tall dark and dead

Title: Big Bad Wolf

Warnings: None

Request: I’m a hoe for Halloween and your awesome writing so I was wondering if we could combine the two and many you can do one with Sean Monahan when him and the reader try to decide on a couples costume?

Note: I too, am a hoe for Halloween. I hope you enjoy this! I have 4 more Halloween imagines planned and scheduled to post. :)

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“Daenerys and Khal Drogo?” Sean suggested, holding the costumes up in front of him.

“You’ve got the tall, dark, and handsome thing going for you, but he’s dead.” you frowned, staring at the outfits. “And I am mother of nothing.” you added, scanning the rows of costumes hanging in front of you as Sean hung the costumes back on the rack.

“Samson would be so hurt right now.” he said in mock offense, shaking his head at you.

You narrowed your eyes, smirking at your boyfriend. “Okay, fine. I don’t have a dragon. But I’m mother to the best dog in the world.” you offered, Sean nodding in approval. “What about…” you said, turning to the wall, stretching to reach the costume hanging above you. “Ninja Turtles?” you offered. “I’ve always thought of myself as Leonardo…”

“It’s already been done. Johnny and I went as Ninja Turtles a few years ago.” he admitted sheepishly.

You rolled your eyes, grinning. “Why does that not surprise me?” you asked as Sean pulled another hanger off the wall.

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Wax Museum: Damien Haas Imagine

Warnings : reader gets pretty anxious??

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader

Requested: Yes ! By the lovely @queensavii


You slowly guided your hand along the unsteady wall, pretending you didn’t feel the trembling in your fingers. 

Little glass eyes stared into you from every direction, and Damien leaned over a little with a hand on your shoulder. You flinched, the shock of his sudden touch melting into a fluttery feeling.

“Are you okay?”

You stiffly nodded.

He smiled softly and sympathetically before easing back to walk behind you.

There was not anything remotely good to you in the Wax Museum. From the apparent hauntings that occurred, to the dark tunnels, to the tall figures with dead looks in their marble eyes.

The Smosh Family joked and recorded and you were tryin real hard not to look so overwhelmed, especially in front of Damien, who had caught onto your nervous exterior and was staring at you carefully from behind.

You did not like anything “haunted”, you did not like this Wax museum, and you did not like people worrying about you, especially not people you’ve been utterly fallen for since they started working at Smosh. Damien was too fantastic, and you considered yourself lucky to even know him. It was a dramatic crush you weren’t sure you wanted to come to terms with.

Damien was now joking around with Shayne and Noah in front of the camera, his ongoing commentary hard for you to concentrate on. It was odd how on edge you are. To some extent, Damien’s voice settled you down. But every single time you glanced over and saw a Wax figure staring back at you, your heart picked up in speed. 

As time gradually went on, one thing became incredibly clear, you couldn’t stay here. You weren’t contributing to the commentary for the vlog, you were so obviously uncomfortable, and you were far too anxious to stay.

Without a thought or moment of hesitance, you sped up away from the group, trying as best as you could to speed through the museum. 

The further you went, the more regret you felt. You couldn’t really hear the Smosh Family behind you anymore, it only looked dark ahead.

It felt like every Wax figure was ready to come towards you, grab you. 

Your footsteps were the only true solid sounds you heard, everything else was distant and creaky. It was quiet, but not completely.

There were unidentifiable sounds from every direction, and you felt like something was eating you out from inside. The feeling of being watched was constant, growing…you were gonna throw up.

You went faster and faster, practically running, but that was when you knocked straight into a Wax Figure. 

You screamed at the top of your lungs, louder than you knew you could, every part of you shaking as you fell backwards, crashing hard onto the dirty ground.

 You felt an extreme wave of fear, suffocation and embarrassment to the fact this was even happening, that you were scared of just…a bunch of wax mannequins that can’t ACTUALLY harm you? It all hit you like a ton of bricks, and you covered your face with your hands, yanking yourself into a ball. 

Everything was a blur, it could have very well been a dream. In fact, you started to believe it was a dream when you felt a panicked Damien slide down next to you and try to look you in the eyes. 

“Y/n! Y/n, what’s wrong? Are you okay, are you hurt, are you-?”

You slipped your hands from your face and looked at him. Damien inhaled sharply when he saw your tear stained eyes. He cupped your face softly with one hand, searching for something in your expression. Some kind of answer as to why you were so upset. He looked distraught.

