BELLADONNA COVE PROJECT - my just for fun game!!

I started redoing the lots here and will only play this game for fun…sims have unlimited funds and can do/or buy just about anything their little hearts desire!!

This is the 3rd lot I have remodeled - 245 Main St. (top of pic 1, right in front of the tall building). I moved an artist type guy in here that I made in CAS. Most of the other lots will have EA sims in them that already live in Belladonna Cove.

Godzilla vs Tall Building
“Although it requires a considerable computing power from the computer and some knowledge about both structures and fluids to sensibly interpret the results, gives a lot of joy, allowing for example to estimate with some rigor wind effects on tall buildings, or in this case, the effects of a giant monster radioactive vomit :D”


Cyan Industries Call Center

Right on Victory Boulevard, the Cyan Industries Call Center provides support for any customer requiring assistance with the operation or assembling of Cyan Co. products. However only the bottom half portion is used for this purpose, the top half is used for office sweets and conference rooms used for District/Regional sale managers and employees. (Will post more pictures with buildings behind in the future).