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Yet there are always a few who walk the roads that others shun, seeking after fortunes in the bleaker corners of the world. And so it was with the Andals who made their way to Dorne. Some contested with the First Men who had come before them for the choice lands along the Greenblood and the coasts, or ventured into the mountains. Others established themselves in places where no man had gone before them.
Amongst those were the Ullers and the Qorgyles; the former raised a grim, stinking seat beside the sulfurous yellow waters of the Brimstone, whilst the latter established themselves amidst the dunes and deep sands, fortifying the only well for fifty leagues around. Farther east, the Vaiths raised a tall, pale castle in the hills, at the juncture of the two streams that formed the river that soon bore their name.

The World of Ice and Fire. Dorne. The Andals Arrive.

Houses of Dorne (3/5)


Hardknott Castle. by Alan
Via Flickr:
A Roman Fort overlooking Eskdale. You can see the layout of the fort and to the left is the Roman Bath and Hardknott Pass road. Look even closer and you can see people wandering about.

One True Princess - Harry Hook x Reader

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It was no lie that cats hated water, so when (Y/N) awoke to the feeling of being submerged in the deep water her eyes snapped open and she let out a muffled scream. Digging her way to the top she found she couldn’t her claws could do her no good as the waves worked against her.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), wake up!” a thick Scottish accent called out to her, awakening her from her dream of sleeping with the fishes. She latched onto the boy in front of her, claws digging into his red coat as she calmed her breathing. Her eyes darted up to see the bright blue eyes framed by black makeup watching her closely.

She retracted her claws from his coat as her ears twitched, seeing the face of her boyfriend in front of her. “Harry!” the daughter of Prince John, the lion prince who was beaten by Robin Hood and his Merry men, cried out. “I thought I was under water again, I couldn’t swim to the top, it was like the waves wanted me dead!” Harry Hook looked pitifully upon his girlfriend who seemed to be in such a state that it broke his cold and insane heart right in half.

“You’re alright, Love. The water can’t hurt you while I’m around,” he whispered as he brought the half-lioness princess onto his lap. She purred in contentment as she curled her tail around his waist as a gesture to pull her closer and he obliged with no complaint.

When the villains were banished to the Isle and stripped of their magic it was a heck of a time for the animal villains. Scar, Shere Khan, Kaa, Mor’du, Prince John, and the many others were condemned to a double lifestyle. Alternating between their animal forms and human forms the children took some animalistic features while still possessing the general physique of a human. (Y/N) was a lioness in many ways, to the ears atop her head, to the way her vocal cords produced the purring of a cat, to the claws that extended and retracted when the circumstance called for it, to the tail that was currently wrapped around Harry’s midsection.

Harry adored his animalistic companion it every way that made her (Y/N). She expressed herself with the features in ways she couldn’t as a normal human girl. Her ears twitch when she’s nervous or feels she’s not getting the attention she deserves, her claws and tail are used as a defense and possessive mechanism, and her purring shows she’s okay with what’s happening at that moment.

The day grew easier as the dream was long forgotten by (Y/N), Harry had to do his job as Uma’s first mate so she took it upon herself to hang around with some of the other villain kids on the Isle. Shane, Shere Khan’s son, and Mor’du’s daughter, Mairi (she’s an OC of mine).

As the three villain descendants walked the lengths of the Marketplace talking aimlessly with each other as the sun started to slip away. It wasn’t until (Y/N) had said bye to her two friends did she see the boy she loved so much watching from the shadows. It looked as if someone had poured a new coat of mania over his eyes because she could tell the Harry Hook she knew so well wasn’t there completely.

“Harry, darling?” (Y/N) whispered softly, reaching out to place a hand on his cheek, her ears twitching in anticipation. He looked dazed, and there was an obvious blood stain on his shirt underneath his jacket. His hook still dripped a bit of blood as well.

Harry’s eyes skimmed right past her to the two animalistic villain kids walking away in the distance. “Are you mad at me?” she whispered, feeling a painful squeeze in her heart as she looked at the boy she loved and wanted to pull close to her.

His blue eyes flickered over her face, seeing the way her ears twitched every few seconds and the way her lip quivered in obvious pain. He gently brought his hook up to her cheek and rubbed the metal against her skin, watching as it left a trail of blood, that wasn’t hers, on her cheek. He let out a deep breath as sound slowly came back to his ears and his sight blurred a little less. Looking down at the half-lioness in front of him he immediately took in the signs of pain.

“Did I hurt you, oh my gosh I did, didn’t I!” He looked down at the hook in his hand and the blood on her cheek and it was Harry that let out the pained whimper this time. But all (Y/N) could do was sigh in relief as her Harry returned to her. She gently grasped his hand and hook to steady his shaking as she smiled and pulled him close to her.

“No, you didn’t hurt me, darling. You just left for a while,”(Y/N) calmly explained to him and he slowly nodded in understanding. “Where did you go, my love?” she asked calmly to the manic boy in front of her. He opened his mouth to speak but his eyes flitted behind her and she turned to see Shane and Mairi watching in the distance, concern written on their features.

It clicked for (Y/N) then as she turned to look back at Harry and giggled. ”Wait a second. Are you jealous?” Harry growled in obvious annoyance as his attention shifted from the two half-animal villains watching in the distance to his petite half-lioness girlfriend in front of him.

“Harry Hook… Jealous? That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard you say,” his protest was weak as the mania drained from his eyes. (Y/N) giggled and kissed his cheek before grabbing his hand to lead them back to Uma’s ship.

Later that night as they lay, half awake, tired from the sensations coursing their veins mere minutes ago, (Y/N) asks a question. “Harry, if they gave you and me a chance to go to Auradon… would you take it?” His half-lidded eyes looked down at her, her face lying on his chest as he rubbed soothing circles on her skin.

“I don’t know, I would love to go with you but I couldn’t abandon Uma or Gil or the other members of the crew. They’re my family too.” (Y/N) swallowed thickly to keep the tears from slipping down her cheeks as she shifted on Harry’s chest and tried to sleep away the pain she felt in her heart.

The next morning Harry awoke alone with only a jewel from one of Prince John’s crowns. His panic set in moments later when Uma burst through his door asking why Gil saw (Y/N) leave crying at the break of dawn. He had shooed Uma from his room as he threw on ripped jeans and a ripped shirt, his red coat floated behind him as he grabbed his hook and ran through the doors and off of the ship entirely.

Running through the streets of the Marketplace he ran to the front of Bargain Castle, the same place the limo picked up four children a mere month ago. Harry watched as Shane, Mairi, and (Y/N) walked towards the limo. Harry stepped to the front of the crowd, giving (Y/N) a clear view of him.

“You can’t do this to us!” Harry shouted at her, her hyper-sensitive ears twitching at the Scottish voice that used to comfort her in her time of need. She turned to look at Harry with a cold expression.

“You gave your answer last night on us, Harry Hook,” her expression was dead as she climbed into the limo and the last thing she saw before going through the barrier was Harry collapsing onto the ground as a hooded villain ran away.

When she arrived at Auradon she realized her mistake on leaving Harry there, if anyone needed to be at Auradon was Harry so he could be medically treated by professionals. The thought of watching him collapse and doing nothing weighed heavily on her shoulders and she felt as if she would break into a sob any moment.

The three VKs were greeted with open arms by most students but (Y/N) stayed emotionless as she sifted through her small quantity of belongings. At the bottom of her bag was a small crown her father had given her on her fifteenth birthday. Harry had used to place it on her head and call her his “one true princess” and the thought of him only left her in tears as she curled in on herself and cried herself to sleep on the floor of her dorm.