Your face heated up fast, and you felt his breath on your lips. He was so close.

You tore your eyes away from him, but only ended up looking at a Wax man who was staring directly down at you. Your heart lept to your throat, and any relaxation Damien’s gaze may have given you vanished right away.

They were everywhere around you.

Without thinking you pushed yourself into Damien’s chest, hiding yourself from your surroundings. When you felt his rapidly beating heart, you figured it was your own. Everything felt lopsided, like it wasn’t actually happen. But reality began to dawn on you gradually when he hesitantly wrapped his arms around you. 

“Hey-hey…what’s happening?”

“I’m sorry.” You whimpered, voice muffled against his shirt. Damien felt awful. He didn’t know why you were upset, but he knew it wasn’t fair. You didn’t deserve to feel like this, for any reason. There was pit in his stomach, like he hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. Damien just wanted you happy…

He hugged you tighter. 

“It’s totally good, I just, wanna know what’s up?“ He tried to sound cool.

You were scared to pull away from his embrace. 

“You’re gonna laugh.” You whispered.

He gulped, slowly rubbing a hand on your back. “I won’t.”

He sounded serious. 

Were you really about to admit this? To Damien Haas?

“I’m scared of the…wax guys.”

It sounded even nerdier when you said it. Oh he’s gonna laugh. There’s no way he won’t laugh.  You would laugh at yourself.

There was a pause of silence, neither of you said anything. How could you have done this? This was so goddamn stupid. Emotions were completely conflicting against each other right now. 

You didn’t even know what he was doing at first, but with such extreme care, Damien slowly pulled you up and held you tight above the ground, bridal style. Oh god what was he doing?

“Damien, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I understand.“ 

You processed that. You thought over how genuine he was.

He understood?

You kept your head against his chest. He had a warm feel to him. He was delicate and gentle and his heart was going insane. He never laughed at your fear. You felt him lean his head down and mumble supportive nothings to you. You didn’t know your heart was going madly until it began to slow down.

He understood.

Damien Haas didn’t make fun of you. He didn’t laugh at you. He didn’t pick at your fear. He cared, and that felt fantastic, because it was him.

His chest was solid, and you kept your face buried in the fabric of his shirt. You found sanctuary in his arms. How was this happening?

You weren’t sure where you were until everything became a bit brighter, and he stopped suddenly. Hesitantly, you pulled your head back and looked around you. The sudden sunlight made you wince, and when you looked up at Damien his face was flushed pink, and his mouth was parted just a bit, like he knew he needed to say something but had no idea what it was.

"Oh-ah, God I’m so..” You hopped down quickly, backing up fast from Damien. Your face was just as red. You were positive you looked ridiculous.

“No, no, no. It’s alright! I’m sorry, I never asked if you wanted…picked up, I just?”

“No but like, I did. And I shouldn’t have overreacted-”

“You can’t help what you’re scared of!  I’m-" 

You were both trailing off. He scratched his neck and you scratched yours, looking down at the ground and not blushing any less than you were in the first place. 

You looked around yourself for a second, at the western themed campgrounds. Slowly, you moved over to the near by bench, sitting down and staring  at your shoes.

"You should go back, it’ll prolly seem weird you just left in the middle of the vlog.” You nearly whispered. Damien sat down beside you, leg pressing against yours.

Your hands were close, close enough to be against on other. It sent shivers down your spine.

“It’ll be fine.”

You looked up at him,  and saw he was already looking at you.

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” Damien smiled, almost sadly as he saw the red still in your eyes from tears. You didn’t even know you had cried.

The skin of his hand was distracting. The feeling of him, all there, next to you.

You looked up to the sky, to the campers walking by,  to the birds yelling at eachother, to the back of the Wax Museum.

“How’d you get there so fast?” You curiously asked.

“I saw you kind of dash,  and then I heard a scream. So I just sort of…ran?”

“Well…thank you.” You smiled weakly. Damien studied you. 

He hated he had seen you like that. You were too good for this world.

His whole hand intertwined with yours.

Your heart sped up, and you looked back up to his warm eyes.


zephyr. | 01

status: mini-series | incomplete
toc: 01. 02.
member: im jaebum
genre: romance, smut after this part | musician!jaebum
word count: 1.6k
synopsis: they meet again. briefly.
!!!: tattoos, piercings, and long hair. return of manbun!jaebum. proceed with caution.
dedicated to @after-you-fall-asleep 

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Horror Time - Chapter I

Based in @softlogic ‘s Horror AU.

