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It’s the anniversary of probably my favourite cosgroup ever: our Princess and the Frog cosplay!
I love how pretty we all look and I was really pleased with the costume!
💖= Princess of Procrastination Cosplay
👸🏽= Gathering Storm Cosplay
🔮= That Tall Cosplay Guy
🐸= Rick on a Stick Cosplay
📷= Robert John Parker Photography

Art Class

Hey! I love your account it makes my day every time you post something!

I just started college and I met this Korean guy in one of my classes. I was instantly attracted to him and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him most of the class. Since it was our first day of class the professor let us leave early and as soon as he gets up I’m done with life. I’m like 5'8 and I find it hard to find tall guys that I’m actually interested in, so when he stood up and was around 5'5 I was disappointed. The whole time I was thinking to myself there’s no way a guy like him is going to like some tall girl with a big afro. So I leave class and I decide not to approach the guy.

Even though I had decided not to approach him. I was still interested in him. He draws extremely well and most days I would glance over at him most of class. We have a another class together in a lecture hall and one day when leaving class I notice that he left his pencil bag under his desk. I grab it but when I try to go after him I’m trapped in by the large crowd in front of me leaving the room. I end up not finding him after running after him. I decide to give it to him the next day in the drawing class we have together.

The next day I woke up with all kinds of butterflies in my stomach. When I get to the class I put my stuff down at the drawing horse next to him. I pull out the pencil bag and tap him on the shoulder. I had to ask him the question twice because the first time I asked he just stared into my face lol. The second time he gasps and stands up quickly to say thank you. After saying it a couple times more he asks where I found it and introduces himself smiling. Smiling back I introduce myself but before we can talk more the professor begins class. The whole time I could feel him glancing over and I couldn’t wipe this stupid grin off my face.

So we didn’t speak for two days after that. I was really bummed. I could have spoken to him but I couldn’t bring myself to.

At the involvement fair I signed up for this club I really wanted to be involved with but the meeting started at 9 and ended at 11 and I couldn’t find anyone to walk with me there and back. I really can’t stand walking alone at night freaks me out bad.

So after class I got 10 seconds of courage and asked him if minded going with me. Smiling he agreed to go with me and walk with me there. We exchanged numbers and his hands were shaky. He said he’ll call me and we waved goodbye.

Once again I had this ugly grin on my face that lasted most of the day. He told me to meet him outside the dorm at 8 and I got there at exactly 8. He was already waiting outside when I got there and started walking together towards where the club meeting was.

On the way there we talked about how we were adjusting to school. He’s from South Korea and his English isn’t that great. He says he’s afraid to talk to people because he doesn’t want them to get frustrated with him. I was surprised because I didn’t have issues with it and couldn’t imagine anyone else actually being upset with him.

The other half was him teasing me I ended up having us going the wrong way and he had to lead us the right way. When we got there the room was pretty empty aside from upperclassmen working on homework. So we just sat there and he showed me his Korean drawing book. While I did that he found a drawing pen and began using the this drawing tablet in the room. He drew like a pro while I couldn’t draw squat. The people from the club eventually came in and started the meeting. We stayed for another hour and then left early. It wasn’t really what I expected, but I appreciated that he went with me.

He walked me back to the dorm and we talked outside for like 15 min before I actually went inside. We talked about goals we have and hearing how passionate about it he was made me like him even more. Even if we don’t date or something like that I’m glad we met. I feel like I’ve made a good friend if anything.

Dating Johnny would include:

- “be there or be square, and nobody wants to be square”
- “johnny stfu”
- lots! of! hugs!
- he’s the type to squeeze you when you guys hug
- sometimes you’re like “ew get off me” and sometimes you’ll melt into the hug
- y'all i’m already crying i loVE JOHNNY. SM LET HIM DEBUT
- him towering over you (unless you’re tall then you guys can both be giants 2gether <3 )
- “lol you’re so short”
- “fuck you johnny”
- “fuck you? ok if you insist babe ;))))”
- “no johnny what the heck”
- sorry y'all
- traveling around the world together because it’s on your bucket lists!!!
- like you guys travel to a different country every two or three months
- picnic dates
- which leads to food fights
- which leads to make out sessions
- is that weird or does that happen
- fashion evaluation
- “what are you wearing- no take that off right now”
- “i’m not taking off this jacket now lets go”
- “i refuse to go out with you wearing that”
- “i guess i’m getting pizza by myself”
- “wait no i’m coming”
- i’m joking he’ll think you’re beautiful/handsome in anything that you wear
- hugs you while you guys are sleeping
- just imagining that makes me wa nna cry the thirst for johnny is re a l
- at home movie dates
- watching horror movies and commenting on everything
- “yellow and green together? what was she thinking”
- “istg if you don’t stfu i will shove popcorn down your throat”
- his contact name is “jhonny” just because
- him pulling lyric pranks on you
- and you doing the same to him
- him sending snapchats telling you what he’s doing every second
- “so i’m now heading to the gym and i kinda wish you were with me because i miss your face anyways-”
- putting his hair into ponytails or braids
- him braiding/playing with your hair
- pillow talks
- “sometimes i wonder why you’re dating me, but then i realize i am johnny seo aka the greatest person alive so then i stop questioning myself”
- “i can’t with you sometimes babe”
- ok but seriously-
- when you guys have pillow talks it’s a time for both of you to be vulnerable and you guys talk about your feelings and just get super deep
- or you guys have a discussion about why mice are attracted to the scent of cheese or why the color blue is called the color blue

overall dating johnny would be one hell of a ride since he seems like such a spontaneous guy. he’s more of the type to have a “friend-type” of relationship when it comes to dating, since he’s more of a chill and laid back type of person, but there will be times where he does show affection and you learn to cherish those moments just like the other moments you have with him.

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I love my boyfriend so much, he's handsome and sweet and makes up horrible puns to make me laugh when I'm feeling sad. I thought I was a straight girl when we first started dating, but over the last year I realized that I'm bi, and he's been so supportive and understanding. I know it's a geeky thing to say, but he reminds me of Shiro; they look kind of similar (they're both tall, athletic Asian guys), they're both very sweet and caring, natural leader types, and they have the same warm smiles <3

tbh each time people tell me that they came out and were accepted by their loved ones i just straight up go “!!!!!”, my crops are flourishing, my skin is clear, i’m so Glad. he sounds like such a cutie, a relationship like this is worth so much. you guys keep on being happy and cute 


i didnt think i would ever see luke standing on his toes, trying to be taller than someone