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Moon Signs: Your Soul
  • Aries Moon: Your a passionate spirit that is driven to protect and love others. You're easily controlled by your feelings. Your soul loves passionately and hates passionately
  • Taurus Moon: Venus has been placed into your heart to spread love and ambiance amoungst your loved ones. The energy in your spirit projects a beautiful calmness to you. You are the healers of this world.
  • Gemini Moon: Your soul, mind and body is constantly restless. Your heart is full of emotions, spinning like a wheel inside of you. Your feelings dance on your lips, and you are born to inspire with your words.
  • Cancer Moon: Your soul is constructed from moon dust. Your Cancer moon fills up your soul with compassion and instinct to care for others. You are a sweet lullaby and beautiful soul that was placed on this world to spark hope in others.
  • Leo Moon: The sun burns in your heart. Flames of happiness flicker inside you, and you want to share that happiness with the world. You are an angel of light, and make this dark world light up a bit more.
  • Virgo Moon: Naturally you feel driven to fix everyone and everything. But just remember, in order to heal others you have to heal yourself first. Your spirit needs to cleanse before you cleanse others. Use your tender gift to serve the people who need it.
  • Libra Moon: You are a work of art. Your soul is painted from the finest oil paints, and sculpted from rich clay. You are born to create and to make this world beautiful again. Use your gracious spirit to guide others to see the beauty in the unexpected.
  • Scorpio Moon: You are a bruised spirit that has been on this earth a million times over. Your soul is old with wisdom, but young with intense passion. Dear Scorpio Moons, you are so rare and beautiful. Use your that rare, deep beauty to show love to others, and to inspire the broken to keep fighting.
  • Sagittarius Moon: The planet Jupiter rules over your heart, causing your soul to be passionate. Your heart is made of gold, and you have this craving to travel and to discover. Your duty is to explore, and quench that thirst to discover.
  • Capricorn Moon: Icy and harsh Saturn is nuzzled into your soul. You are made of steel, and stand as tall as a mountain. You weep tears when nobody is looking. My sweet Capricorn Moon, its okay to feel broken. Use that brokenness to mend the hearts of others, and to be the best you can be for yourself. Because you are loved, and you deserve the best in life.
  • Aquarius Moon: Naturally, you are a very accepting and open minded being. Your unique spirit stands out from the crowd. You are a gorgeous soul made from stardust that inspires others to be themselves and to express themselves the way they want to.
  • Pisces Moon: You are soft as the sand on the beach, and ever changing like the ocean. A ocean like storm is constantly raging inside of you. Let go, and let the dark waters flow out of your spirit.

Another one of those “humans are weird and scary” posts. 

The fact that people will climb on mountains or tall places. For fun. Like, extreme parkour or extreme selfie taking? (You know, where people will go on one of the tallest buildings in a city and go to the very tippy top to hold out a selfie stick?) 

Aliens would be so freaked out by this. Imagine, you’re an alien and you happen to hear two of your human companions talking about stuff they do to entertain themselves.

Human 1: *laughs* yeah, man, this one time I climbed to the top of a crane that was working on a building. Nearly fell off too.

Alien: Y-you mean to say that you willingly put yourself in danger?

Human 2: Yeah! It gets the adrenaline rushing, gives you a thrill. Almost like a high! Ha! See what I did there? 

Alien: Yes, Brad, but why would you think that’s a good idea?! Your bodies are not meant to sustain falls from large distances!

Human 1: Oh, yeah, tons of people have died doing that stuff. Parkour is pretty dang scary. But that’s what makes it so fun!


Gryffindor is like roaring thunder, like the powerfull wind in the treetops, like the tall and majestic mountains and like the hot sun burning down on a summerday.

Hufflepuff is like the gentle rain drizzling down on your face, like a warm crackling fire in a homely stove, like a deer walking through a meadow and like the fresh wind in Spring.

Slytherin is like the waves crushing against the stony cliffs, like the mist that collects around the rivers in deep valleys, like the deep and quiet woods and like a great lake that’s full of secrets and mystery.

