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Imagine being a dying angel's pregnant surrogate

You are a human who’s living alone in the countryside away from any human contact. You did this because you hated being near people for too long plus you love the fresh air and wide green open lands. However, you sometimes do feel lonely from time to time.

At one evening when you were walking home buying things you need from a nearby town, you suddenly heard someone screaming amidst a tall grass field. You ran and followed to where the screams are coming from. When you reach to where the screams are, you are shocked to find a beautiful angel with pure white wings in the middle of the field all battered and wounded and crying from pain, one of their wings had been ripped of their feathers. What caught your attention the most, however, was their hugely rounded belly. They were pregnant, you realized as you rush over to them.

The moment the angel saw you, they begged you with their dying breath to save the child(ren) in their belly by being their surrogate. They explained that they are a race of angels that had been hunted for centuries and the child(ren) they bear is one of the last remaining few left and part of the reason why they had been attacked but they tell you that their pursuers can never find their child(ren) if they are growing inside the belly of a human surrogate. You agreed without a second thought while the angels places their hands over your stomach, chanting an incantation to transfer their child(ren) into your womb.

Suddenly, your stomach starts to glow a soft light and it doesn’t take long for you to feel a warm sensation of something heavy growing inside you. You watched in amazement as your stomach swells immensely while the angel’s starts to flatten. When it’s over, you look as if you’re months pregnant. As you rubbed your stomach softly, enjoying the firm, heavy roundness, you look up to the angel and felt saddened. They had died from using every ounce of energy they had for the transfer. You promised them with a saddened heart to care for their young while their body starts to fade. After the angel disappears, you walked home quietly, rubbing your pregnant belly thinking that you will never be lonely anymore and your life as a pregnant surrogate will be an enjoyable one

00:00:00 Soulmate AU (unpaid-protector)


Alfred sat in the tall grass of the field. He’d been watching the people from a distance, but had soon gotten distracted once again by the numbers that ticked away on his wrist. Arthur had explained it, and told him not to worry about them, but they didn’t make sense really. Chewing his cheek, he looked up again, when he heard someone not to far off from him where he was sitting. Dropping his sleeve, he jumped up to greet her happily. She looked new. 

TSDF Exclusive! Summary of Episode 5.15 “Try”

A big thanks to our sources who sent our previous Q&A and today’s summary.

(Night time) The episode starts off with Deanna’s family mourning over the loss of Aiden. Deanna plays a CD called ‘Run Mix’. A song plays while the shot changes to Betty Crocker aka Carol. She’s making a casserole and thinking of something to write on a card. She sees Sam peeping through her window. (You can’t have cookies all day, every day Sam!)

Sasha grabs her handy dandy rifle and shoots a walker heading towards the community gates. 

Deanna finds the casserole on her door with a note that says. “I’m truly sorry for your loss.” Deanna leaves the casserole and burns the note inside. Deanna gives no fucks about sympathy casseroles and notes.

While trudging through a tall field of grass, Daryl shoots a walker. Aaron comments that there are more of them around than there used to be, but doesn’t know if any people are.  Daryl points towards a light in the distance and responds, “Someone is.” They look at it from a distance and then the camera zooms in on it. Roll credits. 

Deanna is watching a recording of Nicholas telling his side (lies) of the story of what happened during the supply run. Nicholas says that Aiden was shooting at a walker, but Glenn distracted him. He says the others wanted to run, but Nicholas was going to stay. (You lying prick.) While this is going on, Glenn is telling Rick what actually happened. 

Rick explains to Glenn that the community can’t look after themselves and they shouldn’t answer to Deanna’s rules. Hmm. Does someone want to reinstate the Ricktatorship? Glenn disagrees. Rick spots a balloon in a lake and walks off. 

Rick goes to greet Carol, who is watching Jessie and her boys. Carol explains that Sam locks himself in a closet when Pete gets into one of his rages. She says that Sam once found Jessie outside unconscious and bleeding while Pete just sat on the porch. (Pete = Super Porchdick) Rick asks why she cares. Carol explains that if walkers hadn’t got Ed, she wouldn’t be standing here. Rick responds, “Yeah, you would.”

