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Written for @phoenixfeatherquill‘s Emma Swan Deserves Better event! Sorry this is late. I’m currently sick with a cold so my head is just a bunch of static rn.

The rundown:

Bridesmaids - Groomsmen

Regina (Maid of Honor) - Henry (best man)

Belle - Rumplestiltskin

Elsa - August

Anna - Robin

Lily - Will Scarlet

Flower Girls: Lucy Gold, Isabella Hood (OQ daughter)

Ring Bearers: Robert ((baby Neal)) Nolan and Gideon Gold

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Can anyone make a visual representation of these scenes. I may have taken some liberties in translating Emma’s thought process, but I think you’ll get the point. Also thank you to the person who pointed out the house number, all credits to you, just thought we should flesh it out a bit!

Season 1 - The Price of Gold (Note the episode title)

(Regina enters the diner and sits with Emma.)

Regina: How was your walk with Henry? That’s right – I know everything. But relax. I don’t mind.

Emma: You don’t?

Regina: No. Because you no longer worry me, Miss Swan. You see, I did a little digging into who you are. And what I found out was quite soothing. It all comes down to the number seven.

Emma: Seven?

Regina: It’s the number of addresses you’ve had in the last decade. Your longest in anywhere was two years. Really, what did you enjoy so much about Tallahassee?

Emma: If you were wondering, I did find a place here in town.

Regina: I know. With Miss Blanchard. How long is your lease? Oh, wait. You don’t have one. You see my point? In order for something to grow, Miss Swan, it needs roots. And you? Don’t have any. People don’t change. They only fool themselves into believing they can.

Emma: You don’t know me.

Regina: No, I think I do. All I ask, is as you carry on your transient life, you think of Henry and what’s best for him. Perhaps consider a clean break. It’s going to happen anyway. Enjoy your cocoa.

(Regina gets up and leaves the diner. Emma goes to stand up and spills her cocoa over her shirt. Ruby walks over and hands her a cloth.)

Season 5 - The Price (Oh, look, there’s that word again)

Dark Swan: Transient? I’ll show you transient. Think I can’t do this? I’ll put down a house the size of a… house. I’ll also give it house number 710, referring to those 7 years and that decade you mentioned. Because I remember every word you ever said, Regina. 

Also, no root? NO ROOTS?! I’ll show you roots! Imma turn everyone who crosses the damn town line into roots. Maybe I’ll attach a tree. You like trees, right? But, roots, damn it! I’ll show you ROOTS!

Yeah, I’m taking Tallahassee, baby!

Regina: (Tilts her head when she sees the dwarf turn into a tree. Is it an apple tree?) “Well that’s new.”

swanfire tallahassee aesthetic 

The lost girl falls for the lost boy. Long drives and sleepless nights. Blasting music with the windows rolled down and laying out plans for the future. Always having faith that they’re almost home.

Tallahassee: Reese baby…what’s wrong? Are you having a hard time in school? We haven’t heard much from you…

Reese: I’m fine go away. I’ll call more often, okay?

Tallahassee: Also we uh….well we kind of heard…..well I’ll just ask straight out I guess, are you a lesbian? Do you…need to talk about it?

Reese: Oh great, she broke my heart and now she’s telling everyone about what a homosexual freak alien I am? Wow. Great. Awesome. 

Tallahassee: I’m sorry, who are we talking about? Did some girl hurt you? You know you can always talk to me about anything…

Reese: Please just go away

Tallahassee: Reese I’m worried about you! We’re worried about you. I know how hard it is to come to terms with your sexuality and heartbreak is always really hard..

Reese: You never had your heart broken.

Tallahassee: Well, no, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you. Please tell me what happened…

Reese: Nothing happened. I’m not gonna talk to my Dad about my sex life. Go home. And before you come next time, call first. This is college, not kindergarten.

Why I ship SwanFire - a summary

otp: eyes on the road

otp: missed a spot

otp: we promised to take care of each other.

otp: i’m not having drinks with you, you might be a pervert

otp: i might be a pervert but you’re actually a car thief

otp: i said i was sorry

otp: you didn’t, actually

otp: leave her alone

otp: i’m trying to, uh, teach my girlfriend how to drive stick

otp: I just stole your car. Your life could be in danger.

otp: i love you

otp: i love you too

otp: you can keep yelling at me when we get there

otp: there are no coincidences.

otp: everything that happens, happens by design

otp: fate, destiny, whatever you want to call it.

otp: maybe we met for a reason

otp: maybe something good came from us being together.

otp: you want to steal the watches, to help me with get away with stealing the watches?