Ravenclaw is like a cool rippling stream in the mountains, like the snowstorm that is raging outside, like a proud eagle sailing in the clear blue sky and like a meadow full of blooming flowers.


feel free to punch my in the face honestly 🐒


Hayeswater. by Alan
Via Flickr:
A great area for a hike :-)

This is a pretty cool picture, but it doesn’t eeeven capture how breathtaking this scene was. The clouds were so dark, and the fog was flowing so swiftly across the mountains, pushed by the storm rolling in. The air was thick, and chilled. I stood there in awe, and soon became engulfed in the fog myself. So so SO gorgeous! ^_^

The Machinery of Evil: Angband

In comparison to the more ragtag, disorganized orc led armies of the later Ages, Angband is an impressively effective force that is strong enough to withstand centuries of near isolation and self-sufficiency under constant siege. This suggests to me an extremely organized and structured system acting as its backbone.

I don’t think there were the modern kind of taxes or wages because I doubt there was a free market economy that needed those things to drive it. Angband is essentially a state built to fuel an army and I doubt that dark lords care much about the desire of their minions for luxury goods. So I think the most likely system was a command economy, where central planning makes all the economic decisions about how to use and distribute resources. For example, your orc will never have to worry about the cost of his helmet, because the dark lords arrange the production and delivery of all his equipment in exchange for labor at mining, farming, soldiering etc. as a specialist. Higher ranking orcs or beings probably get a bigger share of the resources and better stuff as an incentive to move up the ranks as much a possible. So there’s still a definite status system and ‘wealthier’ orcs.

Of course this opens up a host of problems too. This system takes an incredible amount of knowledge and planning to carry out, and if you don’t get the right number of helmets or chickens you need, you may end up executing rioters or having poorly equipped soldiers who lose battles. Not to mention you have to police the system rigorously for graft, theft, cheating, corruption, misreporting surplus, plain incompetence etc. Having a command economy also requires the creation of an enormous entrenched bureaucracy to organize and implement decisions made at the top.

Naturally this means that no currency is necessary, eliminating the cost in wasted metals and labor. I think that they might have created a currency later on for the sole purpose of trade with the Evil Men of the East, but I find it equally likely that Angband adopted one of their Eastern allies’ currency as long as the standard was valuable metal weights. Their chief trade goods were probably knowledge and high quality processed goods rather than raw materials anyway. This eliminates the problem of inflation internally, but not of scarcity.

Now, if you’re an orc and want a bit more than your regular rations or a nice present for your mother’s birthday, you’re going to have to barter for it.  Your options for getting trade goods are limited. You can steal a little extra from what you produce as a farmer, smith, miner etc. but this might get your head chopped off. You can save some of your rations and trade that, but this can be dangerous if you don’t have enough left for yourself or trade away vital items like armor, underwear etc. You can trade services for goods like ‘I’ll sharpen your knives if you give me your shiny stone.’ But your best option for getting trade-able items is loot taken from enemies. Angband didn’t have taxes, but you probably had to tithe a portion of your plunder to the dark lords and possibly your commander. I’m thinking that a footsoldier got to keep one-tenth, a general one-third or some kind of system like that was in place but there was probably a lot of fighting over the best items between individual orcs too.

How do you keep a vast underground army supplied with food and materials? I think Angband’s production and food problems are solvable with a truly ridiculous amount of forethought and planning, pinpoint precise control of workers and a healthy amount of magic. The dark lords would need a huge amount of food, far more than could be gained through raiding; somehow crops had to be grown to feed armies, and animals had to be raised for meat and goods. Angband must have had enormous underground farms for surface plants created through the laborious process of building plant beds, bringing in soil, and creating light and air shafts. But they also might have cultivated fungi, mushrooms, moss, roots and other edible plants that naturally grow in or near caves. Pre-siege they might have had some small scale agriculture on mountain terraces and foothills and pastured sheep or goats on the side of mountains.

