I went to visit Key’s Castle in Tallapoosa Georgia today. Beautiful house and history revolving around it. The house was built in 1895 for a preacher and the surrounding woods were home to dozens of Hungarian immigrants in search for work. The Devil’s Kitchen was at one time a vineyard that supplied tons of people with work, until prohibition went into effect forcing everyone from the town. All of the people went back to work in the coal mines and eventually the town turned to rubble, foundation for houses and a few empty wells. This house was left standing of course, and many people have lived there in the past. They’re now renovating the place and it’s wood-work and molding is amazing. The house may or may not be haunted. There are a few stories floating around, I took many photos and the only abnormal thing I saw in any of them was the faint orb in the last photo. Who knows what’s actually in the photo, but i’m glad I got to experience this today. 


Today, Trevor Rogers gives us a look at the New South in Tallapoosa, Georgia. Here’s what he says about it:

“I grew up in Southern California, but my entire family is from Georgia. I only visited Georgia as a kid but from what I remember the air was thicker and the landscape was way more green than California’s. Other than the fact that Tallapoosa is in Georgia, my family has no real tie to the city. After doing a lot of research I came up on an article from an 1890s Scientific American. The article was all about industry finally reaching the South and focused primarily on the city of Tallapoosa. Part of me regrets not going with my original concept based on the Bud Jones Taxidermy Museum.”