Laura Stevenson - No Children

From Tallahassee Turns Ten: A Mountain Goats Cover Album (2012)

In 2002 the Mountain Goats released their album Tallahassee. To celebrate its tenth birthday the tunes are being covered by an array of brilliant artists including Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson. This is Laura Stevenson’s incredible cover of No Children.

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Would it be the Nerdfighterian Party or the Librarian Party? 

Could our campaign song be the Malcolm in The Middle theme song and if we win we just hug and educate and give back the power to the people?

**I didn’t make this image. But I think it’s cute.**

No Children
Laura Stevenson
No Children

No Children - Laura Stevenson

So I was a little skeptical about what level this Mountain Goats cover album was going to be at, and a little worried since Tallahassee is one of the few albums I love start to finish, but holy shit it blew my tits right off.  Don’t tell John Darnielle, but I might even like a couple of them more than the originals.

I’m kind of miffed that Kimya Dawson covered Game Shows Touch Our Lives since that song is objectively the best and she is (subjectively) not, but you win some you lose some.  A+ job otherwise.


This is what I mentioned earlier. Six of us got together and did a cover of “First Few Desperate Hours” by the Mountain Goats. We did it as a demo for the project Tallahassee Turns Ten. It’s rough around the edges, sure, but I’ve rarely had more fun (even if I don’t necessarily look like it in the video!).

Enormous thank yous are due to Todd, Morgan, Rachel, Jackie and Jordan, we were willing to indulge my fantasies of recording prowess and without whom this would have been much, much less fun.


Andrew Jackson Jihad - Alpha Rats Nest (Mountain Goats cover)

It’s on Youtube now!