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some fae facts from lore

  • ‘fae’ range from anything like goblins and imps to the little pixies with the wings that everyone associated with fairies to the seven-foot tall members of the royal courts. some even consider the banshee to be fae. (also trolls, gnomes, elves, djinn, dwarves, leprechauns, will-o-wisps, etc.)
  • some think the fae are evil, some think they are fallen angels, but most are considered to be a chaotic neutral force. some might call this ‘whimsically evil.’
  • honey makes them drunk.
  • iron poisons them, as it does many magical beings.
  • some were-creatures were probably just fae in disguise, since fae can assume any form.
  • they sometimes lure humans with music that makes them want to follow and dance. they have to dance for what feels like a year and a day but it actually only seconds.
  • true names of the fae have power over them. they often use aliases when dealing with non-fae.
  • some people are gifted with fae sight, which allows them to see the fae and also sometimes peeks into the future through their dreams.
  • cats hate the fae, and the fae hate them back. 
  • iron horseshoes over the door can act as a fae deterrent.
  • they sometimes kidnap human children and leave their own children or elderly behind. these are called changelings.
  • fae are generous with gifts, especially for polite people, but prefer gifts in return.
  • that being said, better to avoid accepting gifts. you probably don’t have enough to pay them back. by saying ‘thank you,’ you acknowledge that a gift was given and that you now owe something in return. being indebted to the fae = bad time
  • fae can’t lie, but truth and honesty aren’t always the same.
  • asking for a favor will cause offense. make it seem like it’s their idea to help you.
  • most things offend them, actually.
  • some fae can smell a lie. there’s no way of knowing which ones unless they tell you.
  • fae use ‘glamour’ to hide their appearance or habitations around humans. ‘glamour’ can be gifted for use by humans.
  • it’s better for fae to have half-breed children than no children at all, so relationshops with humans are fine. it just rarely works out fine for the human.

BTS Reaction - car sex/foreplay

This is a very, very long post. I just wanted to give you guys an insight into what my writing is like when I have more words to play with. I worked really hard on this, so I hope you like it.


Jin hadn’t been lying when when he’d said that he’d take you to the best restaurant in town.  The food was delicious, but so was the wine, and as you sit next to him on the car ride home you’re more than a little tipsy, truth be told.  You look over at him, taking in how handsome he looks as the streetlights illuminate all the perfectly sculpted angles of his face.  He’s concentrating hard on the road, his hands fixed in the ten and two position, his broad shoulders framed beautifully by the smart suit jacket he’s wearing.  

Before you know it your hand is sneaking over onto his lap and squeezing his thigh gently, a small smile gracing his face in response.  He doesn’t really think much of it - you frequently rest your hand on his leg as he drives - but when your hand starts to roam further north he flicks his eyes at you, smile growing.

“Where’s that hand going, hmm?” he asks, knowing full well where you’re headed but doing little to stop it.  

“Where’d you want it to go?”  you ask back, biting your lip teasingly as you drift your palm over the quickly hardening bulge inside his pants.

“I think you know baby.”  Needing very little to no encouragement you make quick work of his fly, flipping open the zipper and reaching into his boxers.  Eagerly, you wrap your hand around his cock and pull it free, Jin glancing down at his lap and biting his lip as you do.  He’s fully hard now, his member standing tall above where your hand rests at its base, and when you squeeze the length of him from bottom to top he exhales heavily, his hips shifting in his seat.  

“That feel good?”  Jin bobs his head in response to your question, his eyes still fixed on the road as he struggles to concentrate, hands tightening on the wheel as you stroke his cock up and down with a firm grip.  You run your thumb over the tip, collecting his pre-cum and using it to lubricate his throbbing length, your own breath getting heavier as you watch him purse his lips together to hold back the moans you know are just dying to pour out.  

You start to pick up speed, eager to watch him fall apart under your touch, so caught  up in pleasuring him that you practically forget that he’s behind the wheel.  

“Babe, baby,” he huffs, glancing at you, his hips flexing upward, “You gotta stop… shit, I can’t drive like this.” You pout back at him, slowing your hand but reluctant to remove it completely until he looks at you again with wide, pleading eyes.   Sighing, you stop your ministrations, tucking him back into his pants to let him drive in peace but still pouting hard.  “The second we get home baby, I swear I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t walk straight.”  

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“Yoo- Yoongi… I’m not sure we should…”  you gasp, your words telling him one thing but your body saying the exact opposite.  You’ve got your head tilted back against the back window of the car, granting access to the lips that are trailing hot, wet kisses from your ear to your collarbone, your legs spread open to let Yoongi lie in between them to grind his crotch against your core.  

“I thought you wanted to help me relax?” he murmurs against your collarbone, his hand grabbing at your breast through your blouse and palming it gently.  

“I did…” You choke back a moan as you feel Yoongi’s hard bulge rubbing against your panties.  “But I meant… I meant a backrub or something, not - oh my god!”  Yoongi cuts you short when he roughly pulls your panties to the side, his fingers plunging into you with little to no warning to stretch open your walls, prepping you for him.  

You shouldn’t be doing this here, not now.  You’re laid across the backseat of Yoongi’s car in the deserted corner of a parking lot that belongs to a fancy, Italian restaurant where you’re supposed to be meeting the BigHit executives any time now.  There’s the potential for you to be spotted any time - it’s not even that dark - but that doesn’t seem to bother Yoongi.  If anything, it seems to urge him on.  

Satisfied that you’re ready for him, Yoongi withdraws his now dripping fingers and shoves down his pants and boxers far enough to release his long, throbbing cock, lining it up with your entrance as he looks down at you with dark, lust-filled eyes.  He doesn’t even give you a second to catch your breath before he thrusts into you, hard.  You cry out at the sudden feeling of fullness, but Yoongi is as silent as usual as he commences a fast, punishing rhythm that has you gripping onto his shoulders for dear life, digging in your fingernails through his shirt.  

“Fuck, look at you, taking my cock so well,” Yoongi grunts, slamming his hips into yours, his forehead starting to perspire under his bangs.  “You want my cum, you little slut?”  

“Yes, yes, please,” you moan, flexing your hips up to meet his every stroke, the fire of an impending orgasm growing in your pelvis.  Yoongi groans and picks up the pace, and you can tell from the way he’s starting to grunt in time with his thrusts that he’s getting close, your soft, warm walls clenching around his length rock solid length to heighten his pleasure.

Yoongi cums inside you with no prior warning, filling you up with stuttering hips and stilted groans, his face pressed to your neck.  Your hips are still moving, whimpers falling from your lips as you fail to reach your high, your whole pelvis throbbing.  Smiling slyly, Yoongi withdraws himself from you and puts himself away before putting your panties back in place.  He looks entirely relaxed now, just as he intended, but unfortunately leaving you a quivering mess in his place.  When you sit up and pull your skirt down you feel Yoongi’s load seep out into your underwear, leaving a sticky mess between your legs.  His long, delicate fingers dip under the edge of your panties again to rub it through your folds, chuckling softly as you whine needily.  

“Keep all that cum inside you, kitten, and daddy promises he’ll make it worth your while.”  

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When you’d initially suggested the idea of ‘getting busy’ in Hobi’s car, he’d initially been really up for it.  He’s always keen to try new things, and he knows all too well about your little exhibition kink, already having fucked you in a shopping mall changing room and various other risky places.  But when it comes time to do it Hobi almost seems nervous, driving around for at least half an hour in the dark to try and find the a place that’s adequately secluded with minimal chance of getting caught.  

“Hobi, baby, c’mon, this is fine,” you whine beside him in the passenger seat, getting more impatient by the minute.  He looks so fucking good in his button down shirt and tight black jeans that you can barely keep your hands off him.  

“Ok, ok,” he agrees, giving into temptation when he glances over and sees you already slipping off your jeans and discarding them into the footwell with a salacious smile.  He pulls up in a deserted little lane by the side of a muddy field, and when he kills the engine the car headlights switch off too, plunging you both into total darkness.  Within seconds Hobi is on you, leaning over the shift stick to crash his mouth against yours, kissing you with a desperation that reveals that he’s just as impatient as you you.  You tangle your hands in his hair, pushing your tongue into his mouth to kiss him back just as fiercely, forcing him back into the driver’s seat so you can straddle his lap.  

It’s uncomfortable; the steering wheel is digging into your back and your knee is crammed into the compartment on the inside of the door, but you couldn’t care less.  

“Get your cock out,” you mumble against his lips, rubbing your core against the bulge in his jeans.  

“Yes ma’am,” he answers breathily, hastily pulling them open and releasing his cock to stand tall and swollen against his stomach as you start to rain kisses on his neck, biting into the soft flesh just under his ear.  He groans wantonly, digging his fingers into your hips.  “Please, god, I need to be in you.”

Prep be damned, you reach down and pull your underwear to the side and sink onto his girthy length, groaning as your ass meets his lap and he’s seated fully inside you.  

“Move, baby, please,” he begs, still grasping at your hips, his head tipping back against the driver’s seat, and you can’t help but smile as you start to rock against him, grabbing onto his shoulders.  You love it when he begs for you, and you move slowly on purpose just to make him do it again.  

Just as Hobi’s starting to make the prettiest of noises you suddenly notice flashing blue lights slowly appear in the distance through the rear windscreen of the car; lights that come a stop behind you.  The car’s engine is turned off and a door opens soon after.  Scrambling off his lap, much to Hobi’s dismay and confusion, you hastily start to drag on your jeans, panicking and laughing all at once.  

“Put yourself away, put it away!” you hiss at him, giggling as Hobi glances behind you and his mouth falls open in alarm, eyes wide and frantic as he tucks himself back in his jeans, his cheeks a bright, burning red by the time a shadowy figure comes to knock on the car window.   The officer clearly knows what you two were getting up to, but after he listens to Hobi’s stuttering nonsensical explanations he just gives the two of you a knowing smile and instructions to get moving.  You’re still giggling as the officer drives away, but Hoseok looks mortified, running his hand over his profusely sweating face.

“We are never, ever doing that again.”  

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“Joonie, stop it,” you giggle, trying to bat his hand away from where it’s creeping up your thigh.  

“Honestly, what did you expect coming to pick me up in such a tiny little skirt?”  Namjoon reasons, and when you glance away from the road  to look at his face you see he’s got one eyebrow raised in amusement, but his eyes sat underneath are hooded with lust, his pouty lips slightly parted as he grabs at the soft flesh of your inner thigh.  

“I expect you to let me drive without interruption so we actually manage to get home in one piece.”  It’s all very well saying that, but you still end up parting your legs as his fingers trail ever higher, biting your lip as you slouch in your seat, practically delivering your pussy into his waiting hand.  

“I can think of worse ways to go,” he replies cockily, skimming the tips of his fingers along the edge of your panties.  So can you, actually, but that’s beside the point.  You’re about to say so, but then the words are displaced from your mouth as a gasp takes their place, Namjoon’s thumb coming to rest on your cotton covered clit and rubbing it with a firm, circular motion.  You take your eyes off the road momentarily, looking at him with your bottom lip caught between your teeth, your chest rising and falling heavily under his expert ministrations.  “Eyes on the road.”  His voice is firm, dominant, and as always it thrills you to the core, arousal thrumming through you and intensifying the feel of the pads of his fingers as they press against you.  Namjoon starts to push against the wet cotton of your panties, stuffing it inside you as far as the material will allow, watching eagerly for you reaction and smirking at the way you whimper, your hips flexing towards him.

