taller girls


When you date a girl taller than you. 🔊

“You’re not straight”

Dear Past self,
you’re not straight.

You’ll meet a girl with a jewel name
she’ll have beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile
she’ll remind you of the ghosts of the oceans,
and you’ll want to please her endlessly
you won’t know until years later,
but you’re not straight. 

You’ll meet a girl who’ll make anger sound like love
her accent will make you want to cry with joy
until later the happiness will dim.
in time to come she’ll terrify you,
but you still won’t be straight.

You’ll meet a girl with a voice like music
and a soul you’ll never forget.
she’ll call you endearments
and you’ll wonder if this is what love is
but you won’t be straight

You’ll meet a girl with constellations in her skin
and the sun in her speech.
you’ll want to map her stars onto parchment 
and know them all by name.
You’ll never get close enough,
but you won’t be straight. 

You’ll meet someone with an ever changing rainbow of hair.
you’ll fall head first in love with them
and they’ll make you feel worth something.
they’ll tell you they love you
and you’ll believe them.
you’ll love them but hate their distance
you’ll vow to pretend the romance isn’t there,
and regret it immediately.
you won’t eat properly for days,
but you won’t be straight.
because they’ll make you happy.
never waste it
you won’t be able to hug them for years after you meet
but it’ll be worth it.
because you’re not straight.

- by shipwreckedbirates

guys…..tina goldstein may look smol but she is not smol. katherine waterston (who plays her) is over 5′10 and is the same height as both newt and graves. tina is tol and beautiful and i love her


Liam x Reader

Part One

Requested by @abeamoflightinthedark

Liam’s voice drifted through the crisp evening air and into your window. Thinking you were being sneaky you slipped out of bed and tried to see why Liam hadn’t climbed into your room like he usually did.


“Malia I don’t know.” Liam muttered to a taller girl that usual sat with him and his new friends.


“I can’t keep this a secret from her… (Y/N) will understand.” Liam said in a voice that was strained and desperate.

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anonymous asked:

hey! can i ask for a nct mtl to date someone short? thankyou and have a nice day!

MTL [to prefer shorter girls]:

- would like to date girl much shorter than themselves
* don’t care about height, any height is fine
+ would like to date a ‘tall’ girl, similar height to themselves [but still not taller]


Human? Yeah, right

While the fandom at large was basking in the warm sapphic phosphorescence of Pearl’s unbridled gayness, I have spent the last 24 hours fixating on a number of weird mysteries surrounding Pearl’s nameless new girlfriend.

Now, it’s not exactly a spoiler to say this lady looks like rose, but I don’t think we as a fandom have addressed just how fucking weird this is. Mystery girl isn’t just tall, she’s about as tall as Rose was. Rose herself was pegged as being around 10 feet tall (by comparison, the tallest human on record was only 8′11″). 

In other words, Mystery Girl is taller than any human alive. Now, I was willing to brush this off, but thats only the start of the weirdness. Remember the discussion about her Pink hair and how Steven speculated that she dyed it? As plausible as it sounded, that claim was never actually confirmed. When Pearl actually asked her, she completely deflected the question and asked Pearl to tell her instead. And when Pearl said she was a hologram, what did mystery girl say?

“I know how that is”

Okay, these clearly aren’t just a bunch of circumstantial similarities. Something smells fucking icthyan in here willing to suggest that this mystery girl is ANOTHER Rose Quartz.

Yes, I just said there was a second Rose Quartz in play, and it’s not as crazy as it sounds. A lot of people assume Rose was some sort of unique gem, but Bismuth stated pretty damn clearly this was not the case

Bismuth: Just another Quartz soldier, made right here in the dirt, but she was different. And she was different because she decided to be.

There are other Roses out there, or at least there were before the rebellion. I don’t doubt that after Rose became the face of the rebellion the Diamonds would have gotten rid of any imitators, and when that happened the only option a non-rebel Rose Quartz would have would be to go into hiding among the local population, to take a human name and wear human clothing.