Warnings: horror themes (?), future torture.


While Thomas knew he had several sides (the four main ones he usually talked to and some others… switched versions…), there were a few things he still didn’t know about himself.

He had talked to all the sixteen sides before, and even though he still focused on the main four, they were all fun. A few more… peculiar than others, but still very much Thomas-ish.

And all of that made him confused. After all, all those sides were… well… not mean. Even the other Prince wasn’t truly evil, he was just sarcastic and mean.

Which made him think ‘who the hell has control of my evil side?’

Thomas was no psychopath, but everyone had a darker side, right?

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back to you

1.2k w | malec 

They look at each other for a long, terse moment and Alec is pulling Magnus into a hug, fingers carding the hair at the back of his head, nose fills with the scent of burned magic and blood and mud. “I was so scared,” his voice is a whisper, “so terrified that I would lose you, that I would die before I got to tell you how much I love you" 

“I saw a man” Magnus tells him, “tall, dark hair, bow strapped to his back. He was dead. I have never, Alexander, felt a pain so raw in my life. When I got close enough to realise it wasn’t you I’m ashamed to say the relief I felt was so all-encompassing it floored me. I made a decision in that moment that, should we both survive, and should you have me, I would never let you go again. I love you, Alec" 

 It feels like his heart could pound out of his chest 

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Today’s LGBT+ Character of the Day is: Zombie(s) from Plants Vs. Zombies

You know the type: tall, dark and dead. They also have a keen fashion sense in cross-dressing; it’s in their bloodline, as seen in PVZ2, there are many zombies who decided they preferred their feminine side:

This guy hated how he was bald and had to follow standard zombie clothing conventions.

He just wanted to wear a bikini.

And this guy decided to get some implants, just look at him now.

So the next time you see a zombie; please consider how they shouldn’t be bounded by stereotypes.

Help, I’m Addicted to Angst

Today I want to talk to you about the absolute biggest pitfall new writers fall into, specifically young writers, and I want to start by making a confession.

My first OC’s name was Shawn. You may remember seeing his profile at some point when I posted it on the blog as a workshop exercise - that was the new and improved, completely revamped from the ground up edition. Let me tell you about the first version of Shawn. He was tall, dark, and brooding (check) with a dead best friend (check) and control over shadow magic (check) who fell in love with a vampire chick (check) who kept trying unsuccessfully to kill herself because she hated what she’d become (check) and she turned him into a vampire too (check). They spent most of their time brooding about death and darkness (check), wearing all black clothing (check), and generally being depressed and depressing human beings (check). Somehow they managed to have two kids (a girl and a boy - check) before Shawn’s vampire bride left his life forever (check) and then he tragically died of a broken heart (check), leaving his children orphans (double check). I don’t remember most of the details, but thirteen-year-old me was really proud of this story. Twenty-five-year-old me cringes and counts that as a sign of personal growth. Any of those checkmarks would have been fine on its own. In fact, I probably could’ve gotten away with two or three of them. But all of them? Together? Sometimes I wonder if I secretly hated this character!

What were you thinking when you read that paragraph? Were you thinking that this story sounds fun and exciting and you’d like to read it, or were you thinking something more along the lines of “yawn, of course she was a vampire, of course he died of a broken heart, doesn’t everybody?” I tend to fall into the second camp, and when I read profiles with backstories like the original Shawn’s, it usually makes me sigh heavily and get out my waders so that I don’t get any angst on my shoes while I wade through the mess to critique it.

When you keep piling more and more bad stuff onto your characters, you’re generating character angst, where the character (not the reader) has to react by constantly being anxious, depressed, or stressed out. A little bit of character angst can be good for your plot, because it can result in your character thinking seriously about themselves and growing as a character. Too much character angst, and your character becomes a stagnant pile of misery and unhappy thoughts. They are never going to Neverland with pixie dust because nothing good has ever happened to them in their entire life.

Learn from thirteen-year-old Kyo’s mistakes: inject a little levity! Sure, some people have rotten lives and things are terrible for them from the get-go, but they still have to find small things to take pleasure in, jokes that make them laugh, people they can talk to, or other things that brighten up the doom and gloom, even temporarily, because if they didn’t have those things they would have no reason not to just give up and stay in bed for the rest of their lives. Give your characters a reason, no matter how trivial it seems - they need motivation to keep on going no matter how dark things get!

