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your story is absolutely amazing!!!! it gives me so many feelings <3 Being a super short curvy hispanic girl, with a boyfriend who is really tall, skinny, and white, i see so much of us in Jo and Tom (when he's not being a butt) LOL and your style is gorgeous, i wish my life would happen in the way you draw <3

Hahaha omg I’m so relieved he’s not a butt 😂 thanks sweetie! All the best for you two lovebirds! 💚

  Hello, listeners! Sorry I’ve been MIA for while, I was abducted by aliens, hitch-hiked through the galaxy, learned a little about the number 42, spent some time with some Tall Whites, found out the internal temperature of a TaunTaun, and just when I thought all my Tribbles were gone, I nearly got hit by an annoying blue box. Anyway, enough puns! The time is currently 5:58 am, everyone is gone and I am here all by my lonesome and this is CryptoRadio! Your number one station for anything creepy and unknown!
  Speaking of alien things, any of my listeners from Kelly or Hopkinsville, Kentucky? If you are you may know this one!
  During an August evening in 1955 two families, the Suttons and the Taylors, were settling down for the night when they experienced something they will never forget:
  In between the towns of Hopkinsville and Kelly, Kentucky at the Sutton Family farm house Billy Ray Taylor, a friend of the Suttons, had gone outside to get a drink from the water pump when he spotted something: Strange, glittering lights in the sky. He ran back and started to tell the two families about the rainbow lights but they dismissed him, saying it was probably just a shooting star. Not a moment after they dismissed Billy Ray, all 12 people in the house started to hear strange noises coming from outside. Billy Ray and Elmer ‘Lucky’ Sutton, the man of the family farm, grabbed their guns and headed outside to investigate.
  Emerging from the tree-line was a strange creature. It was up-right standing, shorter than a man, about three feet, it’s arms, which ended with clawed hands, were longer than its thin, spindly legs. It had big, pointed ears and glowing eyes. The two men, now panicked, shot at it before turning to head back into the house. When they spun around, another identical creature was on the roof! They shot at it but all they heard was an odd clanging noise when the bullets hit it and creature seemed unharmed. Finally, barricaded inside the house, they explained to the others what had happened… But it didn’t end there.
  Twelve to fifteen identical creatures terrorized the families for nearly four hours, popping up and peering in windows and outside the doors but they never managed to get inside the home. After a while, the two families were able to escape, running to the Hopkinsville police station and reporting what had happened. Police went to investigate and, this is where it gets insane!, saw the creatures themselves! This encounter was one of the most well-documented supernatural encounter ever!
  Now, obviously, no one is really sure what the family or the cops saw. Some say it could have been owls since many species of owls have long head-feather tuft-things, large wing spans and are surprisingly larger than what we think. Others say it could have just been a circus animal in costume, specifically a silver-painted monkey, but the most interesting theory is that it was, of course, aliens.  Being that so many people saw multiple creatures and the fact there were multiple creatures doesn’t really make sense for it to be one circus animal or a few owls. Also, does anyone really think wild owls would taunt a family for hours and then go after the cops? Please.
  As far as I could tell, the alien creatures haven’t been seen aside from a story I saw about a man called ‘David’ but I don’t think it was real considering it was a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-cousin kind of story. Regardless, what do you think? Silver-painted circus monkey or actual aliens?

  Anyway! This has been CryptoRadio! You’re number one station for anything creepy and unknown!


introducing your brand new ot3: lunavicwood

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What do you think it'd be like if one of the Rogue One members had survived? How would that effect the original trilogy and how would they cope with everything?

Cassian didn’t talk, at first. There didn’t seem anything else to say.


Mothma came at some point. Cassian woke up and she was at his bedside, sitting ramrod-straight, so very tall and white, even moreso washed out by the lights of the medbay. (She made him think of the columns on Imenthe—natural salt deposits like spires, like teeth ringing the great and violent sea. He killed a man there, got blood on all that white, white salt. And afterward he had sat in the sand, watched the tide come in and wash it all away.