Back on the Isle Uma and Gil watched worriedly over Harry after a couple of Wharf Rats had dragged him back to the ship unconscious saying he passed out when the limo left with (Y/N) in it. He had been out for three days now and showed no signs of waking up anytime soon.

Uma needed a way to get in contact with Auradon, but couldn’t think of anything until it hit her, Maleficent and the three other villains had talked to their children on Maleficent’s television.

Ordering Gil to watch over Harry as she stormed to the other side of the Isle where Bargain Castle stood tall above most buildings and noticed the limo tire tracks on the ground from three days prior.

Making her way into the lounge area where Maleficent’s television stood Uma walked over to turn it on. The screen went black for a moment before showcasing a load of students walking the halls of Auradon. She didn’t question how exactly that was able to work that fast.

“Hey! Can any of you Auradons hear me?” Uma’s voice rang loudly through the school as the students in the hall looked up to the blue-haired sea witch on the screen above them.

Uma laughed as she saw Mal and Carlos walk forward from the crowd. “What do you want Uma?” Mal yelled back at her and Uma blinked at her before taking a deep breath.

“I don’t know how much time we have, but something’s happened to Harry. Some of my crew found him out cold the moment the limo went through the barrier and he hasn’t woken up yet. We need help over here, I’m not losing my first mate over some silly feud.” The girl’s vulnerability shocked the students of Auradon, remembering the last time they had saw the girl she had bewitched their King and tried to take down the barrier by force.

“And how do we know this isn’t some trick to get us back to the Isle?” Mal asked and it was then she noticed the heartbroken look on Uma’s face.

“UMA! UMA! IT’S HARRY!” A voice yelled out from behind her and Gil came running through the door of the Bargain Castle lounge. As Gil caught his breath every student of Auradon had made their way to the television where the VKs stayed on the screen.

“Gil! What’s wrong with Harry!?” Uma grabbed the youngest Gaston by the shoulders, completely forgetting the television still being on for a moment as she pleaded with the boy to talk.

“I found… I found a needle scar on his shoulder,” Gil panted out as he looked over to the television where Uma previously sat. “He’s been cursed to an eternal sleep.” The last things the Auradon students saw was the television crashing to the ground as Uma fell and they noticed the waves crashing against the shore as if they aimed to kill, and they possibly did. They all took it seriously then if Uma’s wrath was powerful enough to even mess with the waters outside the barrier it was serious.

Mal dashed up to (Y/N)’s dorm room where she found the girl furiously packing her things back into her small pack and she turned with her crown on her head to see Mal standing there. “I’m his one true princess. Now I’ve got to go wake up my Pirate Prince,” (Y/N) gave a feline grin as she started to walk past Mal. She stopped before looking back at the half-faery girl. “Can I borrow your Moped?”

News travels fast on the Isle as (Y/N) had barely stepped foot off the Moped before she saw Gil behind her. “You’re back! Oh, thank Maleficent!” Gil almost cried out as he grabbed her arm and started dragging her to the boat docks.

“Uma! (Y/N)’s back!” Gil called out to his Captain as she came running from the living quarters below and her and Gil dragged her back to Harry’s room.

“I was really hoping that you’d be back, he needs you… and not just because he’s under a curse,” Uma told her as she approached Harry’s bed. He looked so peaceful while he was asleep, but it hid his blue eyes from the world around him.

“We’re going to leave,” Gil said as he and Uma left the room. (Y/N) looked at her sleeping pirate and brushed some of his hair back. If Harry was able to wake up that would have been the trick to do it. Harry’s hair was as sensitive as (Y/N)’s ears, which they both learned not too long into their relationship.

“I’m going to wake you up Harry, and I’m going to take us back to Auradon so you can get proper medical treatment. And I’ll see if I can get Uma, Gil, and the crew over too. Okay,” her words were not answered as she took a shaky breath.

She kissed him… and watched as his eyes fluttered open with a soft smile. “I heard what you said. Everything. And that was torture because when someone wasn’t talking it was the last sentence you said to me screaming in my ears. I’m sorry, Love. You’re my one true princess.”

Mal’s Moped took her and Harry back through the barrier and when they arrived at Auradon Mal and Ben were there to greet them. “It’s good to see you awake Harry. We’re glad you decided to come here,” Ben said.

“And Uma, Gil, and the crew?” Harry asked.

“Will have the opportunity to leave on their ship when Fairy Godmother and I take one of my ships out to take the barrier down long enough for them to leave,” Ben assured.

“Okay, Harry, first things first. We’re taking you to the nurse for a check-up.”

Harry ended up diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder, PTSD, and Mania. (Y/N) helped him through the tough times when he woke up Jay and Carlos with nightmares about his dad pushing his mom off the plank or when Harriet told Harry he’d never been a true pirate like her or CJ.

Uma and Gil helped too, Shane, Carlos, Jay, Harry, and Gil all fitting into one room because they needed to show the new VKs how to get up in the morning for school. Mal, Evie, Mairi, Uma, and (Y/N) all shared a room for the same reasons.

School got easier as time went on, and Harry still teased (Y/N) about her royal heritage, calling her his “one true princess”. (Y/N) found she was a skill at Jewelry Making and Harry joined R.O.A.R. along with Uma once the rules had been bent a little. Now almost half of the R.O.A.R. team consisted of former VKs and (Y/N) never missed a practice for her Pirate Prince.

[I hope you liked this, I adored writing this for you <3]

(Random Question: The Carolina Mountains are breathtaking, has anyone been there before?)

A Gem in a Wolf’s Heart: Pt 1

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Robb Stark and Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding. Talisa/Jeyne died and Robb gets his sisters back, there is a new and better King in Kings landing. The North is independent and the Starks killed everyone that betrayed them. Now you are the gem of the North, your father a great general that promised Catelyn Stark to marry you to Robb Stark so he is to remain King in the North. 

Part Two 

(Y/N) = Your Name

(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name 

Warning: Mean Robb (>3<)

The snow falling always made your heart warm, the way the fallen snow melted against your skin made you smile. You are now of age, a lady in waiting. You are in the snow garden at Castle Elderfrost, a large gray castle with tall skinny trees and frost on all of the blue winter roses. 

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In this Land

Beyond the clouds outer limits
above a moonbeam walk in air
are rainbow hills spilling sparkle dust
onto castles tall and fair

behind the walking forest
across the bridge of fingers crossed
a city floats on memories
broken dreams and hope that’s lost

planted gardens full of promises
turn to wishes that come true
and every living creature
feels exactly like you do

“Dreams grow into miracles
if you water them with faith”

Image by ivany86@gamediplomat

Rickmorty Maleficent AU

I watched Maleficent lately and I thought that a RickMorty AU of it would be absolutely great. I mean:

Imagine Rick as Maleficent, a spirit of the forest with majestic black wings, wickedly curved horns and the strongest magic the realm has ever seen. Imagine he was a force to be reckoned with, a god with no equal, being able to weave thunderstorms and will beasts into submission with only a flick of his finger.

Rick was the lord of all the fairies and monsters and magical creatures who presided in the forest, thousands of years old and eternal. He flies high over the cliffs and mountains of his forest, seeing the rise and fall of numerous generations of his subjects. They worship him, adore him, idolize him, but they were ever wary and never got too close. In the safety of the quiet night sky, he soars, ever watchful and waiting but growing bored of the monotony of being an unwilling guardian to a realm too used to his presence.

