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May I submit mai historic husbando Captain James Cook? Incredible explorer, drawer of maps that were so accurate, folks were still using them in the 20th century. Yes I know he screwed up big time on his third voyage and such. But let’s remember his earlier missions where he did try to be kind to native people. He was a tall guy, quite modest and softly spoken…and he looked good in uniform!

Spencer Reid x Reader *smut*

Morgan had dragged Spencer and YN to the club, being the only current singles on the team. Rossi may be “single” but he was definitely seeing someone.

Morgan had left the group within 5 minutes of them entering. YN urged Spencer to join but eventually she gave up and joined a large group of people on the dance floor.

“Hey,” Spencer turns to face a pretty brunette. “Why you alone?”

“I’m actually not. My friends are dancing.” The woman smiles and nods.

“Friends are great aren’t they?” She nods to a group of horny girls grinding on some of the horny guys in the club.

“What the hell?” Spencer coughs. One of the women was YN. Her hair a wild mess and she rubs up on a tall buff guy. Spencer swallows. YN’s black dress inches further up her waist, revealing her smooth legs. The guy strokes his hand up and down them.

“One of your friends?” The girl asks. She teases at the friend part. It’s even obvious to a complete stranger that Spencer likes YN. He clenches his fist as the guy’s hands wander. The woman takes her drink and goes laughing, leaving Spencer a bit bothered. It that was him… he feels pressure in his pants. Dammit.

YN reaches up and kisses the guy passionately on the lips. That’s when Spencer has had it.


“Hey man!” The guy you had been dancing with yells. Spencer shoved him off of you. He grabs your wrist.

“What the hell Spence?” Spencer’s eyes burn with something you can’t quite place. You’ve never seen it on him before. Spencer pulls you toward the bathrooms. “What the hell Spence?”

Instead of answering Spencer plows open the bathroom door and shoves you inside. He slams the door shut and locks it.

“Spencer?!” You start to yell but his body plows into yours, shoving you into the cold tile wall.

“Dammit YN.” Spencer growls and he smashes his face with yours. At first you are stunned but you sink into the kiss. His tongue licks around your lips asking for access. You gasp as his tongue collides with yours.

“Spencer!” You gasp loudly as he pulls your body closer to his. One hand on your hip the other in your hair. “Oh God!”

Spencer moans as his kisses make their way down your neck. You hold on to him for dear life, clawing at his back. Before you actually comprehend what has happened Spencer gotten down to his knees, his head at your center. He pulls up your black dress to your stomach. He rolls his tongue around it, kissing every so often. You moan loudly as warmth spreads through your legs. This encourages the fire within your usually so gentle coworker. He presses his finger along your clothed clit. You remove one hand from the wall and shove his face closer. You need him now. Spencer smirks at you, your panties moisten. Spencer moves his finger around the lace panty and start to make circles around your sensitive spot.

“Fuck me Spence!” You plea. Spencer refuses to give in so soon. He strips your underwear and licks along the outside of your lips. “Oh!”

You moan loudly as Spencer’s tongue finally comes in direct contact with your throbbing womanhood. He moves fast, side to side, you are on the very edge when he stops. Your knees about to give in as you pant heavily.

He stands back up. You gasp as he kisses you hard, his hands find your breasts over your dress. You can taste yourself on him and it turns you on. You reach for Spencer’s pants, slowly you stroke the bulge clearly evident through them. Spencer groans into your mouth.

“YN!” Spencer gasps as you find your way through his pants to grasp his length. You slowly stroke it up and down. Spencer pulls his pants down to his knees, done with the teasing.

“Yes!” You yell before he even has a chance to ask. With one easy stroke Spencer fills you. He starts to thrust, slowly at first. As he increases speed the knot in your stomach grows. The sound of skin smacking together and your heavy breathing bringing you closer. A tingle expand throughout your body. Spencer stops again right before you reach your climax, never letting you come, making you beg for more. He turns you so you face the wall. His dominance strikes you. He fucks you from behind, filling you in a different, sexier kind of way. His balls smack your clit loudly. If anyone was listening to this you were screwed, but you didn’t even care.

“Spencer! Spencer! Spence! Ahh! Oh God!” You yell with each thrust. Spencer grunts repeatedly before you feel his whole body start to shake. He explodes his cum inside you.

“Ahhhhh!” You shake violently on his cock as you finally reach your end. You squirt on Spencer’s cock.

Your activity leaves you both breathless.

“YN, I…” Spencer starts as he comes to reality. He pulls his sticky member out of you and backs away. He pulls up his pants quickly. You still stand with your panties down and your legs dripping. A wide smile spreads across your features.

“Damn.” You whisper barely loud enough to here. Spencer smirks a bit self consciously.

You yank up your panties and wipe off your legs with a paper towel before you start to open the door.

“You guys are loud.” Derek Morgan states in disbelief when he sees its you. He stands resting against the opposite wall.   He walks past you into the bathroom and closes the door. You turn to Spencer wide eyed. He mouth hangs agape.

“Let’s go before this gets even more awkward. You take Spencer’s hand and lead him out of the club.

“Where are we going?” Spencer asks once you reach your car.

“Back to my place to do that again.” You laugh. Spencer blushes as he gets in your car and you speed home. This is gonna be a damn good night. You both think.

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Solas loves being the little spoon

I feel like this is probably true tbh bc let me let you in on a secret- ive never met a tall guy who doesnt like this. I am a tall guy and being the little spoon sometimes esp if its not often, is so good. 10/10 v soft and comforting.
-mod wolf


terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.

Paul Van Haver aka Stromae

Height: 6′5″

Most Famous For: Belgian singer, rapper, and songwriter

Suggestion Credit: Anonymous


One span.. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Still short of photo’s, so another shot of Knaresborough’s viaduct.


Green Crag quarry Bothy. by Alan
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The old bothy has lost the top of it’s chimney since I was last there.. :-) Looking along Warnscale Bottom.

anyway here’s the best omake in the entire series