolde were not there.

-tabris had hers a week before, the day before alistair’s actual 13th birthday. she never let him forget this

-the kiddish was a milkhic meal. alistair insisted on this. he loves cheese too much

-alistair doesn’t like speeches (anora def helped him write his for the bar mitzvah) but he does read torah a lot after his bar mitzvah. its the only time hes comfortable being the centre of attention

-his tallis is light grey, trimmed in bright/dark blue stripes. duncan got it for him

leothelionsaysgrrrr  asked:

Do the character profile for Talim!

Full Name: Talim Telahn Lavellan 

Gender and Sexuality: Male, Bisexual

Pronouns: he/him

Ethnicity/Species: Dalish Elf

Birthplace and Birthdate: Born to Clan Lavellan somewhere in the Free Marches, time of day was dusk. 9:13 Dragon, Harvestmere (31st day basically he’s born on Halloween)

Guilty Pleasures: Romance novels

Phobias: Ignorance (fade tombstone style)

What They Would Be Famous For: Harboring dangerous secrets.

What They Would Get Arrested For: Selling dangerous secrets.

OC You Ship Them With: Emma who belongs to @leothelionsaysgrrrr annnd no one else comes to mind atm

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Hmmm I dunno hmu if you think your oc would murder Tallie! XD  

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Mysteries. He likes to see if he can solve it before the main characters.

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: The villain was the friend next to you the whole time.

Talents and/or Powers: Quick learner. Eidetic memory. Can tie a cherry stem with his tongue. 

Why Someone Might Love Them: Once he cares about you that’s it he would do literally anything you need with almost no explanation. Blackmail this person into doing this for you? Totally. Kill this person in their sleep? They probably had it coming anyway. When Talim trusts someone he trusts them, wholeheartedly. 

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Upon meeting he is the Asshole™ and just SO hard to get to know. When you meet him he has the lowest possible opinion he can have of you, he will find all your flaws and shove them in your face, gauging what you can and can’t take. Also he thinks he’s always right, and what makes that worse is that he usually is. 

How They Change: Slightly Less Of An Asshole™. More open to letting people in, less critical of others, and becomes more honest with himself.

Why You Love Them: He is one of my very few morally grey characters, and I love morally grey characters. He’s my precious jerk son and like there’s no reason not to love him?? Love my son, validate him. Not that he’d care either way personally lol.


replied to your post

“And those LITTLE SOUNDS during that kiss!!! AH! And who was making…”

I thought it was Serena!

I thought so too the first time I watched it. But since then I’ve watched it a *few* more times and the more I watch it the more I think it is Bernie? But honestly I just can’t tell. And it doesn’t really matter, I know, just curious what others think.

So, the tally atm is:  (updated count!)
Bernie: 2
Serena: 6 
Undecided: 0

Anybody else have an opinion on this?


Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

If you’re not already excited about Rob Cantor you will be now.


THIS is the solution to the problem of the TALLY LOGO. The skull is still there but with OUR tally and no one can seu THEM for this. This is a fan art and is the perfect convination of BOTH tallys. 5sos-official !!!!


Lexa saying ‘Clarke’ Official Tally

Season 2: 35 times 

  1. Do you have an answer for me, Clarke of the Sky people?
  2. I’m still waiting for an offer, Clarke
  3. We want the same things Clarke
  4. Clarke *hands Clarke torch*
  5. The dead are gone, Clarke.
  6. Clarke, let us drink together
  7. Tell me something Clarke, when you plunged the knife…
  8. The kill is yours, Clarke.
  9. I’m serious, Clarke.
  10. Mockery is not the product of a strong mind, Clarke.
  11. Don’t be afraid Clarke, death is not the end
  12. I was wrong about you Clarke
  13. Clarke of the Sky People has honored us with her presence
  14. Clarke, sometimes you have to concede a battle to win a war
  15. Clarke, we don’t have time for this
  16. This is war Clarke. People die.
  17. Clarke we have to keep moving
  18. Clarke you can’t go back
  19. *Clarke goes back for Abby* Clllllarke
  20. [zoned out Clarke] *muffled* Clarke
  21. *Lexa shakes Clarke* CLARKE!
  22. If they see us they’ll strike again, Clarke.
  23. Clarke, slow down
  24. I feel your anger, Clarke.
  25. …we are going to win this war, Clarke.
  26. You should rest, Clarke.
  27. That’s what it means to be a leader, Clarke.
  28. You were born for this, Clarke. Same as me.
  29. Too many people know, Clarke.
  30. I do trust you, Clarke.
  31. As Clarke said, we spare the innocent
  32. NO! you stay with Clarke
  33. I’m sorry Clarke, they weren’t part of the deal
  34. I do care, Clarke
  35. I’m sorry Clarke.

Wanheda Part II: 2 times

  1. Hello, Clarke.
  2. War is brewing, Clarke.

Ye Who Enter Here: 9 times

  1. I respected your wishes for a week, Clarke.
  2. You’re angry, Clarke.
  3. You can’t run away from who you are, Clarke.
  4. Clarke elevates herself.
  5. You wanted to see me? I’m here. Clarke!
  6. And we welcome Clarke kom Skaikru
  7. Clarke will be safe here under my protection
  8. We’ll get the answers soon, Clarke.
  9. I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru.

Watch the Thrones: 3 times

  1. Clarke, this is Aden.
  2. Clarke worries about her people.
  3. I know you are just trying to help, Clarke, but there is nothing you can do here.

