tallahassee graffiti and murals

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Tallahassee Graffiti and Murals

Anyway, posting this to share some graffiti pics I’ve taken around campus. I don’t know where all of them are, especially the USPS label ones because my friend and I have been taking pictures of them over the semesters but I’ve provided as much information as I can.

A mustache on the dragon on the edge of Landis. Summer 2010.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think this was in the parking lot behind Gumby’s or Jenny’s Lunchbox. Summer 2010.

A skate park somewhere in Tallahassee. I visited during one of my first semesters here, and have since never gone and forgotten its location. Fall 2010.


Unknown location. Fall 2010.

Unknown location. The sticker underneath is a Facebook notification that says, “You like this.” Spring 2011.

Unknown location. Spring 2011.

Unknown location. The phrase “I HATE BEN” popped up around FSU campus a few times in Spring semester 2011.

A building in the Union. Spring 2011.

A monster face on a bench surrounding the fountain on Landis Green. Spring 2011.

The people in the picture did not paint that - they were only posing. A happy character (imitated by the man on the right) spray painted to a box in front of a building along Legacy Walk. Its exact location is given by the structure visible in the back. Spring 2011.

Ceiling Cat, outside of Einstein’s. Spring 2011.

A tree outside of Smith Hall. Spring 2011.

Above the Suntrust bank on FSU campus. Spring 2011.

“On the stop sign outside the Degraff tunnel”. Spring 2011.

“On a sign by the tunnel to Degraff”. Spring 2011.

“On the solar compactor on the north bound bus station outside Westcott.” Spring 2011.

“On the elevator for the [FSU] Bookstore Parking Garage.” The words on the face say “Spikey Van Dykey is so hot!” Spikey Van Dykey is a professional drag king who performed at PRIDE’s Spring 2011 drag show in January. 

Unknown location. The sticker says “2010” at the bottom. Taken Spring 2011. 

Unknown location. Spring 2011.

Unknown location, but it looks like it’s outside the FSU bookstore. Spring 2011.

Unknown location. Fall 2011.

Unknown location. The sticker says, “Let’s doodle forever!” Fall 2011.

Unknown location. Fall 2011.

Unknown location. Fall 2011.

Inside the closet of a dorm room in Diviney Hall. Spring 2012.

Unknown location, but somewhere around the music buildings. Spring 2012.

On the wall of the business building. Spring 2012.

I don’t know if this is necessarily graffiti, but it is interesting. The Secret Box. The note in red reads, “gorilla art” 9/5/08. Taken Spring 2012.

If you have pictures of graffiti you’ve found around Tallahassee that you’d like to submit to the blog, upload them to Tumblr and tag the post as “Tallahassee graffiti and murals”.

Love, Lisandro.