It’s good for your readers, too. When reading a story where everything is bad all the time, nothing is good, and the main character is constantly brooding about how bad their life is, readers experience a type of fatigue. They just get tired of it. If this happens too early in the story, or if your plot or characters are not sufficiently interesting enough to keep a reader invested in your story despite their fatigue, they may put the book down and never pick it up again. You don’t want that, do you? Nobody wants that. You can do your readers a favor too by making sure that character angst only happens in brief sections and that your character is able to resolve at least some of it: if they’re failing and they’re worried about a test, for example, have them resolve to study more or seek help from a friend; if someone died and your character is grieving, you can have another character comfort them. The resolution doesn’t always have to come from within. Give your character a support network and let them reach out for help if they need it!

Remember, more angst does not equal a better or deeper story. Cramming more tragedy into your character’s backstory doesn’t make them a better character, either. Think of it like a recipe: if everything in your story is salty tears and bitter sarcasm, it’s probably not going to taste very good, is it? But just like in a cookie recipe, adding a little salt and a little bit of bitterness can bring out the best in other flavors.


Title: Of Monsters and Men Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,994


Nothing hurt more than saying goodbye to the man you loved. The other women who had lost their men in the war yours was sent to fight offered you their condolences for his death that had yet to happen. He was fighting for his country and that was supposed to mean something to you, but it didn’t. You wanted to be selfish and keep him with you where you could grow old together. Nothing scared you more than living in a world where you couldn’t come home to him. Bucky Barnes became your North Star and you were the sunset on the horizon, guiding each other home.

“Listen to me, doll,” he tilted your chin up to meet your teary eyes, “I’m gonna come back and when I do I hope you’ll be waitin for me.”

“Just promise you’ll come back.” You held his face in your hands in an effort to commit his face to memory.

“If I’ve got you to look forward to then I’ll always come back for my best girl.“ 

“Sargent Barnes, we’re shipping out!” One of his fellow soldiers called from the dock and you held on a little tighter.

“I’ve gotta go, Y/N, but I’ll be back, I promise.” He whispered in your ear as you held on to him.

“No, Bucky, please just stay with me, I can’t see you go.” You buried your face in his neck and he had to pry your hands off of his shoulders. He clasped your hands between his as he looked into your eyes one more time.

“I’m gonna come back to you, no matter what because I love you.” He kissed you like he would never see you again and it just broke your heart that much more.

“I love you too, Bucky.” You held back the flood of tears that wanted to break through as best you could when you finally let him go.

“Look after Y/N for me, Steve.“ Bucky hugged Steve’s tiny frame goodbye and you could see him struggling to hold it together too.

 I’ll do my best my, Buck.” The two of you watched him board the ship and sail off until it was just a speck on the horizon.

“I’ll wait as long as I have to, Bucky.” You said to no one in particular.

“C'mon, Y/N, I’ll walk you home.” With tears still trying to come forth, you turned your back on the ocean that took the love of your life, your arm linked with Steve’s.

“At least I still have you, Steve.” You took it as a small consolation that you got to hold onto Bucky’s best friend for company.

“Hopefully not for long.” He said, staring straight ahead.

“What are you talking about? I thought they denied your request again.”

“They can’t say no forever.“

“Yes they can, Steve, if you’re not up to it they’ll just keep rejecting you until you’re caught for forging those papers.”

“Don’t worry about me, Y/N, I’m not gonna get caught.”

 "And how can you be so sure?“

“Because they’ve already given me the O.K. to start training. I leave tomorrow.” You were speechless for a moment before smacking him on the arm with your small purse.

“Are you insane? Who could have possibly let that happen?” You were petrified at the thought of Steve running into battle.

“Are you smuggling rocks in that thing,” he said rubbing the spot where you hit him, “and some scientist enlisted me as a part of an experiment he’s doing. I leave first thing in the morning.”

“Steve, I’m losing Bucky, don’t make me lose you too.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but I can’t just sit by while men like Bucky are laying down their lives for us.” You had reached your apartment building and it was time to say goodbye.

“No one will think less of you if you don’t fight this war.” You said, desperately trying to save one of your closest friends, but deep down you knew his decision was already made.

“No, but I will.”

“Bucky wouldn’t and neither would I,” you let out a deep sigh filled with too much pain for one person, “but there’s really no point in trying to stop you is there?”

