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How Far I’ll Go

A/N: Thanks to @memento-scribet and @uncpanda for encouraging me to go rogue and write this one despite having other fics to write. I’m glad I did! 

Prompt: This one’s shamelessly based on ‘How Far I’ll Go’ and ‘Where You Are’ from Moana. The reader is Bruce’s half-Atlantean daughter who he keeps away from the ocean. The ocean has always called to her and she had no idea why until her father finally comes clean as to who she is. 

“I thought I’d find you up here.” Dick said startling. You let out a shriek and almost fell out of the tree branch you were sitting perched on but Dick reached out and stabilized you.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that asshole!” You cried punching your brother square in the chest. He flinched and rubbed the sore spot that you had just created.

Ow! It’s not my fault you were too in your own little world to hear me coming. I was calling your name for like five minutes before I spotted you.” He replied defensively. “What are you even doing up here anyway?” He asked.

“Just thinking.” You sighed and turned your gaze back out to what had your mind preoccupied. From high up in this tree you had the perfect little nook that gave you a clear view of Gotham City and the rivers surrounding the island that flowed into the wide blue ocean that expanded beyond the bay. You often stared at the sun’s blinding glint across the water’s surface and wondered what lay below it’s depths.  The line where the sky met the sea seemed to call out to you but you never knew how you could answer that call. You were absolutely mesmerized by the ocean but it was the one place that alway seemed to be kept just outside of your reach.

“Earth to [Y/N].” Dick called waving his hand in front of your eyes. “You disappeared again.”

“Sorry.” You mumbled.

“Well anyway, Dad wants to talk to you. You should probably go inside.” Dick said before climbing down the tree. He stopped at the base of the tree and looked back up to you. “Are you coming?” He called up. You took one last glance towards the sparkling sea before descending from the tree.

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t get your panties in a wad.”

“You wanted to see me Dad?” You asked, peeking your head into the study where he was working on some paperwork. Your dad glanced up and smiled proudly at you. He set his paperwork down and rounds the desk before putting his hands firmly on your shoulders and gazing directly in your eyes.

“[Y/N], you are my daughter and I would stop at nothing to keep you safe but I think it’s time you knew the truth about our family.” He said leading you towards the tall grandfather clock.

You’re heart sped up, absolutely sure that this would be the moment that your father finally opened up and talked about your mother. For as long as you could remember he would always avoid talking about her and when you asked he quickly changed the subject. You loved your father but you had an undeniable desire to know about the missing half of you.

Your father reached out and opened up glass protecting the clock face and moved the hands of the clock to a specific time. The old clock rung once before it swung open to reveal a dark passageway.

This was not what you were expecting.

Your father motioned for you to follow him down the passage and you apprehensively stepped into the dark corridor. When you reached the end of the corridor it opened up into a large cavern that was covered with platforms that held everything above the water below. You took in your surroundings noticing everything from the supercomputer to the cars and the giant T-Rex. In the corner you saw a row of display cases that held costumes that were emblazoned with a familiar bat insignia that often lit up the night sky above Gotham without fail each night. Your father is …

“Batman.” You whispered. “You’re Batman.” You stated. Your father nodded once and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“I should have told you sooner, I know. I wanted to keep you out of this world for as long as possible but I think it’s time you are allowed to make your own choices.” He said. “You and your siblings are Gotham’s future, [Y/N]. Your brothers have chosen to walk this path with me and if you decide that this is what you want I will gladly teach you everything I know.”

“You mean I would become …?” You trailed off not really sure what this meant for your future and what your father was offering.

“What you become is up to you. I won’t be around forever, I am just giving you the foundation to become the hero that this world will one day need.” Your father explained. Your heart swelled at the honor that was being shown to you. It was clear now that this was a rite of passage for your family, a rite that all your brothers had gone through. A swell of pride filled your chest to be trusted with the family’s greatest secret.

“I won’t let you down, Dad.” You promised.

“I know you won’t.”

Did she say yes yet?” You heard a voice whisper from a nearby corner.

I can’t hear if you keep talking dumbass.” Another voice retorted.  

Oh my god guys! Shut up! You’re going to get us caught.

“-Tt- Amateurs.” Damian sneered at the corner where your brothers were clearly hiding.

Your training started almost immediately after being brought into the fold. After everything settled down again you felt disappointed that you were trusted with this secret but yet your father still refused to tell you about your mother. It felt unfair to you.

Being the newest family member to join the effort you were often relegated to monitor duty. You didn’t mind it so much because you soon figured out that the Batcomputer had classified files on just about anything you could think of. On a particularly slow night your curiosity got the better of you and you typed in your own name into the database. The computer pulled up your file which had just about anything you could know about you (you had hoped it would have something that even you didn’t know). Your eyes scanned for anything that could possible do with where you came from.

Mother: [REDACTED]

The words stared down tauntingly at you from the bright monitor. Frustration and anger welled up inside of you. Why didn’t he trust you with this? What was your father hiding?

Before you could do any more digging on the subject matter you heard the Batmobile roaring into the entrance of the cave. You quickly closed out of the files you were looking at and attempted to calm your expression so that you didn’t look as enraged as you felt.

“Slow night?” You asked as your father stepped out of the Batmobile.

“It’s the calm before the storm.” He grumbled.

After discovering that your mother’s name had been redacted from your file you later tried to ask your father about your mother again. He gave you a hard frown, not saying anything on the matter except, “[Y/N], in time you’ll learn just as I did that you must find happiness right where you are. Whatever reason you have for pushing this, drop it. It will only bring you pain.” He then walked away, leaving it at that.

Your heart deflated at your father’s words and you resigned yourself to never finding out who you truly were.  You had a family and a role here so maybe it was time that accepted things for what they were. Your mother had never been in your life and if your father was so resistant to tell you anything there must have been a reason to shield you from her. She would never be in your life and it was time for you to accept that fact. But then why did it still feel like you would never feel complete without at least knowing who she was?