Post siege they had to rely on animals that could be raised underground. Orcs probably ate little meat. Those animals would have been far more valuable for the other products they could provide, like hides, fat, or horn. Eggs or milk would be more likely, depending on availability. Bats, bugs, worms, larva, spiders, proteus salamanders, and cave crabs are natural cave creatures that might be deliberately raised as food. Fish in underground lakes would yield the double benefit of food and vital water reservoirs. Their primary meat animal would probably be pigs because they eat anything and can be intensively farmed. Dogs are also scavengers so they might also be eaten for food or raised for fur. Chickens can be cage-raised in battery farms, and they also eat almost anything, so they seem likely. Sheep and goats come from wild mountain dwelling ancestors, and would have been valuable for wool and hair and milk, but I’m doubtful they could be fed enough from Angband’s resources to be worthwhile to keep. Cows are a definite no; they just are too big for underground living and not efficient enough to be regular food animals. Horses are valuable as riding animals and it is seems likely a small number were kept for commanders, messengers and scouts.

Outbreaks of disease and contamination have an easy answer: never ever ever keep all of your animals/crops/drinking water in one place/field/reservoir. If you loose one herd to disease you can isolate it and save the rest; the more separate herds you have the smaller the loss. Potential disease vectors, like corpses, have to be disposed of immediately. Genetic bottleneck is no problem if you carefully manage your herds; scientists estimate the entire population of founding taurine (non-humped) cattle was around eighty for example; low genetic variation does not necessarily mean low fitness. If stores dropped catastrophically low, trade with Evil Men or raiding could have filled the shortfall until production could be restored.

Waste management and containment would have been vital for the health of Angband’s occupants and the viability of its economy. Mines and farms are kept running though forced labor by prisoners; no one lives who does not work. Everything has to be recycled - food and metals especially. Even the corpses of prisoners and orcs are eaten. Water supplies may not have been easy to find and would have to be kept clean and uncontaminated by mineral leeching. They would have to find ways to get rid of toxic trash that couldn’t be recycled. Environmental contamination would have been a real problem, given the volcanic atmosphere and the amount of volatile metals around. Some types of environmental contamination could have been avoided through good, ruthlessly enforced waste containment measures as well.  Magic may also be a good option here.

Were Angband’s ore deposits rich enough to support centuries of war? I’m honestly a little fuzzy on the geologic requirements for the creation of metals, but I’m going to handwave this one. If Melkor can make entire mountain ranges, then I’m going to guess he can guarantee an ample supply of minerals and metals for Angband’s forges. (Plus volcanic soils are incredibly fertile which helps with the food problem. The Polynesian islands are capable of supporting agriculture only because of soils made of volcanic ash deposited by wind, fun fact.)

My general explanation for the ability of Melkor’s war machine to support itself actually relies on a bit of headcanon. Sauron managed to escape the ruin of Utumno because of an extensive underground tunnel system that existed underneath it. I like to think that this is something Melkor and Sauron continued and expanded in their next stronghold once they saw how useful it was. However tall the mountains towered above the plain, below them Angband lay many times greater and deeper. Perhaps not just the entire plain, but whole mountain ranges were honeycombed with tunnels that stretched their fingers all the way back to Utumno’s vaults.

They may be evil, but Melkor and Sauron must have been terrifyingly competent.

saetr3noora  asked:

hello! meron ka bang complete/accurate list of all the deities from the tagalog and bisayan pantheon? Also, i'm sorry if this question has been asked before ngayon ko lang nahanap blog mo and i'm only now really getting into ph mythology :)

Hi @saetr3noora​. I made one before though I don’t remember which blog I posted it in, this one, or my blog on reviving our old beliefs, practices, and on our general mythologies and folklore at @diwatahan​. Also its an old list that needed to be updated and corrected so I guess it gives me an opportunity to make another one. :)

But here is my complete list on them based on historical research, not modern takes on it. This list is from my notes for my book I am still currently writing and researching for. Any modern deities from recent stories such as Lidaga, Lihangin, Lisuga, etc. are not included on this list as there is not one mention of them in any of the oldest dictionaries or in any historical record accept in the 1900′s particularly during the U.S. colonial period and after and thus based on historical research, they weren’t traditionally worshiped. However this doesn’t mean they aren’t deities as some may just be but never mentioned in historical texts and only known orally, but for the purpose of listing all the deities that were believed and worshiped prior to the Spaniards I have excluded them from the list. I try to put info on each deity as much as possible based on what was written on them but there are a few who are only briefly mentioned in passing either with just the name of the deity alone or the name and the attribute they were known for.