“I can’t drive like this Joonie,” you moan, aching so badly, desperate to be filled.  

“Then pull over,” he replies thickly, voice low, and before you know it you’re scanning every darkened road for a place to park as he continues his slow torture.  You end up settling for a deserted country lane, and the moment you pull over Namjoon ceases touching you and get out of the car, beckoning you with a curl of his finger.  

Confused, you follow him outside into the night, goosebumps rising on your skin at the cold.  

“Come here and bend over.”  He’s stood in front of your car, palming himself through his jeans, and with shaking knees you approach him and do as he asks, nervously glancing around to make sure you’re really as alone as it seems.  Luckily you are, because in the next breath Namjoon’s grabbing hold of you underwear and yanking it down, bunching your skirt up by your hips and chuckling when you gasp at the feel of his hot, hard length nudging at your folds.  “You want this?”  You whine, arching your back to try as Namjoon’s hand presses on your back of your shoulder to keep you flat against the cold metal of your car.  

“Please, please,” you moan, no longer caring about keeping quiet, too caught up in your overwhelming need.  He sinks into you in one agonisingly slow push, grunting as he bottoms out and sees you clawing at the bonnet for something to grab onto, writhing on the end of his cock and clenching around him.

“Shit, you feel so good baby.”  

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It’s been a really nice afternoon, chilling in the dorms with Jimin and his friends, playing video games and joking around.  You’re still glad to be going home though, and taking your sweet boyfriend with you for the night.  He sits quietly next to you in the passenger seat; too quietly in fact, considering how full of life he was back at the dorms.  Maybe he just tired himself out?  

“You ok, Jiminie?” you ask softly, and out of the corner of your eye you see him look up, worrying his bottom lip about something before he shortly replies.  


“You sure?”  you check, an unsettling feeling brewing in your stomach.  Have you done something wrong?

“Yeah.  You just…”  You glance over to see Jimin fiddling with the strings of his hoodie, looking down at his lap.  “You look really pretty today.”  Chuckling, you raise your eyebrows as you look straight ahead, concentrating hard as you wait to turn left at a busy junction.

“And that's… a bad thing?”

“No! No.  It’s just, I-uh-I’ve got a problem,” Jimin mumbles, so quiet that you can barely hear him over the song on the radio.  When he fails to explain any further you risk another look at him, your eyes widening when you see the way he’s pulled his hoodie back enough to expose his lap, and likewise, display the obscene tenting in the front of his shorts.  

“Oh baby,” you coo, licking your lips at the sight of it, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”  Jimin tugs at the hem of his hoodie, squirming in his seat as his plump cheeks turn a delightful shade of pink.

“I thought I could wait until we got home,” he tells you with wide, beseeching eyes.  “I don’t think I can wait anymore mommy…”

“I wish I could help you baby,” you soothe softly, really wishing that you could, especially when he whines needily, twisting in his seat.  “Why don’t you touch yourself till we get home?”

“Really? Here?”  Jimin looks around, chewing at his bottom lip nervously as he takes in the light traffic surrounding your car.  You can tell he’s debating between the risk of being seen and how good it’ll feel to do as you suggest, but when he starts to palm himself through his shorts you can tell the latter option has won.  

“Get it out baby, let me see,” you encourage greedily, eager to watch your baby boy pleasure himself right next to you.  He does as you ask, pulling down his shorts to rest halfway down his meaty thighs and mewling prettily when his little hand wraps tightly around his thick, leaking cock.  

He fists his cock up and down, his hips pushing upward to meet every stroke of his hand, and as he does he makes the sweetest of noises that shoot straight to your core, your panties getting soaking wet within minutes of him starting.  Every time you steal a glance away from the road Jimin is looking straight at you, pumping himself hard, his tongue poking at his thick, pillow soft lips.  

“Mommy…” he groans breathily, throwing his head back as he squeezes the base of his cock, rolling his balls in his other hand.  “Touch me, please.”  You bite your lip, looking back between Jimin and the road, completely caught up with the image of the boy sat next to you rapidly coming apart.

Unable to resist, you reach over with one hand and take over, tugging on Jimin’s cock as your own pussy throbs with need.  

“Mmff!  Gonna cum!”  Jimin exclaims, his back bowing away from the seat.  You pick up the pace of your hand, bringing him over the brink as you sit at traffic lights, cum spilling out over his hoodie and his shorts and your hand as his cock pulses.  He looks completely fucked out when you’re done, nuzzling against your shoulder with a sleepy smile as you wipe your hand on your jeans.

“Feel better, baby?”

“Hmm, thank you mommy.”  

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From the moment you’d left the house to go out with your friends, you and Taehyung had been exchanging hot and dirty messages.  It’d started off fairly tame, only to escalate into your boyfriend sending you a video of him jacking himself off that you had to watch in the toilets with the volume turned down, biting your lip.  

Needless to say, when he picks you up at the end of night both of you are wound so tight you’re ready to snap, your panties soaking wet beneath your dress.  He greets you with a passionate, deep kiss that lasts for several minutes or more, and when he pulls away you’re practically squirming in your seat, more eager to get home than ever.

Much to your surprise when Taehyung pulls away he doesn’t immediately start the engine, reaching into his pocket instead and pulling out something small, shiny and familiar.  

“It’s fully charged, Jagi,” he grins cheekily as he presses the vibrator into your palm, his gaze shrouded with desire.  “Get yourself warmed up for me.”  You nod eagerly, not needing to be told twice.  As Taehyung starts the car you slip off your underwear, the alcohol in your system spurring you on to plant your feet shamelessly atop the dash.  You let your legs flop open as you switch on the vibe, wasting no time in pressing it straight to your clitoris.  The gratification is immediate, pleasure jolting through you as it buzzes against your core.  

“Hmm, Tae, it feels so good,” you tell him, flopping your head to the side to look up at him from under your lashes.  Tae peeks at you, his tongue poking at the corner of his mouth, wetting his lips.  

“You getting my seats all wet?”  You nod, flashing him a naughty smile.  You really are; you can feel wetness seeping down from your folds and between your ass cheeks, pooling on the leather beneath you.  “Hmm, good.”  

Unsatisfied by just your vibrator you start to run your fingers against your pussy too, teasing your hole as you let your eyes flop closed, wishing it was Taehyung’s cock nudging inside you rather your fingertips.  

“Are we almost home?” you ask breathily, sliding two fingers inside yourself, your body making obscene, lewd noises as they push in and out.  “I want you…”  

“Five more minutes, Jagi,”  Taehyung reassures you, his voice so thick with lust that it’s almost a growl.  You curl your fingers against your g-spot, pushing yourself to a new high that has you moaning and writhing next to him.

“God, you look so hot….” he murmurs, unable to last more than five seconds at a time before taking his eyes off the road to look back at you.  Thank God the streets aren’t busy, otherwise this’d be a lot more dangerous.  “How’s that pussy feel?”

“Mm, good, tight,” you tell him, loving his answering groan.  He reaches over for just a second, long enough to push one longer finger inside you alongside your own, groaning again at the warm wetness surrounding his digit.

“Can’t wait to get inside you, Jagi, fuck.”

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Jungkook’s been almost silent the entire car ride home, driving with a steely look on his face, hands gripping the steering wheel, jaw clenching all the while.  Admittedly, pissed off is a good look for him, his eyes dark and arousing, but you’d still like to know what’s wrong.

“Is something the matter?” you ask cautiously, biting your thumb nail.  Jungkook huffs heavily, not looking at you, and he waits so long before he replies that you almost start to think he’s just ignoring you completely.  

“Did you have to flirt like that with Namjoon?”  

You’re surprised at first, your eyebrows lifting almost to your hairline.  But then within seconds that surprise gives way to frustration, pulling your brows back down again into a frown.  You’re so sick of this; almost every time you hang out with the other members Jungkook manages to find something or other to get jealous about.  

“What do you mean?”  

“You were fawning over him all night.  ‘Aw, Joonie, your dimples are so cute,’” he sneers, impersonating you, “‘You’re so smart Namjoon.’  I swear it’s like you want to suck his cock or something.”  You roll your eyes, temper flaring as you fold your arms across your chest.

“Unfortunately, Kook, there’s only one guy’s cock I want to suck, and it happens to be yours.  God knows why, though, when you act like this.”  You see Jungkook’s fingers flex on the steering wheel and his Adam’s apple bob in his throat, the sneer falling from his mouth as he licks his lips instead.  

“Show me then,” he growls after a few seconds silence, still not gracing you with a look in your direction.

“Pardon me?” you scoff.  

“You heard me.  You say my cock’s the only one you wanna suck, so suck it.  Show me.”

You stare back at him incredulously, barely believing the audacity of this boy to speak to you in such a way.  You can’t deny the effect his words have though; your pulse has already quickened, your mouth suddenly full of saliva as your eyes are magnetically drawn to his lap.  

The cocky bastard is hard already, his erection glaringly obvious underneath the crotch of his sweats.  

“Fine,” you snap, unable to resist despite the irritation still running through you, “But you’re not cumming.”

“We’ll see,” he smirks.  Jungkook yanks the elastic waist of his sweats lower, pulling out his cock and giving it one brief stroke up and down before flicking his eyes at you for the first time in the whole journey.  He looks so smug that you just want to punch him in the face, but lucky for him you’re too distracted by the delicious looking cock he’s pointing your way to do anything but stare. “Come on then.”

Much to your frustration you almost immediately oblige, leaning down across the centre panel of the car to kitten-lick at the tip of his member whilst he drives.  Damn it, why are you so weak for him?  You lap up all his pre-cum before taking the red, swollen head of his cock into the wet heat of your mouth, smiling around it when you hear him groan above you.

You feel Jungkook thread his fingers gently through the back of your hair, and you’re just starting to enjoy his soft caressing of your scalp when suddenly he forces you down onto the length of him, right to the back of your throat, making you gag.   

“That’s right, choke on it,” he growls, yanking on your hair to pull you off and then forcing you back down onto it again.  “This mouth is mine, you hear?”  

You moan around his cock, loving the mess he’s reduced you too, saliva dripping down your chin, wetness running down your thighs.  Maybe you did flirt with Namjoon, and maybe you did do it on purpose, because Jungkook only ever fucks you like this when he’s mad, and god, it’s so worth it.  

“I’m gonna cover you in my cum when we get home, just you wait and see.”

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Cabin // pt.5

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Warning: bro it’s a smut like cmon, but like this gets straight to the point if ya know what I mean.

Authors note: WUDDUP PALS. LOOK I KNOW YALL HAVE BEEN WAITING AND SOME OF YOU ARE PISSED but hear me out. I had to take a small break from writing because I was falling behind in school so that’s why this has taken a million friken years so I’m sorry. But hey at least it’s here!!! Btw this kind of gets straight to the spice bc I’ve been having some Baekhyun feels lately so….

Pt: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

“So…” he turns around to face you, “are you really in love with me?”

You almost choke “wh-what?” 

