tall oaks

the number one thing wrong with religion is that we imagine god as a man. like have u ever looked at nature?? a tall oak tree?? a flower??? the ocean as it folds over itself??? sunbeams late in the afternoon when they shine golden and sideways?????? all these things are more gentle, intelligent, powerful, beautiful, and meaningful than any stupid man imagine god as these things

Everyone Needs Help

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Summary: Newt likes to do things on his own, but you show him (with the help of Pickett) that everyone needs help. 

A/N: MY FIRST NEWT ONE-SHOT ASDFGHJKL! (i hope its not crap)

It was very apparent that all of Newt’s creatures were very attached to him. He found solace and a kind of friendship with them that couldn’t be found with other people. So when he ran into you during his travels, he never could expected how drawn to you he’d be.

Maybe he was vulnerable after what happened in Sudan, maybe he was lonely, maybe….maybe it was a lot of things. Newt was looking for Bowtruckles deep in a Scandinavian forest, trying not to freeze when he met you.

He’d been tracking a nest of the little green creatures, too absorbed in his work to hear the occasional footstep behind him. He’d finally reached their home, a tall oak wand tree near a frozen creek. According to some old friends back in Diagon Alley, it was to be cut down soon. The small green beasts were busily climbing about the tree. With a smile smile, Newt placed his case down on the frosty ground. Just as he undid the clasps, he felt a piece of wood at the back of his neck.

“Who are you?” A voice said behind him, presumably that of the person holding the wand. He rose slowly, arms raised in a gesture of surrender.

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Moriel Bookstore AU Part 1

Okay friends so this is my *first* time writing fan fiction. I write a lot of fiction thats 100% my own but I’ve never been into writing fanfic until I had this idea! Basically Az works at a bookshop and Mor is obsessed with him and doesn’t know how to ask him out. Amren plays the part of the match maker. Let me know what you think! 


Mor tucked her hair behind her ears and peered out around the tall oak bookcase hesitantly.


He wasn’t there. Not even lurking behind the counter.

She sighed heavily and returned to her seat in the corner of the fiction section. She’d been haunting the store for weeks since she’d met him. It’s not like she was a stalker or anything. She just had his entire work schedule memorized and had become friends with all the other employees. But she always bought something when she came in. Her best friend Feyre devoured books like they were chocolate and Mor had given her more than a few presents in the last weeks.

“He’s not here yet you know,” Amren, the shop owner said. “He starts at four instead of two today.”

Mor blushed a deep pink and Amren quirked a black brow at her.

“I don’t know who you mean by he,” Mor said primly.

“Oh please. You’re like a little girl with her first crush. It’s written all over your face,” Amren said, not smiling. Most people were utterly unnerved by Amren, who had the personality of a fire breathing dragon, but she and Mor got along quite well.

“Azriel is my first crush,” Mor grumbled. “Or least the first real one.”

Amren’s features softened, just for a moment.

“You know you could have any guy you wanted. Cassian would jump at the chance.”

“Oh Cass and I are just friends. And he gives the best book recommendations,” Mor said waving her hands.

“And he’s devastatingly handsome,” Cassian said as he breezed by with a pile of book boxes. He was tall and strong–built like a linebacker but with a dancer’s grace. He made a perfect stockboy and also drew an adoring, loyal crowd of customers with his devilish good looks.

The bell to the back door of the shop dinged as it opened. Mor sat straight up in her seat and began to worry the edge of her silk top.

Then she felt the air change. The shadows in the room became darker. She shuddered.

“Ah Az, so nice of you to join us,” Amren said, snapping her fingers. Mor caught her eyes and saw a wicked gleam in them.

“It’s 3:59,” Az said. “I’m not late.”

“No you aren’t. But I have a special job for you today,” Amren said gesturing at Mor.

Azriel looked at Mor. She was just as blonde and beautiful as the first time she’d walked into the store. He thought it was a little weird that she came in every day but Amren seemed to like her and she always bought things. And his friend Rhysand only had kind things to say about her. Azriel broke the world down into two categories of people: those with whom he actively avoided contact and those who he didn’t mind. He supposed she fell into the latter category. Along with Rhys, and Cassian, and Feyre. Amren was okay most of the time too.

“Elaborate,” he said blandly.

“Morrigan is one of our most loyal customers. She needs gift recommendations. Christmas is around the corner, Az, and everyone on her list needs a book. Help her,” Amren said, hissing the last two words.

“Christmas is a month–

“Some people like to plan,” Mor piped up. “I like to be prepared.” She was secretly mortified that Amren was forcing them together but she wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity slip through her fingers.

