Weird bands you should check out

Idk I felt like making a list:

Glass Animals - literally sounds like a liquid in my ears

Mother Mother - relatable and uses really nice flats and sharps in their singing

Tally Hall - gets that ol’ brain going. almost every song is in a different style

Rob Cantor - made the Shia Lebuff song and used to be the yellow tie from Tally Hall

Andrew Jackson Jihad - real nasty slice o’ life but good

Cosmo Sheldrake - like old folksyish but with minimal instruments and words and nice beats

Lulu Mae - not so much weird as really sweet. I knew these people irl and they’re really close in my heart

Radical Face - soft and thought provoking

Loch Lomond - indecipherable lyrics but strangely addicting. you literally can’t find set lyrics to “the mountain” anywhere online

I probably forgot one or two


this is me BNHA OC Kazuki AKA Eclipse - he’s shy when trying to make friends, but gives everything his all n always wants to help teammates :D


That, or a griffon-wrangler.

I love these girlfriends, who are trans, and in love.
(Each other’s girlfriends and also in a polyamorous relationship with Hawke, but they (Hawke) can join this conversation once they’re done looking for wyvern clues.)

Also as usual, recs for excellent mods more or less referenced:

Isabela: armor, bodyshape, curly hair
Merrill: armor, merribela mutual romance armors, default romance armor without boobplate, non-whitewashed skintone with retexture, non-whitewashed skintone without retexture


i had a specific song in mind for this, that i (after melting my brain by painting and rendering shit for 3 years) cannot remember at all lmao

absolutely unrelated to the drawing itself: i did, however, listen to this on repeat for the last 2h of finishing this and the beginning of the song STILL startled me each.fucking.time. (has some sort of build-up that feels more like a build-down, because the rest of the song is more chill, kinda)

also up on twitter c:

  • Junkrat: Hey Lucio, can you pass the ketchup?
  • Lucio: Hey’ve you guys ever tried natural ketchup?
  • Tracer: *spits* Natural ketchup?!
  • Lucio: Yeah. It tastes like regular ketchup except there’s no high fructose corn syrup in it. It’s more… natural.
  • D.Va: Hm. Does it taste better?
  • Lucio: Uhh, I like it more but I guess it’s an acquired taste. Regular ketchup tastes kind of… sugary to me now.
  • D.Va: Hm.
  • Tracer: Hm.
  • Junkrat: Yeah.
  • Genji: Hm. Is it still red?
  • Lucio: Reddish-brown. Lil’ darker than Heinz.
  • Tracer: Can you… can you put it on french fries?
  • Lucio: I use it like regular ketchup.
  • D.Va: Can you get it at a normal grocery store?
  • Lucio: I think so, yeah.
  • Junkrat: Hey Lucio, is it… a place?
  • Lucio: …No?
  • Genji: Is it expensive?
  • Lucio: Ah, regular-priced.
  • Tracer: Is it… pulpy?
  • Lucio: No.
  • D.Va: Does it need to be refrigerated?
  • Lucio: That’s up to you.
  • Genji: It’s soupy, right?
  • Lucio: No.
  • Junkrat: Do you eat it every day?
  • Lucio: I could.
  • D.Va: Does it smell good?
  • Lucio: Yeah.
  • Junkrat: Is it edible?
  • Lucio: …Yes.
  • Tracer: Is it… smaller than a bread box?
  • Lucio: Uhm… I guess that depends on the type of…
  • Tracer: YES OR NO?
  • Lucio: Uh, yes!
  • Genji: Is it all natural?
  • Lucio: Yes.
  • D.Va: Is it a condiment?
  • Lucio: Yes!
  • Tracer: Is it mustard?!
  • Lucio: No, 18!
  • Genji: Is it organic relish?!
  • Lucio: No, 19!
  • D.Va: Is it natural ketchup?!!
  • Lucio: YESSS!
  • ALL: YEAHHH!!!! *collective slow-motion jubilation as Little Wonders plays*
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