“Not really, no.” He held out his arms for one last hug as he prepared to leave you for an undeterminable amount of time.

“Just promise me you’ll take care of yourself, if Bucky comes back and you’re not here in one piece there’ll be hell to pay.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring him home.“ 

“I guess this is goodbye too then, Steve.”

“Not for long, I promise.” He left you standing on the stoop of your building slightly in awe of what’s about to happen. Steve is going off to fight a war that not even Bucky could be strong enough to win.

The other women warned you of the lonely nights and the tearful mornings from waking up without him. You were ready for all of that, but it never came. Instead, you were faced with the surreal feeling of having an empty home. The old building creaked with the wind and every time it did you thought it was Bucky making his way to bed. Disappointment hit you at every corner and after the first few weeks without him you grew more comfortable with his absence. 

The only real consolation you got would be from the letters from the front lines. They were far and in between, but seeing his signature at the end of every letter assured you he was still alive and fighting. Every letter after the last took longer to get to you and you clung to the crinkled paper. There were updates about the war, but he mostly asked how you were doing. He missed you more than anything and you tried not to make him miss you more than he already did. You knew he was keeping some of the more gruesome truths to himself, but you knew it was worse than what he was letting on.

The news reel had constant updates from all over the world, but they were being overshadowed by the arrival of Captain America. He was there for the kids and he pushed war bonds all over the country. His posters were plastered everywhere and you couldn’t help but think he looked a little familiar through his mask. You told Bucky about the government’s dancing monkey and he figured it was just a fad to boost sales. That was one of the last letters you got from him for a really long time.

Weeks passed and your face was pressed against the window every morning when the mailman came through. You tore through the mailbox only to find bills and other miscellaneous nonsense that wasn’t from Bucky. Rumors went around that one of the wives heard from her husband overseas that an infantry regiment was taken by the Nazis. Others suggested it was another ally for the Germans who took them, but either way you didn’t sleep for weeks. The bags around your eyes would be the best indicator of your sleepless nights and you thought they would never end until, finally, the last letter arrived.

A government car pulled up to your block and parked itself outside your building. You knew what was coming, but you still didn’t expect it. A tall blond man stepped out in his dark green uniform and you stopped dead when you saw how much he resembled your best friend, Steve Rogers. The similarities only grew when he flashed his lopsided grin through the window when he caught you watching him from upstairs. If it weren’t for his red rimmed eyes you would have though he was just strolling by for a casual visit.

You ran to the door and waited with baited breath as soon as he disappeared into the building. His heavy steps came up the stairs and stopped on the other side of the door. There was a slight pause but you didn’t give him the chance to knock, you had to know. However, as soon as you revealed the man on the other side you were taken aback by what you saw.

“Steve,” you stared up at him in awe, squinting your eyes as if they could be deceiving you, “is-is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me,“ he held his arms out as if he himself wasn’t too sure, “it’s good to see you, Y/N.”

“It’s good to see you too, but how did this happen?“

“I joined the army.” You didn’t quite want any other explanation because your best friend was here with you after all this time. You threw your arms around him and you could barely wrap them around his large frame. He hugged you back and it felt like coming home after a long day.

“What about Bucky? Is he here too?” You stood on your toes to peer around him and out the hall in case he was waiting for you out there.

“That’s what I’m here to tell you,” a solemn look crossed his face and his eyes began to water just the slightest as he pulled an envelope out of his pocket, “it was all my fault, I should’ve done more, but he didn’t make it. I wanted to be the one to tell you, I couldn’t let you find out in a telegram so I brought you the last letter he was going to send to you.”

“No, Steve, you don’t mean-no you can’t-he can’t be-” You couldn’t speak the words because it might make it true.

He held out the worn paper to you and you looked at it as if by refusing the letter would make it all go away. You covered your mouth with your hands to stop the sobs, but they came anyway. Your legs gave out and you were crying on the floor, not wanting to understand what was happening. Nothing made sense in that moment, not the ground beneath you or the air in your lungs. How could any of this exist when Bucky wouldn’t be here to live it with you?

“He would’ve wanted you to read it, Y/N.” Steve crouched down so you were at eye level and set the letter on your lap. With shaky hands, you picked up the paper and slowly read over Bucky’s last words to you.


