Fans of Citi Field

As part of Fan Appreciation Weekend we took the time to meet the fans that make Citi Field great.

Rey - Corona, NY

“Well actually I lived in that building right across the street – that tall building right there. We would go on the roof and watch the games as a kid. My first job was selling pretzels out here. That’s when the game was like two-dollars. I grew up right here in Corona and that’s how I became a Mets fan.”


“My favorite player is Yoenis Cespedes because he gets a lot of home runs. And, I love bacon on stick.”


“My favorite thing about being a Mets fan: loyalty. I started being a Mets fan in the Dave Kingman years. They were terrible. Then they started getting pretty good and in the eighties we had a good run. I’m getting my son to be a Met fan and he is a die-hard – he looks like some of the starting pitchers.”


“This is my tenth year doing it. I gave out like 5,000 pins to kids, I had a little connection, and I made my name that way. I started putting them on the jersey and my friend called me Pinman. I said you know what that’s a good idea… So I kept putting them on and added a few lights and signs… I seem to be a legend! I get 300 to 400 pictures a night!”


“I went to 2 of the games in the ’86 World Series. We grew up as Mets fans, we used to come and sit 13 rows behind third base in Shea Stadium and I wanted to continue that for my kids.”

Anthony and Vincent - Floral Park, NY

“On my birthday I got my hat signed by Curtis Granderson.”

Michael and Rachel - Islip, NY

“In ’06 we went to a game and it was the 11th inning and we won. Then after that, I was a sold.”

Lizzy and Dorreen - Levittown and East Hampton, NY

“We’ve been friends since we were three. One day in 1969 I walked across the street to her house and nobody was there but her mother. Her mother was screaming at the TV and I said “What are you yelling at?!” She said, “It’s the Mets!” So she explained Bud Harrelson, all the Mets and the positions and everything. That was when the playoffs were and we ended up watching and winning the World Series. And that was it. I bleed orange and blue.”

Luis and Erin - New Jersey

“He asked me out at a Mets game. Then, we became official five years ago in September after a walk-off hit.” 

Rushonn - Brooklyn, NY

“I brought my girl to her first Mets game tonight. I usually come with my brother, his name is Francis. We go over here to the barbecue place and we get those barbecue ribs. Aw man, they’re something else. That and a grilled sausage.  You cannot come here without getting the ribs and a grilled sausage.”

Henry - Queens, NY

“Curtis Granderson is my favorite player. Just the way he treats the community and he is so fan friendly.”

Mike - Mt. Sinai, NY 

“I’ve always been a Mets fan since I was a kid, and now we have two little Met fans.”

If you have an interesting Mets memory or want to share your story, please email us at FansOfCitiField@nymets.com to be featured next season. 

Godzilla vs Tall Building
“Although it requires a considerable computing power from the computer and some knowledge about both structures and fluids to sensibly interpret the results, gives a lot of joy, allowing for example to estimate with some rigor wind effects on tall buildings, or in this case, the effects of a giant monster radioactive vomit :D”