He takes out the now cooked spaghettios from the microwave and sets the plate in front of your place on the kitchen island. “I said, are you really in love with me.” He casually sits down next to you and spoons some spaghettios plopping a meatball into his mouth, “You said that ‘He’s so easy to fall in love with, especially when you’re his neighbor’  and we both kind of just brushed it off but now I want to know, are you actually in love with me?” 

You were frantically sweating, “I… I don’t know.” Your eyes were focused on your bowl, as if something interesting was floating around. 

He smiles and eats another meatball, “You totally are.”

“Nuh uh!” You throw a crumpled up napkin at him (it was the closest thing you could find to throw at him.)

“Uh huh!” he mocks your voice, still smiling.

“Hey that’s not fair! I was sleep talking okay? It’s like drunk talking, you don’t know what you’re saying.” You could literally feel the embarrassment tricking up your spine.

“Yeah but they’re sober thoughts.” He waves his spoon at you.

You look at him in frustration and go to stand.

His hand lays on your knee, “Baby I’m just teasing you.” The word ‘baby’ sending tingles up your spine. His hand rubs circles on your leg and you try to look not so affected as you continue your meal.

Around 6pm you and Baekhyun decide to take a walk by the lake, breaking you away from your casual “The Bold Type” tv binge you were on. 

The lake looked beautiful at this time of night, the sun was barely starting to go down so the clouds all had a tinge of pink and orange. The only people that were around were maybe a few kids still swimming and some teenagers hanging out on the opposite side.

“I swear it gets prettier every year.” You say, admiring the lake and the scenery around it.

Baekhyun was at your side, looking at the lake too. “Agreed.” 

As you make your way around the lake you pass by the small group of teenage boys, they were about your age, a group of maybe 5. You could audibly hear them going on about football, or maybe basketball? Sports like that have never been your thing.

“Hey beautiful.” You hear behind you. You turn around to see one of the guys staring right at you, unashamedly looking you up and down. He was tall, lanky, his features were attractive but never your type of guy. “Do you want to come and hang out with us?” He looks at Baekhyun and then back to you, “some real men who could show you a good time?” His friends start to laugh behind him.

Baekhyun grabs your hand and holds it tight. “Sorry she can’t.” He looks pissed.

“I wasn’t talking to you, midget.” There was an audible ‘oooh’ from behind him as he stared down at Baekhyun by like maybe an inch, and inch and a half max. “I was talking to the pretty lady.” 

“I’m not interested.” You finally speak up, squeezing Baekhyun’s hand to reassure him.

“Baby I could show you a good time.” The boy smirks.

You start walking away, still hand in hand with Baekhyun, before turning on your heel to face the cocky ass boy “I’m not your baby.” You say in the slickest tone. [The devil wears Prada is my shit sorry]. More ‘ooooooh’s’ come from his friends before you eventually hear a “Shut the fuck up.”

Baekhyun’s hand is gripping really tight onto yours, almost painfully tight as he basically drags you back to the cabin. “Who the fuck do those guys think they are?” He mumbles to himself, “hitting on my girl right in front of me.” You hear him say before you enter the house. 

The ‘my girl’ thing still kind of has you a little bit shook but you brush it aside, “Baekhyun, it’s okay.” You call after the angry boy dragging you into the bedroom.

He pushes you against the door, lips attacking your neck. “It’s not okay. You’re mine,” HOLY SHIT. “And they think they can just hit on you? Oh no no no.” His hands travel to your ass.

Turning you around, you walk backwards towards the bed before falling back onto the soft duvet, his lips still on your neck, leaving a purple mark for everyone to see. You let out a soft whimper as his lips roughly attached to your own, a smirk playing on his lips. Sucking and biting on your lower lip you moan, allowing his tongue to slip inside. His hands travel up and down the soft skin of your sides, slowly riding your shirt up till you eventually sit up to take it off along with your bra. 

“Baby.” Baekhyun impatiently sighs against your collarbone, fingers aching to pull of your shorts. You lift your hips, letting him pull down your shorts and panties in one go. His fingers quickly find way to your center, rubbing up and down “So wet for me,” he says with pride, his fingers starting to now rub figure eights into your clit. 

“Baekhyun” you gasp, forcing his shirt from his body before letting your hands run up and down his toned abdomen. 

Baekhyun sits back to remove his pants and shorts, his member slapping tall against his stomach. You go to touch but he pushes your hand away before you can, “Not today princess.” his fingers increasing in speed on your clit, before they’re gone. You whine and buck your hips up, trying to find some source of friction.

His lips curl into a smirk before he drags his cock up and down your slit, teasing your bud with his head. “Baekhyun please.” You pant, unable to catch your breath at the sensation. 

He slowly enters his tip before pulling all the way out again, teasing you. You squeeze your eyes shut in frustration before he does it again, earning him an impatient whimper. He enters you slowly, knowing that you’re probably still sore from earlier that day; which he was definitely right. You wrap your legs and your arms, keeping him to you. 

His hips draw back before slowly sinking into you, and then again. Your pain long forgotten as you move to meet his hips, edging him to go faster in which he complies, his hips snapping at a pace that has you gripping his hair tightly with moans uncontrollably slipping out of you.

“You like it when I fuck you this good?” He pants into your ear, “My cock pounding into your tight wet pussy?” His words sound so filthy, so unbelievably lustful in your ear, driving you closer to your edge. Fingers dance along your skin, groping everything he can to get both you and him to your highs. 

“Shit Baekhyun.” You practically scream as his cock brushes against that one spot, his fingers immediately coming to rub your sensitive bud. Your eyes squeeze shut as your first orgasm washes over you, his name and profanities spilling from your lips. 

He continues to thrust into you, a hand hooking under your right knee to lift it higher, hitting you deeper than you knew he could. 

“Fuck fuck fuck Y/N!” You could feel him cum inside of you, bringing you to your second orgasm. His heavy panting and post- orgasm grunts gives you tingles all over your body, before he drops to the spot next to you.

He pulls you into his chest, “Are you okay?” His hands brushing your damp hair out of your face.

You nod, “Spectacular.” scooting even closer to him, “Does this mean we have to take another shower?”

He shakes his head, “Nooo, let’s take a nap hmm?“ His eyes already closing. You take up his offer and start to fall asleep as well.

You’re almost fully asleep, Baekhyun’s voice comes in almost a whisper above you.

“I love you too.”

Authors note: Okay okay I know this was kind of short and maybe a little shitty but I wanted to at least get something out to you guys after taking such a long break. Tell me what you guys would like to see in the next part tho!!! And don’t forget to leave thoughts/ requests in my ask box! Thanks <3


Your first time ♡ Ethan (smut)

Summary: You are still a virgin while your boyfriend Ethan isn’t. After accidently turning him on - multiple times, you don’t want to wait any longer and decide to give him your first.

Word count: 2.010

A/N: Hello, lovelys! Hope you enjoy this :) feel free to leave feedback. XX


After hopping in and out of the shower quickly, you wrapped your body in a big, clean towel. You brush through your hair and make a messy bun on top of your head. You rush back to the bedroom where your boyfriend Ethan was waiting on his bed, playing with his hands. He watches you in amusement while you go through all of your drawers to find a good outfit.

‘I don’t have anything to wear!’ you exclaimed dramatically. A closet full of clothes, but nothing you could wear for the planned occasion. Ethan chuckles. ‘Baby, relax. The party isn’t even that big of a deal, and I’m not planning on staying the whole night. Just wear something casual.’

You sigh in frustration, throwing a few tops that could be an option onto the bed. ‘Yeah I know, but I still want to look nice.’ ‘You always look nice. Even if you wore sweatpants I would still show you off,’ Ethan said sweetly. You snorted in disbelief and rolled your eyes. ‘E, you’re sweet, but no.’ You grabbed a pair of panties and a cute bra Ethan gave you as a present pretty recently.

You hear Ethan’s breath stuck in his throat when you let the towel drop to the floor, exposing your moist body. Before he could make a comment about it you put on the pair of underwear.

You could feel Ethan’s eyes on your back (checking you out probably) as you walk over to the other side of the bedroom, looking for body cream. Since it was fall your skin had been very dry and itchy, so lotion was a good solution for that.

You take the lid of the jar and put a big amount on your hands, before you place your leg on the bed and rub the cream into your skin. Normally you did this in the bathroom, but you were in a hurry and not doing your regular routine.

You weren’t even aware that you were giving Ethan a pretty good sight of your cleavage, until he cleared his throat loudly. You looked up to meet his eyes. ‘What?’ you asked innocently, not knowing what he was referring too.

‘Stop doing that,’ he said through gritted teeth. He almost sounded mad, and you were trying to figure out why. What was wrong with what you were doing? You were about to put your hand back into the jar when Ethan quickly leaned forward and grabbed your wrist. ‘Y/N, I’m serious.’ He narrowed his eyes, like he couldn’t handle looking at you. You tried to pull back, but Ethan was stronger.

‘I’m serious too! Let go of me,’ you said. Suddenly something in Ethan’s shorts drew your attention, and a quiet ‘oh’ left your lips. He had a boner, which he was trying to cover with his free hand.

It wasn’t the first time that you had turned Ethan on, in fact it was probably the fifth time. Or even the sixth time. But it was not so pleasant for him because you always did it by accident, and Ethan never could ‘take care’ of it. He always had to ignore his needs, because you were the one who rejected him time after time.

But why actually? Why did you wanted to wait? Maybe because you were still a virgin and Ethan wasn’t, which meant that he was more experienced than you. This irrational fear of thinking you weren’t good enough for him made you scared, although Ethan always made sure he was ready for you.

He wanted to ‘make love to you’, he once very genuinely said. It made your heart flutter. So why where you waiting? You knew he was the right person. He knew you were his. And sometimes you felt the pressure to have sex with him, because there were tons of girls waiting in line. But he was patient.

‘Sorry,’ you apologized softly and wiped your hand on your thigh. Ethan sighed. He was a bit upset. ‘You know, I don’t have any problem with you wanting to wait. You know that. But sometimes it’s hard. For me, at least.’

You furrowed your forehead and sat down next to him on the bed. ‘Ethan, it’s not that I don’t want it. It’s just that I’m… I don’t know… scared. I don’t want to disappoint you or anything.’ Ethan grabbed your hand while you were speaking, playing with your fingers. ‘You can never disappoint me, Y/N. And I will never hurt you.’

And in that moment, everything fell into place. You knew you were ready. You wanted him. What did you have to lose? Your virginity, yes, but was that really a loss if it was with the right person? ‘Okay, then…’ you whispered and looked him in the eyes.

There was a sudden change of tension; you could feel it in the air. You felt butterflies in your stomach, just like the first time you met him. ‘What, right now?’ Ethan questioned, not trying to sound too excited. You shrugged your shoulders and smiled. Ethan licked his lips and closed his hand lovingly around your cheek. ‘I’m going to make this perfect for you, I promise.’

You couldn’t help but smile when Ethan leaned in to kiss you passionately, without any rush and really taking his time. You were feeling a little nervous, but who wouldn’t be for their first time? You were glad you were on the pill (for other reasons than avoiding getting pregnant), because he probably didn’t have a condom.

You giggled when he took you into his arms and slowly laid you down onto the bed. ‘What about the party?’ you asked while Ethan kissed down your neck and chest. ‘Hmm… The party can wait.’ You watched your boyfriend in anticipation as his soft fingers trailed down your skin and his plump lips kissed every inch of your body.