Azriel gave her a small smile. She beamed back at him.

“Az. You will help her,” Amren said, her voice like a whip.

Azriel nodded.

“Good. No one gives out better book recs than you do. And Mor is such a lovely girl. You’ll make a fine couple,” Amren said, flashing them both a smile and then walking away.

Mor turned an even brighter shades of pink. Az crept into the shadow of the bookcase in an attempt to hide.

“I, uh, I don’t know what she meant by couple really,” Mor said. “I’m sure she just meant we’d work well together. Not that we’re really working together or anything just that I really do need your help picking books and I think–

“It’s okay. Amren does as she pleases,” Azriel said, hoping he was putting her at ease. He wasn’t good at that. He wasn’t good at people and talking to them and he certainly wasn’t good at girls.

She smiled back at him as brightly as if he’d asked her to marry him. What? Where had that thought come from? Az shook his head.

“So I really just need books for  Feyre and Rhys because well, I don’t know what Rhys has told you but I don’t really get on with most of my family. But I guess I also need a present for Cassian and Amren and you know, my tennis coach and that barista at Starbucks,” Mor said awkwardly.

“Why do you need a gift for Cassian?” Az asked before he could stop himself.

“I don’t! I totally don’t. Just Rhys and Feyre!”

“Well I mean if you want to give Cass a gift go ahead but I just think you should know that sometimes he can be an unmitigated ass,” Azriel said.

“Hey! I heard that!” Cass said from the other room.

Mor grimaced.

“I…honestly…don’t have that many people to shop for. I don’t have a lot of, you know, close friends,” she said, thinking of all the people who she liked but never let herself get close to.

“Neither do I,” Az said, hoping to make her feel better. “But why would Amren ask me to help you if you don’t need it?

“I don’t–”

She sighed. She was so so tired of this. Tired of hanging around the bookstore. Tired of waiting for him to notice her. Tired of being turned into a person she didn’t even recognize because she liked some stupid guy.

“I do know, actually. She was trying to help me out. See, I’ve had this huge– embarrassingly huge–crush on you for weeks. Since I met you at Rhysand’s birthday. And I’ve been too afraid to talk to you because well, you’re sort of intimidating and I’m well…I’m me. So I know it’s crazy, I know you’d never like me like that but I just–”

What?” Azriel all but yelled. “You don’t think I’d like you?”

Into the Wild: Prologue

The dark river warbled quietly as it whisked between its stony bedding, its swift ripples reflecting silver from the half-moon’s bright and ominous glow. A soft breeze whispered through the tall, bushy oaks of ThunderClan’s territory, lightly ruffling Tigerclaw’s brown, tabby fur as it gently brushed past him.

“I’m surprised RiverClan has been so quiet, considering Crookedstar’s threat at the last Gathering,” Redtail, ThunderClan’s deputy, mused aloud to the rest of his patrol. The small tom’s pink-and-black nose was in the air, his jaw slacked as he tested the wind for any trace of their rival Clan.

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Day 4: Unconditional LoveA love that surpasses human understanding.  How does one express this type of love for someone? Richonne College AU for @richonnefics

The shade that the tall oak tree provided was a welcome blessing from the heat of the late afternoon sun. Michonne sat on the cool grass with her knees pulled up near her body and her notebook resting on her knees. She tapped the end of her pen against the page that was covered in her neat handwriting before glancing across the courtyard.

Other students were finishing their classes for the day; some walking hurriedly with piles of books in their grasp; others, dawdling like they had not a care in the world. Michonne smiled when she saw Rick approaching her. His confident swagger always enticing to her. His face was alight with a jovial grin as their eyes finally locked.

“Hey,” he said when he was close enough to her.

“Hey,” replied Michonne.

Rick moved a book that was to her left and took up a seat; he brushed her hair away from the side of her face and pressed a kiss to her temple.

“Thanks for waitin’ for me,” he said as he absentmindedly rubbed her back.

“It’s okay,” she said. “Besides, I’ve got this little assessment task to do for my modern lit class, so I thought I’d use the quiet time to get it done.”

Rick brought his hand away from Michonne’s back and then held up the book that was sitting between them.

“Is that why you’re readin’ this?” he asked, before reading out the title. “Dear Fatty?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “It a collection of letters that this British actress wrote to family members and colleagues. It’s actually really good.”

Rick turned the book over and looked at the blurb on the back.

“Sounds good,” he said. “What’s the assessment?”

“I have to write a letter,” said Michonne.