Also note there are other Bisayan deities not listed here that are known to the Sulod of Panay island with the exception of Laon Sina/Alunsina as she was a prominent goddess known throughout the Bisayas. The deities known by the Sulod may possibly be deities that were known by the other ethnic groups in the West Bisayas and elsewhere in the region under different names locally but I have not looked into that intensively and done enough research on that subject so I have left those deities out of this list.

This is a pretty long list so I have cut it off here for those who don’t want to scroll so much on their dash. To read the entire list just press keep reading. 

Anyway I hope this helps all those who are interested in our mythologies and folklore, whether from mere curiosity, for the sake of creating art, or to actually join the movement of reviving our precolonial beliefs and practices to the modern day.

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A Roman Hymn to Hercules

Vergil, Aeneid 8.285-302

Then the Salian priests come to sing
Around the altars kindled with fires,
Their temples bound with poplar branches,
On one side a chorus of youths, a chorus
Of old men on the other; and in song
They lift up the praises and deeds of Hercules-
How he squeezed and strangled with his hands
The first monsters his stepmother sent, twin snakes;
How he also cast down in war
Mighty cities, Troy and Oechalia; and how
He bore a thousand harsh labors under the yoke
Of King Eurystheus, through unjust Juno’s fates.
“With your hand you slew, unconquered one,
Hylaeus and Pholus, double-formed creatures
Born of clouds; you slew Crete’s monsters
And the tremendous lion under Nemea’s crag.
The Stygian waters trembled in fear at you,
So too did the door-keeper of Orcus, reclining
In his bloody cave atop half-eaten bones;
No sight frightened you, not even Typhoeus himself,
Tall as a mountain, gripping arms; and when
Lerna’s serpent surrounded you
With its mob of heads, you did not lose your wits.
Hail, true offspring of Jove, now added
To the gods to give them glory; come propitious,
With favoring step, to us and to your rites.”

tum Salii ad cantus incensa altaria circum
populeis adsunt evincti tempora ramis,

hic iuvenum chorus, ille senum, qui carmine laudes
Herculeas et facta ferunt: ut prima novercae
monstra manu geminosque premens eliserit anguis,
ut bello egregias idem disiecerit urbes,
Troiamque Oechaliamque, ut duros mille labores
rege sub Eurystheo fatis Iunonis iniquae
pertulerit. ‘tu nubigenas, invicte, bimembris
Hylaeumque Pholumque manu, tu Cresia mactas
prodigia et vastum Nemeae sub rupe leonem.
te Stygii tremuere lacus, te ianitor Orci
ossa super recubans antro semesa cruento;
nec te ullae facies, non terruit ipse Typhoeus
arduus arma tenens; non te rationis egentem
Lernaeus turba capitum circumstetit anguis.
salve, vera Iovis proles, decus addite divis,
et nos et tua dexter adi pede sacra secundo.’

Hercules Crowned by Glory, Martin Desjardins, 1671

The Future Looks Good: Prologue

In the end, there is no other choice. Aelin sacrifices herself for Erilea. But when it seems that all is lost and she will never draw breath again, something miraculous happens. A few months later, Aelin and her court discover the unexpected consequences from that miracle. Apparently, not everyone stays dead forever.

Word Count: 2042

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An intense, skin peeling, hair singeing, earth melting burn.

That’s the only sensation Aelin knows. The only one she’s known for a while now. For all of the five months she’s been in Maeve’s grasp.

The burn of her iron box, iron chains, and iron mask. The burn of whip across her back, her shoulders, and her legs. The burn of her fire, restlessly waiting and building under her skin.

A sudden BOOM and the shaking of the earth beneath her reminds Aelin of where she is. In her box, next to the battlefield. So close to Rowan, to her mate. Her husband. She can feel the bond between them, more alive than it’s ever been. She knows he’s fighting to get to her. She almost cries out with the joy of it, with the joy of knowing she’s within his reach. But she can’t get distracted. She has a job to do.