‘You’re so goddamn beautiful,’ he spoke softly and looked up, lips curling into a cute smirk. ‘I’m lucky. So lucky…’ You smiled and felt something tickle between your legs. Now he was turning you on, you noticed to your surprise.

His lips went lower, covering your belly with wet kisses until he ended at your belly button. ‘Can I take this off?’ he questioned while his fingers pulled at the fabric of your panties.

You nodded and swallowed. This was it. This was the first time he was going to see you naked like this. He unhooked them quickly and stared at you in awe. You tried to close your legs, feeling very vulnerable once you laid there fully nude.

‘Don’t do that, baby. You’re gorgeous.’ Ethan got up and sat on his knees, giving you a good sight of his abs and toned arms. He got rid of his boxers and threw them across the room.

His member stood tall and fully erect, ready for you. Wow, was the only thing you could think. He was, eh… packed. The tip was a bit wet from precome, but you had to admit you were almost dripping yourself. He looked so sexy, biting his lip and his hair all messy. He took your bra off as well and left a few kisses on your chest.

You felt so safe and loved with him. He was taking all the time in the world and it made you more relaxed than you expected. He saw you looking at his member and slowly bent down and placed his elbows on each side of your torso.

‘This is probably going to hurt a bit, but just tell me and I’ll stop, okay? I don’t want to hurt you.’ You nodded and kissed him. ‘I’ll be fine. I trust you.’ Ethan smiled lovingly and replaced his weight to his left arm, while his right hand trailed down your body and touched your sensitive heat.

‘Ah,’ you moaned softly and almost jumped at his touch. You closed your eyes while Ethan started rubbing. ‘You’re so wet,’ Ethan whispered, smirking. He pulled his fingers back and took hold of his member. He pumped himself a few times before he placed his tip at your entrance.

‘You ready?’ he asked. ‘Yes,’ you answered. He looked down and carefully pushed himself into you. ‘Go slow,’ you murmured in his ear. He was already going at an unbearable slow pace, but damn, it hurt. Ethan nodded and groaned in satisfaction at the feeling of your walls clenching around his member.

After what felt like an eternity he was fully inside of you. ‘You feel amazing,’ Ethan said. His face was close to yours now and he kissed your cheek. ‘You okay?’ ‘God, you’re huge, E,’ you breathed out.’ 'Try to relax, baby. You’re all tensed up,’ he calmed you down and stroked the back of his hand against your cheek. 

A wave of calmness flood over you when he stared with nothing but love and admiration into your eyes. He kissed you a couple times more before you grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face close to yours.

You wrapped your arms around his muscular back. ‘You can move, now,’ you said, but you felt uncertain. Although Ethan wanted nothing but to pound you, he held back and started to carefully slid in and out of you.

You bit your lip and buried your face in his neck, trying to accommodate him. After what seemed like forever the pain started to go away, but it still felt very uncomfortable.

Ethan knew how you felt and started to kiss and suck your neck while whispering sweet nothings into your ear, till the point it actually started to feel good. Really good.

'Baby, I need more,’ you whispered against his shoulder and he started picking up the speed. When he added two fingers to rub your clit you moaned. An embarrassing, very loud moan.

Ethan smirked and looked at you with dark eyes. 'You like that?’ He asked, his voice dripping of lust. God, he was so sexy. He started to thrust faster, his hips slamming against yours. You let your hands roam over his back and moaned his name.

‘Oh, Ethan…’ He groaned and took one of your nipples in his mouth. A familiar knot started to evolve in the pit of your stomach and you couldn’t form words anymore. You were nothing but a moaning mess by this time. ‘Fuck, do you even know what you’re doing to me?’ Ethan said huskily. 

His warm breath on your skin almost took you over the edge. Oh, how could this feel so good? Ethan’s warmth and his manly smell, his body against yours… It was perfect. 'Ethan, I-I think… I’m gonna-’ you stuttered.

'I know, baby. Me too… Come on. Give it all to me,’ Ethan grunted. When your legs started to tremble Ethan’s thrusts became sloppier as he whispered your name against your cheek. He breathed unsteady and almost choked on his own breath as he came hard and released himself in you.

You closed your eyes while it felt like you were going to combust, your orgasm wrecking your body. You pulled your boyfriend closer to you, hands tangled in his curls as you cried his name. As Ethan’s forehead was pressed against yours he rode your orgasms out.

You stroked his back while he placed a chaste kiss on your shoulder. After the orgasm had slowly ebbed away, he pulled out. Your head was still spinning from what just happened.

‘Hmm… That was amazing,’ you told him, cheeks flushed. ‘God, yes. I love you so much, Y/N,’ he said softly. ‘I love you too,’ you whispered as your lips curled into a big smile. Ethan leaned on his elbows again and started to place sweet kisses between your breasts and slowly going down.

He placed his chin onto your belly without leaning on you with his entire weight, looking up to you from underneath his long eyelashes. You had a certain suspicion of what was about to come. ‘Ready for another round?’

you know how you always look at an idol in videos and are like ”you are such a smol bean omg” and then you remember they are actually taller than you and you’re left shook af


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Request:  Opie imagine where you haven’t seen him in a week cause he’s on a run, when he gets home your waiting in the bedroom for him.

Contains Smut 😉💦

Everything about Opie was a turn on to you.
His dark brooding eyes, his long thick hair, his soft lips, his height, his strong muscly arms, his tattoos. The way he looked at you in the mornings when he’s just woken up, the way he looked at you when he was angry, the way he looked at you when  he came home after a long day. The way he looks at you with such hunger. The way his booming laugh echoed through your quiet house. The way he walked with such confident strides, danger radiating off him. The way he rode his bike, his large strong hands gripping the handle bars, the wind blowing through his hair. The sound of his voice, so loud and deep his words  left goosebumps on your skin. Opie wasn’t much of a talker, but when you were in the bedroom it was a very different story. God, that man knew all the right words to say to have you begging for more.
You had always had a thing for bad boys, and as much as Opie wanted to be good, you loved him even more when he was being bad.
It had been a week since he had left on the run and you were counting down to the very second he would be back.
You knew when he asked you to be his ild lady that there would be times when he’d have to go away. You just didn’t expect it to be in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of your relationship. The last few weeks the two of you had been fucking like rabbits.
Being away from him for so long hadn’t been good for you.
In fact, you’d been a grumpy bitch ever since he’d rode out of Charming.
You’re work mates were sick you. Hell, even your boss had sent you home early today after having enough of your mood swings.
Gemma was sick of you moping around the clubhouse too.
She was used to it. Having Clay go away on runs had become common for her, and for Tara and the rest of the old ladies.However, this was your first and if you had it your way, it would be the last.
Opie had called you a few hours ago, to let you know they were on their way back and you had been ecstatic ever since.
The house was spotless, the sheets were clean, your skin was practically glistening and your hair was freshly washed and dried.
Now all you had to do was wait.
And so you sat on the edge of your bed, the black lingerie clinging tightly to your skin and the scent or your perfume lingering in the air.

You bit your lip when you heard the front door open and all the built up lust and hunger came flooding through you like a wave.
“Babe?” Opie called out.
“Im in the bedroom.” You called back.
You heard his bags drop to the floor and you tucked your hair behind your ears, the anticipation almost becoming too much for you to bare.
You heard dull thumps as Opie kicked off his boots while he walked down the hallway and before you knew it the door flung open and there he was.
His tall figure loomed in the door way and you blushed under his gaze as he took in the sight of you.
You stood, letting your hair fall down your shoulders and you walked towards him.
The matching lingerie set had been a gift you’d purchased for him, but you’d never had a chance to give it to him. Yet.
“Holy shit.” Opie whispered as you sauntered towards him, swaying your hips as you walked.
You had to fight the urge to run and leap into his arms, but you had missed him and you wanted him to yearn for you the way you had for him.
You stopped before him and traced your arms along his shoulders.
His rough hands laid gently on your hips and you reached up on your tip toes to kiss him.
The moment your lips touched the heat built within you and neither of you could contain yourselves.
You moaned into his mouth as he lifted your body, your legs wrapping around his waist and he carried you to the bed, a sudden urgency taking over.
He laid you down and hovered over you as your lips moved in harmony.
His body laid between your legs and you lifted your hips, desperate for some kind of friction and Opie growled against your lips.
Eventually you came up for air and he lifted his head only for a moment. You both grinned at each other before his lips were crashing down on yours once more.
His kisses became soft and slow, teasing you as his tongue licked along your bottom lip.
You could feel how hard he was already, his bulge was pressed against you in just the right spot.
Opie lifted his body off you and stood as he lifted his arms to removes kutte.
Before he could, however you sat up and stopped his hand from moving.
“Leave it on.” You said.
“God I love you.” Opie said and pushed you back on the bed, his lips crashing down on your once more.

“You are so beautiful,” Opie said between kisses as his lips left yours and began to trail down your neck.
He sucked at the soft skin, making you whimper and you knew you’d have a bruise there in the morning but you didn’t care.
His lips moved lightly over your skin, sucking and licking his way along your collar bone.
“I missed you so much, baby girl.” He said against your skin.
His words sent goosebumps over your skin and the heat pooling within you was almost becoming too much to bear.
He loved teasing you, getting you worked up til you were begging for him and he knew exactly how to get what he wanted.
You bit your lip as his lips brushed over your skin and you wanted desperately to push him off of you and climb on top of him, to take control.
But Opie had other ideas and he slid his hands beneath your body and unlatched your bra.
The fabric left your skin and you blushed as his eyes looked at your bare chest hungrily.
“So beautiful.” Opie whispered as he bent his head.
His lips wrapped around your right nipple and he swirled his tongue around it, feeling it tighten into a peak. His hand massaged your left breast and you moaned as you felt his teeth graze over your nipple ever so gently.
With every flick of his tongue you felt the warmth within you grow hotter and you know when he finally got to it you would be coming within minutes.
Hunger ran through your veins and you arched your back, giving him more of your breast to take in his mouth.
“Please, Ope.” You moaned as you clutched at his hair, hiding him tightly to your breast.
Your other hand traced along the cool leather of his kutte and you lifted your hips, desperate for more friction.
“Please what?” Opie growled.
He left your breasts and kissed you hungrily once more before returning to your chest, this time taking your left nipple between his lips.
“Fuck me, Opie.” You moaned.
You could feel his smirk but he ignored your request as he sucked at your breast.
He continued for only a moment more before you felt him lift his body from you.
He knelt on the bed and eyed your core hungrily through the black lace.
He moved his hands down your body and slipped his fingers in the waist band of your panties before wiggling them down your body.
He tossed them to the floor behind him and licked his lips as he looked at your bare body beneath him.
Through the fabric of his jeans you could see the shape of his bulge and he palmed his length, adjusting the fabric that had become too tight.
The image of your bare body spread out beneath him, ready for him was enough to get him hard but the soft whimpers you were making were becoming almost too much for him to bare.
“Fuck, babygirl.”
His fingers traced along the inner of your legs and he teased them agonisingly slow from your ankles to your knees, but no higher.
Seeing him kneeling between your legs, completely dressed in his leather, watching you writhe beneath him was turning you on even more and you moved your hips on the bed, desperate for something to grind against for some friction.
Opie smirked and stood before grabbing your ankles gently and pulling your body to the edge of the bed.
He placed your feet spread along the edge of the bed, keeping you spread wide for him and you blushed slightly as he eyed your core.
You began to massage your breasts, squeezing them tightly as your hunger for touch grew deeper.
“Good girl,” Opie said and he removed his kutte and his shirt, his eyes never leaving you.
Opie unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the ground and you moaned when you saw his member standing tall and hard.
“Look at that pretty little pussy,” Opie said as he stepped out of his pants and stroked his cock slowly.
“Ive missed your tight little pussy.”
You moaned and with each word he spoke you felt your walls flutter and tighten, clenching around nothing as they were desperate to be filled.
Opie knelt on the floor in front of you and you lifted yourself onto your elbows.
He began to kiss you slowly, from the inner knee right up your thigh, leaving a trail of wet kisses and you ached for his touch.
Slowly he kissed closer to where you needed it most and you moaned in anticipation.

