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1x11 “Scarecrow”
Standing Tall

keep me waiting

pairing: jimin x reader
genre: fluff

word count: 1.6k
        → ill steal you back in 8 years, don’t worry. you like me, right?

(quick drabble because i’ve been feeling jimin these days)

”I just want to be able to give you more.” he sighed, sad smiles exchanged in the empty subway.

“You give me everything I want, Jimin.”

“No, no…” he shushed you. “I’m not trying to break up with you. I’ll come back. I’ll finish my business with Bangtan, I’ll ride the high out and then I’ll come back to you. Pinky promise.”

He stretched his pinky out towards you, your brows furrowing with dissatisfaction. It felt surreal hearing those words, considering you weren’t even his girlfriend. You remembered the 8 years that were left of his contract, a small gasp escaping your lips.

“You want me to wait for 8 years?”

His mouth pursed and he tried to hold back a chuckle, perhaps a little surprised at the realization himself. Eight years was a long time and no amount of hopefulness could deny it.

“No, don’t wait…” he smirked. “You can go on, date other people. I’ll come around and steal you back, that’s no issue.”

A shy pout erupted at your bottom lip; a juvenile, whiny gaze sent his way. You didn’t want to date other people, you didn’t want to wait eight years. You just wanted him and his stupid kisses. He pushed into your shoulders with a teasing glance, flicking his tongue at the roof of his mouth.

“You like me, right?”

You forced your hands into your sweater, blooming bouquets of various shades of red blossoming like a blanket on your cheeks. How could he ask you this, you liked him so much you could burst what the fuck Jimin hngnghngh

“Yeah.” you muttered, shy glances briefly stolen.

“You’re cute.”

If this was any other guy, perhaps it would’ve ended there. Perhaps he would’ve let you go, let you breathe a little. If he wasn’t entirely merciless, perhaps he would’ve let you date other people, perhaps he would’ve let you go home.

However, this was Park Jimin, your best friend and secret love of your life. He kept asking you out after that, kissing your forehead, carrying you around in his apartment.

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Tom Hiddleston

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Bucky Barnes / TWS

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  • Roommate - (S) - Reader hasn’t gotten any in almost 6 months, and Bucky -her roommate- is making things more difficult for her.
  • Who The Hell Is Bucky?* - (S) - There’s a better way to prep Bucky to do what HYDRA wants than to put him to torture, and you know exactly what that is.

Sam Winchester

One Shots

  • Not Your Fault - (AF) - Sam feels guilty for someone’s death and Reader comforts him.

There are too many height difference OTP scenarios where the taller person has the advantage and I’m like ‘you’re missing out on so many options!’ Because seriously, imagine:

• short meets tall because tall has gotten stuck chasing their pet into a tunnel on a playground, and small has to wriggle in and help pull tall out.

• short having to constantly tug on tall’s hand when going through doorways, to remind tall to duck, because they have a habit of not paying attention and smacking their head.

• Tall constantly locks themselves out of their house, and short neighbour is always the one who has to climb through the window because tall is too big, until tall just gives short a spare key.

• Short and tall get into an argument in public, and tall is constantly frustrated because short can disappear in a crowd, but short can always see tall coming.

• short and tall go out clubbing but tall is way too gangly, all limbs and no grace, and ends up jealous because short can MOVE, and is getting way more attention than tall and ‘hey, I’m cute too!’

• short stashing their favourite foods in the lowest cupboards in the kitchen, because it’s too much effort and way too undignified for tall to basically get on their knees just to raid the chocolate stash, and besides, why would short have things they need where they can’t reach them anyway?