Hakeldama: 3 times

  1. I can’t let you leave, Clarke.
  2. You can’t just walk through the gates, Clarke.
  3. So, tell us Clarke, how does this end?

Bitter Harvest: 2 times

  1. Clarke..so blood must not have blood applies only when it is my people who bleed.
  2. So what will it be, then, Clarke… banishment from our lands forever or death by 49 cuts from your hand? 

Thirteen: 6 times

  1. [Titus: All that can stop this now is war] Clarke
  2. Actually, I’ve asked Clarke to stay in Polis as my guest.
  3. That’s up to Clarke.
  4. You will never again attempt to harm Clarke. Swear it.
  5. Clarke. [Clarke: I’m here]
  6. You were right, Clarke.

Perverse Instantiation Part 2: 9 times 

  1. [Clarke collapses on steps and Lexa grabs her face] Clarke.
  2. [Clarke starts to seize] Clarke? 
  3. ClaRKE. 
  4. CLARKE?
  6. CLARKE! Come back. We need you. 
  7. [whispers when Clarke opens her eyes] Clarke
  8. Clarke, there’s still time. We’ll find another sign. Let’s go. 
  9. *sees vault appear* Clarke.


Including Deleted Scene: 70 times

Phil’s Livestream // 7.10.16

He’s wearing his PINOF6 shirt

“Have a little chin wag”

They’ve been having a “pajama week”

Dan has a cold

He’s been playing a lot of Doom

He brushes his teeth before his liveshows

He thought the GoT finale was one of the best he’s ever seen

He used the sound barrier term again and said “oh I’m not meant to say that”

He wasn’t want to bombard us with stories so it’s just going to be a chill “Phil’s back” liveshow

He only got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep on the flight back

He watched Midnight Special on the flight which put his off to sleep

He’s been jetlagged all of pajama week and hasn’t been able to sleep

He likes being in a stationary bed and not living out of a suitcase

He brought his favorite clothes on tour

He’s going to do some summer cleaning soon and clear out some things

YouTubers React discussion 

He thinks DHMIS6 will be the last one

Rosanna was lovely and he thinks we’ll really like what they made

It should be up next week or week after?

“Dan and I don’t have the best track record on baking on YouTube”

They contemplated making the entire “green cupcakes” video again but they decided it was so funny they didn’t want to

Top fans got random animals (and an insect)

He thinks their best baking product was the brownie graveyard

New Dil video tomorrow

They filmed a new gaming video with a new game today

They were going to do a Dil on the road video but it was too complicated

“Dil was probably like ‘Where are my parents? Where did they go?’”

He finished Doom *spoilers*

He wants Pokemon Go so badly

He thinks he’ll actually leave the house for Pokemon

“I’m going to be a Pokemon master like I’ve always dreamed”

He doesn’t floss as much as he should

He apologizes for being on the same time as a big football thing

His plants will be in the next AmazingPhil video

He watched Bates Motel and The People vs OJ Simpson 

He was very excited about his party shoes

He hasn’t fully unpacked yet

His personality trait is an INT something

He took the WiiU on tour to play Mario Kart

He just finished Fargo

In total they had 6 suitcases and 2 backpacks

Airport story

When they got to the backpack he realized he left his backpack in the taxi

He tried to run after the taxi and walked through the traffic to get his backpack

“This is why I should never be in charge of something important”

When he got back to Dan he was seated playing Angry Birds

It was ridiculously hot in Phoenix 

“It was like walking into hell or a volcano”


When he got to Denver he was so aware of the air change he was pleasantly lightheaded 

Top fans got dragons, corn on the cub, tv remotes, and a tiny kitten

“I promise it is live”

“I’m having a fringe check that’s what happening”

Horse fly knives

“Let’s go blue jays”

Their tour team became a tour family and he misses them a lot

He dreamed that YouTubers had to wear all banana yellow 

Last night was the first night he got a full night sleep

“Where’s Dan? He’s probably coughing somewhere”

His favorite pancakes were the iHop birthday cake pancakes

He’s American fooded out

“Ruff ruff ruff. Hope that got your dog’s attention”

He misses the Dan and Phil emoji

He misses his parents a lot

Candle haul!

“This is a Dan candle because it’s completely black”

Their house smelled like it wasn’t lived in so he needs to burn some cnadles and rub his body on the carpet

He’s wearing shorts

“That was hamsterese for thank you”

There’s still construction outside of their house

(my computer shut down for a second so I missed a little bit forgive me)

Anime discussion

He finished X Files

He braided his hair

He’s planning on wearing his ice cream shirt in a video 

Australia tour talk 

“I’m mildly worried by the giant insects”

“Keep London safe for me, yeah?”

Top fans got cacti 

Martyn watered his plants at some point

He think American Starbucks have cooler flavors 

His favorite is the waffle cone one

Pastel edits irl discussion 

He failed his magnet mission

He took lots of nice pictures

“Scare Dan. I can’t scare Dan he has a cold. Can’t kick a man while he’s down.”

Sorry Linda 

“Sarie’s mum has got it going on. That was a bit inappropriate I take that back”

He hasn’t watched OITNB yet 

“I can’t choose my baby” when asked his favorite Sims video

He did German in school and Dan did not

His favorite superhero may be Spiderman

He likes to play with snapchat filters (but he doesn’t use the actual app)

Goodbye! *bird noise*

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