Opie licked song your folds and you spread your legs wider, thankful to finally have some attention where you needed it most.
You moaned and your body squirmed as his wide tongue licked along your slit.
His tongue moved slowly over your clit and you arched your back as you felt his fingers near your folds.
He slid one finger inside you and you moaned softly, the sensation combining with that of his tongue, circling your clit.
You were so worked up, so desperate for his touch that it didn’t take long til you were in the brink.
But Opie knew how close you were, and he wanted to tease you for a little while longer.
His lips left you but he slid another finger inside you, stretching your walls for his large cock.
“Such a pretty pussy baby,” Opie said.
He licked around your clit once more as his fingers pumped inside you.
“You taste so good, baby.”
You moaned and squeezed your breasts, pinching at your nipples as he sucked at your clit.
He was growling against you and the vibrations from his mouth were bringing you closer to the edge.
His fingers moved faster inside you, stretching your walls and you arched your back as you felt yourself go over the edge.
Your thighs clenched, holding his head between them and your back arched off the bed as his tongue continued to move over your clit.
“Fuck, Opie!” You moaned and you clutched at his hair, holding him to your core.
Your walls began to loosen around his fingers and his tongue slowed as you rode out your high.
His fingers pulled out of you slowly and you gasped at the sudden emptiness.
He lifted his head to look at you, red-faced and panting and he smirked before lowering his head and lapping at your juices.
Slowly he stood and you looked into his eye, seeing the primal hunger that now dominated his dark irises.
You lowered your eyes and licked your lips as you saw his large cock, already so hard for you.
“Mmm baby, you always taste so good.” Opie growled and you squirmed on the bed.
He grasped his large member and stroked it slowly.
“You want this?” He asked you.
You licked your lips as you watched him pump himself, tugging agonisingly slow along his length.
You nodded.
“Say you want it.” He ordered. “Say you want this cock inside that tight little pussy.”
“Please Opie!” You moaned. “Please fuck me.”
Opie smirked and hovered over you, pressing your body against the bed and you squirmed beneath him.
He held himself in his hand and moved himself against your folds.
You were already so wet for him and he coated himself in the slick juices.
“So wet for me babygirl,” Opie growled.
You moaned and your body writhed beneath him and you lifted your legs and wrapped them around his waist.

Opie growled and kissed along your neck, the skin tender from his earlier attacks.
He moved his cock in his hand and rubbed it between your folds, against your clit, moving easily along your wetness.
“Please Ope.” You begged and bucked your hips, making his cock slide further down your folds and closer to your entrance.
Without warning he plunged himself inside of you and you moaned as your walls stretched to take his large length.
He rocked his hips slowly, allowing you to adjust to his size and you dug your nails into his broad shoulders.
Opie pushed forwards, pushing himself deeper within you and he pressed against your clit.
You whimpered beneath him and rolled your hips,signalling to him that you were ready.
He didn’t hesitate and he slid himself out of you slowly while he pressed his lips against yours.
He sucked your bottom lip between both of his and he thrusted hard inside of you, making you gasp.
His lips released yours and he removed your arms from his shoulders before pinning them either side of your face.
“You want me to fuck you baby girl?” Opie growled.
Only the tip of his cock was resting inside of you and you moaned at his words.
You bit your lip and nodded. His face was close too yours and he stared into your eyes intensely.
“Yeah?” He slid his cock inside you and you moaned as his whole length entered you. “You want me to fuck you?”
“Fuck me Opie!” You begged and Opie smirked.
His hips pulled back and he slammed into you, making your eyes roll back in your head at the sensation.
His thrusts pounded into you, hard and fast.
Over and over again he entered you, every inch of him and you couldn’t hold back the moans that were leaving your lips.
Your arms fought against his, holding yours to the bed and he didn’t release his grip, he liked being in control.
“Fuck, Ope!” You screamed as he pounded inside you.
Both of you knew you were close and Opie finally released your arms.
You grasped his shoulders and scratched along his back, making him hiss.
He reached his hands beneath your hips and lifted them slightly, allowing him to enter you deeper than before.
Your back arched off the bed and you weren’t sure if you could hold off for much longer.
His thrusts never let up and the sound of his skin slapping against yours filled the room.
“You gonna come for me, baby girl?” Opie growled.
You couldn’t answer him, the sensations were becoming to much and so you threw your head back as a loud moan left your lips.
Opie lowered his head and sucked at your neck, leaving a harsh dark mark.
His lips left the skin and he lifted his lips to your ear, his hips still pounding into you.
“Come for me baby, come all over my cock.”
You screamed his name as your walls tightened around him and you dug your nails into his shoulders. He buried his face into the crook of your neck as your body shuddered beneath him.
His hips continued thrust inside you as you came and Opie growled as he felt you become wetter, coating himself in your juices.
“Good girl.” Opie cooed in your ear and you squirmed beneath him as you came back into focus.

His lips crashed against yours and he kissed you fiercely, with such passion it left you slightly dizzy.
When he pulled apart you smiled at him before pushing him off you slightly and in one swift movement you rolled him of you and straddled him.
You always did love being on top.
Opie stared up at you, his eyes devouring every inch of your bare skin and you smiled and shifted your hips slowly.
You squeezed your breasts and rubbed your wet pussy against his cock, making him growl at the sight of you.
Beneath you, you could feel his cock tense and you knew he was aching for his release now.
His hands ran up your back and pulled you down towards him so he could kiss you once more, and you let him for only a minute before you pulled back.
Your eyes met his and you but your lip as you reached down and grasped his bulging cock before sinking down on it, making both of you gasp.
Slowly you rolled your hips, your eyes never leaving him as you rode him.
“Your pussy feels so good, baby girl.” Opie said and you moaned.
he always knew how to make you come undone with his words and tonight was no exception.
You pulled your body up and plugged down on him, hard and fast and Opie began to thrust his hips to meet yours.
Opie wrapped his hands around your hips and thrust into you while you slammed down on him and his eyes watched your tits bounce hungrily.
“Fuck, Ope!” You cried out as his large cock pounded inside of you.
Opie growled and grasped your hips tighter, taking control once more.
He lifted your hips and slammed them back down, letting his full length pound inside you.
You leant your body forward and buried your face in his neck as the pleasure took over your body.
His thrusts were hard and fast and before you knew it you were on the edge once more.
“Opie Im gonna come!” You whined into his neck and he growled and thrust into you even harder.
His grip on your hips was tight and you were sure you’d have bruises there in the morning.
“Come for me baby girl,”  Opie growled and you moaned loudly.
Your walls tightened around him and your body shook as white hot pleasure pulsed through your veins and you clutched your eyes shut.
“Look at me,” Opie growled.
“Ope!” You screamed.
You could hear how wet you were for him, each thrust was loud against your soaking wet pussy and you knew Opie was close too.
“You want me to fill you up?” He growled.
You could only nod but that was enough for him.
He thrust into you a few more times before you felt his hot side spill inside of you. Your walls pulsed around him and he continued to thrust, riding out your highs.
Both of you were wanting heavily and you rolled off of him and collapsed on the bed, both of your bodies shining with sweat.
Your skin was tingling from the overwhelming pleasure and your thighs were still trembling as you tried to catch your breath.
After a moment of silence you felt Opie shift his arm and you slid your body next to his and rested your head on his chest.
His fingers traced up and down your back softly.
“Maybe I should go away more often, huh?”

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So it's not only that ks has a beautiful thighs and butt. He also cute without even trying, he likes to be pampered, and also he is clingy. Yet people complain when fic writers write ks this way. They want the "manly and buff daddy u.u" ks. Which is probably something ks isn't.

LOLz that’s why i’ve been calling them hypocrites. these people are too obsessed with ks masculinity to the point they would use arguments that contain bottom shaming or basically putting feminine boys in bad light. it’s ughlee and really detestable.

imo, ks has certain traits that can be considered to be ~traditionally feminine~ (mm bet some of y’all are triggered right after your brain decipher ks + ‘feminine’ being associated together, better read it ‘til the end) such as;  

- he likes/is good at cooking* (remember when he cooked for the entire filming staffs in 2015? remember how he cooked in vlive?),

- good at cleaning* (ji said in radio interview ks folded his shirts before and jd admitted ks nags a lot about hygiene/cleanliness in their dorm),

*cooking and cleaning are basic requirements to stay alive tbh, don’t get why these stuffs are considered ~feminine~ but i include them here to match the current society standard™

- many people have said he’s caring, as in “mother-like” (remember he used to be referred as the “mom” of the group during 2012~2013? even ji called ks “mama” before. funny that thing suddenly stopped after some rumors surfaced… also, remember that japanese dance group talked about meeting exo backstage and how caring ks is cuz ks basically handed them lunch boxes?),

Q: “how does ji call you (ks)?”

A: “ks-hyung” and “mama*”

i know mama in kr means “your highness” but during this period ks was often being called as the “mom of the group (e x o - k)”, so it makes more sense to interpret mama as mother. 

- he does pilates which is an exercise that’s popular among women instead of men, because it tones your lower limbs (such as thighs and buttocks) and increases your flexibility. plus it’s kinda similar to yoga and we know yoga is also popular among women. 

some might argue that he does this for comeback (like bbh has said in their vlive, but then again, if so, why others aren’t doing it?) or for his upcoming movie (the movie is gonna be filmed in sept.. it’s too early to prepare. ks started training for hyung when the filming began.) imo he’s doing this for personal reason.

- he once helped around at his mom’s salon (he even said he had thought of becoming a stylist. there’s pic of him styling osh hair) which means he has some skills/knowledge about stuffs like this. he often carries that vaseline lipbalm as well. anyway, this one isn’t necessarily traditionally feminine trait/character imo, but ppl who deal/care about things like this are mostly women (it’s just like the pilates thingy).

- like you’ve mentioned; he likes to be pampered (his boyfriend ji said it himself that ks is “駄々っ子” (read: dadakko) which literally means “spoiled child” or “pampered child” and if it’s translated to korean it has similar meaning to aegyo–as in someone who behaves cutely like a child), contrasting the ~traditional masculine~ trait where men are expected to pamper their partner.

