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Wanderlust: City of Sin -- Bughead (Chapter 1)

Word Count: 5,129

Rated: PG-13

A/N: This is my first multichapter fic for the Bughead fandom. I based a lot of stuff in this off of real events from when I was traveling in Europe. Of course, I didn’t meet a cute boy or anything, so I just inserted events wherever they seemed to fit, including the photo on the bottom left. Enjoy and I hope you continue to follow wherever the wind takes our world travelers in the future chapters. (Also on AO3)

“Cheryl! Keep up!” Betty shouted to the girl trailing behind her. Veronica was leading the way, marching into the hostel they had booked for the next four nights. “There’ll be plenty of time for shopping tomorrow.”

Betty was already dragging one of Cheryl’s bags behind her as well as her own two bags. How she’d gotten roped into that she wasn’t sure, but at least they were finally at the end of their long walk from the bus station. By the time Betty had gotten Cheryl’s attention and led her to the entrance of the skinny building, Veronica had already them checked in.

“Top floor, it’s practically the penthouse suite.” Veronica announced to her friends who were just entering behind her. “And I have these three young gentlemen who are going to help us with our bags.”

Betty widened her eyes at Veronica. What happened to stranger danger?

“Don’t worry, they’re from the States too, so no language barrier. They’re taking the other three beds in our room.”

“Well well well, would you look at these tall drinks of water.” Cheryl crooned. She dropped her duffel dramatically and hooked her arms with the redheaded boy and the tall, handsome Asian boy standing next to him. The third boy leaned against the wall, as if waiting for this whole interaction to end. His small beanie could barely  confine the thick locks of black hair underneath.

Betty was still trying to figure out just how Veronica had managed make friends in the two minutes that they’d been separated. The redhead lifted Veronica’s bags and headed toward the stairs at the front of the building.

“Wait for me, Archiekins.” Veronica winked at her friend and followed the well-built boy to the stairs. “I’ll get the door for you.”

Cheryl had clearly already claimed her pack mule, gesturing to her bags that she’d dropped earlier. “Betty, don’t be silly, he’ll carry my bags the rest of the way.”

The pair disappeared up the stairs and Betty was left with the third mysterious stranger.

“Well, that was weird.” The boy pushed off the wall and sauntered over to where Betty stood. He nodded toward Betty’s luggage. “Need any help with those?”

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