PUNY HUMANS! Soon you will all know the taste of DOOM. AGAIN.


I had a really weird dream the other night that I was checking instagram and Jamie Hewlett made a post about how he updated the bandmates’ designs. Murdoc had a poorly shaven head, bat-like features, and used his tongue as a belt for some reason. 2D’s entire face was just 3 eyes and he was really depressed. Russel looked pretty much the same except a little bit meaner and he was the most frequent smoker. Now Noodle’s when my memory gets fuzzy but I think remember a hooded figure, something about trailing slime, and she (or whatever the fuck she became) communicated purely thru emojis. Jamie said this is what they’d look like from now on. I cried.

DOOM DOOM DOOM This is a thing. Yep. It’s a thing… (I know I draw Zim stepping all over Dib a lot but that’s because Zim is smol and Dib is toll and that’s what you do when your arch nemesis is a tree, okay?)