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Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: Jackass Draco™ & some fluff

Word Count: 1765

Request ( from @snowyravenheart​ ): “I would like a Draco x reader please, where the reader is a transfer student from America. She gets sorted into Hufflepuff if you want to get specific. People find her modern technology and accent/slang fascinating so she quickly becomes popular, surprising everyone because of the pureblood importance (but even they think she’s cool). Draco is the only person who doesn’t like her and he always rants excessively about how annoying she is even at random times (you know how ppl do that when they like someone?) One time she overhears him when he goes too far and gets really upset, because she’s secretly homesick and feels like she’ll never fit in. She asks Dumbledore to go back home and he lets her, so when Draco hears about it he tries to stop her and runs to her dorm while she is packing. Sorry this is oddly specific, you don’t have to do it obviously. But if you do, please let it have a happy ending!”

~Thank you so much for this request! It was such a good idea and I had a ton of fun writing it! Hope you enjoy!

A/N: What the hell is the plural for no-maj cuz i have no idea

Y/L/N = Your last name

Y/N = Your name

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You were moving. And there was nothing you could do about it.

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Embarrassing Moments//Jackson Wang

Originally posted by suga-pills

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Everyone

Author’s Note: I just felt like updating my jackson scenarios because i haven’t done so in a while! Enoy~

xoxo Sara

“Yah, (Y/N)~” your boyfriend gently cooed to you, although you were a noticeable distance away from his grasp, “Wait up!”

“No!” you shouted out back to him, letting a giggle slip from your mouth as you walked further and further ahead, picking up your pace from a light walk to a quick jog in hopes of him not catching up to you.

“But I want to kiss you!” He shouted out on the crowded sidewalk, making you stop in your tracks as your eyes widened. You turned in the direction that he was bound to be coming from at any moment, cheeks burning a bright crimson as you caught sight of your giggling, smiling boyfriend, who was currently pushing through a crowd of people on the busy sidewalk to try and get to you.

“Jackson!” You whisper-yelled as he got to you, quickly standing up on your tippy toes and covering his mouth with your hand as you shook him softly, “Don’t say that outloud!”

“Don’t say what?” He mumbled into your hand softly, a smile evident against your palm as he pressed his lips to it, “That i want to kiss y-”

“Sh!” you hushed him, pressing your hand harder against his mouth in attempts to make him be quiet. You looked around before nodding, “Yes, don’t say exactly that!”

“Well, why not?” He asked, tilting his head at you softly while taking your hand from his lips and intertwining your fingers with his own, “Do you not want to-”

Before he could finish his sentence, you looked at him with harsh eyes, making him stop. He nodded softly, seemingly understanding your thinking without having to even speak with you.

“But…Why not?”

You sighed gently, taking his hand and swinging it in between you two while you two walked down the street. “It’s not that I don’t want to. You know I love doing that,” you whispered, walking quickly through the crowds so you could continue your private conversation, “It’s just.. A little embarrassing.”

“Why is it embarrassing?” he challenged you, watching your movements as your cheeks stayed flushed. He smiled a bit at your timidness, unable to hide how undeniably cute he thought you were, “I love kissing you, and telling you that I love you, and I think that other people deserve to know too, because you’re my wonderful jagiya and i care for you so much.”

You looked up at him, a small grin matching the one he was wearing now spreading across your face as well. He gripped your hand tightly, and his facial expression changed. You could practically see the metaphorical light-bulb light up above his head.

“In fact…” he began, picking up his pace as dragging you behind him as you two headed up a tall mountain that the tiny sidewalk lead up.

“What are you doing Jackson?” You questioned, feeling out of breath as you were practically running up the hill behind him. Somehow, he wasn’t out of breath, he wasn’t panting, and he didn’t seem like he was struggling. “Why are you not tired?”

“Your love powers me~” he hummed at you, a slight laugh following that as he looked back at you and saw the absolute disgust and cringe written all over your face. You decided to keep running, not really caring where he was taking you. He stopped short, though, causing you to bump into his back harshly, making a soft groan leave your lips.

