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I Can’t Believe I Own Red Pants

It is true, I do.  Now, the pants photograph in a way that I don’t think catches the orange-y hue to the red, so keep that in mind.  These pants are yet another in my collection of Tommy Hilfiger Chinos (I now own purple, black, brown, and red), and I fear that soon these Hilfiger pants will be no more.  Fear not, I did find a pair of Brooks Brothers Chinos on clearance that work, so I suppose there are other options out there when it comes to pants, if only they weren’t so pricey.

I believe the shirt, the watch, the belt and the shoes are new to the blog, the watch and belt were post-Christmas clearance purchases, the shirt and the shoes were a birthday gift.  I have colored laces that go with the shoes (purchased over a year ago, but never used because I could never find black dress shoes I liked), and I look forward to featuring them in an upcoming post.  The tie is something I’ve had forever it feels like, and the hat has made an appearance here before.  However, the dog hair on the hat has not (hopefully they will not make a repeat appearance in the blog).

The pants and shirt are from DXL.

The hat is from JC Penney clearance.

The tie is from thrift.

The belt is from Men’s Wearhouse.

The shoes are from After 6pm.

Tie bar from thrift, all other jewelry are gifts.

So basically the small one is swimming in it while it fits the tall one perfectly !!!!


|A Big & Tall/Plus Male Style Inspiration|

“Live Big, Dress Big, & Leave a Big Impression”

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came up with a design for this NPC in a d&d game ill be DM’ing soon!! she’s a half-orc and the owner of the inn the PCs will be starting in yes very original i know

btw this is not her Actual Official design i just wanted to draw her bc i love her a lot………


brandy / korea town , los angeles | https://www.instagram.com/puusherman/?hl=en

here is a disposable taken of me about 2 minutes + 30 seconds after i ran into kehlani passing by her on the sidewalk in LA. she was wearing a baby blue track suit with a yoga mat in hand, ear buds in her ear, no makeup on, and her long curly hair was done. she had so many tattoos. which yeah of course if you follow kehlani you know she has tattoos all over, but i guess they look so much cooler in person. when i saw this human was actually kehlani, we were arms distance when she looked up at me. all i said was “oh my god! you’re so beautiful” and she said thank you so much! in her cute raspy voice. her friend was there with her too. he was tall and had good style too. when we had fully passed eachother, i looked back at the crosswalk and she looked back and smiled at me. (and then she tweeted back at me and said “y'all was v v v cute” and she also called me shawty). i can’t wait to tell her about it when we collab someday. february 2017.