Rick stares at a red balloon that’s tied to a toy boat belonging to Sam. Porchdick Pete comes up behind him. Rick ignores him and then after a while turns around and gives Pete an intense eyefuck before saying, “Just walk away/keep walking.” Pete is confused and all like WTF? He walks away and the camera pans down to Rick holding his gun behind his leg.

Michonne wakes up and appears to be contemplating whether or not to wear her uniform. Rosita enters and says Tara is hanging on in stable condition. She says Sasha is missing after her night shift. They go search for her in the woods. 

Rick and Deanna have a chat by four graves. He tells Deanna that there is a problem with Pete. Deanna responds with, “I thought it would get better.” Rick wants to separate Pete or he will kill him. Deanna says she will exile him if it comes down to it. Rick says there are times when you get to decide who lives. Deanna responds by saying she wouldn’t kill Rick, but would send him away.

Carl finds Enid in the woods. After some conversation, they start running and playing. Glenn tells Nicholas not to go outside anymore. How about you just stay in the house, Nicholas? Carl asks Enid about her mom. A group of walkers approach so they hide in a hollowed out tree. Carl brushes her hand and almost kisses her. Carl is stepping up his game!

Nicholas digs for a buried gun. (He should be digging for some truth!)

Sasha is on the prowl in the woods and shoots some walkers. Rosita and Michonne find her and help her take out a large group of walkers. Michonne kills a walker that knocks Sasha down.

Daryl and Aaron stumble across a cut up walker. Its torso is missing. They also find a naked woman tied to a tree, with her guts hanging out. There’s a W carved into her head. Daryl says it didn’t happen long ago. That’s your cue to get the hell out of there, guys.

Rick tells Jessie he will help her. She refuses and walks off. 

Rick is walking through the community and seems to be uneasy about all the normality surrounding him. (Kids playing, people reading and talking). He walks into Jessie’s house, who is almost hysterical. She asks what he’s doing. Rick says that Sam asked for a gun to protect himself. After some talking, Jessie accepts help. Pete enters and asks Rick to leave. Pete starts to get angry and swings at Rick. They start fighting and barrel right through the front room window.(Nobody puts Baby in a corner)

A group of walkers head towards the gates. Looking throug her scope, Sasha notices people running, The fight continues! Alexandria residents begin rushing toward the fight to spectate. (Hopefully they grabbed some popcorn and refreshments) Sam is hiding behind Carol. Jessie tries to pull away Pete, while Carl tries to do the same with Rick. Pete whacks Jessie in the head. Rick has Pete in a chokehold. He has the upper hand and could kill Porchdick Pete, but Deanna breaks it up; shouting at them to stop. Rick pulls his gun (shit just got real) on Deanna and the other ASZ members. In a fit of Rick rage, he shouts at the residents, expressing that they don’t have a clue what they are doing. This whole time Sasha is shooting walkers from the bell tower that are banging on the walls. Rick says, “You fight or you die, I’m not going to stand by…” and BOOM, gets knocked out by Michonne. Rick, you just got MichOWNED! 

Note: the information is correct at the time of posting.  As always, anything can change by the time we see it on tv.

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I tried on the skin of a new goddess, I wove flowers in my hair and planted corn and carrots, soft leafy lettuce, I smiled with a garnet red mouth and I told myself I was half made of sun.

I spent hours laying in tall grass fields feeling the earth beat below me and I told myself the absence of silence was right. I was devoted. I was a faithful devotee to the love of things that grew, and I believed that love was something you could plant and watch flourish.

I grew backwards. Softer. I became naive, and sweeter, nectar behind my ears.

A year of this and Artemis found me choking on seeds. She slapped me on the back, hard enough for bruises and I coughed up a mess of fruit and broken promises. “You never liked pomegranates anyways,” she says.