I don’t know what else to say besides I miss you. I don’t want you to miss me though because I can’t have my best girl feeling this way. I know this is hard on you, doll, but I promise this will all be over soon and we can bury this war with our past. Wait for me and until then I’ll see you when I fall asleep.

I have to go and I don’t know when I’ll be able to write again, but just know you’re always on my mind. 

Be home soon,

Bucky Barnes

Some of the ink was smudged because your tears has dripped onto the paper. You were wrong, the only thing that hurt more than saying “goodbye” was knowing you’d never get to say “hello” again. Steve had closed the door and sat with you on the ground with his arms around your shoulders. After a few moments of your quiet crying you heard him stifle a few sobs himself. He must have been there when Bucky died, but you weren’t in a rush to make him relive it. It felt like you had spent hours crying into Steve’s shoulder when he coughed and straightened up.

“If there’s anything I can do, tell me because I’m here for you, Y/N.”

“All I want to do is forget,” you looked at him through bleary eyes, “can you help me do that?”

If you had to live this life without Bucky then you didn’t want any part of it. Steve looked pensive for a long moment before he spoke again.

“I can’t but I think I know someone who can. Are you familiar with Howard Stark?”


 A/N: The original request was for a multi part fic based on the song Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men but thanks to @steven-fightme-rogers I’m gonna do a whole series based on a few of their songs instead of just the one. The next part will be up in the next week or so and it’s gonna be awesome, trust me:)

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Omg yessss

@unhappy-opinions I think the OP of that polyamory post blocked me since I can’t respond there 

I think they used the word “cuck” because they think of polyamory as like those Facebook videos from .mic esque sites about polyamory - the ones where it’s some guy sitting there and he’s moderately attractive but a bit goofy and awkward, and then he has this maybe one or two steps out of his league girlfriend who’s off making out and having picnics with the ten times as hot as both, tall, dark and handsome Esteban, and the first guy has this dead look in his eyes like “I will kill Esteban and keep this chick in my basement one day”, and the announcer is all like “Susan and Craig look like any normal couple, but they have a DARK SECRET, but they all want you to know that their DARK SECRET is deeeefinitely not about sex and they deeeefinitely are all happy” *cuts to Estaban and Susan making out then back to Craig alone in a white room* and Craig’s all like “I’m just so happy for her. She’s been so happy since she brought it up.” and then it’s like “POST YOUR OPINIONS IN THE COMMENTS” and the comments are worse than YouTube comments. And people see that and just assume that shitshow of a video is an accurate representation of those people’s lives (anyone who’s been in a video like that will tell you that they film for hours, sometimes days, and take you out of context and cut out important bits and just make it as shitty as possible, there’s been a few people come out about it) let alone polyamory as a whole. 

So yeah, they’re probably not using cuck to mean cuckold (polyamorous people aren’t necessarily that either, most aren’t, but you already knew that xD), they’re probably using it to mean leftist/SJW/beta male because those videos always throw in something about feminism or liberation or whatever, and there’s always like a couple hundred comments talking about how the dude is some “SJW cuck” who’ll do anything either to get a woman or to prove he’s a good feminist man - I believe that’s the sentiment they were trying to get across in that comment.

unhappy-opinions’ comment: https://unhappy-opinions.tumblr.com/post/166365600441/eeveelutionsforequality-russianhackervevo

My Brother, Pewdiepie

REQUEST: Hey! I LOVE your writing and wondered if you could make a Dan one shot of (y/n) being sisters with pewdiepie… You can do what ever you want to it and don’t worry you don’t have to if you don’t want to. ☺️

You’re singing Sugar We’re Going Down while scrolling through the internet on your computer at your brother’s house in Brighton when you realize how hungry you are. You haven’t left your room all day- in fact you haven’t even gotten out of bed. You flew in from Sweden to visit yesterday and have taken today to relax before going out and exploring.

You turn off your music and get up to head towards the kitchen to get some food. You can hear your brother Felix faintly talking in the living room, but you brush it off, assuming he’s just making a video for his hugely popular youtube channel, Pewdiepie. So when you walk into the living room, crossing it to get to the kitchen, and you see a tall, dark-haired man with a handsome and familiar face you stop dead in your tracks. What is Danisnotonfire doing here? Why did Felix not tell you he was coming? Now the first time you are meeting one of your favorite youtube stars you’re in your pajamas with bad breath. You feel like strangling your brother, but instead you try to play it cool. Smiling, you say, “Hey…” trailing off to allow your brother to introduce you.