“We’re here!” he said, reaching his arms out as you looked to the side and saw a beautiful view of the city, accompanied by a small bench that seemed to be perched on top of the hill. He took your hand, leading you to the bench while he smiled at you. He put you in front of the bench and forced you to sit on it, patting your head softly before he turned his back to you.

He took a deep breath, before screaming, “I LOVE (Y/N)!”

“Jackson!” Your voice practically matched his as you quickly stood up from your seat, going to stop him, when he began yelling it over and over.

“Jackson stop!” you shouted, a soft giggle tied to the end of your words as you hugged his waist, “I know you love me, you don’t have to tell anyone else!”

“But everyone deserves to know,” he interjected,  “That i love you, and only you. Now, I want you to scream it.”

“What?” you asked, “I never agreed to this.”

“Please?” he looked at you with his big puppy eyes, pouting out his lower lip in attempts to make you do it because he was acting all cute, “I want to hear you scream that you love me.”

You looked at him wearily, “But it’s embarrassing…”

“You’re with me,” he smiled at you, “We are going to have plenty more embarrassing moments. Let’s just get this one out of the way, shall we?”

You sighed softly, gripping him tightly and shutting your eyes, before taking a deep breath. YOu felt your cheeks burn yet again as you let yourself scream that you loved him too. Once you were finished, you looked up at him, seeing his big grin return to his face in triumph as he leaned down and gave you a quick peck.

“Now that you screamed that you lovely, i’m sure it’s fine for me to say I want to kiss you in public now.”

Travelin’ Soldier Part 5

Summary: Reader is currently deployed in the army to an undisclosed combat area. She has been deployed for nearly two years. Anxiously awaiting her return is her husband and brother as they film for Supernatural. Letter comes informing the family that she may not be heard from for awhile and soon devastating news comes. In italic bold in the story is lyrics.

Characters: husband!Jensen x reader, Jared x Reader (twins), Gen, Shepherd, Thomas, Baby Padalecki, and Misha

Words: 2550

Disclaimer: I do not own the title of the song Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks at all even with the minor change of lyrics to fit the story. I simply thought it could be a little fighting. Not hate towards Danneel either, as this is simply fiction and not real. I do not own any songs in this either.

Warnings: possible swearing, war, mention of death, mention of torture, a lot of angst as usual, and fluff

Author: Caitsy

Tagging a few at the end. Send an ask to be tagged, or request something.

A/N:  Once more Ash and I want to thank you for supporting us. Also I was going to write this on Friday night but I was involved in a minor car accident so by the time I got home I was exhausted.

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The box sat in the drawer most of the time awaiting for the time it would come out. It was huge decision that in his opinion was more heavier than asking someone not in her career. He lost count of how long the box was there but he knew it would be empty soon. He loved her, that’s for sure but it’s a huge commitment to ask someone who’s life is always at risk. She would find it if it was in their apartment so he kept it in his trailer in Canada. He held it in his hand playing with the box.

“Hey Jensen! They need you!” Jared exclaimed opening the door to his trailer. Jensen shoved the box back into the back of the drawer as a shocked Jared stood there, “Is that what I think it was?”

“Pfft no.” Jensen waved the question off, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh? Well that diamond must be something.” Jared raised one eyebrow. He crossed his arms leaning against the wall beside the open door. The cool breeze came into the trailer.

“Shut up.” Jensen muttered, “I haven’t asked your dad for his blessing.”

“Wow. You do know he’s been nervously waiting for when you’ll propose?” Jared asked, “My parents love you J. I swear they love you more than they love me!”

“Not possible.” Jensen mumbled picking at a loose thread on his character’s plaid shirt.

“I’m serious. You’re the first of my sister’s boyfriends that gained the entire trust of my family.” Jared sighed, “Since she first got news of deployment her boyfriend dumped her fast. They were dating for six months I think and he wouldn’t accept that she was more willingly to get her hands dirty than him.”

“I never knew that.”

