Shopping at Forever 21 Tall Girl Style

I love Forever 21. It’s cheap. It’s everywhere. Sadly, it’s a short girl store. Despair not, though, my leggy compatriots. Knowing a few simple things about what makes your body different aside from long legs will make every shopping trip loads of fun instead of a chore from hell.

First, we’ll look at how tall girls are different. Then, we’ll look at how tall girls can shop short stores.

What makes tall girls different?

1. Wider Shoulders

2. Lower waistline in dresses

3. Lower hipline in dresses and skirts

4. Elbows and knees hit at different points in clothing

Off topic, but Gap and J. Crew do a wonderful job with tall sizes, and they’re “average” sized garments work very well on tall bodies.

External image

There are no rules for dressing, obviously. I’ll never say there are things you can or can’t wear. This is just a simple guide for what will most likely give you no trouble if you don’t feel like waiting for the fitting room.

1. Anything sleeveless

External image

Sleeveless Mesh Paneled Shirt

2. A-shaped dresses

External image

Geo Print Shift Dress

3. Flared skirts

External image

High-Low Chiffon Skirt

4. Knits - They always fit!

External image

Crab Print Sweater

5. Go up a size on shirts so that shoulders fit.

External image

Jumbo Polka Dot Print Shirt