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  • Hinata:What position are you??
  • Kenma:Hrmm... setter...
  • Hinata:Really?! You're kinda completely different from our setter! Ours is a guy that gives off more of a a "grrrr" feeling! But the way, I'm a middle blocker!!!
  • Kenma:Huh...
  • Hinata:It's really weird, don't you think? Middle blocker is a position played by tall guys, after all.
  • Kenma:Yeah... well, it's true, but not really. When I go to games, they say that a lot about me, too. The setter is a position for people with the highest level of ability, so why is this guy in that spot? And stuff like that. Sports aren't particularly my forte, either...
  • Hinata:Huh... hey! Is your school strong?!
  • Kenma:Hmm, I wonder. Apparently they were strong in the past, but they went into decline at one point... still, lately, I think we're strong.
Their girlfriend is 5′7-5′8 (174cm-175cm) (NCT 127)

WinWin: -he was told by many people that you were a taller girl but it’s nothing he really cared about- “um yeah I guess she’s kinda tall”

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Mark: -you guys were the same height and no one was sure if either of you were done growing yet. He liked it mainly- “I mean it’s cool her and eye can look each other right in the eyes’

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Jaehyun: -he was tall himself. He never cared much for your height, he liked you for you mainly- “I mean she’s taller but who cares I like her the way she is”

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Taeyong: -he never really mentioned how tall you were so when the guys met you they thought you looked completely different. You were still cool though- “I mean I didn’t think her height matted so I didn’t mention it but I guess it can throw off someone’s image a bit”

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Yuta: -he liked it a lot, mainly because you never were phased by your height- “baby you look really pretty today”

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Haechan: -you were taller than him. He didn’t mind though you guys were happy together no matter what- *gif*

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Taeil: -many people pointed out that it didn’t take much for you to be taller than him. A pair of heels made him look tiny to you- “people notice how close in height we are in height?”

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Old barn above Haweswater. by Alan
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Taken from the Old Corpse Road, which isn’t really a road but a path that crosses from valley to valley.

  • James did not really give a particular attention to that tall guy in induction. They had been introducing themselves several times in many classes and yet, he did not manage to really catch his name.
  • Remus Lupin was his name. At least, he thinks it’s Remus Lupin. They haven’t interacted much even though they sat next to each other once in class. Except that one time they talked. It was at the end of the first day of induction. Everyone was tired and just wanted to go home. James doesn’t really remember what they said to each other other that it was witty and he had gone back home with a nice feeling in his belly.
  • Finally, after almost two full weeks of courses (then work separating them), they started talking and were suddenly friends. James absolutely llved every second he got to spend with Remus, the laughs they shared, the looks passing between them.
  • He adored that Remus found him funny even if his joke was like the worst. He likes that Remus somehow always catches him doing something stupid or embarassing and manages to make that into a joke for the Two of them to laugh about. He loves that Remus shares Those Looks with him when someone is being an asshole. He loves that there’s only him and Remus in the class who love maths. He loves even when they are sitting apart, they always manage to catch each other’s eye. At some point, James considers that he might be crushing. Hard. Okay well it’s not even considering but just confirming when Remus just blinks and laughs his full belly laugh.
  • Now things are fine. As fine as they coud be when he’s crushing on his friend. But then come the time for the class to split in two and James really does not want that to happen. Remus gets morning classes while he gets the afternoon classes. That is the worst because tehy can’t see each other at work and they only had school. Now even that is gone. They only have two weeks before the split come into effect and James can’t help but feel their time is counted.
  • They end up going to the supermarket in the neighbourhood one day (cause of one Blessed day with a long break) along with some friends. They are walking really close and their hands keep brushing against each other and James can’t help but be super aware of that. He thinks Remus might be lingering a bit but he’s not sure.
  • The others are buying some food and suddenly it’s just the two of them. They are in the snacks’ shelves and starngely tehy are the only one there. Standing on on his toes to pick some chips, James struggles to reach them. Just then, Remus swoops in with his incredibly long limbs and just /casually/ picks the snack.
  • But that does not matter because now they are standing very close and without even knowing how or when, James fins his hand on Remus cheek and his thumb stroking the other boy’s cheekbone.
  • “Can I, please?”
  • “What kiss me? God yes please”
  • Then the next second they are kissing in the middle of a supermarket while their friends are waiting outside. It should be the worst and awkward but instead, it’s the best. And neither James nor Remus can’t stop smiling. 

bias tag~

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1. who was your first female bias?
-Hani 😍

2. who was your first male bias?
-Its been sehun since the beginning of time i laugh

3. who are your current biases (other than those listed above)?
-There are so many but Jaehyun, Jungkook and Kibum

4. in the entire kpop industry, who is closest to your ideal type?
-Okay ngl i just like tall guys who either look badass but are actual dorks or the ones who are just genuine embodiment of sunshine so basically sehun, chanyeol and jaehyun

5. have you ever attended any kpop concert / fanmeeting / fan sign?
-no *cries*

6. if yes, which group / artist? how was the experience? ❌

7. which group /artist would you like to see live?
-EXO!! I honestly wouldn’t ask for anything more i just wanna see my babies live ):

8. how did you get into kpop?
-One fine day i was on youtube watching a bunch of anime crap and all and came across this crack compilation lmao and there was this shinee song so i searched it up and kinda liked it and i kept looking through all these kpop vids then i clicked on the growl mv and bruh….i was sold.

9. who are your OTPs?
-Theres too many but mainly:
Sebaek, kaisoo, xiuchen, taekook, jaeyong, sulay, jongkey, baekxing, chansoo, sexing

10. when did you start to ship them?
-I don’t even know man it just happened as all the gay blinded me (i mean have you seen sebaek im so-)

11. whats your favourite fanfic genre?
-Any sorta au’s are life especially fantasy or horror ones, nasty ass smut lmao and tooth rotting fluff bye (angst makes me cry okay?!)

12. what’s your favourite music genre?
Tbh i listen to everything and nothing. The musics good? Imma listen to that shit *plays ring ding dong* class 👌🏼

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Sorry we couldn't get a good look because they had the entire part of small area blocked off last night. I talked to someone and they said a tall guy and red head lady were there but maybe those are stand-ins? Not entirely sure, I left because there's no point in trying to snoop around in the middle of the night plus my camera phone is terrible.

Lord have mercy! A tall guy??? 

Ok when I was there on Monday, people were walking right past the shoot, nothing was blocked off. OMFG they totally have a Quarrie scene up their sleeve, don’t they???

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