- and he’s clingy (which he had admitted by himself during pure love interview and even ji kinda confirmed this one by saying ks is similar to koala bc ks clings on ji)

all of these traits do not make ks less than a man. im really tired of these people (particularly his stans–and this is coming from a ks biased person. although there are some of ji stans who are like this too because “ji is the cute one!! uwu”, not saying ji isn’t cute ofc, he can be adorable as well just like ks.. still, it’s not a valid reason to argue/get mad about ks being portrayed as a soft & smol boy™ bc it has no correlation. you know what’s funny? ks has never called ji cute. it’s always ji who calls/compliments him with that word. ks has called/complimented ji as “cool”, “handsome”, “sexy”, “has the best body”, “most mature member” but never cute. anyways.)

it’s really aggravating seeing them bitching about ks being portrayed in the ways that have been mentioned above because it ~effeminate~ him!! uwu, even though those things are still part of him. it makes me questioning them tbh; are they ashamed that their fave has those particular traits?

also, his body description. i rmmber back then in 2015~2016 some people were legit triggered if you say ks is smol or tiny or short or has narrow shoulders. this makes no sense whatsoever…. bc that’s just basically how his body is. why people are getting mad over this shit? jesus christ. 

i still remember people argued over his and ji’s hand sizes. it’s obvious ks’ hand is slightly smaller (pics)…. honestly, why ppl even fought over this dumbshit. god. 

if we compare him with those tall members ks is smaller/shorter (and he’s def shorter than the official height SM published + he often wears shoes with thick soles that prob elevate his height to become 5~7 cm taller), and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

there’s nothing wrong with a guy being small or undersize (he even admitted this by himself during ‘hyung’ interview; “im undersized so i had to exercise to fit the role, although now the muscles are gone”). and there’s nothing wrong for a guy liking/doing stuffs that are considered to be ~traditionally feminine~.  

if you find such thing to be offensive, it’s your problem. if you dislike there’s a possibility for your faves to not be able to fulfill your macho/masc/hetero bs standard, you’re the problematic one. 

honestly, this topic reminds me of the phrase; “masculinity is such a fragile concept”. i thought it’s only str8 men who get triggered when their masculinity is endangered but turns out some girlies have this sorta mindset too. sad. 

it’s kinda ironic cuz ks once wore that shirt with “gender equality” written on the front area (which i assume he supports the idea behind the mssg) yet some of his stans love to spew out words that are basically bottomshaming and/or degrading fem! boy. they also seem to be so overly crazy (and highly aggressive) with the idea of ks being masculine/dom. it’s a bit…..yikes. no wonder ks only shows his aegyo/soft side to his closest ones lulz.

anyways, y’all who think “men being associated with femininity (such as being complimented as pretty/beautiful/soft/curvy) = insult” are just plain bizarre to me….and unlikable. if you’re one of those people, please stay away from me and my blog. just pretend that im dead or something. block me.

p.s: im not proud that i remember all of those stuffs (the interviews etc)… they just… sorta…. stuck in my head.  also, wow this is a long answer. somehow i feel like im gonna regret answering this cuz the topic seems to be sensitive… oh well. 

p.p.s: dks is a beautiful, adorable, smol and clingy soft boy who loves to be pampered/spoiled by his boyfie (kji) and there’s nothing your crusty ass can do to change it. literally not-a-thing. not even sending h8 anons to my inbox can change it. 

if your feelings are scratched by my words, please contact my lawyer here;

Maybe - WinWin {Sicheng} (M)

Requested: Hi! Do you take requests? ^^ I really love how you write your stories. And, I was wondering if you can do a WinWin smut since I didn’t saw anything about him in the masterlist (correct me if I’m wrong😂) I really like him. Can you write something about him being so shy in public but actually in bed he’s sexy & rough, that would be amazing. He’s a 97’ liner so it’s okay right? 😂 Take your time ;)

A/N: I think I use the word “supple” wrong but idc tbh… Also I was so bent on it being floor sex, but when I was writing it was heading toward wall sex so I had to make a pretty sharp turn to get it back on track- I’m spouting so much. Anyway, I haven’t written in some time, so I may be a little rusty, but I hope you like my very first WinWin smut!


Word Count: 1,292

His soft brown eyes met yours briefly before darting back to Mark’s animated figure. You studied your boyfriend’s handsome face quietly, watching with adoration as his eyes widened, an endearing expression of confusion crossing his features as he stared at Mark.
Jaehyun snapped his fingers in front of you, your view of Sicheng vanishing. You looked to Jaehyun, frowning when you saw his smirk.

“Lovebirds” he cooed, looking from you to Sicheng all while continuing to smirk.

Sicheng became flustered, shying away from the prying eyes of his members. You felt your own cheeks heat up, avoiding the curious glances of the other boys.

“Don’t tease them” Taeil chided.

Mark took the awkward opportunity to continue with his story, gesturing wildly in excitement.

You glanced at your phone, feigning surprise.

“My boss called me back to work” you murmured quietly, catching the attention of the other boys.

Sicheng watched you get up with wide eyes, your sudden announcement catching him off-guard. Your eyes met his, giving him a stern look. He got up quickly, smiling awkwardly.

“I’ll take her” he declared, casting a worried gaze at the other boys.

In return they all nodded while grinning before turning back to listen to Mark, who looked exasperated from being interrupted.

“I wanted you to stay” Sicheng admitted, sighing to himself.

“I’m not going to work-”

His eyebrows knit together in puzzlement. You smiled at his cute reaction, looping your arm with his own. He looked around quickly, wary of any watchful eyes.

“When you invited me over I thought it would be just us” you admitted in a hushed, coy tone.

He raised his eyebrows before relaxing, smiling gently.

“You wanted it to be just us?”

He already knew the answer, but looked to you expectantly. You nodded, walking closer to him, hugging his arm.


His voice deepened as he clenched his jaw. His mind began turn hazy, erotic thoughts of you capturing his attention. You left his question unanswered.

As the atmosphere developed in privacy Sicheng became more and more intimate; peppering kisses over your shoulder as he held you close in the elevator, his hands wandering aimlessly.
Once inside your apartment he let out a hum of approval, his hands gripping your waist possessively, holding you in place.


He cut you off, pulling you closer to him.

“Right here” he murmured, confusing you.

You felt his protruding erection against your ass, placing your hands over his own as he ground into you. You pushed at his hands lightly; he took the hint and let go of you. Quickly, you turned around, wrapping your arms around his neck and placing a light kiss on his chin. His long arms wove around you lazily as you trailed your lips down to his neck. His lithe hands moved down to your ass, cupping it softly as he coaxed you closer. He let out a hushed moan, swallowing thickly as he closed his eyes. His hands moved to the waistband of your shorts, pushing them down; his thumb hooking in your underwear.

Your clothes piled at your ankles, causing you to look down. The tent in his sweatpants caught your immediate attention. Carefully you removed your hands from around his neck, intent on removing his clothing. However, his hand caught your own, causing you to stop.
He began to move, making you stumble back as he cornered you against the wall. His grip on your hand tightened as he guided your small hand to his bulge. You held your breath, cupping his stiff erection through his thick sweatpants.

“Do you want it?” he whispered, a slight edge to his voice.

You nodded feverishly, desperate for him. He pushed your hand away gently.

“Show me” he ordered.

You swallowed thickly, a thrilling rush of excitement coursing through you at his words.
With care you began to touch yourself, your delicate fingers running over your slick folds in anticipation. He watched you keenly before removing his shirt. You arched off the cold wall as you slid two fingers inside yourself, your breath catching in your throat. He smirked at you, enjoying how easily you got lost in yourself. Your eyes met his briefly, the warm chocolate orbs from earlier replaced by a dark and sultry gaze. His eyes flitted down to his pants before he looked back, signaling you. You removed your fingers from yourself and he caught your wrist. With a steady gaze he took your glossy fingers into his warm mouth, a shaky exhale leaving you as his hot tongue teased you. He pulled your fingers from his mouth, releasing your wrist. You quickly pushed down his heavy sweatpants, slowly kissing the burning skin of his chest.
He pushed you away, his hand roughly shoving your shoulder into the wall. His lips met your own in a sensual kiss; time seemed to slow. You threaded your fingers through his soft hair, your lust temporarily replaced by pure love as you got lost in each other. The pressure on your shoulder eased as he instead gently caressed the soft skin. His stiff length pressed against your own warm skin. He pulled away, his sharp eyes meeting your own instantly. He pulled you from the wall, his tender actions causing your heart to swell. He lowered to the ground, causing you to follow in haste. His large, agile hands swept across your body, coaxing you to straddle him. His member stood tall before you, your slick womanhood throbbing on his thigh, your hands gripping his shoulders as he shifted. You felt powerful, having never been on top before. You lifted yourself, gently grasping his member and sliding down. His hands immediately went to your hips, wanting to take control. His nails dug into your soft skin, a soft moan leaving his lips. You ground your hips into his own. He bucked into you, his hands quickly finding your wrists. He collected your small wrists into one of his hands, his tight grip causing you to writhe. His other arm embraced you, your chest pressing against his own. He thrust into you slowly, his hot breath hitting your ear. You tried to ride his rhythm, in return he gave your wrists a sharp yank, pulling you from his length. You whined, struggling against him. His lips brushed against your ear as he scolded you, his words harsh. You dropped your head onto his shoulder, even on top he seized control. His hold on your wrists relaxed and he helped you ease back onto his length. He snapped his hips, a muffled cry leaving your lips as you buried your face into his warm skin. He repeated, his hips bucking into you at a rapid pace. His embrace of you faltered, his hand sliding down to grope the supple skin of your ass. A pathetic string of cries and gasps left you. He let go of your wrists, quickly moving to caress your jaw, drawing your lips to meet his own. He groaned against your soft lips, relishing the moment. You broke away first, needing to breath as your chest heaved against his own, only broken gasps leaving you as he fastened his pace. You called his name, your voice failing you as you felt your release approaching. You chanted encouragement breathily before moaning loudly, your cries rising an octave as you came. Sicheng cursed below you, before bucking one last time, burying himself up to his hilt in you, a tremor going through his thighs as he ejaculated. He slowly rocked into you, worn out.
You chuckled to yourself.

“What is it?” Sicheng asked, suddenly worried.

“Will I ever be in control?”

He relaxed, holding you close.

“Do you want to be?”


My High Touch Experience in "Beautiful in Berlin"

•All members are more handsome in rl than on pictures
•I said “good work” to everyone in korean and no I’m no koreaboo. I am majoring in Korean Studies so why not talk to them in Korean when I can.
•I am 169cm tall.
•All the members are taller than I am.

Hyungwon: He is very very tall and he wore contact lenses. Also he was very comfortable and had that chill vibe on him. I would say he looks the least different from what you see on pictures and videos.

Changkyun: Okay I could slep myself for that because I didnt look at his face! I just gave him a high five and as I said “good job” he said “thank you” at the same time. I just completely forgot to look at his face! someone please dig my grave and put me in it.

Minhyuk: Now I only remember the silhouette of Minhyuk because guess what? Yo girl is stupid as fuck and panicked seeing Jooheon coming up soon but I do remember that Minhyuk is really tall. Like. Really really tall and also his hands are beautiful.

Kihyun: I remember his face very clearly. He had that fatherly smile on it but I don’t have much to say about Kihyun since I passed by fucking fast. I do have to say tho that he actually seems to put on a little weight again. Like. He is still skinny but not as skinny as I saw him on pictures few months ago. Also very handsome. I wouldn’t say comeplete different from what you see on pictures but fucking pretty.

