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13!! For the Steven universe asks!!

Some of my SU headcanons:

- Onion is autistic. I personally like this headcanon because Onion reminds me a lot of my little brother, who is an autistic boy.

- Garnet has a very, very soft spot for animals. She especially loves frogs and insects. But, no animal is a bad animal to Garnet. All of the animals are Good and Sweet babies. All Of Them

- Peridot’s visor functions as prescribed glasses.

- This is a little grim, but in the SUverse, jewerly still exists. A lot of it still made from natural, polish earth minerals, but some of the more valuable jewelry is actually made from the shattered remains of fallen gems from the war.

- When talking around the other gems, Amethyst is very foulmouthed. However, she tries to keep her language PG-13 when around Steven and other humans.

- This one comes from the fact that most humans in the show seem to view the gems as merely weird or supernatural humans, rather than straight up aliens. When Rose was still alive and would go out in public with Greg, people were amazed by how tall she was. She was eventually measured in the world records as the tallest woman ever. (i mean…greg did say she was about 8 feet tall. that’s abnormally tall for humans)

- Along with her Twitter, Peridot also has a tumblr account. She’s on here somewhere, guys. We just have to look.

- Peridot does research on humans and their behaviors, and keeps all her research in a little green notebook. Sometimes, in her notes, she draws little pictures of humans she has spotted in Beach City, or diagrams demonstrating their traits. It’s super nerdy. But it’s also super cute.

- When Lapis cries, due to her water powers, her tears are more bubbled and flowing than other gems and humans.

- Pearls are manufactured on Homeworld similarly to how dogs and cats are bred by humans. If a certain trait is seen as more aesthetically pleasing, all Pearls will be manufactured with it. Certain traits are actually very harmful to a pearl’s form, and can cause a pearl to poof at random intervals, such as the light eye colors of pearls. Pearls are bred to have very light colored eyes, and as a result of this, a lot of pearls on Homeworld have poor vision.

- Regarding food, Garnet is a sugar fiend. She only really eats sugary sweet food.

- If Steven were to ever go to school, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl would be his aggressive PTA moms. Amethyst in particular. “Your lemon squares suck EVERY INCH OF ASS IMAGINABLE, Deborah.” Sometimes Peridot and Lapis would show up, too. The school board stands no match for Steven and his 6 rainbow colored moms.

Happy Veteran HCs

-Mike is a big ol hugger. He isnt very verbal obviously but with friends he tends to lean on them or rest his elbow on their shoulder or head depending on their height.

-Nanaba wouldnt be physical except with Mike

-Mike is the type to go around and ruffle everyone’s hair and smile at them

-If he hugs you there is a 100% chance he sniffed your hair

-Hugs with Nanaba last 10x longer than any other hugs

-He tried to do a group hug once or twice only Hanji went for it

-Levi gave up trying to stop him from patting his head but he also glares at him everytime he does it

-Erwin and him are more of resting elbows on each others shoulders and leaning on em kinda guys

-He rests his elbow on Nanaba’s head often

-Hanji tried to hug Nanaba once and was met with awkward back pats and awkward laughter. It was the thought that counted tho

-Aside from Mike, Nanaba considered Hanji her best friend

-Hanji and Nanaba knew each other as children although they weren’t close until they joined the military.

-Nanaba was intimidated by Mike at first until she learned he was just a giant puppy

-Nanaba can’t cook so Mike refuses to even let her try bc he can’t stand the smell but he plays it off by cooking for her and honestly hes an A++ cook

-Levi and Nanaba judge the new comers together but they aren’t exactly mean about it. Although it isn’t exactly nice either.

-They all cope differently with what they’ve been through but they’re all super supportive of each other and they try and keep their casual conversation positive.

-Nanaba teases Levi for how short he is but Mike turns around and does the same to her. She feels betrayed that he would hurt her in such a way

-Nanaba lowkey loves being the tallest woman. Although she also loves Mike being taller than her he makes her feel safe. Yet Mike also feels comfort in being around Nanaba because she has a very calm personality compared to the other three vets.

