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You cursed the contraption around your neck, and you cursed the person who put it there. Of course, not out loud. The man controlling you would hear and give you a painful shock if he knew you were being disobedient.

From your perch on the top of a skyscraper, you could see most of San Fransokyo.

“Your target is right below you,” your handler told you through your earpiece. You unfurled your wings and dove off of the building. You ignored the screams of the people below, only focusing on the man you had to stop. One you were within range, you shot a bolt of lightning at the man. However, some sort of ball hit the man first, and it encased him in some kind of substance that dispersed the electricity.

“Sorry, sir,” a tall woman apologized. She broke another colored ball over his head, which melted the goo. “I figured you’d rather be covered in stuff than electrocuted.”

However, before you could try again to go after your target, a boy riding what looked like a large red robot stepped in front of you.

“I have some concerns,” the robot commented, his hand held up like he was saying something important.

“Yeah, so do I,” the boy stated. “Why are you after him?”

“It’s not-” you started, though you were cut off with a scream as the collar sent a shock through your body.

“Patient is being electrocuted,” the robot commented.

“We need to get that collar off of her, Hiro” another male voice added. You couldn’t tell where it came from. “I don’t want to try to laser it off.

“On it,” the boy, Hiro, stated, jumping off of the robot and going towards you. He looked closely at the collar, as you just watched him, afraid to say anything for fear of another shock. “It’s some kind of electronic lock.” He started poking at the collar, and after a little bit, it opened up and fell to the ground. You were free.

“Thank you!” you exclaimed, pulling your savior into a hug.

Hiro laughed and hugged back, patting your back. “Don’t mention it,” he replied. The rest of his team was gathered around now, looking at you. Hiro introduced each of them for you, and you introduced yourself in return. “So, uh, why do you have wings and electricity powers?”

You shrugged. “Science?” you replied. “Experimentation.”

“Ha! Knew it!” Fred exclaimed. He pointed to Honey Lemon. “Told you.”

“Where do you live? We can take you home,” Hiro offered.

“With the guy who did this to me and put that on me,” you replied, pointing at the collar.

“Okay, well…” Hiro said, trailing off to think. “I’ll take you to my Aunt Cass. She might know something we can do. And at the very least, there’s, uh, a spare bed for tonight. Baymax will be able to monitor you to make sure there’s no after-effects of the shock and everything.

You smiled at the team of heroes, especially Hiro. He was very well named. “Thank you so much, really. Let me know if there’s anything I can do in return.”

“Well, I’m sure H-” Gogo started with a smirk, cutting herself off when Wasabi elbowed her with a glare.

Part 1

“Ah, you’ve made it.”

Jeanne whips around to find the speaker. She’s a tall woman with dark blonde hair braided in a crown around her head. She looks kind; she’s smiling pleasantly.

“I’m Hildegarde. I apologize for the tardiness of my welcome to you – Lucrezia and Cleopatra are not, ah, good at explaining things. I hope I am, though you’re the first person I’ve had to explain them to.”

“Can you explain….everything? I’m glad to be rescued, of course, this is better than burning on the Rosbifs’ stake, but I hate this!” The words burst out of her before she realizes they are true. “I hate not knowing what’s going on, I hate being alone, I hate feeling stupid.”

“I can explain what I understand,” Hildegarde says. “Which is not everything, but it is certainly more than you know. Sit down –” she gestures at a chair “–this may be a little much to take.”

Jeanne sits. Hildegard paces, her hands folded behind her back like a professor.

“All of this is due to Cleopatra. She puts up a rough front, but she was the one who was able to create all this.”

“Through Egyptian magic?”

“‘Science,’ I believe.” Hildegarde smiles. “She was inspecting the books coming in to Alexandria when she found the plans for a strange machine. To summarize, it brought her to the future, where she was able to sell some of her jewels for astronomical prices. She hired artisans to build all this.” Hildegarde gestures at the space station and the book-lined walls. “And she’s made it her mission to save as many women as she can from their historical fates. You’re the third, after Lucrezia and me. Cleopatra decided that she needed Lucrezia for her plotting skills and me to archive all the material she brought from the Library of Alexandria; she just likes you.”

“I suppose that’s something,” Jeanne says.