“That’s easy!” said Rick as he nudged her with his shoulder. “Someone as smart as you needs a bit more of a challenge than writing a letter.”

She smiled at his compliment.

“Besides, didn’t you write three letters of complaint this week already?” he teased.

“Stop,” she said, nudging him back. “It’s an exercise in expression, not for me to express dissatisfaction with something like those other letters did.”

Rick nodded and smiled, “Got it. What exactly does that mean, though? An exercise in expression?”

“It means I have to express a strong desire or emotion in the form of a letter,” she explained. “It’s an easy enough task.”

“All right then,” he offered. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Michonne suddenly rested her forearms over her page, as if by instinct; Rick noticed.

“Is that it?” he queried, gesturing to her notebook.

Michonne bit her bottom lip.

“Maybe,” she replied coyly.

“Can I read it?” he asked, thoroughly intrigued by her bashfulness pertaining to the matter at hand.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It’s probably a little too sappy.”

“It’s most likely great,” said Rick with a smile, which Michonne returned.

“Fine,” she said. “But promise you won’t laugh at me.”

“I’d never,” he said in earnest, placing his hand over his heart.

Michonne handed the notebook to him and then wrapped her arms around her knees; she took in his profile.

“Don’t read it out loud,” she cautioned, eliciting a nod of the head from Rick.

Dear Rick, it began; he glanced sideways at her, and offered a sweet smile.

How can I tell you just how much you mean to me on this one sheet of paper? There aren’t enough minutes in a day for me to tell how much I really love you. There aren’t enough lifetimes in an eternity for me to express the depths of my love for you.

From the first moment we met, I knew there was something else about you; something that set you aside from all of the other people I had known. There was this kindness in your eyes that made me feel safe. There was a warmth to your smile that made my heart swell; there was this understanding in your discourse that made me feel at ease. A familiarity in your presence that made me trust that I was home.

I didn’t always feel that way. You, more than anyone, know how truly lost and alone I was. How the devastation that encompassed my very soul left me a shell of who I used to be. Yet you, Rick, you had patience with me when no one else did. You nurtured me; you brought me back. You showed me what it means to love someone so completely that the mere thought of being without them terrifies you. You showed me what it feels like to be loved so sincerely that you are filled with a courage and strength that you never knew you had…

The words on the page became blurry as Rick’s eyes welled with tears upon reading what Michonne had written.

“Babe,” he whispered, while wiping his eyes.

“What?” asked Michonne, her voice as soft as his.

“You really feel like this?” he queried, unable to stop the overwhelming emotions from washing over him.

“I do,” she said sweetly. “I love you, Rick, more than I can even say.”

He remained quiet as they searched each others eyes; gently, Rick took hold of her hand. The engagement ring he had given her, shimmering beautifully in the bright sunlight. It looked radiant against her soft skin.

“I love you, Michonne,” he finally said, before placing a kiss to her hand. “You make me a better person. I love you with everything that I am.”



Author: rosepetals42

Art: andavs

Summary: Derek is about to leave, content with the smell of blood as proof that the Fury is dead when he hears it.

A heartbeat.

It’s faint and uneven and even with its help, it takes Derek a full minute of scanning the clearing before he finally spots the small heap that must be the human. It’s down on the far side of the canyon, almost completely hidden by a tall oak tree and–Derek jumps down before he thinks about it.He knows what he has to do. Furies are dangerous.  Furies are fire and smoke and a funeral he barely remembers. He lands almost silently and makes sure his hands are fully shifted into claws and then slowly moves forward.

Or, a How to Train Your Dragon AU

Info: 32k | Mature

Notes: You know a fic is good, when you want to read 50k more of it and get to know the whole world author created and basically you want more. I really loved the idea for HTTYD au, it was something else than I was expecting and so much better! Like how Stiles was the Fury and the whole background story and Scott and mixed POV which gave us so many feels from both sides and I really hope there will be a sequel, because of reasons! Also the art was just amazing and the art with the story made just a perfect fit! - K.

Sneak Peek:

Stiles’ face slides into something softer, almost hopeful, then-

“I’m gonna die, aren’t I?” he says, grinning.

“No,” Derek says, smiling back. “I won’t let anyone hurt you. Promise.”

He keeps his voice light but if Stiles were a werewolf, he would hear that Derek’s heart is perfectly steady.


The Silent Fury by petals42 / art by andavs

Derek is about to leave, content with the smell of blood as proof that the Fury is dead when he hears it.

A heartbeat.

It’s faint and uneven and even with its help, it takes Derek a full minute of scanning the clearing before he finally spots the small heap that must be the human. It’s down on the far side of the canyon, almost completely hidden by a tall oak tree and–Derek jumps down before he thinks about it.

