tallest mohawk

I’m not really in favor of the “blue lives don’t matter” and “killing cops is punk” cause I think every life matters (except nazi’s ones) and that some people got engaged in police for good reasons, to protect people and all that.
But I also think that if someone disrespects you, you don’t have to respect them in return.
I look punk, have a mohawk, patches on my vest and wear new rocks. I was waiting my lover outside a police station cause they were reporting the theft of their phone. A policeman saw me and told me to clear off while I wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was rude, scorned me cause I was “just a lil punk shit”.
This kind of policemen is the one you can despise. This kind of person is the one who deserves to be tattooed ACAB in the middle of the face.
All I want to say is that not every cop is rubbish, choose well the ones you wanna discharge your anger and rage on. Don’t disrespect good people in a shitty uniform, but never let shitty people look down on you because of their fucking uniform.
Stay punk, keep being a good person.

Really? You think the cops who ‘gave you a rough time’ are the cops who we should hate? Not the ones who murder innocent lives, take pleasure out of tormenting people, or abuse their power? 

Sure the people under the uniform can be good people, but as soon as they wear their shiny badge they have declared their loyalty to such a shitty, racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc., system. They have disrespected the lives of so many minorities, so hell yes am I going to disrespect them.

I don’t give a shit if you’ve got the tallest mohawk or got all the best patches sewn to yourself, if you believe those pigs deserve an ounce of respect you’re dead wrong and aren’t showing solidarity towards Natives, Blacks, Latinxs, LGBT+, the list goes on and on.

So yes, I’ll remain with my view against cops and will continue being a good person.

-mod bandit

Mariska sometimes invites the others to sleep over. Zed always hopes there’ll be funny stuff, but, naturally, it’s never the case. 
Still, if they’re not in an ungodly tangle, they sleep side by side, almost always holding hands.

He pretty much made her sign a contract in blood swearing she’d never tell. 

My ship is showing. Just a messy somethin’ for all you other shippers too. I love Mariska’s blanket. I want one. 

If you own Lollipop Chainsaw and you dig Zed then treat yourself, replay his battle, and leapfrog over him. It is honestly the best thing. 


And if you have done this, then you’ll know that’s pretty much the pose he pulls like ‘excuse me’