“[Y/N], I want to show you something.” Your father said almost a year into your training. You were well on your way to stepping into the role that your father saw for you and you were eager to prove your worth. In the time since you had been relegated to monitor duty you honed your skills and carved your place by your brother’s sides. You were easily finding your future by your family’s side but you still could help but to feel you didn’t quite belong as well as you should.

“What is it?” You asked curiously.

“You’ll see. Suit up and follow me.” He instructed. You quickly dawned your mask, changed into your uniform and followed your father to whatever he had in store for you.

As it would turn out, your father was taking you to a place that very few ever had the privilege to even see: The Watchtower. You were completely in awe of the place, it was everything you imagined it would be and more.

“Oh wow…” You breathed looking out the observatory window that overlooked Earth. You were astounded by the sight. The oceans were a deep sapphire with scattered swirling white clouds obscuring the view of the surface. The continents you once thought large and expansive now seemed like small islands isolated in a sea of blue and white.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Your father said, admiring the view right alongside you.

“It’s funny, I’ve seen this pictures of this view countless times but nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes.” You said, not able to take your eyes off the sight. Even from this far away the ocean still seemed to enrapture you.

“My thoughts exactly.” Your father chuckled. “Come on, there are some people I’d like for you to meet.” Your father said guiding you away from the window. You looked back over your shoulder to steal one last glance at the sight before you turned your head back and allowed yourself to be led into the Justice League’s meeting chambers.

Your father spent a while showing you around the Watchtower and introducing you to various people. They were all kind and friendly in greeting you. You were quite honestly starstruck in meeting a few of the heros that your father introduced you to but none had you more starstruck more than meeting Aquaman in the flesh.

“Hello. It’s good to meet you again after all these years. The last time I saw you you were just a little guppy.”  Aquaman greeted, extending his hand out to you. You took hold of his hand and eagerly shaked it.

“It’s such an honor to meet you, your highness! I think you are just amazing! What’s Atlantis like? Does the kingdom span across the whole ocean or is it just isolated cities? Oh! What are the cities like? I bet they’re just spectacular!” You said, talking a mile a minute. Aquaman chuckled at your excited line of questioning. Your father gave you a hard warning look which immediately resulting in the end of the questions you had wondered all your life.

“Sorry.” You apologized rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly.

“You’re curious, no shame in that.” Aquaman dismissed. Your father’s eyes narrowed at him. If Aquaman had been anyone else, your father’s hard glare would have reduced him to a puddle of fear. Aquaman looked at your father curiously. “You haven’t told her?”

“We should be going.” Your father said taking your arm and leading you out of the room. You looked back over your shoulder at Aquaman, you still had so many questions for him. Before your father could lead you out of the room, Wonder Woman stepped into his path.

“A word?” She requested. She looked at you briefly before clarifying “Alone?”

Your dad glanced at you hesitantly before nodding curtly. “Make this quick.” He said before disappearing with Wonder Woman. When your father was gone Aquaman reappeared by your side.

“Stubborn and prideful, as always.” He said shaking his head sadly.  “It’s not my place to tell you what he should have shared with you all along but just remember when the time comes you are your father’s daughter. Mind what he says but remember if a voice is calling out to you to follow where your heart leads, that voice is who you are.” Aquaman said, placing a hand on your shoulder. His words resonated deep in your heart but how could he possibly know what you had never dared to tell anyone before?

“I-I don’t understand.” You stuttered.

“You will in time, young guppy.” He offered, patting your shoulder gently. Your father returned from his meeting with Wonder Woman, Aquaman excused himself and your father quickly led you back home. When you got back to the cave, your father pushed off his cowl and sighed. He braced himself with both hands on the table and bowed his head.

“How much did he tell you?” He asked, his voice sounding defeated.

“Nothing! What’s going on? Everyone’s talking in riddles around me and honestly it’s pissing me off!” You cried in frustration. Your father didn’t answer you and turned to walk towards the Batcomputer. He pulled out the chair from the desk and collapsed into it with a sigh. He hung his head in his hands and rubbed his face.

“It was stupid of me to think I could keep this from your for forever.” He said, leaning back in the chair and sighing. “You aren’t from this world, [Y/N], not entirely. Your mother was Atlantean. When you were born she left you on my doorstep and went back to the sea without ever looking back. I’m sorry I thought I could protect you if I kept you in the dark.” Your father confessed.

So there it was. After all these years, there was your truth.

The truth wasn’t as satisfying as you thought it would be. To come to find out that the reason you didn’t have a mother was because she didn’t want you in the first place? It hurt. And to find out that you didn’t even belong in the world that you had grown up in made your heart ache. So much about you made sense now but you wished your truth was different, you wished you could feel more satisfied.

You tried to search for the words you wanted to say but came up empty. You wanted nothing more than to run as far as you could and just keep running so that’s what you did. You got on one of the motorcycles stored in the cave and raced to the only place that had ever provided you with solitude. You raced through the city until you finally came to a beach on the outskirts of the city that overlooked the ocean.

You walked along the rocky beach looking out towards the line where the sky meets the sea. The glint off the water and the crash of the waves against the shore calmed you. You took your shoes off and threw them to the side and stepped up to the water’s edge and let the cold sea water wash over your toes. You let your eyes slip close and just enjoyed the sounds of the water and the cries of the gulls.

You opened your eyes back open and looked longingly out to the water. Knowing what you knew now you wondered where your home truly was. Was it here with your family where you knew you would never quite belong or was it somewhere in the unfamiliar depths of the ocean that had always called out to you?

You had been standing at the edge of the water for as long as you could remember never knowing why the sea called out to you. Now you knew but if anything that only strengthened the draw. You wished you could be the perfect daughter, the human daughter, that your father hoped you would become. You desperately wanted to be the daughter he could trust would one day fill his shoes to protect the surface but doubt filled you. Would you always turn back to the water? Was that where you truly longed to be, even if you would be met with an empty ocean?

Everyone in your family had their role. They were happy with their role. So why couldn’t you find it within yourself to accept yours? Would you ever be satisfied in playing along when the voice inside you pulled you elsewhere?

