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The Signs As Aliens

Aries: Strong, fierce aliens with skin in various shades of red. They live on a desert planet in large adobe castles with their extended family clan. Known to be very protective, these aliens often battle other clans who threaten the safety of their families and are skilled warriors. However, they are very generous and family oriented during times of peace

Taurus: Small, entrancing aliens with flowing green hair and camouflaged bodies to blend into their thickly forested planet. Animal life is abundant and diverse, with many strange species that these aliens have tamed and live alongside as equals. These aliens are gifted with the ability to communicate with all types of life on their planet, flora and fauna

Gemini: Clever, winged aliens with small bodies that adapt easily to the many climates of their planet. Instead of four seasons, these aliens are accustomed to twelve and live in treetops or on mountainsides. Visitors find this species of alien to be tricky but kind-spirited, often telling riddles and playing pranks on any other species of extraterrestrials passing through their planet

Cancer: Kind, quiet aliens who live in large communities scattered across their planet, which is covered in pink vines and blue clouds that rain a sweet smelling substance similar to water but does not make the surface of the planet wet almost constantly. Small and delicate in stature, these aliens are tougher than they look and often go on dangerous missions throughout the galaxy to deliver care packages to planets in need

Leo: Regal aliens with banded gold and pale pink skin and wide, bright green eyes. They live on a warm, sunny planet covered in white sand, palm trees, and cool, crystal-clear streams. Proud and sophisticated, these aliens live in jewel-studded palaces and welcome visitors to their planet. But be warned - enemies of these aliens face certain death at the jaws of vicious, huge feline creatures that roam the planet and only obey the command of native aliens

Virgo: These aliens have deep purplish skin and dark, shimmering hair. They live on a planet with a mild climate and a permanent state of nighttime, which has led them to become gifted astronomers. Not only do they map stars and constellations visible from their home planet, these aliens also send search parties to other planets to investigate and map every area they can possibly explore. They are also known for their great architectural feats. Quiet and private, these aliens only communicate telepathically

Libra: Elegant aliens with lavender skin and silver hair laced with pearls. Though small, their planet is covered in blue grass and beautiful, roofless marble structures so the sky, which remains clear and starry even in the daytime, is always visible. Known for making a pink beverage similar to wine, these aliens are accepting of most extraterrestrial visitors and very sociable

Scorpio: Reptilian aliens with iridescent red, dark blue, or black scales. They live mostly underwater on a planet that is entirely ocean except for chains of lava rock islands created by active volcanoes. Known to be very mysterious, these aliens rarely make contact with extraterrestrials from other planets and seem to communicate in a way that is impossible for any other alien species to decode

Sagittarius: Daring and adventurous, these aliens come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and rarely stay on one planet for long and instead prefer to venture in groups from one planet to another. They are usually welcomed by other alien species, but sometimes find that trouble has a way of following them wherever they go and end up banished. Because of their fearless nature, banishment does not stop these aliens from returning to some planets which gives them a reputation as outlaws

Capricorn: Tall, steely gray aliens with stunning dark eyes. They live on a completely frozen planet that is always covered in snow, but beneath the snowy surface they built a warm network of bright tunnels and grand rooms with high, decorated ceilings. Although private by nature, these aliens have close relationships with family and friends within their underground community. With their sharp intellect, they have formed one of the most technologically advanced alien societies in the universe

Aquarius: Pale blue or green aliens who wander tirelessly across their planet covered in tall orange grass and stormy lakes filled with strange aquatic creatures. Generally loners, they are never spotted in groups larger than three or four but are very devoted to their companions if they have any. These aliens are skilled magicians and most species of extraterrestrials are wary of venturing to their planet because of their strange powers

Pisces: Silver and sky blue aliens with sleek, shimmering bodies. They live on a planet that is entirely covered with a steaming liquid similar to water, but the steam condenses into a layer of purplish, cloud-like fluff that only this species of alien can live on. They speak in a musical tongue and are known to be extraordinary fortune tellers and clairvoyants

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Drabble #12 - kirk x reader

Drabble: I think we need to talk.
Warnings: Injuries
Words: 1145
A/N: I decided to move a little away from the typical story behind “we need to talk” and made it a tad more intense

Your breath halted as the alien stared you dead in the eyes. “Now.” It bellowed with its deep and stagnant voice. You slowly reached for your comm badge and gave it a quick tap.

“(Y/N)!” Jim’s voice brought your eyes nearly to tears as you continued to stare into the tall and bulky alien’s angry eyes.

“Jim…” You tried not to sob, “we need to talk.”

