tall handsome asians

I just realized something

My husband is my Bellamy Blake haha

He’s tall dark and handsome

Half Asian

Loves history (American history)
His frickin phone password is 1776

He’s loves guns
Has 12 of them

Would do anything for his friends

Loves his sisters

He’s definitely the heart
He’s too nice and loving sometimes


I’m his Clarke Griffin

I’m blonde
Blue eyed

I’m an artist

Pretty handy with a gun

I’m totally the brain

While he’s smarter than me

I use my brain more
Instead of my heart

I’m not good at taking orders
I’m a commander personality type

But I love my family and friends
I’d do anything for them

I’m not bi though….


We hated each other before
Then we slowly became friends
And then best friends
Then we fell in love
We had a moment (the same for both of us)
We were on the beach at midnight with some friends
We looked into each other’s eyes and we both realized “frick this crush is worse than I though, I’m in love”