“What’s wrong with me?” You sobbed dropping to your knees in the water. You dug your fingers into the sand below you as the water soaked through to your skin. Your tears flowed down your cheeks and dropped to mix with the salt water of the sea.

You were so confused. You had no idea what your place in this world was now.

Warm soothing arms wrapped around your shoulders and pulled you to a strong chest. You let out a sob and wrapped your arms tightly around your father, not ever wanting to let go. As you sobbed against him, he soothingly stroked your hair and rocked you.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered, his voice thick with painful emotion.

“Who am I?” You choked out. You father smiled sadly and  lifted your chin, pushing a lock of hair away from your face and behind your ear.

“Only you can answer that, [Y/N].” He said. He then pulled something out of his pocket and slipped it into your hand. You looked down at the object to see a wide gold bracelet that had intricate swirls and waves curling around it. At the top of the band was a silver shell imbedded in the gold. “This was your mother’s, it was all she left with you when she left you in my care.”

“It’s beautiful.” You admired, running your fingers along the gentle curves and turns of the design.

“You’re a part of both world’s, [Y/N]. As much as I always wanted to keep you safe here on the surface I understand if you feel the desire to go out there and find out who you are destined to be.” Your father said. “I was the same way when I was your age.” He smiled bittersweetly. Tears welled you up in your eyes and you constricted your arms around your father in a tight hug.

“If I go there’s no telling how far I’ll go.” You whispered into his chest.

“I know.” he replied. “Just …  promise me you’ll come back home when you figure out what it is that you want.” He requested, unshed tears glimmering in his own eyes.

“I promise Dad.” You swore tearfully.

“I will always be proud of you [Y/N]. I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for.” He said gently cradling your cheek. You knew it must have been hard for him to give you up like this and it was equally hard for you to leave but your heart told you that you had to do this. You had to find what’s beyond that line that you have yet to cross.

One day soon, you’ll find out how far you’ll go.

Garden | Prince!Tom AU

Requested: Yes!! Hope you like it!
Rating: PG
Summary: Tom and you are both royalty, but when you get the opportunity to become friends without the pretense of being royal, you find that the two of you just might be perfect for each other.


The day the two of you met, it was on a train back to Tom’s home town, he had been assigned a seat across from yours, and the two of you agreed to put your feet up next to the other on the seats for comfort, it was a long ride from your home town to his.

During one of the longest train rides of your life, Tom managed to make it feel short, the two of you discussed sports and music and art and literature, your families, your dreams and your pets.

During this time, you managed not to reveal to Tom that your full name began with the title “princess” and little did you know, he spent the entire ride praying that his own team of royal body guards wouldn’t interrupt your conversation.

The two of you had swapped addresses by the end, hoping to be able to send letters or visit each other if you were lucky. You had failed to mention that you were going to a royal ball later in the week, and that the entire time you were supposed to seduce some prince. You couldn’t help but hate the concept, it was just synthetic romance to attempt to bring your kingdom and another together to increase revenue, power and influence.

When you got to your hotel there was a short letter waiting for you at the front desk in the lobby, it was given to you by a very star-struck looking counter-person and you opened it the moment you got into your room.

“YN”, it read.
“I hope you know that you left quite the impression today, (the very best possible, of course) and that I would hate to not see you again while were staying in the same city. Maybe you’d like to meet me tonight? I’ll wait in the hotel gardens tonight for you at midnight, if you can come I’d love to see you,
The hand writing showed clear signs of an impressive amount of training, but it was more personal than traditional cursive lettering and you traced over the letters with your finger, heart racing. After spending so many hours in the cramped space of the train with Tom, you could barely try and convince yourself that you weren’t developing a crush.

This wasn’t right, you were supposed to go to the ball in two nights and fall head over heels for some snobby, disgusting prince and convince him to marry you as a political tactic. The two of you would have a large, very public wedding, and have children- more specifically a son, to carry on the family name and that was it, that was your entire future.
You loathed it. The entire plan felt slimy and repulsive to you.

And yet you hadn’t found the right way to resist it, you found yourself swept along in everyone’s plans for your life with no realistic way out. You decided to spend your time now focusing on the new boy in your life, rather than worrying about things that felt out of your control.

That night, you creeped past the excessive security measures placed in and around your room after pulling on a dress you figured was appropriate for the occasion, it was simple, but it flattered you while still having a flowing quality about it.

You ran down the stairs of the hotel, not wanting to be seen by the elevator attendant. You ran down the stairs and to the back door of the hotel you knew led to the gardens, trying to avoid any potential roadblocks in your plan.

You pushed the wooden door open slightly, trying to catch your breath before you began to look for the boy you’d met on the train. You looked at the tall clock tower in the center of the garden and knew you had made it exactly on time.
Tom stood up, hearing the door close, and made his way out from behind a large fountain, a bench circling it all the way around.

“YN?” He called quietly, unsure of his own voice in the night, the only sources of light were the moon and the small lamps that outlined the brick pathway that curved throughout the garden.

“Tom?” You replied back, more sure of yourself than ever after hearing his voice calling your name. You closed the door behind you and looked up to see his smiling face looking at your own.

“You look beautiful,” he complimented, you tried to act more confident in yourself than you felt. “You look pretty damn good yourself,” you replied, and Tom offered his arm to you, you accepted and the two of you walked slowly throughout the garden, talking about the plants you liked and your preferences between the moon and the sun.

Finally, the two of you found yourselves sat serenely on the bench that circled the large fountain. You knew it’d been a while since you had snuck out of your room, but the last thing you wanted to do was leave Tom’s side, the two of you leaning on each other.

“I wish we could stay here forever,” you admitted. “Me too,” he replied simply.

“I feel like my life is smothering me,” you confessed and Tom turned to look at you. “Am I allowed to say ‘me too’ again?” The two of you shared a slight laugh and mostly enjoyed the quiet of the evening, the noise of crickets and flowing water acting as music.

