For once I actually know who (almost) all of them are!

  • tallbilbo - This girl named Anna, she’s pretty cool and whatever. Also there was this one time a few weeks ago when I was in NYC and I walked by Saks and I wanted to go in and see if she was there baking except that I was there with my family who don’t know about my tumblr having situation thing.
  • ohwellyeah - This girl named Oddny. Her name isn’t actually Oddny. I even know her IRL and she’s pretty cool and whatever.
  • ohwellyeah - deactivated20110921 - yup.
  • lanilaniklaine - This girl named Lani, she’s pretty cool and whatever. She ships Klaine, and uploaded a video for the glee project which you should check out. Also lately she’s been trying to actually blog about her life more which is fun times.
  • allisonweiss - aka Social Networking, is OK i guess. She has a kickstarter campaign rn because she wants to do it again.
  • fuckyeah1990s - the 90’s man, fucking delicious.
  • uhghthatsawesome - This guy whose name may or may not be Trey I’m not really sure. He’s pretty cool and whatever. One time he replied to my ask with a gif of two guys in their underwear jumping each other, rad I know.
  • dannielle - This girl named Dannielle, she’s pretty cool and whatever. One half of Everyone Is Gay which is the bestest and also they have an indiegogo right now which is like kickstarter minus the taxes apparently so yay for that.
  • sarahlestrange - This girl who I’ve never even heard of but she references harry potter in her url so I guess she must be pretty cool and whatever.