So he wanders the borders of the forest for the very first time, forced to fly alone, both figuratively and literally. He glances down and finds himself wondering if there was anyone else who could look at the forest the same way he did and see how utterly insignificant it truly was.

And that’s when he sees his first human.

Her name was Beth, and if he was a lord of the sky, she was the sweet child of the Earth. She was soft, kind and  brimming with a realism that he has never encountered. She was a young daughter of a nobleman, only sixteen years of age, and she spoke of fantastic things: a land beyond the forest,  homes studded with stars, tall castles that loomed over everything that surrounded it, and a strange concept called love.

[What is love? Rick knew nothing about it.]

Rick cared for her like a father, teaching her the secrets of the forest, of its inhabitants and its magic, encouraging her to meet him in her past time and swearing her to secrecy. Years and years go by, which usually felt like weeks to Rick but now felt like mere moments he watched Beth grow up.

But then, just when Rick thought he had a chance of finding that ever elusive thing that was his happiness, a man named Jerry quickly comes and steals her away from him, monopolizing her time, and eventually, her heart. And at the disbelieving look of Jerry, who couldn’t fathom the existence of magic, Beth shows him proof. She takes him to the forest and, hidden behind the thick undergrowth, shows him the very being that had taught her everything she knew.

Jerry, terrified at the prospect of a powerful and immortal spirit hanging around his Beth, watches and waits until the monster called Rick gets drunk on sunwater brew. He cuts off Rick’s wings to show an anguished Beth the appendages of her beloved guardian and trick her into thinking he was dead. She gets pregnant, agrees to marry him and they move to her castle, eventually becoming the rulers of her kingdom.

In the forest, Rick wakes up to find that his wings, the only things that ever gave him any joy, freedom or peace of mind, has been stolen from him. He screams in rage, vowing revenge on the human thief that he remembered in one fleeting moment of clarity.

Months pass and Beth dies giving birth to her one and only child, Morty, leaving her inept husband to rule alone. And at the party celebrating Morty’s birth, an uninvited guest turns up.

It was Rick. In all his anger and pain and misery, he has been waiting all this time to inflict the most pain on the man who took everything from him. He curses baby Morty to prick his finger and fall asleep on his 18th birthday. Unless he kissed his true love, he would fall into an eternal slumber. Rick leaves, never knowing it was his beloved Beth’s son, who had disappeared without a trace all those months ago.

[Love is corrosive, poisonous and detrimental to individuals and society in general. It encourages irrational behavior.]

Morty grows up sheltered and estranged from his father, who had sent him off in a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere in fear that Rick would find him. But Rick had already found Morty: Rick was determined to see his curse come to fruition, and nothing would stand in his way, not even the prospect of Morty dying before his 18th birthday.

So Rick reluctantly protects him, using just the barest smidge of his magic to scoot Morty away from danger. He watches over him, seeing the little shit grow up and retain the sort of naivety that should have annoyed Rick but only made Morty all the more endearing. He grated on Rick’s nerves, but a toothy smile from the toddler never failed to stir something in his centuries-old heart. There was just something about Morty that reminded him of the kindness of humans that made Rick want to mess with him a bit.

Like the time when Morty was playing out in the gardens and  a rabid wolf appeared behind him. Instead of crying, Morty reached up and hugged it. The maid would swear up and down that she had seen a horned devil beside the wolf. A stablehand would later tell Jerry the story of Morty happily playing with a flock of ravens and crows. Another visitor to the cottage would say that Morty would giggle and float in midair at random times.

[Love doesn’t exist. What they call love is simply a primal instinct that evolved in so-called higher-order animals to encourage positive social behavior.]

 One day, everything changes. 15-year-old Morty looks at Rick straight in the eye, through all the charms and magic spells he used to disguise himself, and says, “I-I know you’re watching me, don’t be scared. I-I-I wouldn’t hurt nobody, I promise.”

So Rick replies,  "I-I’m not hiding. I’m not a ‘lil pussy like you, M-m-morty,“ and steps out of the shadows.

And from then on, it was different. No more hiding and waiting in the distance for Rick. From then on, he showed himself to Morty and made no effort to hide who he was. For the first time in years, Rick used his magic for a human.

 Every day was a new adventure and a new thing to teach the young boy. It reminded Rick wistfully of his days with Beth, but with Morty, it became so much more because of his eagerness to learn and his rapt wonder at Rick’s magic and knowledge. If his time with Beth made time fly by faster, then his time with Morty was a slow crawl; where every moment he spent with the boy was akin to a soothing fire that warmed him to his very core. It made him want to etch his memories of Morty on his bones.

They grow closer throughout their adventures, and Rick and Morty never leave each other’s side for very long. When Morty’s honey-amber eyes widened in delight when he showed him his magic, it made him want to show off even more. When Morty’s cheeks glistened with fresh tears, it made him want to set hellhounds on whatever had saddened him. It was addicting and exhilarating for Rick, and he couldn’t get enough of his smiles, his laughter, his company.

[But no, Rick wouldn’t call it love. He never believed in the existence of love, not even when he still had Beth.]

Rick didn’t even realize that it doesn’t take his wings being ripped out to fall for Morty.

Each day brought Morty closer to his own end and a new sort of despair for Rick. His curse could not be undone without true love’s kiss. Torn between protecting the one human he learned to truly care for, and finally fulfilling his revenge, he chooses to sacrifice his revenge and tells Morty the truth weeks before he turns 18. Heartbroken, betrayed, and distraught, Morty runs away from the cottage, away from Rick’s  revelation and into the safety of his mundane father.

When the inevitable finally happens on Morty’s birthday, all the kingdom mourns. Noblewomen and commoners alike line up to see if they could break the curse with their kiss. Rick only watches, helpless and hoping that anyone would be able to undo the fatal mistake he had made.

When the last hopeful, Jessica, leaves the room in disappointment, Rick stands up wordlessly, sits by the bed, and takes Morty’s limp hand in his. He memorizes the curve of his mouth, his soft brown curls, and the sound of his snore as he slept his life away. And he finally realizes that Morty, who so resembled the girl who had first taught him love in appearance and demeanor, must have been her son. So Rick cries, for the first time in his entire existence, at the loss of the only two people he considered his family.

[Love is painful, like glass shards in your chest, slowly cutting you up on the inside until there is nothing left.]

As the clock tolls midnight, he looks at the one person he cared for– no, lovedand runs a hand through the boy’s head. He presses a kiss on his soft and pliant mouth as his final goodbye. As Rick get up to leave, a hand suddenly shoots up and yanks him back down by the bed.

Rick and Morty stare at each other dumbfoundedly; Rick because Morty had finally woken up and Morty because never had he ever expected to see Rick with tears running down his cheeks. Rick was crying for him. For him.

"Y-you kissed me Rick. Y-you broke the spell with true l-l-love.”

Morty was wide awake and his eyes were filled to the brim with something utterly alien and yet familiar to Rick. He could barely process the fact that he had just woken the boy up with his kiss before Morty mumbles, “It felt like I was wai-waiting forever for y-you to do that,” and pulls him down for another one.

This time it was all teeth and tongue and inexperience, so Rick settles himself on top of the boy and deepened the kiss with the expertise only he could accomplish. When they finally break apart, their lips swollen and breaths ragged, Rick gives Morty a rare genuine smile.

“L-l-et’s be together fo-for a hundred years Rick, l-l-et’s run away together.”

