tall dark and dirty

Bookshop (Newt)

Cute bookshop au that i just made up lmao

also it’s modern day

warning: cliche but hella cute okay jeez 

* * *

It had been a slow day. Well actually, almost every day was a slow day. Not many people knew about the little bookshop you worked in. Not that it was a big deal to you. You didn’t mind sitting at the counter doodling and daydreaming for hours on end. And sometimes when it was just you working you would play your music. 

You watched outside as the rain fell softly on the streets outside, twenty one pilots playing softly in the background. You heard the bell on the front door and turned your attention to it. A tall boy with dirty blonde hair and dark eyes had walked in. You didn’t usually ever think about customers in that way but you couldn’t help but notice how cute he was. He smiled as he entered and started to browse the shelves. 

You suddenly felt self conscious. Was this music okay? Did you have to sit up with better posture? Pull yourself together woman, you thought, shaking your head. After a couple of minutes the boy was still wondering aimlessly around the shop. ‘Can I help you with anything?’ You asked. The bookshop was small so there really was no need to stand up to talk to him. He looked at you, a frown etched on his face. ‘I don’t really know what I’m looking for.’ He confessed. You stood up and walked over to him. ‘I’m buying my mum a birthday present but, I don’t know what she liked.’ He said. You nodded. You had quite a large knowledge of books so surely you would be able to find something. ‘That’s fine.’ You smiled at him. ‘I’m sure we can come up with something.’ The boy nodded, 
‘That would be amazing.’ 
‘So what authors does your mum like?’ You asked, trying to get an idea of what she might like. The boy thought about it for a moment before shurgging, 
‘I have no idea, sorry.’
‘Okay, what is her favourite book?’ You tried again. 
‘Uhm-I don’t-I don’t know. Sorry.’ The boy apologized again. You laughed softly, ‘Alright…how about a genre? Do you know what type of books she likes?’ The boy closed his eyes and you could tell he was trying for the life of him to remember. ‘Oh!’ He finally said, ‘I know that she likes fantasy and like, mystery.’ He said. You nodded, 
‘Perfect.’ You walked over to the fiction section and started to recall books from your memory that would fit the description. ‘How about this?’ You asked, showing him a book. ‘No, she’s read that one.’ He said. You went through a few books and each one she had either read or the boy couldn’t remember if she had. 

‘Right.’ You said, putting the last one back. You thought for a moment and suddenly had an idea. ‘Oh! Has she read ‘A Great and Terrible Beauty’ by Libba Bray?’ You asked, your eyes wide. The boy shook his head. ‘No. I don’t think she’s even heard of it.’ 
‘Okay great! We actually just got the stock of the books in - It should be out back.’ You left the boy and went back into the very small store room where you kept the boxes full of books. You went inside and started to search the labeled boxes for the right book but couldn’t seem to find it. That’s when you remembered. ‘Shit.’ 

You went out to the boy. ‘I just remembered that the stock actually got delivered to my house.’ You said. The boy licked his lips, nodding slowly. ‘I mean you could come back tomorrow to get it?’ You suggested. The boy shook his head, ‘It’s her birthday tomorrow.’ 
‘Nothing like leaving it till the last minute.’ You grinned. ‘Well I guess you could come to my house to grab it. I get off at 5 so if you want, you could meet me here and we can go get you the book.’ You said. The boy smiled, 
‘Yeah I mean, that would be great!’ 

- - -

At 5 o’clock the boy walked back through the door - the bell dinging as he did. ‘Hi.’ You said cheerfully. You quickly locked everything up and then together you started to walk to your house. ‘I’m y/n, by the way.’ You said. 
‘I’m Newt. Thank you for doing this.’ He said. You nodded, ‘It’s no problem.’ By now, the rain had stopped. Together you walked the short walk to your house and before you knew it, you were there. 

You unlocked the front door, Newt following you as you entered. Your house was small but you liked to think of it as cosy. Next to the sofa was the box of the Libba Bray books. ‘Here.’ You said, handing Newt one of the new and beautiful books. He took it and handed you the money. ‘Thank you, again.’ He said, smiling. ‘You’re welcome. I hope your mum likes it! You’ll have to let me know.’ You were never really a flirty person but for some reason you couldn’t help it. Newt bit his lip, smiling. ‘I will do that y/n.’ He said and you knew he meant it. ‘Although,’ He said, turning the book in his hands, ‘I mean it’s going to take her a couple of weeks to read it so…’ He said. You grinned, 
‘Tell me if she liked the first page.’ Newt smiled and licked his lips - something you noticed that he did quite often. 

As he left your house you felt as though you were on some sort of high. ‘I don’t even know the boy.’ You said to yourself, exasperated.