Max & Alexis’ newest zine “A Better Way To Build a Tallbike” a somewhat instructional guide to building a solid head tube tallbike

Be the first to print and fold your own copy: tinyurl.com/solidheadtube

Folding instructions: http://www.alexisellers.com/how_to_fold.gif

*if you click on the image it’ll be clearer*


After a tumultuous ride and more than one person gaining on Sara’s Drunken Princess Award, we made it to the Tallbike Jousting spot. Perhaps it was the cold and blowing snow, but it was an uncharacteristically quick game with clean hits and clear cut victors. In the final round, Rat Patrol Nasvhille’s CJ took out Yly for the win and kept the four year buckle streak going. After some debate about whether or not to stick it out the cold, we made our way to whiplash. Max the Jefferson Chapter took home the win with an impressive, never before seen spin around. Yly was awarded the “Dead Last” gloves for his participation and failure at every game. Better luck next year.