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overwatch characters as the worlds produced by minecraft when their name is put into the seed generator

“mercy” - a seaside meadow surrounded by dark oak forests, featuring black & white horses and scattered ponds/lakes.

“symmetra” - five tiny isles in the middle of the ocean surrounding an undersea temple, with very few scattered trees & animals. there is no mainland in sight.

“reaper” - a savannah with floating mountains, dotted by acacia trees. behind is a lush birch forest, forward is a desert lasting for miles. a river winds through the whole area.

“soldier 76” - a towering spruce forest with stone ruins scattered throughout. it is surrounded by a massive dark oak forest going in all directions, with mushroom trees scattered about. the forest floor is covered with podzol.

“hanzo” - a meadow filled with red flowers, split up by multiple rivers. far in the distance there is spruce forest, and a village. the meadow is large but empty.

“mccree” - a village on the edge of a mixed oak and birch forest. there is a dirt path leading up to it, and a large meadow filled with sheep nearby.

“zarya” - a river valley, with birch-covered hills on all sides. there’s a herd of cows in the valley, and yellow flowers lining ground where the treeline begins.

“amelie” - flat plains of snow and ice as far as the eye can see. there are several completely iced-over lagoons.

“mei” - an island in the middle of the ocean, covered in thick forest. the closest landmass are large, forbidding mountains with jagged cliffs and few trees.

“tracer” - the patch of land between three lakes. facing north, there is a mixed birch and dark oak forest. south, there are mountains, with scattered spruce trees within. east, there is already a forest fire occurring, where the mountains and forests meet.

“pharah” - a savannah in all directions as far as the eye can see. there is a multitude of wildlife, including llamas and horses of all colors. there is a village nearby, with a massive crevasse underneath.

“ana” - a large lake, mistaken for an ocean at first, surrounded by hills and mountains covered in spruce and oak trees. snow covers the sand lining the shore.

“lucio” - endless fields of sunflowers. scattered lakes and ponds throughout.

“zenyatta” - forest valley surrounded by mountains. the mountains are snowy, the forest is not.

“torbjorn” - a birch forest on flatlands surrounded by tall, jagged mountains. the birch trees are bizarrely short. peony flowers line the forest floor.

“sombra” - a massive jungle, going on in all directions. there is a ruined temple nearby, filled with traps and a huge amount of gold.

“reinhardt” - a small patch of grasslands, surrounded by dark oak trees and massive mushrooms. there is a swamp directly beyond the dark oaks, featuring a lava pit and a witch hut.

“roadhog” - at the foot of a single mountain in a massive desert. a river winds through it, and on the other side is a savannah.

“junkrat” - a jungle that bumps right up against a birch forest. both are filled with pigs.

“genji” - a snowy taiga with a frozen river running through it. there are hardly any trees but many, many flowers, and many rabbits.

“winston” - there are several small biomes fighting for space here; in one direction, oak forests with a lake and mountains, in another, savannahas and deserts. in another, swamps.

“bastion” - grasslands with multiple broken up mountains. a village is nearby. there is no forest.

“dva” - a spruce forest by the ocean lined with a wide coast. in the water is a sea temple, seen clearly from the shoreline. just within the bounds of the forest there are two villages.

The King’s Omega- The First Dance

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: a/b/o dynamics (mentions)

Summary: Now that the reader has embarrassed herself in front of the whole ceremony will her night get better with the first dance of the night? Or was this ceremony a bad idea?

Author’s note: Geez, I did NOT expect so much love on the first part, but here’s the second part (as asked for). I am a little late on my deadline because I have worked two double shifts, and haven’t had time. Sorry. I hope you guys like this part too let me know!

Word Count: I don’t know, maybe 1500? 

Catch up: Part 1

…Their eyes had met only for a moment, but in that moment the Little Omega felt something she had never felt before, and she couldn’t bring herself to speak to the handsome king…

    “Momma, ‘ead the net ‘art! I ‘anna ‘ear ‘out them dancin’!” Five-year-old you interrupted, your words whistling out around your newly missing teeth. You puffed your bottom lip out and hit the quilt that covered you dramatically.