He knows what he has to do. Furies are dangerous. Furies are fire and smoke and a funeral he barely remembers. He lands almost silently and makes sure his hands are fully shifted into claws and then slowly moves forward.

Or, a How to Train Your Dragon AU


These are just a few of the photos I captured of the historic & haunting Bonaventure Cemetery located in America’s most haunted city- Savannah, GA.

It’s Savannah’s largest & most visited cemetery. The burial site was built in the 1800’s & incloses thousands of tombstones & statues, some dating back as far as 1846. Bonaventure was also featured in the popular novel & film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.

Hauntingly beautiful, the expansive property is full of live oaks, palmettos, & wild flowers. Silvery, delicate Long Moss hangs from tall oaks & rests on gravestones.

Bonaventure Cemetery closes at 5 PM daily, & with good reason, being one of the most haunted burial grounds in the US.

The Tree Of Cliches - M.C. AU

Summary: There’s a large oak tree by Y/N’s bedroom window, like in those cliche cheesy teen romance movies. This tree starts becoming much more important to her once she meets a certain kid next door.

Pairing: Michael x Female Reader

Y/N had always had her eye on the tall oak tree in her backyard. She lived in a posh home in the suburbs of Sydney: a two-story home with a clean white exterior and a cherry red door. Her mother had always fancied gardening, so she made sure the walkway was always lined with fragrant flowers. The entire neighborhood looked like a real life cover of Home Living

However, Y/N’s favorite part of the house was the adorable next-door neighbor, Michael. They met at the age of nine, when he hit a football over the fence, landing in the lowest branch of the aforementioned oak. Y/N had climbed the tree, grabbing the ball off the branch and tossing it down to Michael.

Michael continued to “accidentally” hit footballs over the fence, and Y/N would continue to scale the oak, earning the nickname “monkey” from Michael.

Little did Y/N know, her friendship with Michael would grow beyond grade school, past middle school, and settling where they currently were: sophomore year of high school. 

“Hey, Monkey,” Michael would greet, usually out of breath from scaling the growing tree. Y/N would smile and sit on the sturdy tree branch with him, proceeding to forget about classwork and talk about nonsense.

However, tonight was different. 

“Michael, dinner!” Michael’s mother called into their vast yard on the other end of the picket fence, Y/N frowned, always sad when she had to say goodbye to the sandy blonde-haired boy she had began to feel strongly for. 

Michael hesitated this time, hugging Y/N as usual. Before Y/N could utter the words see ya, Michael leaned in and touched their lips together shyly. The kiss was merely a peck, lasting no more than three seconds, but Y/N was dizzy with a whirlwind of emotions. 

“Bye, Monkey,” Michael grinned, his voice soft like silk in Y/N’s ears. He proceeded to climb down the tree, disappearing over the fence and leaving Y/N flustered in the tree of cliches. 

give me the splendid, silent sun, with all his beams full-dazzling.
// walt whitman 


an anakin playlist for the one that spun time forward and harnessed the stars and the planets and the moons and the suns. 

i. aphelion - jesper kid // ii. the downed dragon - how to train your dragon // iii. icarus - bastille // iv. taking a stand - captain america: the winter soldier // v. dream is collapsing - inception // vi. mountains - interstellar // vii. gravity - gravity // viii. above earth - gravity // ix. dark wings, dark worlds - game of thrones // x. main theme - the dark knight rises // xi. vespertilio - batman begins // xii. touched (slumberjack edit) - what so not // xiii. preliator - globus // xiv. archangel - two steps from hell 

( for matereya )

The Boy Next Door Ch. 6 | Rucas

Riley Matthews finds herself intrigued to learn more about the brooding boy who just moved in next door.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 6 - “Darkroom In Use”

“Why are you so nice to me?” Riley asks as they approach a tall oak tree. She and Lucas had been walking in silence for 15 minutes now and she couldn’t take it anymore. If she wanted peace and quiet she wouldn’t have invited him out here with her.

She tucks her camera into her bag and slings it around her neck and shoulder. She climbs up on the lowest branch and pulls her body up on the next one. Lucas follows her move.

“Are you saying I’m not a generally nice person?” He asks trying to keep up with her. She was already at the top by the time he reached the middle branch.

Nooo.” She smiles down at the boy who seemed to be having some trouble, “I’m just saying, I’ve seen how you interact with other people, you’re cold and dismissive like you don’t want to be bothered but you’re nice to me.”

“All I got from that is that you watch me.” He said teasingly as he finally pulled himself up on the branch she was sitting.