The two of you talked about your lives without managing to get too specific, the clock struck 3 and you began to struggle more and more to keep your eyes open.

“Let me walk you up to your room,” Tom offered, looking just as tired as you.

You nodded, not feeling like resisting, you were too tired. Tom grabbed your hand gently, your fingers intertwining easier than you expected. The two of you quietly ran to your room up the stairs and when you finally motioned to a familiar door and said “this is mine,” you couldn’t help but feel disappointed that you wouldn’t see Tom again all night. He leaned in slowly, trying to gauge your reaction before kissing you on the cheek. “Goodnight, love,” he smiled, beginning to turn away when you reached out for his arm, your fingers brushing the sleeve of his pale blue button down shirt. “Tomorrow night, same time, same place?” You inquired bravely. Tom turned back to view you, his face glowing with joy at your offer. “I would be honored,” he said, and you couldn’t help but watch him quickly descend back down the stairs the way you had come, absolutely charmed by him.

The twoxof you met at the same time in the garden, feeling even more close to eachother than ever.

“My parents expect me to get married soon,” you said after Tom leaned in to kiss you. The two of you had been talking for several hours now and although you wanted nothing more than to kiss the beautiful boy, you felt weighted down by obligation to your parents and your kingdom.

“So do mine,” he said, and at this, the two of you leaned in at the same time and sharing a soft kiss.

Both of you broke away with smiles that reached your eyes and made your cheeks hurt from holding the position for so long.

Once again, Tom walked you back to your room, this time, the two of you shared another kiss outside your door and you looked at him carefully after pulling away. “I’m leaving tomorrow,” you said, “meeting m’ parents,” Tom nodded slowly, absorbing your message. “So ’m I,” he replied ruefully.

“I’m glad we met, I want to see you again,” you found yourself wrapping your arms around Tom before you’d even processed that you wished to do so. His arms circled your waist tightly and both of you were reluctant to leave each other.

When you entered your room, you felt like crying at the thought of being with anyone besides Tom, even if it didn’t bring your kingdom prosperity and influence. You knew that you had been born for that very purpose, but you couldn’t help but want to take your life into your own hands.

You didn’t.
Tom had gone downstairs to the very next floor and paced in his room for much longer than he should have, trying to think of a way to run away with you.

He would rather marry you, some smart, funny, beautiful girl he’d only known for two days, than some stuck up, spoiled, heartless princess that he met at the ball his parents were throwing for the sole purpose of finding him a wife.

He had tried to tell them, the King and Queen of the kingdom, that the idea was of the past, that this was the 19th century, after all, but they would hear none of it. As usual they only wished to hear him agree with their plans and then stay silent.

He felt trapped in his own life and he hated it, he had just convinced himself to go up to your room and call out softly to you, but by the time he had gone to open his door, he heard the loud rapping he knew was from one of his royal body guards. The sun had come up and he hadn’t even noticed.

The entire day he hardly ate or talked to anyone, not even his best friend, who drove him around in posh carriages everywhere he wanted to go, Harrison. His friend had tried to ask him what was wrong on the way back to his home in the castle, but Tom would barely speak at all, so eventually Harrison was forced to give up and focus solely on driving.

“He’s grumpy today, ain’t he?” He asked the horses that pulled the carriage teasingly, knowing Tom could hear him perfectly well, “maybe he needs a snack, or maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed-”

“I think I love somebody, Haz, god, okay? That’s why I can’t focus on anything, I don’t want to eat or sleep because I know I probably won’t see her again, and it definitely won’t be at one of these God-awful, demeaning balls my parents have forced me to attend!”

Tom exploded, the words flowed out of him like an initial burst of lava that he had tried to keep in.

Harrison was quiet for a moment before he spoke again. “Good lord, mate, who-”

“Some girl from the train I took here from that damn conference meeting, she sat across from me and we talked and I gave her my hotel address to write to and my home address and turned out she stayed at the same hotel and we snuck out to talk to each other with no guards and when she kissed me? God, Haz, that’s the only thing I want to do anymore,” he said, slouching back into his seat after ranting, face covering his hands.

“So you’ve known a girl for two days-”

“Shut up, Haz, I already know she’s better than any of these princesses my parents will have invited for me to pick for marriage tonight,” Harrison just nodded, and before anything more could be said, Tom was whisked away by his security detail, now they were clad in the colors of the kingdom. Harrison subtly nodded goodbye as Tom looked back at his friend miserably, walking quickly towards the castle.


You woke up that morning in your hotel bed that seemed too large for just you. You’d had a dream about running away with him and you couldn’t shake the feeling you had in your dream of complete liberation.

You ate a quick breakfast brought to you by a room service attendant, and joined your body guards within your private car.

You completed the drive that lasted several hours to a large castle where your parents were already staying, hoping to befriend the royals of the castle where the ball would be held that night.

Stepping out of the car, you were pulled away by your hand maids to be bathed, styled, brushed, and pruned for the ball, your hair wound up too tightly to be comfortable and your face feeling cemented down by all the layers of powder pressed onto your skin.

You pleaded with your helpers not too make your dress too tight, but you found the corset being tied much tighter than you wished for anyway.

By the time you were in line at the main entrance of the ballroom with your parents, all you wanted to do was be near Tom again. Of course, he was your little secret, you couldn’t tell anyone in your life that you weren’t thrilled about the path you were set on for the future.

You were so involved in your thoughts that you barely remembered to look up and smile politely while bowing alongside your parents on the other side of the ballroom from where the prince sat between the two people you assumed were his parents.

You could barely stand to look at the prince, the entire object of tonight was to throw yourself harder at him than any of the other girls and you hated it.

You didn’t even notice, when the prince looked at you, his posture straightened, his head left the stabilizing hand that he’d rested on the side of his throne to better look at you from an upright angle.

He mumbled your name and couldn’t barely force himself to sit through the rest of the announcements.