~two hours earlier ~

“Jim it’s fine, I’ll go with the Orions. You shouldn’t even be out in the field.” You stated, shaking your arm from Jim’s gentle grip.

“You know I can’t help it.” He smiled.

“Yes I know.” You leaned up onto your toes to peck his lips quickly before turning on your heel to join the alien group as they guided you out of the room.

You were to help them with some repairs aboard their ship and Jim tried coming along with you. He didn’t trust you by yourself, at least that’s what he said. Really he was worried, you had never been on an alien ship before, but you were the one Scotty sent and so you had to go.

Jim went back to the bridge as you were being beamed aboard the other ship. All was going well aboard the foreign ship and you had plenty help figuring out the mechanics of their ship’s system as you tried to pinpoint the problem. After a few grueling hours of repairing the issue, you were finally ready to leave. You were escorted to their transporter room and said a few goodbyes to the captain and members of their engineering who you helped. Once Scotty confirmed they were ready for you, the familiar white light enveloped you.

Only you didn’t open your eyes to see Scotty or Jim, instead three tall and dark aliens grabbed you. Their skin smelt of sulfur and was as rough as sandpaper. They wore basic armour and their eyes took up a third of their faces.

You tried to hit your comm badge but your wrist was pulled away and snapped in half. To this you screamed and the pain ripped through your arm and into your shoulder and back down a thousand times over. Tears brimmed your eyes as the alien used your broken wrists to pull you along to a dungeon looking cell. You were thrown inside and left to scream and shout. The badge wasn’t working and you had no idea if anyone aboard either ships knew you were kidnapped.

Almost two seconds later an even larger alien appeared and opened the cell to grab you by the throat and stand you up.

“You will listen.” It declared. “We want the warp core.”

“I… I can’t give it to you…” You muttered as you tried to claw your throat loose. He squeezed harder and began suffocating you.

“WE WANT THE WARP CORE.” It yelled with an arrogant air and threw you to the wall.

“You will tell Mr. Kirk and he will give it to us for your head in return.”

“My… My head?” You stuttered with wide eyes.

“You will speak soon.” It decided before locking the door and leaving.

You fell on your side and coughed a little as you massaged your throat and tried not to cry.

What would Jim think if this made you cry? You pushed back the tears and sat up with a new confidence. No crying. They’re probably working on a way to save you now.l, you told yourself.

And so you lay down and waited for what seemed like hours when finally the three aliens returned. They yanked you out and pushed you through a few corridors to a dark room with a single light in the middle. As you stood in the center of the light you took notice to the multitude of aliens stepping out from the shadows and forming a large ring around you.

Your breath halted as the alien stared you dead in the eyes. “Now.” It bellowed with its deep and stagnant voice. You slowly reached for your comm badge and gave it a quick tap.

“(Y/N)!” Jim’s voice brought your eyes nearly to tears as you continued to stare into the tall and bulky alien’s angry eyes.

“Jim…” You tried not to sob, “we need to talk.”

“What do they want…?” Jim answered quietly after a moment.

“The warp core.” You managed.

“In return for you?”

“For my head…..” A few tears rolled down your face as the large alien commander unsheathed a hidden blade about the size and length of your arm.

“What? I want to speak with whoever is in charge!”

The alien began to growl and stepped forward and slwoky started to raise the blade.

“No Jim, please, don’t make them angry!” You pleaded.

“(Y/N) just hold on. Can they hear me?” He asked.

“Yes, all of them.”

“Then listen closely, if you touch a hair on her head there will be no deal. This negotiation should happen in person. Let us board your ship and make a proper deal.” He tried to reason.

“This is not a matter of negotiation. Her head for the warp core.” The alien spoke with such force he shook you.

“No, we want her alive.”

“Jim, help me…” You begged. The blade lifted and you saw the anger on his eyes as he held it up. “Jim no! Please, he’s going to do it! Jim!”

As the blade came slicing through the air for your neck you covered your head with your arms and tried to turn away but when you looked up you weren’t in the dark room anymore. Instead Jim was bounding for you and embraced you with strong arms. He kissed your head and held you tightly as you stood in shock. You looked around and at Jim and at Scotty and Dr. McCoy. They were trying to speak to you and calm you but you were already so calm.

Perhaps they were trying to excite you, because you were too calm. Whatever the reason, Jim lifted you up and began carrying you the medbay.

Suddenly you were listening again, and Bones was talking to you.

“(Y/N) you’re in shock but it’s okay. Lay here you’ll be fine.”

“Bones, my wrist…” You spoke with startling clarity.

“Oh my god…” Jim said as he draped his arm over you and pulled you close.