“Hey y/n, this is Dan. He has a youtube channel as well. Dan, this is my sister y/n. She’s visiting from Sweden. She just arrived yesterday,” Felix says.

Dan smiles a crooked smile and does  two-finger salute as a greeting. “Nice to meet you y/n. We’re going out to lunch in Brighton in a half hour. Will you be joining us?”

The question takes you off guard, and you look to Felix for an answer. He merely shrugs with a smirk. “Uhh… sure, I guess. I’ll go get dressed.” You turn and head back to the guest room you’re staying in to change. You begin to rush, feeling pressured to make yourself look human in twenty minutes when you’ve been chilling in your own filth all day. The fact that you’re going to lunch with someone you’ve always had a little bit of an internet crush on has butterflies exploding through your stomach. And you know Felix has done this on purpose. You’ve been begging him to introduce you to Dan ever since you saw his first video and fell in love. You just wish he had warned you- though taking you by surprise and watching you squirm is far more Felix’s style.

After much rifling through your clothes and decision-making, you decide on a cute Christmas sweater and warm leggings and put your long hair up into a high ponytail. You take a deep breath and, after brushing your teeth and putting on make up, head back out to meet your brother and his friend.

“Ready,” you say as you stroll into the living room. Felix gets up from the couch and Dan does a double take after he lays eyes on you. You smirk despite yourself, hoping that you caused that reaction from him.

“Let’s go,” your brother says. “Marzia will meet us there.”

The three of you head out and make your way to a restaurant within walking distance, chatting along the way. You find out that Dan and Felix are going to make a joint gaming video tonight to put on Dan’s new channel with his friend Phil, DanandPhilGames. You also tell him how you’re staying in the UK with Felix for at least a month, trying to decide if you’d like to live here with him and Marzia or go back to Sweden. “Well if you want to see what London is like while you’re here you should come stay with me and Phil for a few days! I’d love to show you around the city.”

You grin, “I would love that, Dan. Thank you!”

He smiles a dazzling smile. “How about next weekend? Are you free? Phil will be away for the weekend but I have no plans and it would be lovely to have someone else around.”

“I’m free! That would be amazing!” you say.

When you get to the restaurant, you find your practically-sister-in-law Marzia waiting outside for you. “Hey!” you greet her with a hug.

“Ready for lunch?” she asks, smiling her beautiful smile and giving Felix a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, I’m starving!” you say.

“Aren’t you always?” Felix jokes, laughing.

“Ha ha ha, very funny. Come on let’s go in already and eat.”

The lunch is lovely. You’re actually glad now that Felix invited Dan over, you’re enjoying yourself much more than you would have if you have stayed in your room all day relaxing. It’s nice to be out with someone else as well, so it isn’t just you, Felix, and Marzia like it usually is. You lean over to Dan, who is sitting beside you. “I’m so glad you’re here. Then I don’t have to be the awkward third wheel like I usually am when I’m out with these two.”

Dan laughs, “I know what you mean. Anthony Padilla and his fiance Kalel came to visit and we all went to dinner with Felix and Marzia and I was the 5th wheel it was so awkward.”

“I always feel so forever alone!” you say, laughing.

“Me too!”

“You two are getting along well,” Felix interrupts, looking at you with a grin before sharing a secret glance with Marzia. It isn’t until now that it dawns on you that they planned this together, and are totally trying to set you and Dan up. You can’t deny that you’re kind of glad, because you’re pretty sure it’s working. After all, you are going to be staying at his house all alone next weekend.

Closed RP


Alois flipped his car off in the parking lot of the mall, sighing deaply as he did so. Blue orbs closed momentarily as the memorys of his last encounter with a certain male flashed before him. One hand went up to rake through his hair before he step’d out of the vehicle and locked it. Walking towards the entrance he nervously scanned the parking lot as smiling couple after tired mom passed by him into the mall. Vulture had really messed his mind up. He was scared to leave the house alone. Even just to go to the local drug mart.

He felt alone.

No one belived him when he told people what happend. He felt stupid for even wanting to admit that he was scared and look for help or comfort. He didn’t want to be held or touched by anyone. All the thoughts of running into Vulture here raced through his mind as he ventured deeper into the mall. Then, he saw him. A tall, dark haired male who’s face he could never forget. He was looking dead at Vulture in the middle of the mall.