Every other royal family from other parts of the globe standing at the top of a staircase on the opposite side of the room as him and his parents would bow as their names would call and carefully descend to the main area of the ballroom to politely clap for all of the next families. He kept his eyes on you, he was so glad he had recognized you beneath the facade you’d been put under, he was so shocked to see you here that he barely noticed that he was intensely staring at you, trying to wrap his mind around the possibility that you might be a princess.

“Her- there between her parents in that gold dress, who is she?” He whispered to his father, who looked around before noticing you and your family. “Oh, I’m not sure, son, that’s why we have announcements,” he teased.

Tom rolled his eyes slightly. He knew his parents were only in such a good mood because so far everything was going according to plan, their plan, that is.

He then turned to his mother to ask the same question, “oh, that’s the family from…” everything his mother said until your name fell from your lips. “And that’s their daughter, princess YN…” Tom wondered for a fraction of a second how a name that had come to mean so much to him could mean nearly nothing to his parents.

“A princess?” He asked slowly. “Yes, why do you ask?” He tried to think of an answer to his mothers question that wouldn’t make her start planning a wedding right here and right now.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to, as the announcer called for everyone to dance, and music began to loudly play. This was his cue, he’d had to practice it a billion times.

He stood up, bowed straight forward and smiled, scanning the room with his eyes as he descended the short stair case from where his throne sat. He tried to find you, but couldn’t, and he tried to ignore the sinking feeling of despair at the thought of having to participate in one of these events again without you.

He began to dance with far too many girls than he’d have liked too, they were lovely, sure, but they weren’t you. They were too ridged, with no finesse, without your smile and your hair and your skin and without the lips he wanted to kiss so badly that only you could possibly posses.


Your mother had grasped your hand slightly to get your attention as you stood to the side of the thrones.

“He’s watching you, YN, he’s had his eyes on you since the moment you walked in, prince Thomas is very clearly taken with you-” the name had made your eyes turn to the line of thrones, your vision allowing you to take in the sight of the boy you’d met three days ago.

You held in a gasp in surprise, you’d had no idea that you’d already fallen for the prince that you were supposed to throw yourself at like a product. The thought of him participating in this made you feel uneasy, and when the dancing started you excused yourself to get some fresh air on the balcony.

All night Tom scanned around the room for you, and finally caught sight of your gorgeous dress outside on the balcony. He excused himself as quickly as possible and tried not to run to you.

“YN, or should I say, princess?” He addressed you with mixed emotions of joy and surprise.

Your rational side has tried to convince you that this was another example of what Tom had said made him feel trapped in his life, but a small, nagging voice in you felt troubled that you had to find out that he was a prince here and now, and that he was the object of everyone’s attention tonight.

“YN?” He questioned when you barely responded, still lost in your thoughts, his hand gently grazed your shoulder.

You nodded, turning to look at the boy, his hair slicked back and a look of concern on his face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You inquired quietly.
“I could ask you the same, didn’t you just want a few hours where nobody expected you to be perfect?” Tom inquired back.

You sighed quietly and nodded, playing wit your fingers in your lap. “You look gorgeous, YN, I’ve been looking for you all night,”

“You have?” You’d figured he’d forgotten all about you when he began dancing with the other girls. You voiced this to him and he couldn’t hold back a laugh. “No, YN, I was just trying to be polite, my parents were watching,” he explained. “Trust me, I would much rather dance with you, and talk with you and,” he leaned in closer to your ear to ensure nobody would hear him but you. “I’m damn sure that you’re the only one here I want to kiss,”

You were smiling, now, and Tom sat down next to you on the bench, you smoothed down your skirt to make more room for him to sit close to you.

“YN, I can’t stop thinking about you,” he admitted. “I was up all night trying to figure out how we could both get out of this lifestyle, I can eat or think or rest, I can only sit around, miserable, because you’re not around,” he admitted and you found yourself back in the same exact position you’d been in at the park where you met the night before. His shoulder pressed to yours.

“I don’t have it any better, I dreamed about you,” you admitted sheepishly and Tom and you shared a laugh. “YN, do you think we could at least try to spend tonight together? I know it won’t be the same with everyone here but, I can’t just let you slip away through my fingers. You looked into his face and noted his sincerity.

"Of course we can,” and with that, he offered you his arm just as he had in the garden that night, and the two of you re-entered the warm, well-lit ball room. “I am so, so glad that you’re here,” you spoke softly to him as you danced the two of you had become the center of attention and neither of you had even noticed.

“Usually these things are completely awful, but with you here it’s almost, maybe a bit fun,” you said with a small laugh, and Tom grinned, “usually I’d be sitting back up there with my parents as they get more and more upset with me for not dancing with every girl here with money or power, this is a million times more enjoyable, believe me,” the two of you talked just as you had in the garden.

By the end of the night, the two of you had danced, and eaten so much that the only thing either of you felt like doing was resting. You retired to your bench and you found yourself with your head resting on his shoulder. Carriages had began to pull up, and royal families exited the castle in a slow moving procession. Your parents, as well as Tom’s had seen the two of you duck out and had figured that finally their children had hit it off with someone. They had all decided mutually to let the two of you spend the evening together, and had retired to the Royal sitting room. You and Tom talked the night away, falling asleep on the balcony floor watching the stars while holding each other closely.

When you woke up, there might be a million engagement rumors to deal with, but neither of you cared, all that mattered was that now, you had both found a chance to fall in love with somebody you had chosen, that would still benefit your kingdoms. Neither of you voiced your thoughts, but you both knew you were thinking it:

This was perfect.

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If you were to let the 'twice-as-tall-as-her-cousin' version of Gwen become a recurring character for your works, then would you have called her: A) "TallGwen"? B) "BigGwen" (As a play on the tall, famous clock tower in London)? C) "HighGwen" (As a play on 'High Ten', meaning a Double High Five)?

Gwen “10-inches-taller-than-you”.

Part three of my sexy!vicar fic in which Jon is a vicar and Sansa is a society woman in the 1950s: part one, part two.

“You never visit,” Sansa says, as she gestures to the chair beside her. The dullness of her voice is scolding enough. “Have a seat, Jon.”