-Mike and Levi respect each other’s strengths a lot despite Levi taking Mike’s place as humanity’s strongest soldier because Mike ain’t a dick and doesn’t get petty like that.

-Erwin and Hanji sometimes ask Nanaba for help on strategizing just because she can look at things from different angles.

-Nanaba is highkey mom friend.

-Erwin respects the vets and trusts them all with his life.

-Mike and Erwin tell each other literally everything. They’re like teenage girls but they go about it calmly.

-Levi wasn’t immediately annoyed by Nanaba when they first met nor did he dislike her. He was indifferent but found she grew on him rather quickly with how dedicated and hard working she was.

-On the topic of Nanaba being mom friend, she takes care of any injuries they get while training. She also chides them for being foolish yet she does the same thing but like its just that mom mode kicks in and she can’t help but tell them how stupid they were for attempting whatever it was they did.

-Nanaba gasped out loud once when she saw a bunch of kittens once and they haven’t let her live it down but its all fun anf games. No real insults.

-Mike loves Nanaba’s muscles and vice versa.

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*whispers shouts* write about the first ransom watches holster perform!

Hoo boy this sort of grew a mind of its own. (Amazon Eve was a real person, btw. She was a Tall Woman for a circus. Maybe Holster read abt her and decided to use the name, idk man)

Ransom isn’t sure what to expect when Holster invites him to one of his gigs. Like, yeah, sure, he knows that Holster does drag, and Ransom is cool with it. He also know that Holster loves to sing along to music, but lip syncing? He didn’t even know that it was a real thing, that people paid money to see a dude in a wig mouth the words to a Celine Dion song, or whatever kind of music it is that they like. Beyoncé, maybe? Diana Ross? Who knows.

Ransom has to remind himself that technically, he is one of “them” now. That if he is dating Holster, yes, he’s one of “them”. Sort of. He’d never really felt anything for another guy until Holster. Does that make him one of “them”? He’ll have to ask someone at the club. He hopes he doesn’t offend anyone.

He’s just very nervous.

Ransom was hurt, at first, when he found out that Holster did drag and hadn’t told him until senior year. Well, technically, Ransom had come across a blonde wig underneath the bunk bed, and confronted Holster about it. He kinda gets it now, though. They share everything, but sometimes a dude’s gotta have something that’s only his. Like Ransom’s security blanket, which Holster still doesn’t know about. It has a hedgehog pattern on it and he’s had it since first grade. He keeps it under his mattress and brings it out when he gets an anxiety attack and can’t get Holster to help him.

Ransom feels bad now, for taking that something from Holster, but because his boyfriend is the most thoughtful, friendliest giant ever, he’s letting Ransom be a part of his own, metaphorical “security blanket”.

He walks into the club, feeling extremely out of place. It’s not quite what he expected. Where he had imagined dancing twinks high on ecstasy was a small stage with a crowd of people around it. Girls, boys; boys dressed as girls; girls dressed as boys; androgynous beings with asymmetrical haircuts; and one small group of giggling, drunk women that seemed to be having a bachelorette party.

Onstage, there’s a queen who was lip syncing to a Rihanna song that Ransom forgot the name of. She’s curvy, her wig is pink, and her makeup is clown-like. She keeps doing splits and shit while still managing to keep up with the music. It does look harder than Ransom though it was. She somehow manages to take the dollar bills people are holding out for her without her performance being boring.

The song ends and people clap and cheer for her. She smiles and curtsies, then jumps offstage and heads for the bar in the corner. She’s visibly exhausted, and Ransom considers texting Jack to tell him what a good workout lip syncing seems to be.

Ransom prays to God that Holster is good at this. He doesn’t think he can lie to Holster if he asks if Ransom enjoyed the show.

He shoves his way to the front of the crowd and feels in his pocket to make sure that the crumpled dollar bills are still there. Holster had told him that it was considered rude to show up and not give the performers a tip. He’s going to have to give Pink Hair a few bucks after Holster’s done.

A bearded person in a cocktail gown walks onto the stage, microphone in hand. “Alright, give it up for Donatella Soul, everybody.” The audience cheers, and Ransom claps politely. “Now this next performer is very special to us, she’s funny, she’s sexy, and she’s six fuckin’ feet, four inches tall.”

