Guys, let's start romanticizing tall girls.

Like all those ladies who have to lean down to kiss their boys.
All the tall girls who are able to pick up and spin around their girlfriends.
All the tall girls who wear heels and tower over their friends.
Tall girls with big feet and long legs.
Ladies with huge hips and thighs to support their tall bodies.
Skinny tall girls. Chubby tall girls.
Tall trans women
Girls who smack their heads on EVERYTHING.
Tall girls who spend hours trying to find clothes that fit them properly with their unique sizings.
Short girls are considered so cute and compact, let’s take a second to love on our tall ladies.

Can we maybe protect the tall girls, the ones who feel like they’re not feminine enough because of their height?

The ones who are painfully aware that they can change their weight, their face, their clothes, but can never change their height.

The ones who are represented in the media as either models or jokes, never just people with feelings.

The ones who get two different types of messages on dating sites, “were you born female?” and “I want you to crush me”, rarely just a simple “hello”.

The ones who feel like everyone else gets represented in ‘different types of women’ posts, but they’re always left out.

We might look imposing and like we can handle ourselves, but some of us just feel like lost kittens who need a little back up sometimes. Because like I said, we’re people too, with and sometimes we feel like people forget that.

Tall black girls with long legs are beautiful, you are appreciated.

I’m talm bout the girls 5,8 and up that men talk shit to cause they’re intimidated by that version of beauty, cause it scares them to tell a tall girl she’s beautiful, IM NOT DISSING YOU SHORTYS (girls 5,8 and below I’m 6,0 btw) but it’s always Short girl appreciation, y'all reblog this if you want to let tall black girls know that there are beautiful

Being a tall woman doesn’t make you less feminine

Being a tall woman doesn’t make you less attractive

Being a tall woman doesn’t make you undesirable


It’s hard being a tall girl when you look at small girls and know no matter how much you diet and/or work out that it’s physically impossible to be dainty and small like them, to have that tiny waist, cuz your bones are twice their size. And you watch guys drape their arms around the low shoulders of their girlfriends, and you know you’d need to find an even bigger giant than you to have that.. It just makes me sad. It’s so hard to feel “feminine” when feminine is considered small and dainty, and you’re built the way you are.

Important announcement for short boys:
- y'all are ok
- you shouldn’t be taller
-not every guy is gonna pick on you because of your height
-and even if they do just kick them in the balls
-you are attractive
-yes there are plenty of boys and girls that don’t care about height
- usually they are the taller ones btw so don’t get scared to talk to them
- actually don’t get scared at talking to any girl/boy at all
- cuz you are all valid
- you are handsome
- you are cute
- and you are all hot
- y'all are ok just the way you are
- keep rockin'