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Hello love! Can I ask for your favorite/literally any and all Musichetta hcs? Thank you!

Whoop Whoop here I go!

  • 6′2′’, she’s so tall, so beautiful. She’s been told so many times tall girls shouldn’t wear heels because “Men don’t like it when girls are taller than them”. Musichetta will crush them under her heel, if you think she cares.
  • Cameroonian from her father and Italian from her mother. They both met in France and stayed there ever since.
  • Food puritan. Good food takes TIME. Good food is slow cooked for 4 hours with fresh products and a sprinkle of love.
  • When she hosts, she’s one of those people who are like: “Oh it’s okay I made something simple to nibble on” *gestures towards 50 party sized dishes*
  • Gold ink tattoos. She has a trinity symbol on her wrist to symbolise Joly, Bossuet and herself
  • Rock climber extraordinaire. Goes on rock climbing hikes with Combeferre and Feuilly sometimes. Could crush a watermelon with her biceps
  • Teaches self-defense voluntarily in a Parisian university
  • So many crop tops
  • The Mom Friend™ , but not the “sweet and overbearing” mom friend, she’s the “will call you out on your bullshit and help you grow” mom friend

I went thru the stuff I’ve posted on FB (since my boss caved in and joined and obviously immediately friended everyone at the office, so I was checking the shit I’ve posted) and I came across a picture, taken from some anime, in it two girls in a subway, obviously the train has jerked or something, causing the shorter girl to end up getting her face mushed into the taller girl’s chest… and someone had captioned it “Wait a minute. These aren’t my glasses.”
And I don’t even know why I find it funny, but I do, so I immediately forced my way into @fishbone76‘s inbox and asked if she’d draw me a Hunniper version of it, and being the awesome friend that she is, she indulged my ridiculousness and drew this and here we are. xD


When you date a girl taller than you. 🔊

“You’re not straight”

Dear Past self,
you’re not straight.

You’ll meet a girl with a jewel name
she’ll have beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile
she’ll remind you of the ghosts of the oceans,
and you’ll want to please her endlessly
you won’t know until years later,
but you’re not straight. 

You’ll meet a girl who’ll make anger sound like love
her accent will make you want to cry with joy
until later the happiness will dim.
in time to come she’ll terrify you,
but you still won’t be straight.

You’ll meet a girl with a voice like music
and a soul you’ll never forget.
she’ll call you endearments
and you’ll wonder if this is what love is
but you won’t be straight

You’ll meet a girl with constellations in her skin
and the sun in her speech.
you’ll want to map her stars onto parchment 
and know them all by name.
You’ll never get close enough,
but you won’t be straight. 

You’ll meet someone with an ever changing rainbow of hair.
you’ll fall head first in love with them
and they’ll make you feel worth something.
they’ll tell you they love you
and you’ll believe them.
you’ll love them but hate their distance
you’ll vow to pretend the romance isn’t there,
and regret it immediately.
you won’t eat properly for days,
but you won’t be straight.
because they’ll make you happy.
never waste it
you won’t be able to hug them for years after you meet
but it’ll be worth it.
because you’re not straight.

- by shipwreckedbirates

guys…..tina goldstein may look smol but she is not smol. katherine waterston (who plays her) is over 5′10 and is the same height as both newt and graves. tina is tol and beautiful and i love her

Okay but when Mary drugs Sherlock and he has that flash of a little girl by the beach singing with him and his dog, the little girl is taller than little Euros and she has a blonde braid or pony tail down her back. Setlock accounts confirm there was a young blonde girl in the beach scenes…


WTF? Are we supposed to believe that Sherlock just imagined a little blonde girl as a stand in for his real little (brunette) sister, who he doesn’t remember because she killed his best friend who he replaced with a dog in his memory…the same dog he and the little blonde girl were running around with on the beach in his drugged out memory flash.

Oh, yeah. No loose ends to wrap up, Mofftiss.

How tall would the Diaboys be if they were girls?