“A hundred years i-isn’t enough for me Morty, I-I think I waOOUGHHnt to keep you around forever.” Rick dives back onto Morty’s mouth, heart singing and his soul in the heavens.

[Love exists, and Rick knows what it is.]

Jerry can keep his wings. He doesn’t need it to soar anymore.

The Princess and the Pirate [Pt. 3] (Harry Hook x reader)

Words: 2,284

Warnings: some bullying, character development ;)

A/N: Hi! I’m sorry it took so long to post this part! I finished it but then deleted like half of it bc I saw a way to write this that would kind of tie some things together. I really hope you guys enjoy! As always, feel free to send questions, requests, and comments! <3 (also, yes. I did make the daughter of Tiana and Naveen have a fear of frogs, but think about it! Wouldn’t you be freaked out knowing that your parents had been voodoo-ed into frogs? Bleh!)

When y/n woke up the next morning, she turned, expecting to see Harry still snoring beside her. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed to find that he wasn’t there. She begrudgingly stood, deciding that she should get dressed for school that day. She froze. School. She was going to have to escort Harry Hook, one of the few kids from the new group invited to Auradon, to school on his first day. She mentally kicked herself. How could she forget? She had been too wrapped up in all that had happened in the past few days that it just slipped her mind.

She rushed to the kitchen after hurriedly dressing,  skidding to a halt when she saw Harry and her dad casually talking over their plates of eggs and bacon. She shot her mom a confused look, but Tiana just shrugged and handed y/n her own plate.

Harry turned and smiled at y/n. “Mornin’, sunshine. Yer dad was tellin’ me all about yer fear of frogs.”

“Dad! That’s secret, remember?”

Naveen laughed, holding his hands up in surrender. “My mistake! In my defense, it was Harry to asked for ridiculous stories.”

Y/n sat down between her father and Harry. “So, Harry. Are you ready for your first day at Auradon Prep?”

Harry frowned through his mouthful of eggs. “That’s today?”

“Please tell me you at least read over your schedule.” Y/n pleaded, rubbing her temples. The day had barely started and she was already getting a headache.

“Was that the piece of paper with all the times and stuff on it? I left it on Uma’s ship.” He admitted, taking a gulp from the cup of milk that Tiana poured for him.

“Wow, okay. Good to know.” Y/n rushed to finish her breakfast and tapped Harry’s shoulder to signal to him that they needed to get going.

“Thank you so much fer breakfast. It was wonderful.” Harry thanked Tiana, grabbing his red leather coat from off of the back of his chair. “I look forward to hearing more of yer stories, sir.” Harry called to Naveen as he exited the kitchen.

“Take care, kid,” Naveen called back. Tiana gave Naveen a look. He smiled. “Is it wrong that I like that kid?”

Harry listened carefully as y/n explained to him how Auradon Prep worked. He was, of course, very confused. He couldn’t seem to understand why kids would want to be in class on time. Back on the Isle, being late was a good thing (in a bad sort of way). She explained that people didn’t take kindly to being threatened. Harry decided to pretend he didn’t hear that bit.

“Harry, I’m serious. You can’t-” y/n stopped walking. They were almost there and Harry’s mischievous grin seemed to grow more and more dangerous looking as she explained what not to do. “You know what? You’re just going to stick with me for the day.”

“Am I?” He asked, sounding much too innocent for y/n’s liking. “You’ll probably regret that.”

Y/n knew he was right, but she would never admit it. “No arguing. It’s not like you know where you’re going anyway. “ She pointed out. “I’ll just be your unofficial tour guide. Maybe I can meet some of your friends from the Isle!”

Harry’s eyes darkened. “No,” He snapped. He glanced over to see y/n’s reaction. He realized how stupid it was of him to snap at her. “I mean, you probably wouldn’t like them. They’re…a lot to handle.”

“Oh come on, they can’t be that bad.”

Harry tilted his head to the side, a smirk on his face. “You do remember that Uma abducted your king, right?”

“You did too.” Y/n reminded him. “There. Welcome to Auradon Prep!”

Harry gaped at the school. It was a castle, tall and elegant, lined with gold and surrounded by lush grass. At first, he was awestruck, wanting nothing more than to explore every inch of the place.

Y/n grinned at his expression, happy to see that he was impressed with it. Then she saw his expression change. It was like he closed himself off. His mouth turned down in a frown, he took his eyes away from the wonderful castle. “Let’s go. I don’t wanna be late fer class.” His frown was slowly replaced with a mischievous grin as he spotted Gil from across the courtyard.

What y/n didn’t realize was how bittersweet it was to be there. Seeing something that amazing formed a knot in his stomach. Back on the Isle, they got scraps. He wanted nothing more than to see how the kids here would react to the school back on the isle. It disgusted him that they were treated with the worst things just because of what their parents did.

Determined to complain about the goodies with someone, Harry decided that Gil would be quick to agree with his opinions on the privilege of hero’s kids.

Harry turned to y/n, putting on his best ‘excited’ face. “That’s Gil! Would ya mind if we caught up? We haven’t seen each other since I was cheated by that shadowy pig.”

“Oh, okay! I’ll see you in class?”

“Right. See ya there.”

Y/n, still unsure of why his demeanor was changing so often, decided that seeing someone he knew from the Isle might help him adjust. Oh, how wrong she was.

Y/n stomped down the halls, practically boiling over with rage. She threw the door to the principal’s office open, jabbing her finger at a rather pleased looking Harry Hook.

“You had one job, Harry. One. Job.” She turned to the receptionist and slammed a piece of paper down on the desk. She had to write a note explaining his current living arrangement so they could figure out where he would be once he was suspended. That’s right. Suspended.

“Calm down, princess. It was just a prank.” He laughed as y/n dragged him out the doors and towards her home. She dragged him halfway through the forest, her feet kicking up loose rocks on the path.

She whirled on him suddenly, catching him off guard. “A prank? Harry, you set Ben on fire.”

Harry held up his hands. He was quite amused. It was the first time he had seen y/n this mad. “He just happened to be in my personal space bubble. Yer supposed to respect those here, aren’t ya?”

Y/n, now really mad, stomped on his foot as hard as she could.

“OH BLOODY-WHAT WAS THAT?” Harry howled, bending down and massaging his toes.

“That, Harry Hook, was for you being such a selfish pig.” Y/n screamed at him before turning and stalking off towards her house.

“Is this about the frog thing? I didn’t have anything to do with that.” Harry called after her.

She froze, letting a cold, harsh laugh out. “Oh, really? So it wasn’t you who signed your name in my locker and put a giant toad in there?” She reached into her bag and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. She stomped towards him and jabbed it in his face. “That wasn’t you?”

Harry stood and took the paper, looking really, really confused. “No, of course not. That’s not my handwriting and I don’t even write in…blue.”

He stopped talking and took a deep breath. “Uma.”

Y/n was so angry at that point that if looks could kill, the whole of Auradon would be nothing but ruins. “Uma. She did that? She humiliated me in front of my friends?” She turned to Harry, her eyes desperate. “You had nothing to do with it, right? You didn’t plan it?”

“Y/n, love, I may not be a good person, but I don’t want to see you upset.” He replied. “I’ll talk to Uma about this. Oh, and y/n?”

She turned and faced him. He was taken aback by how she had switched from being a burning ball of hatred to looking so hurt and frail. Y/n had only tried to help him adjust and he had told her secret to the least trustworthy person he knew. He desperately wanted to make her feel better but knew that she probably already hated him. As if she didn’t hate you before, he thought to himself.