otp: my wife and I are really lost.

otp: i think this little guy is hungry. 

otp: i got you a key chain. Do you like it?

otp: it’s a native american dream catcher.

otp: it’s supposed to keep all the nightmares out, and only let the good dreams in to protect your home

otp: it’s flypaper for nightmares?

otp: let’s keep it

otp: why do you wear the, uh, key chain i got you?

otp: I’d never stopped loving you.

otp: i came to make sure you didn’t hurt her.

otp: maybe you should come with us

otp: sounds intense

otp: life’s full of surprises, isn’t it?

otp: you’re not allowed to have opinions about surprises, mr. son-of-rumpelstiltskin.

otp: it’s time we retire the bonnie and clyde act. 

otp: together?

otp: close your eyes and point.

otp: whatever spot you pick, that’s our home.

otp: tallahassee…

otp:  is this… what you really want?

otp: what I really want it you

otp: tallahassee, baby. We’re almost home.

otp: home…

otp:I don’t need it to have you arrested when the robbery’s in progress.

otp: tommorow i’m gonna be hungry

otp: probably around the lunch time

otp: so I’m going to come here and I’m going to sit in that booth.

otp: and you’re welcome to join me.

otp: and if not… I’ll quit bugging you.

otp: I never forgave myself

otp: there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I don’t regret having left you

otp: i loved you

otp: is this my son?

otp: I knew the moment I saw him, I never stop loving him

otp: he was a good man

otp: and he would’ve been a great father

otp: he was a hero

otp: I just want you to be happy

otp: that’s how you know you’ve got a home. When you leave it, there’s just this feeling that you can’t shake

otp: it’s all about the tumblrs

otp: I’m never gonna stop fighting for you

otp: I thaught her that

otp: do I look like a jealous ex?

otp: I’m sorry

otp: I will see both of you again

otp: I have to get back to her.

otp: tell emma I’m alive, and I love her.

otp: when you love someone, you don’t keep it in. You say it.

otp: I love you. I probably always will.

otp: go find tallahassee

otp: I’ll be watching over you guys from somewhere.

otp: promise me just prom-promise me you’ll both be happy

otp: I stole a stolen car?

Because Emma and Killy dancing in the promo gives me life

    “Killian,” she hissed his name under her breath, struggling to maintain a calm facade on her face as she tightened her fingers in his hand, forcing her breathing to remain steady.
    But they were surrounded by sparkling swishing dresses and a high ceiling and drifting music and the last thing she was was calm.  
    “Swan?” came his hushed reply.  He offered her a slight sideways glance under his long eyelashes, but was equally careful not to draw attention to them as he studied her face, eyes slowly glinting worry. “What is it, love?”
    “This,” she flicked her eyes out across the crowd as he tugged her deeper into the mix, between dress after sparkling dress, brushing the shoulders of men who had to be lords and kings and dammit she did not belong here.  When he finally stopped, it was in a space that was hardly a clearing— but no one else was moving and the music had fallen silent, so now only a softening buzz of voices and laughter rung through the hall.
    “Aye?” he lined himself up with her, bringing his free hand (the wooden one), to rest gently at her waist, and glancing pointedly at her own arm.  
    “I don’t know how to dance, Killian!” she muttered, holding his gaze firmly with wide and surely openly concerned eyes.
    The asshole smirked.  Actually smirked, ducking his head sideways as a chuckle bubbled out of his damn mouth.
    “Killian!” she repeated, appalled.  Everyone around them was arranging themselves with their partners and Emma’s heart was racing because after everything this was it.  They were going to screw everything up because she couldn’t dance.
    “Emma, love, calm down,” his voice was steady now, albeit quietly amused, but when she met his eyes they held only gentle reassurance.  “Put your hand right here,” he shrugged his left shoulder, and a smile tugged at the corner of his lips as she curled her fingers around, “That’s a good girl.”
    Her breath unexpectedly caught in her throat.
    “I was a lieutenant, love,” he teased further, clearly not missing the uneasiness in her expression.  Now it was safe to say her heart was racing.  “I can handle a ball.”
    His voice was so gentle and soft and his eyes so wide and open and despite the fear racing through her veins, she felt… home.
    “Follow my lead, then?” he added carefully, brow furrowing.
    “Don’t think I’m taking my eyes off you for a second,” she forced herself to hold his gaze as the words crossed her lips, and something physical seemed to crumble away from him, seemed to open him up entirely to her.  His eyes glistened as the music began to pick up and her heart stuttered.
    “I would despair if you did.”

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let him go || emma and neal
song: let him go - birdy