He does, though he’s already regretting his decision to drop in on her, while he’s in London for the afternoon. If he remained standing, he could make a quicker exit, but he’s never been much good at saying no to her.

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you should totally write something related to aaron burr's ghost! and by totally i mean you can do whatever you want haha

i’m not sorry for this not sorry for this i have no idea if you meant drabble or not but here’s a totally shitty drabble for the ghost of Aaron Burrs ghost i’m going to hell for this okay bye enjoy

The halls of the house creaked with every step your tour group took. The smell of history emanated from the walls, seeping out from behind the tall grandfather clock at the end of the hall and coating every room like a blanket of knowledge.

The floorboards beneath your feet seemed like the least of the house’s problems, with chipped paint falling from the ceiling every so often and dust layering every bowl, book, and shelf around you. Every step the tour guide took on a carpet was met with a plume of particles, as though the last time the house was cleaned was the last time it had been lived in.

Being a history major has its perks.

It was the house Aaron Burr, the man who was now the subject of your thesis, had fled to after shooting the first Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. It went without saying - at least, in your opinion - that the poor Vice President was completely justified in doing so (although, you did totally agree that the killing part was not so great), though; and you had no problem telling this to your roommate, who you had somehow tricked into coming on this adventure with you.

Little did you know, someone else seemed to overhear.

A figure, deep in the corner, behind shadows and in the nooks and crannies of every room, just out of reach of the naked eye, seemed to be following you. You could see him, just out of the corner of your vision, peeking at you from behind corners and listening to every word you said, hanging on every syllable like his afterlife depended on it.

But every time you turned, there was no-one to be seen. Just a still room, wavering gas-lamps, and nobody watching you. Or so you thought.

“And if you look to your left; this is the guest bedroom, where Vice President Burr was said to have slept after the encounter with Secretary Hamilton…”

You turned to your roommate and grimaced. “Yes, their… Encounter.”

The figure smiled at the way you mocked the tour guide, jotting down notes in perfect handwriting and smiling warmly, taking in all the history around you.

Part of that history was watching you.

He moved slowly behind you, and it would’ve been quite the sight to see if he had been tangible. The way you would break off from the group to stare at something, the way he would stare at it next to you, whispering what it was in hopes of getting your attention; the way you would run to catch up, yet he would simply take a large stride through a neighboring wall to get to you; the way you would bounce on your toes to ask a question, but he would be quick to whisper the answer to you - you couldn’t hear him, but that wasn’t the point.

The only response he seemed to get was a quick glance over your shoulder, and a shuffle towards the center of the group, disliking being on the edge with this strange aura that appeared to follow you.

He liked people like you.

They only came once every 25 years or so, and they were such a nice change of pace, but you…

He hadn’t realized that lacking in a heart didn’t mean lacking in feelings.

And boy did he have feelings for you.

He found it funny, the man who seemed to have no feelings about anything in particular, had feelings for something - for someone - he would never actually be able to touch. But you somehow saw past his whole political pursuit; you saw past the man who dropped opinions better than Beyonce dropped Jay-Z during that whole ‘Lemonade’ catastrophe.

You saw a man who kept his emotions inside, a man who acted irrationally once and paid dramatically for it. Not a villain, not a monster, not just a painting in some dusty old museum.

A real, living person.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now entering the living room of the house, the most paranormally-active part of our tour. If you could keep all flash off while we’re in here, that’d be dandy.”

The figure took his chance, standing next to you in the center of the room. A cold feeling washed over you, and chills ran up your spine. You didn’t like this part of the tour. This room felt live-in. Like the person who owned it was there, waiting next to you.

“Aaron Burr’s ghost has been sighted in this room by multiple staff members and a handful of tourists that frequent the place. It’s also said that he’s known to grab you by the shirt if he likes you. Let’s hope he likes the bunch of you more than he liked Secretary Hamilton.”

You gave a nervous chuckle with the rest of the group, still hating how the room felt.

“And now, if you’ll follow me to the bathroom, we’ll take a peek into what the daily deed was like back in the 19th century-”

The figure took his chance. He reached his hand out, praying you felt him - if only for a moment, you’d be touching - and tugged a little too harshly on the collar of your shirt.

He felt so happy - happier than he’d felt in years. He touched you! He did it! If he pretended hard enough, he could convince himself that he even felt you against him!

And then…

You screamed.

You toppled to the floor in a matter of seconds, flipping over before he had the chance to go to help you up - not even thinking about the fact that that was impossible - and kicking in his general direction and landing a sharp, chilling blow to his stomach, your shoe going straight through him and making him stumble away from you.

“Oh my! Are you alright, ma’am?!” The tour guide was quick to run and stand in front of Aaron, a crowd of your peers forming around you in a matter of seconds to the point where he couldn’t actually get to you.

“Y- Yeah, s- sorry, I just… Something - someone - pulled my hair… Like I felt them, they full on tried to rip my hair out!”

No, I didn’t! He wished you could hear his yelling. I just wanted to talk to you! Please, just let me talk to you!

“Oh wow!” The tour guide helped you up, beaming. “Looks like we have another one that Mr. Burr was fond of…”

His yelling died down as he began to feel his hope crumple. He suddenly wished he didn’t have feelings. His non-existent heart hurt.

“Y- Yeah… Yeah, I guess so.”

You gave a nervous chuckle, all but bolting from the room before the rest of the group had even finished chattering about what had just happened.

He didn’t bother following you. What was the point? You were just going to be scared of him - what good was it if the person you want to notice you is too afraid to even get near you?

The ticking of the clock was the only reminder that time was passing. He didn’t care anymore. He just wanted someone to talk to.

And unfortunately, you were not that person.

Aaron was alone once again.

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My dog (dachshund/beagle mix) is fat. Ridiculously fat. Obese. I've tried everything, I take her on a lengthy walk every day, she goes out in the backyard and runs around with my two labradors many times a day, she's on a special vet recommended diet and I can't seem to get her to lose weight. she is about 10 inches tall and clocks in around 26 pounds. she can't even scratch her ear with her hind leg (i've seen her try, its really not working for her). Any ideas on how to help her lose weight?