“I’m sorry.” He meant it too. No one was really allowed to have feelings that extended past toleration for another person on the Isle. What he felt for her was different. It was like how he had described the Isle. Wonderfully horrible, because he had no clues as to what he was feeling other than the fact that it was strange and dangerous. Horribly wonderful, because he felt like she saw him as another person and not as just a villain kid. He just wanted to be near her all the time. He wanted so badly to hear about what life was like for her, growing up in a place like this. He wanted to learn all about the things she loved and the things she hated. He wanted to know it all.

“Harry?” He looked up at her, seeing the sad smile on her face. “I forgive you.”

Hesitantly, he opened his arms. He wasn’t sure how the whole ‘hugging’ thing worked. His dad used to wrap Harry in his arms, but it was always followed with Harry being thrown about.

Y/n couldn’t help but laugh at his confused gesture. She walked into his embrace anyway. “I don’t think you meant to hurt me.” She whispered against his chest, just loud enough for him to hear. “I think you trusted the wrong person.” After a pause, “I’ll admit that setting Ben on fire was kind of funny.”

Harry laughed. The sound made y/n grin, laughing against him. A warm blush appeared on her face. She pulled back and wiped the frustrated tears from her eyes. Harry tensed before pulling her hands away from her face and replacing them with his. He wiped her tears away.

“Princess, I’m so sorry. I’ll make sure Uma leaves you alone.” He promised. It suddenly became very clear to him how close they were and how intimate that gesture was. He backed away suddenly, rubbing the back of his neck. “Uh, right. I should probably go…be suspended now.”

“No, you’re not suspended.”

Harry gave her a look. “Y/n, I’m pretty sure that I am.”

She shook her head. “No, I know that. I mean I’m going to fix,” She waved her hands around vaguely. “This.”

Harry chuckled. “I don’t doubt it. Yer quite fiery.”

“Harry Hook. Tell me that wasn’t a pun. Please tell that wasn’t a pun at King Ben’s expense.”

He shrugged before walking away towards her house. “I’ll be here. Come get me once you’ve bailed me out.”

Y/n shook her head, laughing despite all that had happened that day. She turned around and began walking back towards the school. She was going to have to come up with an excuse to let Harry stay, and she knew she needed a good one.

Harry hid in the shadows as he watched y/n walk back towards Auradon prep. He knew something was up, he just didn’t know what. He cut through the trees and made his way back to the school via a different route so that y/n wouldn’t see him. Peeking through the gaps in the trees, he saw a familiar head of aqua braids.

“Uma!” He moved closer to the edge of the trees and called out her name. He watched her cautiously approach the trees, her hand searching for her sword which she had been forced to turn in when she entered the school.

“Harry? Is that you?” She stepped within his reach. He grabbed her arm and yanked her into the trees with him.

She twisted out of his grasp, a cool grin on her face. “So it is you.”

“Why did you do that to y/n?” He asked, desperately wanting to believe that she had a good reason.

With a scoff, she crossed her arms over her chest. “Why? Because she’s trying to keep you from seeing us, from seeing me, again. You’re one of us, Harry. I was actually making an effort here for you, but knowing that she’s manipulating you? It just set me off. No one messes with my crew; except for me.”

“Manipulating me? Uma, she saved my life. I told you that! She wanted me to go and catch up with Gil, to find my friends from the Isle!” Harry stopped suddenly, getting a hunch as to what was really going on. “Who told you she was manipulating me?”

Uma hesitated. “Drew Facilier.”

The name hung in the air before Harry spoke.

“He’s here. Of course, that’s why he was in the forest. Ben chose him to come to Auradon?” Harry glared at Uma. “You believed him over yer own best mate?”

“Well, can you blame me? Harry, you’ve obviously got a thing for the girl. Forgive me if I’m a bit worried about your judgment when she’s involved!” Uma snapped.

“Okay,” Harry held his hands up in defense. “I can see where yer comin’ from, but trust me. This girl has done nothing but good things for me. Drew attacked me a second time, did you know that?”

Uma blinked. “No.”

“Did you know that y/n saved me from him?”


“Alright. Do you trust her now? I mean, come on Uma. Drew has only ever wanted to make everyone around him miserable. He played you.”

Uma was clenching her fists so hard that her knuckles were white. “Oh, he’s gonna pay for that.”

Harry smirked, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and leading her deeper into the woods. “There’s my Uma. Now, let’s go plot our revenge.”

The Lioness and The Dove

Summary: When her husband is invited to a feast held by the king, the reader simply expects the highest of honors for her husband. What she doesn’t expect is an emotional, ravishing night with the queen. 

Pairing: Cersei Lannister x Reader

Word Count: 2,411

A/N: I love Cersei Lannister, so jot that down. This is smut. This is slightly emotional. Warnings: Implication of rape/marital abuse. 

Originally posted by orangemoons13000

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Footprints in the Snow

Thor sits on his father’s throne.

He’s young, and sitting on it feels like losing your way inside a forest. It’s made of sunlight and oceans-sighs, afternoon shadows and midnight silence, elven wood and gold, gravity and distance. It’s standing at the top of the tallest tower surrounded by four pillars, one to represent the east, the other the west, south and north. 

And you can see all of Asgard from up there, all its forests and seas, mountains and deserts and Thor sits there for hours and there’s sunlight and starlight in his hair, wind and salt, sweet pollen and sand.

And his father’s ravens come and go, inky feathers and pale beaks, claws tapping on stone, beady eyes searching for the sun and moon; they leap off the tower as birds, stretching their wings like a fan, and come back as men, young boys with black eyes and secrets on their tongues, their cloaks smelling like pines and jasmine, their hair cool and streaked with moonlight. They press a hand to their hearts and bow before Thor, their lips sticky with cherry and blackberry juice, their fingernails tainted with stone-dust, and they lean close, one over each of his shoulders, cup a hand over their mouths and whisper and Thor listens. They tell him about ships that look like nut shells, their sails as white as a fish’s spine; about a mountain that sings at night and how the dust falling from it sticks to lashes fluttering in the nearby villages and brings about dreams of green pastures and sweet milk; about two sets of footprints in a grey landscape, there for miles on end, and then gone when they reach the ocean; about places so old no one remember their names, lands untouched by the hands of gods or men, where it’s so cold that the heart grows tired and the soul turns white and moves like fog until it’s all gone.

Their warm breath on his neck, the loneliness blooming like a flower made of frost inside his heart and the young god of thunder closes his eyes.


A single black tree in all that clear ice, four huge branches all twisted like a young boy’s braid; it casts no shadow and smells like blue smoke.

The wind moves so fast it sounds like a whistle and the heart of the young god of thunder feels like it’s floating, fluttering like a leaf getting close to the skies.

The tree’s roots move like a snake beneath the ice and Thor can feel the movement in his bones, deep and great.

Thor stands so close to it and the bark looks like it’s covered in scales, purple-silver and shining like coins. It shakes its branches and speaks.

“Traveler. What is it that you seek?”

Thor looks down, mouth set in a hard line, soft furs draped over his shoulders, leather straps twisting around his wrists. He thinks of the ravens’ red mouths and his lips bleed.

“You will find nothing here,” the tree says.

Thor wipes his mouth.

“Only ice and death.”