The only other way we could see another Rose Quartz is if they were a fugitive like her. A gem hiding in plain sight, a twist so huge that the crew can’t even let her speak if they want to preserve it, lest people notice that she has the same voice actress as an identical gem. What a coincidence then that our Mystery Girl doesn’t speak in the episode all about her

mcmasque  asked:

Hello love! Can I ask for your favorite/literally any and all Musichetta hcs? Thank you!

Whoop Whoop here I go!

  • 6′2′’, she’s so tall, so beautiful. She’s been told so many times tall girls shouldn’t wear heels because “Men don’t like it when girls are taller than them”. Musichetta will crush them under her heel, if you think she cares.
  • Cameroonian from her father and Italian from her mother. They both met in France and stayed there ever since.
  • Food puritan. Good food takes TIME. Good food is slow cooked for 4 hours with fresh products and a sprinkle of love.
  • When she hosts, she’s one of those people who are like: “Oh it’s okay I made something simple to nibble on” *gestures towards 50 party sized dishes*
  • Gold ink tattoos. She has a trinity symbol on her wrist to symbolise Joly, Bossuet and herself
  • Rock climber extraordinaire. Goes on rock climbing hikes with Combeferre and Feuilly sometimes. Could crush a watermelon with her biceps
  • Teaches self-defense voluntarily in a Parisian university
  • So many crop tops
  • The Mom Friend™ , but not the “sweet and overbearing” mom friend, she’s the “will call you out on your bullshit and help you grow” mom friend
Dating Woozi (SVT) Would Include:

These are quick and easy to do and apparently I’m alright at reading people so hopefully you find them accurate ^^ Next up is Hoshi bc the anon that requested Hoshi sounds like they need it XDD

