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I don’t know if there’s a certain number of followers your supposed to have before making a follow forever, but I hit 500 last night and there are some great blogs I wanna show some love to, so here are some great blogs that I would highly recommend following.Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my blog. I really hope I haven’t forgotten anyone so if you are not on here, please don’t take it personally. I love you all.

First I’m gonna get a bit sappy

  • @brandoncarlo : ok, for real, if you are not following stevie, please go fix your life and do that rn. One of my fav people on here, honestly. 10/10 content, hilarious posts, great gifs, just amazing. 
  • @carey-pric31ess : just really sweet. posts some of the best selfies i’ve ever seen. one of the first blogs i followed when i joined tumblr. just great.
  • @icing-on-the-rink : if you are particularly interested in women’s hockey, this is the blog for you to follow to keep up-to-date on everything. I probably wouldn’t know what’s going on half the time if not for this blog.
  • @halli-krzyzaniak : hockey + supergirl + just being really awesome and super helpful. 
  • @kingandli0nheart / @unofficialriveters : she’s almost as cool as amanda kessel, doesn’t care about your opinion of tall girls in heels. amazing blog, amazing person. 
  • @knighters-pride : might love erica kromm more than i do and i’m a little threatened by that tbh, but anyone who appreciates erica kromm is obviously a cool person. 10/10 would recommend 
  • @mywitfailsme / @mywitfailsme-hockey : another great follow for women’s hockey. honestly one of the best people on here. 
  • @unofficialbuffalobeauts : unofficial isobel cup champion. one of my fav blogs to see on my dash. 
  • @yolowoho : just, the best? like, i don’t know if there are even words, really. just amazing. woho and social justice, and just, a really really nice blog, and a really really nice person. i’ve learned so much from this blog. if you aren’t following, go fix that rn immediately. 

Suffering Canucks Fam who i love with all my heart

Other amazing blogs

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Again, if I missed anyone, I am very sorry. It is not a reflection of what I think of you at all. 

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for making hockey tumblr one of my favourite places on the internet ♥♥♥♥♥

Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire

Height: 6′3″

Most Famous For: English video blogger and radio personality, best known for his YouTube channel, danisnotonfire

Suggestion Credit: Anonymous

It’s All About The Height:

When it comes to us short sisters, we try to make ourselves higher up in the world as much as we can. We try different pieces of clothing to elongate our legs, wear high heels till we fall, and put buns on top of our heads to make the illusion that our heads are closer to the ceiling than they really are.

But we are going to let you in on some secrets on how to really elongate your legs without seeming too obvious.

1.The higher the heel the better; and even cuter in our opinion-

You can never go wrong with a cute heel or wedge that is not only stylish but also adds some height to your numbers. Choose a style that works best for you, no matter how tall it might be, but don’t hurt yourself.

2. Match It-

Although you may want to go for that hot pink pump for style, a neutral color may help you look taller. By having something on you that blends into your skin tone, but also adds height makes you look event taller. Double Win.

3. High-Waisted-

When rocking the high-waisted jeans, skirts, shorts, etc you can know that you are elongating your legs. One fabric cropping your body higher up as opposed to low rise will make your legs seem sky high.

4. Monochromatic-

Lucky for you this style is so in right now. So rock your killer new jumper or romper because wearing an outfit that’s all one color will extend your entire silhouette, giving your legs that runway-ready look.

5. Bronzed Beauty-

A little bronzer never hurt nobody. Splash a little on your legs for color and dimension before that gorgeous tan goes away…some use it to show fake abs, we use it for height.

As Nicole Richie once said “It’s not easy being 5’1. There is an entire world up there that I don’t know about.”



To the short girl: Not to (completely) climb down your throat, but SHUT UP. You may be feel like you’re only inches away from the plight of the tall woman, but you’re not. You’re a million miles away. Being shorter than your boyfriend/husband is ingrained in every girl from birth. I can’t count how many movies where the male is taller than his female counterpart. They even skew height differences to make it appear as if the male is taller, as in Iron Man. In every shot that Tony and Pepper are standing next to each other, she’s barefoot and he’s wearing shoes with a thick heel because Gwyneth Paltrow is 5’ 11" and RD Jr. is only 5’ 8". The only show that I can think of off the top of my head that’s the opposite is Love Com, an anime with a 5’ 6" (later 5’ 8") girl and a 5’ 2" boy. Throughout the entire show, she is called a freak. Basically, every comment towards her is about her height. When she confesses to the short boy, he laughs in her face, thinking its joke because even in Japan, boys are taught to date girls shorter than them and girls to date boys taller than them. As a 5’ 11.5" tall girl myself, this stuff hits home. I’ve had numerous guys cite my height as the reason why they would not date me, regardless of whether they were 5’ 9" to 6’ 3". It’s not exactly easy to weather a world that’s not tailored to my height and gender. 

You said you didn’t want a height war, but then you came to a tall girl blog and told us not to feel the way society has conditioned us to feel. Not to mention you bragged about how great it is to be a short girl because you get called “cute” and how easy it is for you to find guys 1 ft(30 cm) taller than you. I don’t know if you’re trolling or if you just can’t comprehend how ridiculous your statement was, but trust me, it’s not appreciated. 

Whether I want to date a man whose taller than me or a man whose shorter than me, that’s my business and not your call to make. So don’t you dare tell me how to feel when you can’t even fathom how effing hard it is to be a tall woman dating in a short woman’s world.