That’s gotta be Holster.

“Make some noise for Amazon Eve, the World’s Tallest Woman!” The crowd whoops in excitement.

Ransom breathes a sigh of relief. At least it seems like Holster is good at this. Ransom probably won’t have to die of second-hand embarrassment tonight.

Holst- whoops; Eve steps onstage, and if Ransom felt short standing next to Holster before, he feels absolutely minuscule now. How the hell does he- fuck; she stay upright with those heels on? They look like they could take somebody’s eye out, with how skinny and tall they are. She’s opted to show off those crazy-long, toned legs with jean shorts, and it even looks like she shaved. Now Ransom knows why Holster sometimes doesn’t have any hair on his legs, chest, or armpits. He’d always been confused by that, but had never remembers to ask. Usually, when he noticed, he was preoccupied with…other things.

Also, where the hell did she put her dick? Holster isn’t really known for being small. Ransom decides that he’d rather not know. Her makeup looks very minimal, and her blonde wig doesn’t look brushed. It also looks like Eve didn’t bother padding, like Pink Hair did. Sure, yeah, when it comes to Holster’s backside, Ransom knows why he wouldn’t bother with pads, but Eve is flat-chested, too, with a tiny, strapped, Hello Kitty crop top that reveals that six-pack that Ransom loves, but it doesn’t exactly scream “woman”. Actually, Ransom takes that back. If Shitty was here, she’d yell at him because “a woman doesn’t look any particular way, they all have different types of bodies.” and “being a woman has nothing to do with what body you have.”. Ransom sends a telepathic apology to Shitty.

But even though Eve doesn’t look very “dragged out”, somehow it all comes together and looks amazing. Like some androgynous; skateboarder movie star, which makes no sense to Ransom, but that’s the vibe he’s getting.

Eve is looking down at Ransom and smiling. ‘Hi,’ she mouths, winking.

Ransom’s face feels hot. “Hey,” He murmurs, smiling back.

Eve picks up the mic and turns to the audience.

“Oooo!” A short boy with green hair and dimples nudges Ransom. “She likes you! Lucky!” He says enviously.

Ransom laughs. “I hope so.” He turns his attention back to the stage.

Eve is sitting in a chair, her guitar in her lap. The mic is now on a stand, pointed towards her. “I thought we’d start with an Amazon Eve original, yeah?” The audience cheers in agreement.

Holster/Eve is an amazing performer. Time flies by without Ransom - who’s usually always checking his phone compulsively for the time - even noticing. Eve sings a few songs, which are hilarious; “Bisexual Drag Queen” and “Gay Hanukkah” might be Ransom’s favorites. She lip syncs to “Pussy” by Lady, tells jokes, collects money from the audience, and even does a magic trick.

Ransom feels something that feels a lot like pride swelling in his chest. He has the crazy urge to jump up onstage and yell “that’s my boyfriend!”, but instead, he just holds out five dollars.

Eve comes to him last, and instead of taking the money with her hands, she bites down on the dollar bills and gently drags them out of Ransom’s hands, smirking.

“You’re gonna kill me,” Ransom glares, without any true malice behind it.

Eve just laughs, blows a kiss to the crowd, and hops offstage. “C'mon, let’s get drunk,” She says, grabbing Ransom’s hand and leading him over to the bar.

Ransom sees that green-haired guy gaping at them and shrugs, smiling.

Eve or Hoster - what does Ransom call them now that the show is over? God, he doesn’t know anything about gay culture - takes off their wig and tosses it onto a barstool, sitting in the one next to it. Ransom follows their lead and takes a seat next to them. “Am I allowed to call you Holster yet?” He asks, leaning against his boyfriend’s shoulder.

“Yeah. What do you want to drink?” Holster motions to the tattooed bartender.

“I don’t know. Alcohol?”

Holster snorts. “Okay, I’ll order for you.” He asks the bartender for two of the house-brewed beers.

Ransom reaches for his wallet, but Holster motions for him to put it away.