Blue starlight pours over a castle of ice crafted by nature’s gentle hands. Inside it sits the god of thunder. His hand is outstretched, his fingers spread, and he’s painting with lightning. It’s bright white and it trembles and zigzags through the icy air, forming faces and bodies, smiles made of electricity. They’re all there for a moment and then they’re gone and others appear, frowns and laughter and joined hands. And Thor watches the forms move over the gigantic walls of ice and when he reaches with his fingers to touch them, they flicker and disappear.

The ice is resistant. Thor uses the heat of the lightning to engrave a face in it. He’s standing there with his forehead touching the wall of ice and sculpts a face next to his own, using his forefinger to create the eyes and the cheekbones, the long hair and the neck; his small finger to create the lips; his entire palm to create the body, and one gentle fingernail for the beautiful lashes.

The heat causes the ice to crack and drip and all that white light is making him dizzy, and when he’s done he separates the form from the ice, presses his palm to the still heart lying inside it and shocks it to life.

The night trickling in through the ceiling paints the form’s hair black and Thor’s smeared blood on the ice turns its lips dark red.

His beautiful ice prince draws in his first breath in Thor’s arms, and Thor names him Loki, because in Asgard, Lokee means heart.


The god of thunder knows he can’t take Loki with him to Asgard. Loki’s a beautiful creature of frost and shadows and Asgard’s heat will be swift in stealing the breath from his lips.

He can’t stay with Loki so he builds him a home, a tall castle that looks like it’s made of starlight and air. But a home is not enough-Loki never asks him for more-but Thor sculpts an entire kingdom for him; towers and houses and walls for protection, forests made of frost and breaths, roads as white as milk leading  everywhere.

And when he spots flickers of loneliness in his lover’s eyes he fills the kingdom with life. He gives Loki two brothers carved from ice and names them Helblindi and Byleistr; three brothers living in a kingdom of frost that Thor names Jotunheim.

Thor visits Jotunheim often. He only leaves when the cold threatens to stop his heart. They live on cherries and kisses and Loki’s warm body in Thor’s arms.

And when Thor sits on his father’s throne and the ravens whisper in his ears of two sets of footprints in a grey landscape, Thor smiles and thinks of two sets of footprints in the snow.

(In a peaceful and clear winter sky― A Valentine’s kiss from Marie♪)

Hey, everybody― how are you doing?
(Giggle)― Me, I’m feeling a little bored♡
In Izu the atmosphere stays calm even in winter― there are a lot of fair-weather days.
Even here in Uchiura― the sky is still pure blue.
A sky without a single cloud as far as the eye can see.
It is cold, but― the clear atmosphere without a thorn is gentle.
On days like this with nothing to do, I feel like strolling down by the seaside, and singing a song♪

Although, I have to go to school everyday, for a poor little school student like me….

I’ve been captured yet again by sunny classes.
Boring lessons that continue every day.
Classes that I have to sit in 6 times for 50 minutes each.
Oh, poor me―.
My cute butt is shrieking about it.
Oh― as I gaze out the window in boredom― won’t my prince come and save me?

Yes, good idea♪
Truly― hey, won’t somebody come help me before I die of boredom?
Like Rapunzel leaning over her windowsill from the tall castle she’s trapped in―or Juliet standing on her balcony, cursing the names that forbid her marriage.

If it were me― I’d prefer to be Juliet♡
Oh, my dear Romeo― quickly, quickly come to me♪
My passionate blown kiss is waiting for you, my hero―.

Taking Back Control - Part 7


Amy sat on the edge of the bed, head in hands. She couldn’t sleep. It had been hours. Her body was weak and desperate for rest and her eyelids were heavy. Yet every time they slid shut, the feeling of his lips on hers made her seize up, eyes wide open once more. It was like he was always there. Like he was slithering in the shadows, out of sight, mocking her. She shivered. Amy had no idea how she was getting out of this mess. She doubted she would find a way out before Mark arrived, and that would give Dark exactly what he wanted. So, she was stuck, wearing the same clothes, eating the same food, waiting for something to happen. She had only one plan. Talk to another alter.

At the dinner, it seemed clear most of the other characters didn’t know Dark’s plan, not even Wilford. She could try to convince one of the more ‘gullible’ ones to let her out, or one of the ones that doesn’t agree with Darks methods - maybe Dr. Iplier? She’d have to be careful not to leave any evidence that the alter had aided her escape, she didn’t want Dark to hurt any of them.

Amy had sat there pulling at her hair, her mind going in tired loops of thought, when someone knocked on the door. Immediately she leapt to her feet, bracing for whatever Dark had planned for now. Her movements were sluggish, and Amy attempted to shake off her exhaustion. She paused. Why had they knocked? Normally they just let themselves in. Amy froze in place, staring down the doorway, waiting for some noise or movement to identify her visitor. There was a second knock, followed by significant silence. Was Dr. Iplier checking up on her?

“Am I allowed in? I mean, if you’re getting changed or something…” They trailed off, “Though, you have no clothes to change into. Unless you’re in the bathroom! Maybe having a shower? Or maybe you’re still asleep, I wouldn’t know…” The voice babbled. It wasn’t the doctor, he was more concise. Was it some form of trick? Some ploy by Dark to break her further? “I can come back later if you’re busy! Well, busy isn’t the right term since you’re locked in a bedroom, but…” Amy tried to let her body relax, sucking in a deep breath. What she was about to do was idiotic, but she couldn’t pass up talking to an alter beside the Googles, or Dark. She walked up to the doorway.

“Come in.” Her voiced wavered slightly, and her head throbbed with fatigue. Instantly the door was unlocked and swung inward, narrowly missing her face.

“Amy!” There stood Bim Trimmer, wearing his signature suit and glasses, “You look…” He squinted sightly, raising his eyebrows, before pulling up a smile. “I mean you always look wonderful! But, well, did you sleep? Like, at all, last night?” Amy let her shoulders slump.


“Well, that isn’t good at all! What happened to beauty sleep!” He gestured wildly, concern clear on his face. Amy didn’t get a chance to answer when his gaze flicked to his watch and his eyes widened. “Well, we don’t have time to delay unfortunately! We’ve got a busy day ahead of us!” Amy looked him over cautiously.

“What are we doing?” She hated how tired she sounded, and how it made it hard to think, especially compared to ball of energy in front of her.

“Well…” He paused for effect, his voice taking on its announcer nature, “We’re going clothes shopping!” Amy was taken aback, unable to answer. “You’ve been staying here with only the clothes you’ve arrived in and that gorgeous dress from last night! But I’ve been informed you should have more clothes, and I’m happy to have been assigned take you!” Amy decided in her drained state of mind to try and get Bim’s help.

“Bim, I’m not staying here, I’ve been kidnapped.” She said it carefully, gauging his reaction. The game show host winced.

“Yes, well, I feared that might’ve been the case.” He wringed his hands together, furrowing his brows and biting his lip. “I c-can’t help you Amy.” He cringed. “S-sorry for t-the s-stutter.” He flinched at his voice, trying and failing to compose himself with increasing desperation. His eyes glanced at hers, almost fearfully. He cursed, his eyes watering. She reached an arm out, concerned.

“Bim, it’s alright-“He recoiled, shaking his head.

“No. It’s not! I’m supposed to be confident! If I’m not…” He shuddered, taking a few moments to compose himself, and Amy let him in silence. The character she knew was confident, if not self-centred. What had changed that? Bim continued like nothing had occurred. “You still need new clothes! Come on, we’re going for a trip!” He dragged her out of the room, closing the door behind her. He pulled her down the hall and towards the main entrance, before heading for the right wing. It was different from when Google had escorted her, he seemed ignorant to how forceful he was being. Though more excitable than anything more threatening.

