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Steve meets a DC character

One bright sunny day, Steve sat in front of his tv with the sound off. Stacks of books covered his coffee table. Picking up the next one, Steve thumbed through a biography, only focusing on the photos. A knock at his door startled him. He almost dropped his book. On his doorstep, a delivery man held a box.

Taking his small package inside, Steve set it on the counter. Using a steak knife, he slit the tape on top. A single page sat across the top. “I think these belong with you’ It said.

Beneath the paper were old photos, most bent and worn. All were black and white and mounted on an archival backing. The photos were of his father’s unit. Steve searched out the familiar face of his father. Joe was in each one.

Later, he sat in the nice restaurant, when a tall beautiful woman approached his table.

Straightening his tie, Steve stood and extended his hand, “Ms. Prince, I wanted to thank you personally.”

She smiled, “I understand the emotional connection of having the original Mr. Rogers.” She said, “and please, call me Diana.”

From time to time, Mr. Badger and I find that we have something heavy that needs to be moved, or some mechanical work that needs to be done, and one of us turns to the other and says “let’s call our macho friend over to help.”

The reason this delights me is that our macho friend is a five foot tall woman. (She is at least three times as macho as both of us combined. In a good way.)

And yes, we always buy her pizza afterwards.

To all the females who watched Wonder Woman,

If you came home feeling empowered
Or saw her bold bravery and felt like a coward
Know that courage is not only meant for battlefields
Not all wars are fought with swords and shields
Warriors are not made of just skin and bones
They are made of belief; as strong as metal and stones
We’re women waging wars to show our worth
To oppressors with whom we share the same earth
It doesn’t take years of training to stand up for our rights
We’re as capable as she is, to win this fight
She represents the power and grace within us all
To show that even amongst men, we can stand strong and tall