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So...what if frisk, flowey, sans and papyrus were high up at the top of a really tall building, there was no way down, there was a thunderstorm and some harry potter books that sans had with him were disintegrated by lightning?

Everyone would be really nervous then…

But Sans can always teleport away, so no prob bob

also a very quick scribble to celebrate how much I love the companions’ ability to injure themselves without any reason. xD

I’ve seen Deacon do it quite a bit in Nuka World (falling from elevators and stuff), but the most recent case was when I was heading to the exit of Nuka-Galaxy (feeling quite sick because yay simulation sickness) when suddenly I heard from behind a clang that was very definitely a garbage can, and then Deacon yelling ‘Ow ow OOOWWW’. I couldn’t help but laugh haha. I’m glad I didn’t see what he actually did to manage to hurt himself with the garbage can because it opens up lots of possibilities. ^u^

I don’t enjoy the idea of the companions getting hurt but the game mechanics just sometimes make it very hilarious. How. How did you hurt yourself walking through an empty room I don’t understand.