The average height of a man in Japan is 170cm (5′7″) and the average height of a woman in Japan is 158cm (5′2″). Which means that Azusa and Yui are both the height of an average male and female in Japan. So if Azusa was a girl, he would definitely be 5′2″. As for the other boys, I just added or subtracted how many inches they were taller or shorter than Azusa and got their heights as girls.For example, if Ayato is one inch taller than Azusa, he would be 5′3″. Here are their heights:

Shu Sakamaki (5′11″)-As a girl he would be 5′6″(168cm)

Reiji Sakamaki (6′0″)-As a girl he would be 5′7″(171cm)

Ayato Sakamaki (5′8″)-As a girl he would be 5′3″(162cm)

Kanato Sakamaki (5′5″)-As a girl he would be 5′0″(152cm)

Laito Sakamaki (5′8″)-As a girl he would be 5′3″(161cm)

Subaru Sakamaki (5′10″)-As a girl he would be 5′5″(165cm)

Ruki Mukami (5′11″)-As a girl he would be 5′6″(168cm)

Kou Mukami (5′9″)-As a girl he would be 5′4″(163cm)

Yuma Mukami (6′2″)-As a girl he would be 5′9″ almost 5′10″(178cm)

Azusa Mukami (5′7″)-As a girl he would be 5′2″(158cm)

Carla Tsukinami (6′0″)-As a girl he would be 5′7″(171cm)

Shin Tsukinami (5′9″)-As a girl he would be 5′4″(163cm)

Kino (5′10″)-As a girl he would be 5′5″(165cm)

Which Diaboy fits your height? @totallydiabolik @silk-stockingshrew @diaboliktheories @diabolik-cracker-jack @diabolik-fan @ragefulpotato @pinkcaseotakadl @lizzy-allen-g @diabolicalvixen @hoshishiro @soboropan @diabolik-lunatic-garden @diabolik-translations  Also message me or something if you want me to tell their bust sizes or favourite alcoholic drinks or whatevs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Human? Yeah, right

While the fandom at large was basking in the warm sapphic phosphorescence of Pearl’s unbridled gayness, I have spent the last 24 hours fixating on a number of weird mysteries surrounding Pearl’s nameless new girlfriend.

Now, it’s not exactly a spoiler to say this lady looks like rose, but I don’t think we as a fandom have addressed just how fucking weird this is. Mystery girl isn’t just tall, she’s about as tall as Rose was. Rose herself was pegged as being around 10 feet tall (by comparison, the tallest human on record was only 8′11″). 

In other words, Mystery Girl is taller than any human alive. Now, I was willing to brush this off, but thats only the start of the weirdness. Remember the discussion about her Pink hair and how Steven speculated that she dyed it? As plausible as it sounded, that claim was never actually confirmed. When Pearl actually asked her, she completely deflected the question and asked Pearl to tell her instead. And when Pearl said she was a hologram, what did mystery girl say?

“I know how that is”

Okay, these clearly aren’t just a bunch of circumstantial similarities. Something smells fucking icthyan in here willing to suggest that this mystery girl is ANOTHER Rose Quartz.

Yes, I just said there was a second Rose Quartz in play, and it’s not as crazy as it sounds. A lot of people assume Rose was some sort of unique gem, but Bismuth stated pretty damn clearly this was not the case

Bismuth: Just another Quartz soldier, made right here in the dirt, but she was different. And she was different because she decided to be.

There are other Roses out there, or at least there were before the rebellion. I don’t doubt that after Rose became the face of the rebellion the Diamonds would have gotten rid of any imitators, and when that happened the only option a non-rebel Rose Quartz would have would be to go into hiding among the local population, to take a human name and wear human clothing.