S.Coups // Hoshi // Wonwoo // Mingyu

  • He wouldn’t really care about looks but honestly realistically speaking a taller girl would probably intimidate him or make him insecure or feel less manly or whatever
  • BUT love is love so if he fell for a taller girl he’d make it work
  • At first he’d admire you from afar (but not in a creepy way…)
  • He’d fall you because of your passion for a certain subject or smth like that at least 
  • He has literally no experience with women so he’s too shy to talk to you
  • So he ends up getting wingman Seungcheol to introduce you both or smth
  • “Hi this is Jihoon and he’s into music and stuff” *leaves*
  • Great work Seungcheol great right hand man ay
  • You both kinda look at each other for a bit, not quite knowing what to say, but then he finds out you like the group and his music and it’s smooth (or at least better) sailing from there lmao
  • It takes less time than you expected to get him to open up to you
  • Skinship is practically non existent for the first few weeks
  • First kiss comes after a month or so and how slow he’s taking things makes you wonder if he actually likes you at all
  • And he does, he cares a lot, but he’s not the best with that stuff and wanted the right time
  • And so your first kiss is hella awkward but it’s sweet and heartfelt and kinda seals the deal for you like he’s yours now XD
  • Then he’s suddenly huge on skinship behind closed doors I mean in public he’ll go no further than holding hands or maybe arm around your waist but alone he loves cuddles and also kinda just laying strewn over each other ^^
  • Secretly enjoys being a little spoon tbh
  • You bringing food and a LOT of coffee round to him when he holes himself up in the studio for hours upon hours
  • Which leads o him feeling guilty and becoming slightly unfocused bc you worry so much and fall asleep on the studio couch more often than not
  • You wake up with empty coffee cups everywhere, a blanket over you and Jihoon sleeping in the worst looking position in his chair
  • Him writing songs about you to put on the album and they manage to make you cry most of the time bc he isn’t the best with words but the songs say all the things he wants to say
  • The first few times he gets all red like “no they’re not about you”
  • “Of course they’re about you have you listened to the lyrics??” - Mingyu
  • Loves giving you forehead kisses bc they’re slight and little gestures of affection that still show a lot
  • When he gets mad he speaks in satoori and you learn to just listen to his rants instead of trying to talk and help
  • When he’s mad at you and shouts in satoori it gets a lil scary ngl mad Jihoon is not someone to reckon with
  • After he’s got the frustrated angry shouting out of the way he kinda just storms out of the house/apartment/dorm and you’re like ‘where tf is he going’
  • He always goes to the studio or dpractice room and either makes music or dances to calm himself down
  • Doesn’t seem like the type to apologize (first) unless it was like 100% his fault
  • You apologizing quickly bc mad Jihoon is just no you don’t want to add on to the stress he already feels constantly
  • When he doe get really stressed you massage him or let him lay on your lap/snuggle up to you whilst you pay with his hair
  • Repays the favor by singing to you or, if you’re super stressed or upset, brings out a lil aegyo
  • Then swears you to secrecy bc it was all to make you feel better! NO ONE BUT YOU CAN K N O W
  • When he goes on tour he still works very hard and barely sleeps but STILL finds time to speak to you because you miss each other so much
  • You having one of his sweaters to wear/cuddle up to on a night so you don’t miss him as much
  • But despite him being shy and awkward his cuddles are the best and can’t be beat ;;
  • When you’re alone together makeouts are so common like when you’re alone together you’ll try to steal a little kiss but a few minutes later your hands are in his hair and his tongue is dominating your mouth (Jihoon is such a dom damn)
  • Lazy sex wow
  • Half of the time you stay on the couch bc why move to the bed the couch is good enough and once you get Jihoon worked up he wants you there immediately
  • Blowjobs are commonplace tbh
  • Sometimes in the studio whilst you try to make him relax and he’s being stubborn
  • Long talks about random shit late at night
  • Inside movie dates or ordering takeout or whatever - he prefers more casual inside things.
  • You like to call him overly cute nicknames bc his cringing reactions are hilarious
  • Or calling him fairy and getting his protests of “I AM A MAN”
  • Overall, bc of a lack of experience, he’s awkward and shy but he’s crazy passionate about you as he is his work. Whilst he may seem a little shut off due to his hard work or too busy he cares a lot. It takes a lot to get him to love you but once he does you can trust him to love you more than anything and try to prioritize your happiness. 

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Literally just getting this out before my parents turn the internet off ah

- Admin Belle

Um, have you seen this?

TSC: The description says “This blog is in dedication to tall, statuesque women and the short-statured men who love them”.  So, while I was aware of this blog, I never bothered to link to it because I have a policy of not linking to sites which cater to height fetishists.  Not that there is anything wrong with guys who are attracted to tall women - it’s just that this blog is about heightism.  

However, I now see that tallgirlshortboy isn’t a height fetishist blog run by some pervy dude, nestled in a shadowed corner.  Not that there is anything wrong with perverts - it’s just that this is a fucking family safe blog.   

I just discovered that tallgirlshortboy is run by a woman who appreciates short men and even practices what she preaches.  She has a fiance who is shorter than her.  She is basically slapping social convention in its face, and doing so publicly. Just check out this picture of the blogger and her fiance:

These guy’s are rock stars!  

And if she is preaching the gospel of short man swag, then by all means - preach on!

  • “Papa’s got a brand new bag.” (It’s from CVS…)
  • “Is there a sound engineer here? Hello. Can you give me a little spooky reverb? Just a slight - I need to sound taller than that.” 
  • Girl in audience, “I love you!”/  Papa: “I love you, too.” / A bunch of guys: “Viva Papa!” / Papa: “I can… learn to love you a lot.”

[a bit later]

  • *The same girl gives Papa a hand-felted Papa* Papa: “Thank you very much.” *holds up mini-Papa for audience* “Thank you very much. I love you, too. I really - we have something going. Let me just luft(?) this tambourine off so we can start something… absolutely fantastic.”