“Please, dude, talent drinks for free.”

“You’re the talent, bro, not me.” Ransom says, continuing to pull out his wallet.

“Yeah, but you’re screwing the talent, so the talent can at least get you a free drink.” Holster waves away the wallet again. “Plus, you gave me money, which was completely unnecessary, dude.”

“You told me to bring money for the performers!”

“For the other girls, brah; you don’t have to give me anything. We pretty much share a piggybank anyways.”

“True.” Ransom pauses. “Hey, you were good up there.”

“Really?” Holster smiles and blushes, which is…new. Holster’s never asked Ransom for affirmation before.

“Chyeah, dude. You were great, actually.” Ransom kisses Holster’s cheek.

They finish their drinks and head out for the Haus. As they walk out the club door, Ransom pauses. “Hang on, dude, I forgot something.”


Ransom jogs back over to the bar. “Uh, Donatella?” He asks Pink Hair.

She smiles up at him. “Yeah, sugar?”

He holds out the rest of his money: three dollars. “Here.”

She smiles and takes the cash. “Thanks, sweetie.”

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Just read on another post that you are 5'10". 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 I'm 6'0" and prob the tallest woman in within a 10-mile radius


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"What's that book you're reading?"

The journal was slammed closed with a loud thump before Dipper even turned to face the speaker.

“Nothing!” he answered, maybe a bit too hastily, seconds before turning around to face the tallest woman he had ever seen. Remembering the first time something like this had happened, he decided to take inspiration from the way Mabel had first questioned him about the journal.

“It’s just nerd stuff. You probably wouldn’t find it interesting.”

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           Send me📝 and my muse will reveal their thoughts about your muse.        

  • Their first impression: “This is the tallest woman I have ever seen… she could break me in half.”
  • Their current impression: “Rose is a real sweetheart. My brother always wanted a boyfriend from outer space but- hey, guess the cards are in favor this time.”
  • What they like the most about your muse: “She’s beautiful. An’ wonderful- an’ she’s the first girl to not slap me after the first date.”
  • What they dislike the most about your muse: “There’s a lot of secrecy about what exactly she does. But hey, I haven’t told her eveythin’ either.”
  • What your muse is for them ( Friend, lover, rival ecc.): “Lover.”
  • A general opinion of their relationship: “She’s the best girl I’ve ever had. An’ I’m glad I fell at her feet.”
For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU Part 9)

My latest installment in the For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU) story is below

And because I am a musical theater nerd, I will tell you that I’ve had “Journey to the Past” from Anastasia playing in my head nonstop while working on this chapter. 


♡ Bonnie

Notes: this story takes place in an AU where an adult Faith comes back into Jamie and Claire’s lives around the time of Voyager. There are a few points at which I intentionally take some liberties with the dates and years on the canon timeline for sake of the story. Yes in this universe, Bree goes back a few years earlier.

General spoiler alerts for Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, The Space Between, and more.

Catch up on the story so far

SECTION ONE: Daughter : Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

SECTION TWO: Fae: Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

SECTION THREE: Seeker : Part 7 Part 8 

Part 9 begins below the break

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女スマキャラ身長メモ+α (ネタバレなし) by もとじ on pixiv

This artist of pixiv (all credist for Him), he be able to calculating the heights of all women in SSB4 3DS (except shiek but this another story…. also captain falcon and little mac).

Notes: Rosalina confirmed (again) be tallest female on SSB and second is Samus, then Zero Suit Samus, Wii Fit Trainer and Palutena had then same height and had another girls. Female Villager be most shorted girl in roster (without count jigglypuff that also not appear in this differences).

Another picture than i think and see, Captain Falcon be mostly tall than Samus (I can say even by more one cms than same Rosalina) and Little Mac be for point same than Peach (or just little short than her).

I specifically double and triple-checked how tall Bruce and Diana are, and of course it’s comics so nothing is canon and I keep getting corrections anyway, but goddamn does it make it tempting to just… make her shorter… every time… eventually Wonder Woman will be my height and look suspiciously Mapuche and she will be even more fierce because she will be closer to hell