“To be fair, everyone seems to be watching you.” She takes out her camera and aims it at the ground. There isn’t much going on down there but it’s still a pretty view. She takes a few snaps before returning her attention to Lucas, who was already looking at her.

“They’ll lose interest in me once something news worthy happens.” He says breaking his gaze. He fiddles with the lighter in his pocket not knowing what to say next. He seemed anxious.

“You can smoke that if you want.” She says, noticing his tick.

“I don’t smoke around other people.” He gives her a smile, “It’s rude.”

They stay up in the tree for a few more minutes while Riley takes some bird’s eye view shots. Lucas watches her get lost behind the camera.

“Okay, I’m done.”  She turns and smiles at him.

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@shootinghooks liked for a starter [{}]

A year had passed since the incidents with the attacks on Tall Oaks in the US and Taichi in China, the damage done was great and he was sure it left a scar on all the civilians who had experienced the horror of the attacks, the cities were plagued with destruction and chaos - once beautiful places to be were nothing more than what looked like the aftermath of some kind of CIVIL WAR. Damage wasn’t the worst thing that happened though, sure it costed millions of dollars to repair, some places were only just now finishing repairs. The worst thing of all was all the lives that were lost in the attacks, at least buildings cold be repaired and replaced but lives of others couldn’t The Guilt of not being able to save everyone still hung around him like a weight on his shoulders.

Thankfully that weight has since become lighter now, he knew he couldn’t save everyone – he was just one man and saving every single person in those cities was obviously impossible thus how the weight was able to be lifted at least a little bit. Putting aside the tragedy there was still one thing that bothered him, something that lingered around in his mind ever since everything blew over. What was Ada doing now and where was she? Once again she had disappeared without a trace after the events of last year passed. The agent still had her compact case for whenever he would meet her again. 

Ada was always a mystery to him, despite how long he had known her for she still had this ability to be unpredictable. Everything she did made him wonder, in the past she had worked with the late Albert Wesker when he was still alive so one he always wondered was; Who was her employer now? That question would be forever unanswered since he just couldn’t read her. The only thing he knew about Ada best was her actions and how she always had a plan that much he knew but the rest was still unknown. His thoughts on Ada floated throughout his mind as he walked down the dead street, it was quite late and he had just helped himself to a steak and drink and was now making his way back to his apartment. His footsteps came to a halt as he heard the sound of heels from boots hitting the ground behind him. This must have been some kind of coincidence. 

A small toothy grin formed before he turned around to face the female who was now standing there before him.

[{☣}] - “So you finally decided to come out of the shadows? I was wondering when you’d resurface again..Ada.


you are strong, stronger than anything in this world. it takes a lot to knock you down, or at least thats what you seem like. you seem like everyone has these storms going on in their heads and in their hearts, but you have nothing. you just have this absolute darkness inside of you, and you act like its okay. like stars shine inside of you, and you radiate a glow like no other. but thats how you want to seem. you stand tall like an oak tree, so strong and confident. but if I peeled back a part of your bark it would take me years to get to the center. you aren’t what you seem. you’re strong and confident, but you’re also sad and cold. and I wish I could warm you, I wish I could spark something in you so you can feel something besides that storm of darkness.

—  october the 4th
A Wary Investigation|Closed|

Tifa Lockhart | @badassbarmaid

It had been a year since the bio terrorist attacks on both Tall Oaks and China, even after a year proof of the recovery was still clear as day. Some buildings were nearly complete reconstruction while others were completely finished after constant work being done on it . Because of how serious the attacks were and all of the damage caused being severe, all of the protective agencies were taking reports extra seriously. Most received had turned out to be false and were easily pushed aside. The inconclusive reports continued on until DSO HQ received a report of possible B.O.W development inside of an abandoned Science lab as well as rumored B.O.W sightings. Of course HQ took it serious and marked it as a high priority mission.

Right away HQ called in Leon who was enjoying his little break but all good things had to come to an end sometime. After learning the seriousness of the mission Leon made his way to DSO Headquarters, as he made his way there he learned his usual partner Helena Harper had called in sick so he was being assigned a temporary partner who was from an agency outside of the US, apparently her skills matched his thus the reason why he was paired with her. Upon his arrival at base he parked his car and headed to the briefing room where he was supposed to meet his new partner.

In the room he stood there arms crossed with his back against the wall, his train of thought disrupted by the sound of boots hitting the ground causing him to face the door as it opened.

[{☣}] - “So I’m guessing your my partner for this mission then? He asked wanting to make sure.