tall sweatpants

;;so, how’d you two meet?

People didn’t know who he was, and that was just the way Zax liked it. He wore a lot of layers, his feet wrapped in bandages, leggings and sweatpants with tall boots. An undershirt, T-shirt and sweater on top with scarves wrapped around his wrists. He kept his hood up, long hair spilling out of it. A bandanna around his face.

Sure, aliens were a thing on Earth now, slowly getting ingrained into society but they weren’t popular by any means. And… Well, Zax wasn’t any normal alien, either. The less who could tell exactly what his species was, the better.

 His tail wrapped around him, his pink eyes glowing in the dim. He liked parties. Free snacks. He could usually sneak into the shower, too.

But now he was sitting in a circle with a bunch of other people, watching a bottle spin. Some others had gone to the closet and come out looking flustered. A man had just spun it so it pointed at Zax. The person who’d started the game laughed, making some comment about how the other, the human didn’t have to go in with an alien, of all things. Ah, will prejudice never die? 

Zax was about to offer them a way out, hands raised to show he understood he wasn’t wanted. He was fairly sure there was another party in the next dorm over. But… He found himself being led into the cramped closet, literally having to sit on the larger man’s lap because of the lack of room. Zax looked at him, offering up a shy smile. 

“Ah… Hallo..”