The first-floor right wing opened into a large garage. It was massive, there had to be at least six different cars. She goggled at it, and Bim noticed her sudden pause, spinning to face her. “What is it?”

“Are we driving? As in, leaving?” He looked confused.

“Of course? Where else would we get clothes? We’re going out!” he blushed. “Not like, a date of course! Shopping! Going out…shopping.” He offered a nervous smile. Maybe this was her chance to escape. But what would happen to Bim if she did? She decided to go along with it, nodding. “Excellent! Come one, this blue car here!” He waved to it eagerly, and Amy slipped into the passenger seat. She couldn’t believe it, this could be it. She was leaving the mansion. Her heart sunk slightly. If she left on Bim’s watch, how badly would Dark punish him? She shook her head slightly. It didn’t matter, it was her safety over a theoretically fictional character. Guilt seeped through her. She didn’t believe that. A hand waved in front of her face. She turned to see Bim frowning and felt a pang in her heart.

“What?” She tried. He held up his hands in surrender

“Just wondering if you’re okay? I know you’re tired, but you look sad?” He froze, before slapping himself lightly on the head. “Of course you look sad! You’ve been kidnapped! Stupid…” He sighed, but started up the car and opened the garage. Amy marvelled at the mansion from the outside. It was more of a castle, with tall pointed towers and parapets along the balcony walls. A large fountain stood in the centre of the entrance. The land was surround by dense forest, and a small road winded into it. Bim didn’t make any comments about the mansion, clearly having enough social awareness to decide it wasn’t a good idea to comment on the building you’ve been trapped in.

As they drove off into the woods, Amy started to question exactly how long it would take to get to a mall from wherever the hell they were. That is, until the woods suddenly opened out into twisting side streets. She gawked at the revision mirror. The woods were gone, she was back in LA.

“How?” Bim grinned.

“Our dimension leaks into yours! It was opened out into the streets so we could get through to the mall! Anyone who’s invited or knows it exists can enter at any time, if they keep walking and no one can see them! Unfortunately, same goes for leaving the dimension, had to dump us out on a street where no one would see us leave. Might take a bit of manoeuvring to get us to the shops.” He looked pleased at Amy’s awed expression. She wondered what he meant by it had been ‘opened out’ for them. “Us alters have many tricks up our sleeves! Why do you think I was asked to take you?” he asked, pride clear in his voice. She glanced over at him. His eyes were on the road, turning out onto the main road towards the shopping centre. People bustled along the streets and cars honked loudly at the traffic.

“Why were you asked to take me?” She questioned, hoping to get answers out of the enthusiastic gameshow host.

“Well, a lot of us have special ‘gifts’. I just so happen to specialize in illusions! How do you think I get my gameshows so interesting? The power of deception!”

“Does that mean you’ve never killed a contestant?” Bim looked taken aback.

“What? No! That’s Wilford’s thing.” He glanced at her, before returning his eyes to the road, where he was parking, “You thought I was a murderer this whole time? I’m surprised you got into this car next to me!” he chuckled awkwardly as he stopped the car. “Only a little way to the shops from here. But, illusions! That’s why I’m accompanying you, it means no one will be able to see you! I can do all sorts of things! I could make you invisible, or just simple draw attention away from you…sorry about that.” Amy’s heart sank. Bim felt through his pants pockets, before swearing.

“What is it?”

“Forgot my wallet, we’re going to have to go back!” He smiled sheepishly, “Sorry.”

“Can’t you just illusion the money?” Bim looked mortified.

“I’m not a criminal! I thought I just explained that! Again, we’re going to have to go back for the wallet, and I’m sorry.” He apologizes too much. Amy shook her head, smiling.

“It’s fine Bim, it’s not going to take long!” She said sweetly, internally realising this could be a chance at escape. The worst part was that Bim lapped it up like a puppy looking for affirmation.

“Right! Of course! Just a quick trip back. No one else needs to know.” The car turned back down into the twisting side streets, turning into the woods and back out front the mansion, not bothering with the garage. The trip was in silence, as Bim made hasty turns, several times being on the brink of an accident. “Okay Amy! Just stay in the car, I’ll grab the wallet.” He slipped out of the car, before dashing down towards the mansion, frequently tripping over himself due to his tight suit. A sly grin made its way across Amy’s lips. Bim didn’t think that he couldn’t lock the car behind him. She could open it from the inside.

Amy waited till Bim had disappeared through the mansion doors before sliding out the car door. She paused for a second to check she couldn’t be seen before sprinting into the woods. The adrenaline cleared out the weariness in her bones like some sort of drug. She turned away from the road – it would be the obvious place to check. Amy dodged and weaved through the tightly packed trees, shoes crunching against the underbrush. She ducked under a particularly low branch, quickly gaining her balance and continuing her mad dash. She ducked under a branch, and over a rock. Under a branch, over a rock. That rock looked suspiciously like the last one. So did the branch she was coming up to now.

“I don’t think all that sprinting’s going to get you anywhere…” A loud, almost nasally voice piped up, causing Amy to flinch and fall onto the undergrowth. She flipped herself over, staring at two figures behind her. Alters. One sat up in the branches, looking down at her quizzically. A substance dripped from his clean-shaven face, which Amy identified as peanut butter. The King of the Squirrels, he wore his cape and crown –  a squirrel laying happily atop of it. The other alter, the one whom had spoken, she didn’t recognize. He stood at the base of the tree, rocking back and forward on his heels. He still had Mark’s scruffy beard and hair, and wore a uniform that read – Amy squinted – ‘Sterbox Coffee’. She wondered if the two characters had been there the whole time or if they’d snuck up on her purposely.

“Why not?” She breathed out shakily, looking between the two alters.

“I’m King of the Squirrels!” they chirped happily, causing the other one to sigh. From her distance and position, she still couldn’t read their nametag.

“Mr. Edge-lord locked the place up!” he exclaimed, his voice much louder than what would be considered acceptable. “Not that that’s anything new!” His voice cracked slightly. Amy looked him over cautiously. She went to ask his name, but he was one step ahead of her. He bounded over and, despite the fact she was one the floor, took her hand and shook it wildly. “The name’s Mr. Mesolonley! It rhymes with baloney! That also works as a nickname, or you can call me Mesolonely! Baloney Mesolonely! It rhymes! Think I already mentioned that but it’s good to reiterate!” She nodded frantically, he was still shaking her hand vigorously. When he let go, she sat up, wiping down her jeans. She vaguely remembered this character from a let’s play. Never expected they’d be real too.

“What do you mean ‘locked the place up’?” They furrowed their brow

“Don’t you know? The forest is on loop! No one leaves without permission!” he shouted. “You wanna date me?” Amy took a few steps back.

“What? No, sorry, I’m taken.” She stuttered out. Mesolonely shrugged.

“Alright, if you insist! I know I’m pretty irresistible so if you reconsider!” he yelled. Amy cleared her throat.

“Why are you out here then? I understand King,” she glanced up, watching the alter play with his squirrels. “But why you? Aren’t you a barista? Isn’t there a place for you in the mansion?” They bellowed out a laugh, before looking over Amy’s expression.

“You’re serious? Why would I be out there with all those bigshots? No one remembers me! It’s a miracle King here spends time with me! I was a one off! An accidental! Plus, I don’t wanna deal with Mr. Edgy.” Amy was horrified.