Now to this angel sent from the heavens to ruin my life. Oc. Jooheon: He is. fucking. beautiful. Like. Pictures do him no justice what so ever. He was standing with his chest slightly turned and faced towards us when we walked in and he leant in with his body and probably came the closest to me. He smiled his eye smile but you could tell that it wasn’t because I was funny or anything. It was just a thankful smile out of niceness. But lemme tell you something. He is really really really pretty. Like. Also i wanted to say something else to him instead of “good work” but I just couldn’t because my mind was blewn away.

Shownu: Exactly what I told you about pictures serving Jooheon no justice times 10000000. He is. Okay. Let me start like that. He is fucking tall. And he has a body of a greek god. After Jooheon it was Shownu’s turn and I said the usual ‘good job’ and I looked at his face and I was supposed to advance further to Wonho but I stopped there for a second and looked at Shownu again because I couldn’t believe HOW FREAKING HANDSOME HE IS. I don’t remember how he reacted to my “good job” but I do remember his face when I looked back at it. I have no words. He is fucking handsome and manly af. I am so angry at all those pictured and videos because, honestly, Shownu is probably one of the most handsome people I have ever seen in my life.

Wonho: Now this bunny is the one I remember the most. He was after Shownu and the last one and I went to him and unlikely the other members he was standing with his chest faced towards the black curtain that was right next to us and as I was giving him a high five I said the usual and he smiled brightly and reacted with a little laugh or some kind of “Ah” or “Oh”. I don’t remember clearly but he did make a noise and also the high five I gave him felt probably the most like how you would high five your friend when you achieved something great. like that kind of energetic high five and our fingers didnt link with each other but it was in the position of linking and honestly. He is such a beautiful person. I have never seen a more genuine smile being so honest. Also he is really bulky but unlike what he looks like next to Hyungwon (lol) he ain’t that small. I wouldn’t say he is very tall but he still was taller than me.

Over all what I learned from that experience: High fives pass by pretty fucking quick, make sure to look everyone in the face and enjoy the moment as it is and don’t try to do more work than necessary because there will be no time at all and you will just start panicking. Also: Don’t trust pictures. They NEVER portray those 7 human beings in their full glory and handsomeness.

When you and Rocky are caught making out

Thank you for requesting! I am so sorry for taking so freaking long with this, I hope this is worth the wait! >< And despite the awful writer’s block, I somehow managed to write a full scenario out of this, so I really hope this is okay~

A DISCLAIMER: this is, in no way, supposed to be smut or anything close to smut and I am strongly against smut being written of underage idols.

this is a very, i repeat, VERY used plot/storyline but i hope my writing was enough to make it a little different and if not, i’m sorry but that’s all i could do with my blocked creativity at the moment ><

Words: 1990

Fluff i’ve missed you my old friend

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by dream-astro

You sat on Minhyuk’s bed while looking at him. He walked around in the room, trying to tidy it up.

“When was the last time you cleaned in here?” you asked, smiling out of amusement.

He glanced at you while bending down to pick up a used sock. “Um… I’m not sure. Maybe a month ago?” he answered like it wasn’t a big deal.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” you let out a chuckle. “The room does look like it hasn’t been cleaned in a while.”

There were pieces of clothing lying around everywhere and there was a reasonable amount of dust too.

“Yeah, well,” he threw the sock in the laundry basket that was already full and looked like it would overflow any second. “We’ve been busy.”

“Yeah, I get it,” you smiled.

Being a member of an idol group, he didn’t have much time for you or anything else, to be honest. He wasn’t always busy but when he wasn’t, he was usually exhausted thanks to other schedules and never-ending practice. That’s why you usually refused to go on a date unless it was during a time when he didn’t have schedules and only had to practice. Even though you didn’t go on dates often, you hung out a lot at their dorm or at your place. You two didn’t really mind staying inside as it also made it easier to hide your relationship.

“Hyung, we’re going to go eat dinner,” Sanha appeared in the room’s doorway and you two turned to look at him. “Do you want us to bring you guys something?”

Jinwoo appeared behind the tall youngest member and peeked from behind him. “Are you done cleaning?”

“We’ll order something,” Minhyuk answered Sanha’s question first and picked up the laundry basket before walking over to the doorway. “And no, I’m not done cleaning. It’s going to take a while considering that four people live in here and that the room hasn’t been cleaned in, like, a month. Oh, yeah, and may I remind you that I’m cleaning by myself here.”

The saltiness in your boyfriend’s voice was only amusing to everyone else, including you.

Jinwoo let out a small laugh and patted the younger one’s shoulder. “It’s your fault for losing in rock-paper-scissors.”
“I had no control over that!” Minhyuk whined and you chuckled which caused him to turn around with a pout. “Whose side are you on?”

You shrugged with an innocent smile. “I mean, you played with them. You agreed to the rule that the one who loses has to clean.”

He gave you a sad look and turned back around.

“Just leave the laundry in the bathroom, we’ll wash them once we come back,” Myungjun said with a smile while passing by the room.

“True friends only,” Minhyuk said jokingly and gave Jinwoo and Sanha a look while passing by them to take the laundry to the bathroom. Myungjun’s statement had obviously made him feel better.

“Hey, ______,” Jinwoo called your name once Minhyuk had left the room and you looked at him.

“Hm?” you hummed, smiling slightly.

“Don’t break this place apart while we are gone,” he said, half serious, half joking. “I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of the last time.”

You chuckled and shook your head. “No, definitely not. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again,” you gave him a reassuring smile and he smirked before leaving the doorway with Sanha.

The last time you and Minhyuk had been left alone at the dorm, you two had torn apart at least four pillows, causing a terrible mess in the whole dorm. What had started as a harmless, playful pillow fight had very quickly escalated in to a playful but more rough pillow war. It had been tons of fun but the scolding that came after hadn’t been very nice.

After a bit Minhyuk entered the room with a pleased smile. “Now I can take a break,” he beamed and walked over to the bed where you still sat.

“What are you talking about?” you asked and didn’t let him sit down.

He looked surprised by your reaction.

“There’s still a lot cleaning left to do,” you said to him.

“But I want to cuddle,” he whined with an almost irresistible sad puppy look. “Now.”

You shook your head, proud of yourself for not falling for his cuteness. “The faster you clean this room the faster you’ll get to cuddle with me. Plus, it’ll be a lot nicer to cuddle when you know that you can just relax for the rest of the evening.”

He didn’t let the pout fade away but obeyed you and continued cleaning. His expression was sour but you didn’t let it bother you.

Minhyuk sat down beside you and let out a sigh. “Finally.”

“Well done,” you patted his head and ruffled his hair, making him lean away from you.

“Stop,” he whined and you chuckled.

“I’m proud of you,” you said. “It only took you three hours in total to clean this small room,” you joked.

“Are you dissing me right now?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Maybe,” you teased with a wide grin.

“Come here,” he reached his arms towards you but before he could grab you, you got up and turned to look at him with a playful look.

“Come get me,” you giggled and started running towards the door immediately when you saw him getting up.

You were both quite playful by nature so this kind of situations were common. It’s not like you were always running around, you two often had lazy days too, but when you were running around, it was always just as fun. I guess you could say that the two of you woke up each other’s inner child every now and then.

It didn’t take long before you were both a little out of breath. After running around in the living room and kitchen area, you headed towards the second bedroom in the dorm which was the bedroom Dongmin and Bin shared. You knew it was a dead end but you still ran inside the surprisingly tidy room and turned around to look at Minhyuk.

“We’re going to get in trouble for being here,” he said but his voice didn’t show any signs of concern. He wasn’t worried about the older members’ scolding.

“You mean you are,” you panted a little, your mouth in a wide grin.

“You’re going to blame this on me?” he asked, raising his eyebrows while his lips remained curved in to a smile.

“You’re the one who chased me here, I had no other option!” you joked.

“Yeah, about the chasing…” he slowly walked towards you with a wide grin.

You tried to run away but he caught you easily by wrapping his arms around you tightly. You attempted to escape while laughing uncontrollably but he was too strong.

“You’re holding me too tightly,” you said while still laughing. You had tears in your eyes from all the laughing.

“Sorry,” he chuckled and loosened his arms around you and you looked up at him.

“Look what you did, I’m crying now,” you joked while gently rubbing your eyes.

“Let me see,” he gently grabbed your wrists and brought them down to reveal your teary eyes. He pouted. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

With that he leaned down and pressed a light peck on your cheek. When he pulled back you met eyes and for a few seconds you both just stood there, looking at each other.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said and it definitely sounded like it came from the heart.

You couldn’t help but smile. “You think so?” you asked.

He let go of your wrists and answered your question with a loving gaze. Then he leaned closer again, this time to kiss your lips while his hands came up to gently hold your head. The kiss was sweet and gentle. His lips were soft and warm and it felt like they were made to fit yours since the kiss just felt so perfect. Not that that was anything new; the kisses you two shared always felt perfect no matter what they were like.

After pulling away from the kiss it took only a few seconds before your lips met again. This time the kiss felt hungrier, a little more intense. The following kiss got even more intense as you let your tongues meet. You were so focused on the kissing that you barely noticed your back hitting a wall.

You two weren’t all over each other, it wasn’t like what you often see in movies or TV. Making out was often portrayed as something very intense and hot but the way you two did it was quite different. It was sweet and loving, it wasn’t hurried or really intense. It was quite the opposite of the playful running you two had been doing earlier, this was a lot calmer.

Minhyuk pulled back and you both panted lightly. There was something very special about the moment and you could feel a few butterflies in your stomach as you looked at him. His lips formed a loving smile and you smiled a little seeing it. His gaze soon returned on your lips and your gazze returned on his and you couldn’t help but lean in for another set of those heart fluttering, perfect kisses.

Many loving looks and perfect kisses later Minhyuk’s lips left yours to explore your neck. It wasn’t the first time he was laying sweet pecks on your neck but it still sent shivers down your spine when he pressed his lips against the sensitive skin. The feeling was one of a kind and you loved it to death.

You felt a little pain as he created a small hickey on the side of your neck. It made you open your eyes and he had already pulled away from you.

“Too far?” he asked, worried he had hurt you.

You shook your head slightly. “It’s o-“

“YES, WAY TOO FAR!” you both flinched at the loud and unfortunately familiar voice of Bin.

“How long have you been there?” Minhyuk asked immediately.

“How long have you two been here?!” the older member asked and placed his hands on his sides, looking at both of you with a glare that had you immediately look down in embarrassment.

“Listen, hyung, we just got a little carried away,” Minhyuk tried to calm him down.

“A LITTLE?!” Bin asked as if he couldn’t believe what Minhyuk had just said.

“Gosh, let them live, Bin,” Jinwoo chuckled and entered the room.

“You were here too?!” Minhyuk’s eyes widened.

“Relax, we just came in like a few seconds ago,” Jinwoo said, amused by how embarrassed you two looked.

“What made you think this was a good place to get carried away?” Bin was still angry.

“Things just… went down that way,” Minhyuk mumbled while trying to avoid the older one’s angry glare.

“Ouch, that’s not nice,” Dongmin walked in. “You gave her a hickey.”

This made you both blush really badly and you were now both staring at the floor.

“I swear, these two should never be left alone with each other,” Bin murmured and left the room.

