tall girl rants

This is the bollocks I don’t like.
Like why?
What’s wrong with a tall woman being with someone shorter?
Kevin Hart is in a relationship with a taller woman.
Pharrell’s wife is taller than him and still wears heels.
Nicole Kidman was taller than Tom Cruise.
Katie Holmes was taller than Tom.
Basically everyone Tom has been with was taller than him.
Rod Stewart would look at his wife’s nipples before he looked UP at her face (Penny Lancaster).

Why does no one see that short guy and tall girl also works?
If there’s one thing you should take from celebrities other than whatever they’re famous for, it’s the fact that they don’t give a rats ass if their wives are taller than them.

Open letter to tall girls that complain about short girls “stealing” all the tall guys:

Ummm…I’m sorry, what century is this?!?!
No one can “steal” anyone else because no one belongs to anyone else. No, you do not have dibs on tall guys. You do not get “first pick” on tall guys because they. don’t. belong. to. you. It seems you have forgotten that relationships require BOTH parties to be interested in each other. Have you ever thought that the tall guys and short girls you see got together because they actually like each other and not because short girls have some weird vendetta against you?

Maybe you can’t get a tall guy to like you because he doesn’t like your crappy attitude and your creepy archaic ideas that he must be with you because you’re both tall. Grow up.


A short girl that thinks short guys are cool too

This actually makes me so mad. I am 6'2 and I’ve met boys taller than me, that’s for sure, but yeah, um, they all date short girls and not one of them gives me a second glance. The way this is worded like we’re “meant” to be short. Oh yeah, so I can dunk on you in basketball but I have to be shorter and submissive to you, I can’t be taller than you GOD FORBID. Yeah, I get that it’s supposed to be cute and like awww but really? There’s all these posts that say for every tall guy there’s a short girl and yeah, its true! The world is abundant with short women. Don’t tall girls get to dream about having their Prince Charming be taller than them? A lot of tall girls want tall guys too, so why do they get the short end of the stick? YES I WOULD LOVE A TALL GUY and people are always like you have high standards you can’t be picky. Who says I can’t? Is it just because I tower over you and I love to wear heels does not mean that you just get to say that I should be happy with what guys look my way and not go for the ones I want? OH THAT’S RIGHT because they’re all dating girls who are 5ft. I’m sorry to the person that posted this, I found this on google images and I get that you were trying to be cute but by the same point it just angers me that you had to generalize that people were “meant” to be shorter or taller than a person. Maybe I was meant to be taller than the general population so I could beat their faces in? The fact is, tall girls get cats. And if they find a tall guy, he lives in Australia and he’s older than you and on the Internet. Tall girls get handed the short end of the stick because it’s an insult to men if they have a woman who is taller, they feel less like a man. If that’s how they’re gonna be and stick with the small girls, bring on the cats. I’m ready.

Tall Girl Appreciation

Thought I might make this post for my lovely willowy girls out there.
Being. Tall. Is. Not. A. Restriction.
Omg listen to me. Being short does not equal femininity. You have as much femininity as you want. Being short does not equal being cute. You are still cute as almighty hell!! I’m 5'9 and let me tell you right now my boyfriend is either exactly the same height as me or maybe a half inch shorter. Aye, but guess what? He don’t care. Your height shouldn’t matter. And the sad thing is, most of us tall girls were taught to be insecure about our height. There were people who told me “no guy wants a girl taller than him” and “wear flats to homecoming, you don’t need to be any taller.” It’s so sad. If it were up to us, we wouldn’t care about our height! And if you really do care that much, there are hella guys in the 6 foot and over club, girl do not fret. You are gonna be so envied and loved and fierce. You wear those 6 inch heels and give the middle finger to anyone who says you shouldn’t! They just jealous cause they know your legs are gonna be looking too fab in that dress and heels. You are not a giant. You are not a Sasquatch. You are a fucking beautiful ass creature who just so happens to be tall. And guess what? You are gonna OWN THAT SHIT.

Falling Shelves

Brett was just going to run in the store, buy the groceries on the list Satomi made, and get out of there as fast as he could. But the universe had other plans because here he is in one of the food aisles mesmerized by the only other person in the aisle, which happens to be a very cute, short girl reaching for something on the top shelf. What is she, like maybe 5 feet tall at most? Oh god, she’s going to pull the shelf over.

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So im not really upset, Im just really confused. I was at work and my coworkers were asking me about my height and dating. So me begin 6'6" they assumed i tower over every girl i met which is true. But someone asked me if i would date a girl who was like my height or even remotely close. So without hesitation i said yeah. Then everyone flipped out like me dating someone really tall was a issue. Like theres some type of social acceptable height for a guy my height. I would love to meet a girl my height , but i doubt thats ever gonna happen. I think people make it really hard for tall people to comfortably be in a relationship. I already get treated like some type of science experiment that just keep on growing ,and adding someone else thats freakishly tall is supposed to make that worst. Im definitely up for the challenge. Im not the type of guy to only date a girl based of her height but i definitely have a soft spot for the tall ones. but I’m pretty sure every girl over 5'10" in america only come out to see the sun on the 29th of February. Anyway , i wish tall relationships weren’t unimaginable to people. Tall people lets keep the faith. Im sure theres another long legged individual out there for us.