Your mother laughed. The sound lighthearted and joyful. Almost…rare for her, but of course you didn’t know that yet. Your mother was beautiful to you inside and out, a light that had never been properly cared for. 

       “Oh, you want to hear about them dancing, do you?” she chuckled, opening the book back up. “Well, we’d better start.”

      …When the music started, the little omega did not know what to do. This was her first Choosing Ceremony and she suddenly felt very alone and nervous… 

                 “Okay ladies,” the Mater called, stepping out in front of all of you once more. She watched silently as you scrambled back into the herd of omegas before continuing.  “Now that that fiasco is over, we can begin the first dance.” She turned towards the alphas on the other side of the room, “You may pick your dance partner, Alphas.” 

     As the alphas finally got up, most of them strong, tall, and built like mountains- the air in the room almost seemed to be vacuumed out, because every girl gasped at them. They radiated confidence and strength, striding over to the herd of girls. 

….Soon the music had started, and every girl in the ballroom was dancing. Their gorgeous dresses swinging happily to the tune…

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          One by one the omega group dissipated as the girls were led by alphas to the dance floor, until only you remained. You tried to ignore the jealous feeling that was lacing your gut, but it was slowly winning. You hated it. You didn’t want to feel bitter about tonight. You wanted to feel happy about finding your mate.

… The little omega was lost, she simply didn’t know what to do! The sudden loneliness made her want to cry…

       “Now what are you doing, poppet?”

 You blink to see King Crowley in front of you, with a devilish look in his eyes. “Crowley?”

    He responds with a sigh, “First you can’t stay on your feet, and now you’re longing for the dance floor. Are you sure you’ll be able to right yourself in tune, love?” 

“Are you-Are you asking me to dance, King Crowley?”

      Crowley simply looks behind him at the dance floor, then looks at you with a smile. “Come on, love.” He takes your hand and leads you towards the floor.

…When all-of-a-sudden, there was the King, taking her hand and swinging her here and there across the ballroom…

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  Everywhere Crowley touched was electrified. It was like the King had set a current on your skin. That wasn’t the only part that made dancing with Crowley fun. You felt safe in his gentle embrace, protected. You didn’t feel weak, in fact, you didn’t have to shy away from him at all. You stood proud next to him as you swayed to the music. It also helped that his dance skills much surpassed yours. His steps were elegant, long, and determined, and with every turn, yours were hesitant.

…He spun her around and around as the night flew by, and the little omega couldn’t quit smiling…

   “Momma?” you asked, placing your hand on the page to stop her reading.

“Yes, Y/n?” your mother asked sweetly, brushing a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

“If the ‘ittle omega and the prince are mates, ‘ow come they don’t get married then at the dance?”

Your mother laughs. “They had to get to know each other, Y/n! You can’t just marry someone, right?”

“When I find my prince I’m gonna! Right then, right there,” you declare firmly and your mother laughs harder.

 “That fast? What if he still eats his boogers? Or what if he doesn’t like your favorite food?”

“Momma, he’ll ‘ust have to ‘eal with it, cause he’s s’posed to be ‘erfect for me.”

“Oh really? And what if someone else wants to be your mate, like in the story?” she asks you with a smile. “What if someone tries to take you away from him?”

…Suddenly she was pulled away into another alpha’s arms, who she didn’t like at all. He was mean and strong, and he swung her too hard…

  “Just what do you think you’re doing, you imbecile?” Crowley growled at the man who had grabbed you.

   “Come on, King Crowley. Share with the rest of us. She’s just an omega,” the man retorted harshly, as he leaned down to sniff your hair.

    He reeked of alcohol, and he was definitely holding you too tightly. You could feel his grip on your arms as he tried to spin you around as Crowley had, but failing miserable. As he noticed, he began to get angry, a low growl starting in his chest that was echoing in your ear drums causing you to whimper.

   That’s when Crowley cut in again, gripping the other man’s shoulder forcefully to stop his movements. The man swung around, coming nose to nose with Crowley as they growled at each other.

 “Leave. Her. Alone.” Crowley growled at the other man furiously.

“Or what?”


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