“What’s going on in here?” Sanha asked after entering the room with Myungjun.

“You know,” Jinwoo started while looking at the hickey on your neck. “Things could escalate really quickly from there,” he said while calmly pointing at the hickey.

If you weren’t already red as a strawberry, now you were and so was Minhyuk. Sanha seemed to be blushing too and the situation felt very awkward.

“You guys haven’t-“

“NO, definitely NOT!” Minhyuk cut off Jinwoo before he could finish. “And we’re not planning to!”

“Good,” Jinwoo seemed relieved.

“Just stop bothering them already,” Myungjun seemed amused by the situation and you thanked him in your mind.

God bless you Kim Myungjun.

To Make You Proud: Lin-Manuel Miranda X Daughter Reader (ft. Hamilcast)

Prompt: Your high school graduation ceremony is something you wanted your family to attend since you were receiving an important award, but you don’t see your father anywhere in the crowd.

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,343

Warnings: Angst, in a way.

Author’s Note: This is based off of the song “To Make You Proud” by Teresa Jennings which is what I sang for my graduation in middle school.

Your name: submit What is this?

You sat among the dozens of other seniors who were excited to be leaving the stage of high school and move onto college. You, however, were twisting a piece of string about your finger nervously, gazing around at you family and only seeing Vanessa, Sebastian, and your grandparents, your father nowhere in sight, causing you to get more and more upset. You bit your lip, trying to hold back a tear that was trying so hard to slip down your cheek.

You knew your father was a busy man, but he had promised you that he would come to this for you. You see, you were always fearful that your father had a hidden hatred for you since you were a mistake made after a drunk night in high school with your mother, someone who never showed her face. After she had you, she handed you off to your father without a word and went off the face of the Earth. And no matter how often your dad tried to reassure you that he loved you, you still felt a twinge of doubt inside you.

“And now,” You heard the English department supervisor announce. “The senior accepting the writing award for outstanding dedication and phenomenal creativity in every sense of the word is Y/N Miranda!”

You heard the claps and cheers from around you, and that put a little smile on your face as you walked up to the podium to accept your award. You shook the supervisor’s hand and she gave you the certificate. She said something to you, but you were too enthralled in your own thoughts that you didn’t really even catch what she had said to you. You simply nodded and smiled in response to whatever it was she had told you. You took your seat once more as the rest of the high school academic awards were given out.

Just after the valedictorian spoke and the diplomas were given out, the choir members-yourself included- were brought to the stage to sing your final song of high school. It was a simple one, but your choir director thought it had a lot of soul and sentiment to it, and it was called “To Make You Proud.”

You stared off at the gray sky of New York City. It wasn’t the typical gray city skyline, but it was one that told people there was a rainstorm coming very soon. Which, ironically, had happened not even a second after you had this thought.

A rushed movement caught your eye. You saw your father, dressed semi-formally, as if he had been scrambling just to get something good together. You noticed his heavy breathing and sad face when he noticed you and the other members standing tall, your voices blending together. Just seeing your father with that look of regret put you over the edge.

Your eyes became teary when you realized that your idiot of a father only just showed up to one of the biggest nights of your life. But, not wanting to give people the chance to see you cry, you turned your sadness into anger, and the way you sang showed you that. You gazed straight ahead once more, not looking anywhere else in fear that your tears would some barreling out for all the school and everyone’s families to see.

When the caps were thrown and everything was done and done, you had to go and face your family. But in a way you didn’t.

You wiped away your tears and put on a fake smile when you walked towards your grandparents, your stepmother, and little brother, completely ignoring your father’s presence.

“Hey!” You smiled, giving your grandmother a hug before moving onto your grandfather. “Gosh, it’s so nice to see you.”

“Y/N, listen-”

“Oh, Vanessa, you look so beautiful in that dress!” You cut him off.

“Y/N, I mean it-”

“Aw and look at little Sebastian in his fancy little clothes!” You spoke, googling over your little brother who giggled in response to you. “You have fun?”

“Yeah!” He nodded vigorously.

You turned back to our grandparents, gave them another hug, and told them, “Gosh, it’s so good to see you guys! Thank you so much for coming!”

“Oh my-”

“And you know I just wanted to say that this really means a lot to me. I mean like so-”

“Y/N Miranda will you just stop talking and listen to me?!” Your father shouted over you, finally having enough of you ignoring him.

You turned slowly and face him. You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow accusingly. “Listen to you? Listen to you? I don’t need to listen to you! You weren’t here when I asked you to be. End of story.”

“Y/N, you have to understand. There was a problem that needed my attention at today's’ matinee show! Thy couldn’t-”

“Oh, so this is what this is about? Missing my high school graduation, the only one I’ll ever have, for that show? Guess what, dad?! Look at this, dad! I got an award for writing and you weren’t freaking there to see it because of that show! There’s understudies and-and standbys for Alexander Hamilton! He could be played by anyone in that stupid musical! But there’s no standby by for my dad!” You shouted in his face. Tears started to roll down your cheeks. “God, I wish that it never existed!”

At the time, you hadn’t realized just how harsh the words were and how deeply they affected him. You simply left your father and the rest of your family behind you as you walked off, sobbing and wiping away your tears as a sad melody echoed in your head.

You sat at the piano in your room a few hours after the incident, your fingers gently pressing down on the keys to create a nonsensical tune. It didn’t make you forget about what just happened, but it at least calmed you down a little bit. You continued doing this until you heard a knock on the door.

“If you’re dad, piss off. If you’re anyone else, please come in.” You mumbled just loud enough for the person behind the door to hear you.

“First of all,” Vanessa’s voice came to your ears after the door creaked open. “Watch your language. It could’ve been Sebastian for all you know.”

“I’m pretty sure Sebastian can’t knock as well as that.” You sorrowfully laughed.

“And second of all, you really hurt your father.”

You semi-glared at Vanessa when she told you this. A range of emotions and thoughts flowed through you, but you didn’t have enough words in your dictionary or enough time to voice them all then and there. So instead, you just snapped, “Yeah, well he hurt me.”

“I understand that, Y/N, but you told him that you wished Hamilton never existed. And-and you know how hard he worked on that and just how much it means to him. Hearing you say that to him… he really hurts, you know? You should probably apologize to him when you’re ready.”

“Apologize?” You scoffed. “Why should I even consider doing that when he couldn’t even put it off for one day for his only daughter’s high school graduation? This isn’t like some dumb middle school concert or something that’s like, every year or something. This is something he can’t see again. And this has happened before, and you know that. My final Broadway night for choir? Poetry night? Sure, they were all recorded but what’s the point?”

Vanessa sat on your bed, examining you as you looked down at your frail fingers touching the piano keys.

“There’s more to it, isn’t there?” Vanessa questioned.

You didn’t look up at her. Your fingers stop moving and you just stared down at the keys, a solemn look on your face.

“You know, I… I wonder if I really matter to him. Like… am I just a burden to him?” You wondered. You scrunched your eyebrows together in thought pondering these questions that always haunted you for years. “I mean, my mother just left me in his hands and ran. Does he actually see me as his daughter… or just a disturbance that he had to deal with for eighteen years? A-All I want to do is make him proud, but it’s like there are bigger priorities.”

“No, no, no!” Vanessa exclaimed, rushing to her feet. “Now that’s not true. Y/N, you know he loves you! And you know he’s proud of you!”

“Yeah? Well, it’s proven eight times a week that he’s a really good actor.”

Behind your door was a distraught father, one who couldn’t handle the information that had just come out of your mouth. You, a gentle, precious ray of light, believed that you were nothing to him and that he wasn’t proud of you and everything you did. Well, he’d just have to find a way to fix that.

Vanessa had told you that she had to drop something off at the Richard Rodgers Theatre for your dad. She didn’t say what it was, just that it was important to get it there before the show ended. You honestly just wanted to stay in the car, but she dragged you along anyway, telling you she wasn’t going to let you stay in a car alone in New York City.

“Here,” Vanessa handed you a small, light box. “Give this to your dad when he comes off stage Go over and wait for him. I have to go put this in the dressing room.”

“What?” You turned to look back at her and refute, but she was already hurrying for the other hallway backstage. “Fine…”

You stood backstage, the crew members giving you kind smiles. You knew most of them after a coming to the theatre a few different times. They didn’t say anything to you with the show going on, but they simply greeted you with their eyes and a nod to which you returned with a small wave and a small of your own.

You stood a few feet away from the stage with just enough view of it to see Phillipa center stage with your father walking around her as everyone sang the final notes of “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.” You felt a knot form in your stomach when you heard Phillipa let out a strained gasp when her character saw the audience watching the tale before her. When the lights faded out, and everyone went out for bows, you couldn’t stand to be there anymore.

“Could you give this to my father when he comes off please?” You asked, handing the box to a crew member.

They nodded and took the box from your grip. You spun around on your heels to head back out to the car, but your father’s voice caught you off guard, and kept you from moving forward.

“And one more thing before we all go! I have a something special for my very own Theodosia. My daughter, Y/N.”

You were frozen in your spot. You didn’t know what to do at that time. You could only listen as your father continued to speak to the audience with such cheerfulness, such… love… as he spoke about you. You slowly and hesitantly turned to look back at the stage.

“She just graduated college with honors in the English department. She got accepted into her dream college with a full scholarship… and I just couldn’t be more proud of her. So, to honor that, we will be singing one final song of the night, dedicated to her.” He announced.

You stepped forward, wanting to hear what would happen next. To say the least, you shocked when you heard the piano keys playing your graduation song from just a few nights ago. You gasped slightly, leaving you open-jawed. You watched Renée sing the solo out into the audience before everyone else joined in, your heart swelling with merriment.

“I’ll hear your words,
Here in my heart,
Wherever I go!
To make your proud…”

You felt your knees become weak as you heard the cast sing so beautifully and in such perfect harmony in that one single moment. You put your hand over your mouth to keep the heartfelt sigh at bay. Soon enough you felt more tears falling down your cheeks.

“What should I say? What should I do?
Lessons I’ve learned help me get through,
I can be strong, I can be brave,
Just thinking of you…
To make you proud!”

Your father noticed you and your sobbing self in the wings, smiled, and extended an arm to you. You staggered over, your legs seeming to become jelly as you walked out on stage. You noticed the cast members smiling as they sang when they noticed your form walk over with faltering steps towards your dad. Even the audience audibly gushed at the sight of you when you crashed into your father, going completely limp in his arms as you cried into his shoulder. You felt your dad pet your head soothingly as the song ended, and the audience and cast applauded in joviality.

“I’m sorry…” Your voice came out muffled as you cried into your father’s costume. “I’m so, so sorry. I-I shouldn’t have… I didn’t mean… God, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” He told you softly. He looked back at the audience and bid them a good night before he and the other cast members returned backstage. He looked back at you when you were all away from the stage. “Y/N, I’m so, so, so sorry. I should’ve been there for you…”

“I’m sorry I got so mad… And that I told you I hated the show.”

“It’s alright. You were just upset… But listen to me,” He took your face in his hands so you would look at him. “I love you with all my heart. You will never be a burden to me, and you will always be my precious little girl. No matter what your mother did, you are still my daughter, and you always will be. Don’t ever doubt that.” He kissed your forehead gently.

You shook your head, “I never will again.”