“I’m fine now,” you said. “I just need to get this fixed… And my throat…”

Bones tilted your chin up and both men grimaced at the marks dotting along your throat and up to your jawline.

“You’re okay now, I’m sorry for letting you go. They intercepted somehow and brought you aboard their ship. I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” Jim broke down and apologized.

You kissed his cheek and leaned into him.

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Jim.”

Inktober day 10: Gigantic
DARK BRAIN” an ancient, titanic alien cyborg, stands tall over the fast lizard-man CUETZPALIN PAYNALTZIN. Original characters from an original story

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: why was Robin in charge of the Teen Titans? He doesn't have any powers. He's literally on a team with a cyborg, a shapeshifter, a psychic/telekinetic, and an alien. He's just a boy? With no powers? Who died and made him King? What made everyone collectively decide he was the leader? His whole job is to say "Titans, go!" and cause trouble. But he's the leader. He is obviously their weakest link. He's a tall, dark, and broody fuckboy with a thing for the alien and he doesn't deserve a leadership position on a team where everyone else has real powers. If he wasn't the leader, he wouldn't even have a place in the Teen Titans. Why don't the other four just... Collectively decide a new leader and kick him out? It doesn't make any sense. This is just another way that straight white able bodied men are taking over the media and I, for one, am sick of it!!!!

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#and watching drunk Sophie ranting about Doctor Who // oh my god, i have a mighty need.

Assuming Sophie grew up in England and was born in the later part of the sixties, Romana was her Doctor. And Four. But Romana and her sharp mind and sense of fashion primarily.

It’s something Hardison has been suspecting for some time; he assumes she’s British, of course, and was a kid when it was still airing, but it’s mostly the distinctive “not being annoyed at the mention of the show unlike everyone” that gives her away. She doesn’t ask for explanation. Granted, she could be ignoring him. But Sophie rarely passes an opportunity to be a princess. And princesses don’t watch Doctor Who. (Princess Leia probably would)

The first time the team gets drunk together, Hardison notices something about Sophie. The drunker, the nerdier. Could be literature, could be art. Theatre, cinema, fashion and, oddly, television. She’s name-dropping, and not the high-brow stuff. She’s babbling about Robin Hood (the first Disney movie she remembers), about Aragorn (she imagined him with her uncle’s face, dark and tall with the saddest eyes), and about that time an alien pulled the Mona Lisa variant (she’s ruthless in her criticism of his skills; it’s still her favourite episode).

It takes Hardison by surprise, the details she remembers, the lines, the clothes. She goes on and he wonders: if this was her childhood, how come it’s still so vivid in her memory? Does she know a reboot exists? Does she follow it? He nearly spits his soda when he tries to picture Sophie in a stinky Russian hotel room, slipping in a designer’s gown while trying to catch the latest episode of Who on the TV just before she leaves for a party that will pay for her next pair of $1,500 shoes.

She never talks about her past specifically, but if you get her really, really drunk, she will wax poetry about what Hardison guesses are her passions. And Doctor Who is one of them. Buried deep under the art, and Shakespeare, and languages. It’s probably her oldest obsession as well; that’s why it’s buried so deep. But very much alive.

Two glasses and she argues about post-colonial UK and its manifestation in popular culture, such as in Doctor Who. Four glasses and she’s all about “that girl Coleman’s delicious diction”.

Hardison is suddenly much, much more interested in knowing about wines. The ones that get Sophie to talk about the Master, or Nyssa, or Turlough’s shorts.

He knows she’s one of them when she does the Pandorica speech on beer.

(Next goal: Star Wars. He knows he can sneak in the topic, sober, using Carrie Fisher’s accent as an entry point.)

(Imagine tiny Sophie bouncing around the house in her school outfit and a straw hat on the head, her little brother with a scarf around the arm as a leash. He’d rather she stopped acting like the show is called “Romana Who”, but it’s difficult to refuse her anything when she lied for him about the cake business from last Wednesday that nearly got him grounded. She managed to convince Mum that a cat, pursued by a bear, had made it fall. She is that good.)

We all need it.

There’s a group of soldiers that were stationed in the mountains in 1978, and they claim that they were visited by a tall, dark alien, and as the Romanians they are, they tried to scare it by throwing rocks at it, and then attacked it with clubs. At that point, the alien roared, they got scared and ran into the cabin, and the creature tried to get in all night, leaving scratches all over as they found in the morning, when the creature vanished.
And I’m thinking that, as the Romanians they are, this group of lonely men was most probably drunk as fuck 24/7, and they probably tried to pick a fight with a fucking bear…