Mon Mothma always made him think of Imenthe.)

She was studying his face now, and Cassian raised his eyebrows at her. She smiled a little. “Ah, Captain. I—have spent the last half-hour trying to decide what I would say.” 

She was quiet a moment, then the smile turned rueful. “I’m still not certain whether there is anything I could say.”

Cassian snorted, shut his eyes again. After a moment, he felt a very cool hand pressed to his forehead. “Cassian,” Mothma said, and there was something almost human in her voice, a thing like kindness. “Cassian, you saved us. How will we ever repay you?”

The meddroid had been very clear, he wasn’t supposed to move unassisted. Cassian risked it to turn his head away, screwing his eyes so tightly shut that he could see those little floating stars flare to life behind his eyelids.

Mothma drew her hand away. 

He heard her stand, the chair scraping a little as she did. “Bodhi Rook was released from bacta suspension last night,” she said, and her voice was cool again, impersonal. “He is expected to make a full recovery. The technicians are still working to fully recover K-2SO’s backup, but…I believe this means you were more than just successful in your mission, Captain. You brought everyone home.

“I thought you might be interested to know,” Mothma added after a moment. Her boots made a sharp, clipped noise on the stone floor, and then she was gone. 

Cassian went back to sleep.


(He only vaguely remembers what happened after Scarif. The adrenaline wore away quickly after Krennic was dead, and in its place came a rising pain, pain like the firestorm that engulfed Jedha. By the time they stumbled from the lifttube, Jyn was the only thing holding him upright; Jyn was telling him, cassian cassian c’mon, just a little farther, okay? just a little—it’ll be over soon, you can rest, I’ll let you rest, just—just—

But the rest is a scattered succession of images, half-memories: the sound of a ship’s engine overhead, and Jyn shouting here, we’re here!, a heavy weight on Cassian’s chest and screams he couldn’t make out (was that him screaming?) too much pain—he thinks he passed out once or twice; someone asking for his medical history and Cassian slurring, ask kaytoo, he keeps my records, before remembering—

I can’t feel my legs, he said at one point, he remembers that. Jyn’s face swimming into his vision, the red of blood streaked across her cheek. I can’t…that’s not good, is it, if I can’t…

Flickering lights, medical jargon he couldn’t understand. Someone saying spine, and spine again. (Every time he shut his eyes he could feel himself falling again, the whip-bang of the metal landing—) His spine again. Jyn’s voice, high and tight, saying yes, okay, yes. do whatever you have to.

When he woke up in the medbay on Yavin, he was alone.)


Cassian’s dreams were confused, a muddled haze of dead sentients clawing at his skin and his mother’s face—out of focus, distant and cold as a moon; he barely remembered enough of her to dream it anymore—and then suddenly, a cool pressure on his mind, rippling outwards. He was standing at the edge of a vast ocean, breathing in the cold tang of salt and the water. 

It was quiet.

He exhaled, and then he was lying in the medbay, and the sound of waves beating against the shore was just the thrum of blood in his ears.

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“ We will see the King fall this day”

@darcisprime​ ‘s Guardians fighting Oryx~

Done my projects for a little while so its back to requests~~


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ok so I hugged him, he was very warm :) then he puts his arm all the way up and goes “high five!” Even if I jumped the highest I could hit is like, his wrist (IM UP TO HIS SHOULDER) so I just kinda like, put my arm up but I don’t jump, I should have. So I can’t high five him :( he goes “oh well :/” Then we take the picture, and I go over and hug Ricky and he goes “hey how u doin :)” and IM SCREAMING and then I go in the next line to meet issues and I’m screaming still, and the guy right in front of me in line goes “lol u ok?” And I go “RICKY HORROR ASKED ME HOW IM DOING” It was,, the whole thing was beautiful and unforgettable