tall girl


So I watched Big Hero 6 yesterday and it was a great film - but the best thing imo? Honey Lemon. Sit down folks because I need to tell you how amazing this girl is.

As a 21 year old girl who currently stands around the 6 foot mark (roughly 180cm), I have always been taller than average. When I was growing up, especially during my early teens, I was a head taller than most of my classmates and I ended up having a pretty bad height complex because of it. Being tall made me feel bulky and unfeminine. It caused a lot of self esteem problems and even now I sometimes find myself comparing heights with people out of habit.

I spent years getting over that issue. Then yesterday I see this film: and there’s a beautiful, tall girl who isn’t alienated or turned into a joke because of her height. Heck, she’s even proud of her height and wears heels to make herself taller (something I still can’t bring myself to do!). Do you realise how many young, tall girls out there are going to look up to Honey Lemon and see that they can be beautiful, that their height doesn’t make them any less feminine or attractive?

I probably can’t name a single children’s film aside from BH6 that has tall - and I mean tall, not ‘tall but not as tall as the men’ - female character who wasn’t portrayed as some kind of freak or joke. It’s almost like an unspoken law that girls have to be shorter than boys, and that’s actually really damaging for us tall girls who grow up towering over most men.

So the moral of the story is, Honey Lemon is a goddess who rocks her height and shows that it’s okay to be taller than all the boys. I have waited 21 years for a tall female role-model in kid’s films, and I finally have one. 10/10 Disney.

Side note: To all the people complaining about Honey Lemon being taller than Tadashi and saying it makes you feel uncomfortable, fuck you.

I finally took pictures of one of my favorite dresses despite the rain and despite them being taken on a camera phone. This makes me think of lemon creme cake but it doesn’t take much for me to think about cake :P Dress: handmade Shoes: here Hair flowers: handmade Everything else was purchased or gifted For more detail check out my blog post here. FYI I’m new to blogging to bear with me while I learn.

Here is My C. A. Cupid completed. I entered this in a cosplay contest so I added a bow, quiver, and arrows to challenge myself and to add more elements. I won “Best Novice”! I waited so long to post this because I wanted to to take better pictures but I don’t know when that will happen so I’m just posting what I have now because tomorrow is not promised. The Twyla and Skelita in the last picture won best “other” and of course I had to get a picture with my “former class mates”. I made a little blog post about how and why I made the bow, quiver and arrows the way I did.