Getting pets to lose weight can be really tough. The first thing is to make sure of what she really is eating. Double check that she is getting exactly how much food the vet said she should get a day and that you are using an actual measuring cup to ration it out. Even an extra 1/8c can be too much. Also ensure that nobody else in the house is feeding her, you’d be amazed how often we found out that both owners are feeding the dog before they each go to work.

Next see if she is getting anything else to eat. This includes dog treats, human food, another pet’s food, getting into the trash etc. If you have neighbors, guests, visitors, small children, elderly people, make sure they are not giving extra food. I’ve had many cases where young children or older people with dementia are feeding the dog and nobody knew. I’ve had clients feed all the dogs in separate rooms and low and behold the overweight one lost weight because it had been eating the other pet’s food but nobody knew.

If she really and truly is getting exactly the right amount of food per day and is not getting any extra treats or other food the next step is to look for a medical issue. There could be an endocrine problem or something else making it difficult for her to lose weight. This will require a vet visit and some blood work.

If all of that is normal, the vet will likely switch her to a different diet and may add on some prescription medication. Honestly though I have yet to find a single case where the reason for not losing weight wasn’t that the dog was getting more food than it should although it is absolutely possible to have another reason, they just aren’t that common.

So… for some reason, I ended up with a rich person’s Christmas catalog in my mailbox. I’m kinda staring at some of this stuff in horror, like who the hell would want a 6′ tall cat clock??

Anyone want to buy a 23 acre Wild West Town Amusement Park for $7,000,000? Why is this in a Christmas catalog??



A $400 razor?? With $150 replacement blades??? (O_O) That’s more than my food budget for the month!

This is just lazy. Why would any self respecting person pay $35 for something that makes and launches snowballs?

A $40 shaving gel warmer. Why. Just put the can in warm water or something. 

I honestly thought this was a thing of jokes, not real. And not $15 each… I actually don’t know how to feel about this.


$2500 Ferrari scooter.

If you couldn’t tell this was a catalog for people with money

I hate that my first thought when I saw this was, “Look, Martha! The kids can pretend to be Mexicans!”

This is a $70 piece of absolute blasphemy.

But, look! The catalog does have redeeming quality! TANKS!

If I were rich, I’d probably by my husband the Abrams. He wants a real one, but we can’t have one, so this is the next best thing.

I’d also be tempted to get this Nightmare Before Christmas clock, except it’s battery operated. They could have at least done gears for that price.

And look, a cute little $160 tabletop fire. Fire for the desk. 

I can imagine some big cat CEO sitting in his leather chair, staring at some n00b sweating in the chair across from him, and the CEO taking the resume and letting the fire take it. Then of course he’d have to press the button that sends the hopeful to the bottomless pit below.

Perfect Sin

Warning: “+18 content, cheating, anti-Hinata”


The curtains were shut, the door was locked, and papers that were once neatly piled on the desk were now covering the wooden floor like a rug. 

Muffled moans filled the office, it was the only noise coming from the tall building. The clock hit two A.M. , the room was dark except for the small night light that was the only light source in the entire office.

A tanned hand was covering the raven’s lips, making sure the noises were on a minimum to not arouse suspicion.  The raven’s hands were tied up on his back, unable to break free from the cable ties that were tightly wrapped around his wrists. They were red and it was obviously going to leave a marks, but it didn’t seem to matter to either the Hokage or the ANBU officer.

Their bodies were sweaty, they had lost track of time and neither one seem to recall when they exactly started their foreplay that night, but at this point the only thing that mattered was the finish line.

“Hokage-sama” Sasuke, bit lightly in Naruto’s finger, causing the Hokage to easily flip him on the desk. From his stomach to his back. He leaned over the Uchiha. One hand resting right next to Sasuke’s head, while the other cupped the Uchiha’s cheek, kissing him roughly on his already swollen lips. His hips moved slower, his thrust became harder. The Uchiha became unrestful under the blond. Naruto bit slightly down on Sasuke’s lip. The raven made a small whining noise, breaking the kiss.

“Sssh, sweetie, no need to get fussy now” Naruto whispered in the raven’s ear.

“I am so close, Naruto” It almost sounded like the young man was whining.  

“Kids these days are so impatient” Naruto grinned, seeing the younger man frown by his words.

“You had me for hours-” The Uchiha threw his head back, not being able to keep a clear mind. What was he talking about again?  He couldn’t quite recall in his currenting state. That state being, getting pounded on the Hokage’s office, on his desk, by him.

“And I will keep you for hours if you don’t ask kindly” A grin appeared on the Hokage’s face, showing his sharp canines.

“Naruto” Sasuke lifted his head to look right in the dreamy blue eyes,  “Fuck me harder”

“Still not quite it, dattebayo”

“Please…” The last word coming from the Uchiha’s mouth sounded bitter, but that is exactly where the Hokage was going for. His grip around the Uchiha’s hips tightened, pulling him closer as he pounded harder, deeper, faster.

The Uchiha has no idea what was coming over him. His moans were filling room, if not the entire building.  Naruto wished to hear those noises all the time. Unlucky him.

“Hokage-sama..Hokage-sama!!” Sasuke moaned his name.

“I know, I know, baby. Cum for me”  Naruto bit down his cheek, keeping in his moans as he himself felt his own climax come, and the image of the younger man cuming from getting fucked on his desk was driving him closer to the edge. He could see the Uchiha panting, but he wasn’t done with him just yet. Sasuke opened his eyes and looked right in Naruto’s.

Yeah those sexy Uchiha eyes were something that drove the Hokage crazy. They looked tired, sleepy, and yet so lusty. His eyes were red, it was new discovery of Naruto’s that the Sharingan automatically turns on when Uchihas when feeling very excited.

A few more minutes, was all it took for the Hokage to cum hard. He pulled out of the raven, taking off the condom, making a knot in it before throwing it in the trash. He looked at it, trying to remember to throw the trash out himself before anyone asks any questions. He looked back on his desk.

