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Hogwarts queens ~ 

Not super happy with how this one turned out, but I’m still proud that this is the third piece I’ve posted in two days?? go me ! 


“This booby is madly in love with Clawsette.”

Classicat #25: Meowrius Pont-Mew-Cy, Clawsette, and bonus confused dad Jean Meowljan, from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

(Clawsette’s fur is naturally white. Meowljan’s fur turned white long ago from stress, so that many cats call him “Mewnsieur Leblanc”  Or “Mewnsieur The White.”)

In the book Clawsette and her father walk to a park every day, and every day Meowrius Pont-mew-cy walks to the same park. One day, Clawsette and Meowrius make Dramatic Eye Contact and spend the rest of their days nonverbally flirting with each other. Clawsette flirts by owning fancy clothes and makeup. Meowrius just acts like a  dweeb (he hopes Clawsette has noticed his new hat!!) Meowljan, meanwhile, is very confused. 

Basically: all the cats involved in this subplot are complete dorks. Meowljan has never loved anyone romantically, and Clawsette/Meowrius are experiencing romantic love for the first time– meaning none of them know what to do because none of them understand romantic love. So the whole subplot is an adorable mess of awkward


I Can’t Believe I Own Red Pants

It is true, I do.  Now, the pants photograph in a way that I don’t think catches the orange-y hue to the red, so keep that in mind.  These pants are yet another in my collection of Tommy Hilfiger Chinos (I now own purple, black, brown, and red), and I fear that soon these Hilfiger pants will be no more.  Fear not, I did find a pair of Brooks Brothers Chinos on clearance that work, so I suppose there are other options out there when it comes to pants, if only they weren’t so pricey.

I believe the shirt, the watch, the belt and the shoes are new to the blog, the watch and belt were post-Christmas clearance purchases, the shirt and the shoes were a birthday gift.  I have colored laces that go with the shoes (purchased over a year ago, but never used because I could never find black dress shoes I liked), and I look forward to featuring them in an upcoming post.  The tie is something I’ve had forever it feels like, and the hat has made an appearance here before.  However, the dog hair on the hat has not (hopefully they will not make a repeat appearance in the blog).

The pants and shirt are from DXL.

The hat is from JC Penney clearance.

The tie is from thrift.

The belt is from Men’s Wearhouse.

The shoes are from After 6pm.

Tie bar from thrift, all other jewelry are gifts.

So basically the small one is swimming in it while it fits the tall one perfectly !!!!