Godzilla vs Tall Building
“Although it requires a considerable computing power from the computer and some knowledge about both structures and fluids to sensibly interpret the results, gives a lot of joy, allowing for example to estimate with some rigor wind effects on tall buildings, or in this case, the effects of a giant monster radioactive vomit :D”


When Photographing Tall

To capture the Burj Khalifa in a non distorted and vertical aspect, it helped immensely to take three photographs at different angles to accommodate the entire structure in the resulting photograph.

This gave enough room to correctly straighten it, and ensure it looks normal and how the architect would have wanted it to look. 

The three images were stitched together in Photoshop using the very intelligent built in panorama tool and then reimported back into Lightroom to do my usual tonal and lighting changes. 

A good tip when doing any photo stitching in Photoshop, is to apply lens corrections before stitching the images together, this will ensure all vignetting is gone.

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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