“Are you asleep again?” Naruto asked, pulling his pants up and fastening his belt again.

“Catching my breath, that’s all” Sasuke said before sitting up, grabbing some tissues to wipe the cum off his stomach before throwing it in the bin.

“Let me,” Naruto grabbed. A kunai and leaned in, cutting the cable binder. Sasuke rubbed his wrists.  “Too tight?”

“Kinda” Sasuke said, seeing Naruto take his hand and place a soft kiss on his wrist.

“Thought you were sort of into that, dattebayo” Naruto felt Sasuke’s hand wrap around his waist, pulling him a little closer.

“Oh, but I am” he whispered, kissing the blond on his mouth, “how about..You and I…Leave the papers on the floor and just go to my place..Take a long hot bath…” Sasuke stopped talking,seeing how Naruto slightly looked away. Right, it was going to be same old story.

“I have to go to my wife”  

Sasuke let go of Naruto, scoffing annoyed.

“The same wife that let’s you sleep on the couch?”  The raven looked away, “yeah you go to her”  Sasuke got off the desk, “instead of coming home with me…Where I will snuggle close to you, wake you up in the morning…Probably surprise you and let you go to work already exhausted, but in a good mood”

“I am sorry, Sasuke” Naruto apologized, his hand reached for Sasuke’s face, but the Uchiha slapped it away. “Sasuke” the blond sighed, seeing the raven pick up his clothes and putting him on.

“Whatever, fuck you” the Uchiha whispered. He buttoned up his shit but stopped feeling Naruto wrap his arms around his waist.

“Come on, babe” Naruto whispered in his ear, kissing his cheek.

“I know…I get it, I do” Sasuke sighed. “But I can’t help it…How did I get myself dragged in here” He muttered the last part.

“I love you, dattebayo”  Naruto said, placing a soft trail of kisses on Sasuke’s neck.

“I’m tired, Naruto” Sasuke pulling himself out of Naruto’s arms, grabbing his pants and putting it on.

“I will see you around” The Uchiha said.

“Sasuke” Naruto called out.

“Have fun with your wife” Sasuke shut the door behind him, his hand was still on the doorknob as he remained standing outside the office.

How did he get like this? In love with a married man that has kids. Sneaking around the entire village’s back just to get the occasional sneak kiss or quick fuck…Was it even worth it?

Sasuke sighed, letting go of the doorknob and walking down the hall.

Who knows?  Maybe he was just the devil corrupting the loved Hokage, or maybe it was the Hokage who was the devil…But who would ever believe that? Because Sasuke certainly had a hard time convincing himself of it.

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76 and Scott summers pleeeaaase

76. “I need you to pretend we’re dating…”

A/N: one of my fave tropes ahhh

“Scotty! I need to ask you a super huge favor!” you said the moment you burst into his bedroom.

“What!?” he asked, nearly jumping ten feet in the air at your sudden outburst. He threw his magazine onto the floor and shoved it under his bed, leaving little to the imagination in terms of what it’s contents were. “Uh–Y/N. What…what is it?”

“Okay, I’m gonna ignore whatever that was,” you gestured in his general direction, “and just get it out, okay?”


“You can totally say no, if you really want, but I would really, really appreciate it if you said yes,” you continued to stall, wanting to drag this out for as long as you absolutely could.

“Just get on with it, Y/N,” Scott grumbled and you sucked in a deep breath.

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Boyfriend Material

anonymous prompted: CC prompt? “Hey you, what are these clothes made of?” “What?” “Boyfriend material.” CrissColfer Alternative Meeting AU. 3.8K [AO3]

Darren throws back the dregs of his scotch on the rocks in one gulp before sidling up to the bar to order another double. He needs at least one more fortifying dose of alcohol for courage before he has the balls to go through with his plan.

Darren’s usually not reliant for alcohol when it comes to social lubrication. As Joey, Lauren, and all his college friends love pointing out to him, he’s basically missing the shame gene, especially when it comes to approaching cute guys in bars. You name a cheesy pick up line or clumsy introduction technique, Darren’s tried it at least once. (Yes, even the Naked Man. Don’t ask.)

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A little post-Dark Waters ficlet.

His stories have been untold for too long.

Emma sits on the edge of the bed, dressed in nothing but an oversized version of what she calls a T-shirt, all soft cotton and long legs left bare, with her hair unbound and streaming over one shoulder. She’s so beautiful that it actually hurts his eyes to look at her at times, like the days when the sun rose high in a cloudless sky and reflected on the water, shimmering like gold and brighter than a diamond.

(her love is more valuable than gold and more rare than diamonds, the greatest treasure he’s ever found in all his years spent searching for something else, something he no longer wants and yet has returned again from the fathomless depths to haunt him)

He tells her a tale, of a pirate who made a bargain with the Evil Queen and a boy who paid the price, of a father and his sons, all three of them. She listens, eyes bright with sympathy he doesn’t deserve and a finger curled around the curve of his hook. His voice cracks and he looks away, staring at nothing but the ghosts of a past he’s hidden behind saucy quips and theatrical swagger.

“Killian, hey. You’ve changed so much since then.”

Her words pierces his disquiet but doesn’t soothe it completely. He’s still bargaining, fearful of what losing her would do to him, what depths he would sink to if the vision becomes truth and their Happy Ending slips through his fingers like sand and scatters to the wind. An empty heart…

She lies in his arms, legs tangling with his under the quilts and her head on his shoulder. He may not have split himself like Regina, but the dual desires war within him in the darkness of the midnight hour. He was selfish enough to keep the shears and heroic enough to let them go, but a pirate can always find a treasure chest and he’s Killian Jones again but he’s still Captain Hook.

Out in the hall the tall grandfather clock ticks steadily on, heavy pendulum swinging back and forth to mark the seconds as Emma shifts sleepily against him and he feels the brush of her breasts against his side while her hand settles over his heart. He covers it with his own and kisses the top of her head.

He won’t let this story end.