family keys (jeff atkins)

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: Can I get a jeff one shot please? Can it be that the reader spends a lot of time at jeffs house and his parents like force a key on her and tell her she’s already a part of the family and then jeff picks her up and spins her around and then more fluff and ever since then he’s started to call her mrs atkins?

A/N: This is my second one shot, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Winter snowflakes gracefully fell on a day of January.

Y/N was walking through the cold, her nose red as she quickly ran towards the Atkin’s humble home.

She knocked to on the door, over and over again until a tall woman opened the door while ushering Y/N inside.

“Dear Lord, Y/N. Why didn’t we give you a key to the house?” She said.

You giggled as you walked over to your boyfriend, Jeff. He opened his arms for you to snuggle into him.

“Yes, that’s a good idea. Y/N, we have a spare key in the cabinet. Take it!” Mr. Atkins replied with a smile.

“Oh no, I couldn’t.” You replied with a sincere smile.

Jeff smiled at you and kissed your forehead.

“I mean, you are part of the family, am I right?” Jeff said with a smirk.

You looked to Jeff who was combing your hair with his hands. All Jeff replied was a smile.

“Here’s the keys, Y/N.” Mrs. Atkins replied as she fumbled the keys with her hands.

“Welcome to the family, Mrs. Atkins.” Jeff whispered.

He dragged you upstairs to his room as you two cuddled with each other and mumbled sweet things to each other.

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