The only other way we could see another Rose Quartz is if they were a fugitive like her. A gem hiding in plain sight, a twist so huge that the crew can’t even let her speak if they want to preserve it, lest people notice that she has the same voice actress as an identical gem. What a coincidence then that our Mystery Girl doesn’t speak in the episode all about her

  • “Papa’s got a brand new bag.” (It’s from CVS…)
  • “Is there a sound engineer here? Hello. Can you give me a little spooky reverb? Just a slight - I need to sound taller than that.” 
  • Girl in audience, “I love you!”/  Papa: “I love you, too.” / A bunch of guys: “Viva Papa!” / Papa: “I can… learn to love you a lot.”

[a bit later]

  • *The same girl gives Papa a hand-felted Papa* Papa: “Thank you very much.” *holds up mini-Papa for audience* “Thank you very much. I love you, too. I really - we have something going. Let me just luft(?) this tambourine off so we can start something… absolutely fantastic.”
BTS React To: You being the same height/a little shorter than Jimin

Note; Jimin is reported to be 175cm, so this is written with the idea in mind that the reader is anywhere between 170cm-175cm (5′7″ - 5′9″)

Namjoon; (181cm / 5″11) - Would completely worship your long legs. Always has his hands attached to your thighs whenever you sit next to him and can never take his eyes off you, especially when you wear his favourite pair of jeans that just fit you so damn well. He’d like that you’re a little taller than most girls he knows because you’d be well proportioned with him.

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Jin; (179cm / 5′10.5″) - Similar to Namjoon, he wouldn’t mind at all if you were a little on the taller side - in fact he would love it a lot. Always dropping hints about wanting to see you in cute skirts and dresses so he can ogle at how well they suit your body type. When he walks hand in hand with you down the street, he’d know that you’d both be the envy of everyone else since you both look like a perfect model couple together.

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Yoongi; (176cm / 5′9″) - I really can’t see Yoongi caring whether you are taller or smaller than him. All he would care about is your personality - whether or not he can connect with you on a deep and emotional level. He’d encourage you not to feel insecure about being almost the same height as him, telling you that he loves you for you and telling you that people who care about height are missing out on true love.

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Hoseok; (177cm / 5′10″) - Similar to Yoongi, I don’t think Hoseok would care so much about height. Not only would he think you’re absolutely gorgeous, he’d love you for your personality and your intelligence. He might feel a little strange if you wore high heels and it made you taller than him, but he’d brush it off since you look so unbelievably sexy and having legs for days - and it’s all for him.

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Jimin; (175cm / 5′9″) - Jimin has always said that his ideal type is a girl who is smaller than him. So at first, he might be indifferent about his feelings towards you because he doesn’t want to feel insecure or bad about his height. But as his feelings for you grow, he won’t be able to help himself think that he’s being an idiot by judging such an important person to him by their height. It might take a while, but he’d eventually let his insecurities go with the amount of love you have for him, but only ever letting you wear high heels in the bedroom ;)

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Taehyung; (179cm / 5′10.5″) - Taehyung wouldn’t care if you were taller or shorter than him. All he cares about is someone who will care for him and take care of him with all their heart. If you felt insecure about being on the taller side, it would confuse him because he doesn’t see a problem with it at all. He’d tell you to be tall with confidence because to him, you’re the definition of beauty and grace.

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Jungkook; (178cm / 5′10) - Jungkook is only 19 and boys will keep growing until they reach their early 20s. He has said before that his ideal type is a girl who is around 168cm, but since then he has become taller. Even if you were around the same height as Jungkook, I don’t think he would care too much. He’d be too busy with his jaw on the floor while trying to see where your legs ended because they’re so long and stunning.

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Why is it so important to heterosexual people that the guy be taller than the girl??? Like I really really do not get this weird aspect of masculinity? Why can’t a tall girl wear heels if it makes her taller than her date? Like let her flaunt them long ass legs, be her armrest for a night, it’s no big deal. Why do short guys get so defensive over being short? You’re at perfect boob height! Face in boob every hug! EVERY HUG! Why must we romanticize tall dudes because they can reach tall things for girls? You know what else can help with that? Step stool.