“So you live in the woods?” Mesolonely rolled his eyes.

“You really don’t know anything do you? I work at Sterbox! I’m on leave at the moment! Of course, I can only repeat the same three days on loop but it gives me something to do!” Amy considered the connotations of that. Was every character Mark ever made living out their entire existence on loop in some forgotten dimension? She didn’t get a chance to quiz further when the sound of footsteps crushing through underbrush startled her. A very disgruntled Bim stood in the clearing. His suit was untucked and his tie was loose. His glasses sat askew and his hair stuck in clumps to the sweat on his forehead. The wallet was held firmly in hand. His face exploded with relief.

“Oh t-thank god! Oh g-god. I th-thought I was g-going to be m-murdered.” He was shaking and stuttering, his eyes watering. “Th-they already think I’m use-useless without m-me stuffing up e-everything.” Amy officially felt like the worst person on earth. Mesolonely stood in a confused and unusual silence.

“I’m king of the squirrels.” Informed King, seriously. Bim stared at the barista with pure gratitude in his eyes.

“Y-you found h-her. Thank y-you! D-Dear god thank you!” He ran up to them, pulling them into a hug before spinning to face Amy. “I don’t b-blame you. I r-really don’t! It was m-my fault! Oh g-god If I’d lost y-you.” Amy sighed. There was no use running, she couldn’t get Bim caught now.

“It’s fine Bim. Take a deep breath. No one needs to know this happened. You can take me back to the mansion, forget the clothes…” His eyes widened.

“N-no! We’re still getting the clothes!” His stutter died down. “I have my wallet, I won’t stuff up this time, we can still do it!” He pocketed the wallet and started fixing himself up, tucking in his shirt and running a hand through his hair. He pointed off into the distance. “The car is that way!”

They wandered back in silence, leaving a startled Mr. Mesolonely alone once more. The irony wasn’t lost on Amy. Bim had calmed his breathing a returned his smile. He took her to a variety of shops with great enthusiasm. His act seemed real, yet at this point, Amy was sure it was forced. She bought as little clothing as possible, mostly out of disbelief she was going to trapped much longer.

When they got back to the mansion, it seemed like no one was any wiser to their adventures. Amy was sure, however, that Dark knew. He always knew. It was probably fitting into whatever plan he’d designed. Amy didn’t like being negative, but it was getting harder and harder to be positive. Bim led her back to her room, sadly locking the door behind him. She had a quick shower, changing out of her dirtied clothes into a fresh jumper and jeans. She’d picked longer clothes, feeling uncomfortable in anything else. She flopped down onto the bed and at last her exhaustion pulled her into a restless sleep.

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a knight! jungkook x princess! y/n drabble. (gif isn’t mine.)

[ aaa I wrote this n like 10 mins so it sucks like hella bad ]

Jungkook was on the edge. On the edge of giving up completely. Giving up to love as a whole as the only person he dared to love couldn’t even be his.

He was just a knight, over all. It was his job to protect and fight until his last breath for the one he guarded, he cherished, you.

Forming unknown romantic bonds with a member of royalty unlike himself would lead to punishment, whether it be taking away his high status he worked for all these years or it be death even. But somehow he had managed to step over that line long ago, and a romance that he had forbid himself from telling started. But does a man always keep his word?

“Jungkook?” Your soft whisper rang threw his ears as well as the gentle evening wind, and at the sound of your voice the boy instinctively smiled. “I’m here,” He whispered back as he stood still in his place, looming over the view of the tall stone castle from just a mere cliff. One of his hands rested by his side while the other held on to the handle of his sword, to which he had planted in the damp moss currently. A heavy sigh escaped him as he felt your own hand trying to take is free one and he willingly interlaced your fingers, gripping tightly.

The silence between you was always quite long, yet comforting. Living the short moment without a single word throughout. You knew Jungkook and you knew he wouldn’t bother to try and talk about feelings in situations like these.

“I’m sorry,” Is what broke the silence, two words from Jungkook and they still left you confused. “What for, exactly?” You tilted your head slightly, trying to get a clearer view of him among the darkness, but he didn’t budge to turn is head and simply continued to stare down. “I’m sorry I got so caught up in training, I should’ve payed attention to you more…I should’ve done more.” The male spoke under his breath, tone going quieter with each sentence, and last one ending with a sniffle.

Jungkook would pry himself not to cry, he was taught to be strong and never show anything of him to be deemed vulnerable or weak. But even then he memorized all the times you kept a safe grip on him as he sobbed into your shoulder, gripping onto the dress you were wearing that day, spilling out slurred words and muffled apologizies, trying to find a way to breath through it all only to choke on another sob. That was another thing that caused him to fall for you - you were there when he needed someone, even at the start where you didn’t know each other all to well, finding the young knight fighting back tears of frustration until you fell to his side and calmed him, always so kind hearted even for the wrong people.

“Don’t cry,” Your voice took a turn to break his daze, carefully wiping away the new warm waters sliding down his cheek. Jungkook only nodded weakly, unable to reply and only gripping your hand tighter. He finally looked to you, finding you smiling to him. “I understand. It’s hard. For the both of us. But i’ll never regret our time together.” You were only calm and yet the knight took the words to heart, terribly stinging it as he moved quick to embrace you in a hug.

Possibly the last one you’d ever have. Jungkook clenched his eyes shut at the thought, continuing to hold you.

You grinned into the hug, snaking your arms around his neck for a while, before pulling away softly to look at him, the boy had other plans as he crashed his lips against yours in almost a desperate way, though you only smiled through the kiss, fluttering your eyes shut. Jungkook seemed to melt when he ended the kiss but was pulled back into one himself. They were passionate yet gentle, full of feeling but fragile.

And they were the last ones he could share with you as well.

The morning sun wasn’t welcoming to him anymore. It wasn’t a sign of a new day to fight with others of his group, to take care of duties and animals, to see your shining smile as you always winked at him when you met in the castle hallways. Wearing bed hair, clothes to sleep in and no make up, the real natural look of you always made him fall in love harder like he hasn’t already.

Today, you weren’t going to smile at him. You weren’t going to wait patiently until he rode his horse back to the kingdom. You weren’t going to try and sneak in a kiss. You weren’t going to run away at late night into fields or forests to simply be alone together. You weren’t going to bid him goodnight as you finally climbed back into your window when the sun actually started to rise.

He wasn’t going to get any of that to this day forward.

Jungkook would have to let go of the denial that you were marrying another, a prince, not him. He was supposed to throw away all the years he spent with you to someone both of you barely knew. It was absurd. But that thought switched when he actually came to the wedding to view you standing in a white gown, trying to smile at your soon to be husband while holding hands. It infuriated him, but he had no right to object. He had no right in the first place.

This was the truth. In some time you were his, maybe at the times you secretly cuddled him in your bed, or the times your mood had instantly brightened up with his presence, or the time you either said ‘I love you’ and 'I love you too’. In some way you were his but it all ended.

He wanted to yank the prince back from you, to yell in anger how he loved you more then any other, he wanted to steal you way from this place of wretched law.

Jungkook was still in denial, even when you muttered 'I do’ and managed to kiss the prince. But like your fallen relationship, it was unknown.

Feliciano and the King of Hearts

Chosen by the gods as the Queen of Hearts from the moment of birth, we follow Feliciano’s story as he grows into royal life, learns to rule, go against age old customs, and his relationship with his husband to be, the King of Hearts.

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