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Hi Archy, what can you tell me about Colombia's "Bd Bacata" skyscraper?

Alonso, Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados

Torre Bacatá, designed by Alonso, Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados with Colombian firm Cuatro Taller de Arquitectura,  is a new landmark for Bogotá, with a height of over 140 meters, and a series of slender architectural forms, topped by a spectacular element meant to become the new “lighthouse” for the city. The tower form will be enhanced by multiple measures of sustainability aimed at the energy saving of the complex.

You can read more about this mixed use projects that inclues offices, retail, apartments and a hotel here.

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Talleres de Arquitectura en construcción, Escuela de Arquitectura de la Ciudad Universitaria (UNAM), Ciudad de México 1951

Arqs. José Villagrán García, Alfonso Liceaga y Xavier García Lascuráin

Master studios under construction, School of Architecture, Ciudad Universitaria (UNAM), Mexico City 1951