tall boy

Preference #1: You meet in a bookstore

Luke: You shuffled through each bookshelf excitedly looking for the newest installment of your favorite book series. You huffed in disappointment as you couldn’t find it, and just as you roll your eyes before walking away, you find the book two shelves higher than what you could reach. Not wanting to have to get help, you jump trying to reach it before a hand comes out and plucks the book off the shelf. “Did you want this book?” A tall, blonde boys asks, smirking. “Yes now can I have it please?” You snap annoyed as you hold your hand out. “If you’d give me your number so I can discuss the book.” He answers confidently. You nod and he hands you the book, writing his number in it before you buy the book, blushing. 

Calum: It was another boring work day at the bookstore. You loved your job, but the days that were slow were excruciatingly slow. A delivery came in, and you took the box and started to shelf all the new arrivals. As you put them up with your music blasting in your headphones in your ears, a tall, dark-haired boy bursted in through the door frantically. You recognized him as Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer and he notices you and runs to you and hides behind a bookshelf as you hear the door reopen. A group of girls come in and ask, “Have you seen a tall, dark-haired boy come in here?” You shake your head and say, “Nope, I think I saw him running into the Starbucks across the street.” They immediately run out as Calum sighs, smiling at you. “Thanks for that. They were about to maul me.” He chuckled. You smile back and reply, “It’s fine, but you should probably wait like 20 minutes before they leave.” He nods before asking, “Maybe I can take you out for helping me out there?” You blush and nod before going back to shelving the books as he smirks.

Michael: You walk into your favorite bookstore purposely as you go to the anime section, looking for the latest installment of a series you were reading. The store only had about three copies for their imported books, so you had to get there fast before they were all gone. Just as you get to the anime section, you find a blonde boy with the last book in his hands. You turn on your charm as you walk up to him and gasped, “Please don’t tell me that’s the last copy! I’ll do like anything to get that book.” You start to pout and do puppy dog eyes as he smirks and replies, “I don’t think I’ll be able to give this book up, sweetheart. Buuttt…” You perk up and quickly say, “But what? Please I’ve been waiting for that book for weeks. What can I do?” He chuckles at your forwardness and says, “If you let me take you on a date, I guess I can let you have it.” You nod quickly before pulling out a receipt you had in your bag and write your number on it and hand it to him before he hands you the book, smirking as you blush and walk away with the lingering thoughts of a blonde boy in your mind.

Ashton: You had started a late shift at your family bookstore, and halfway through a brown haired boy comes in and walks around the bookshelves before finding a book and sitting down on the couch. He reads it for about an hour, looking at you at the register checking customers out with their books. Finally when the store is quiet enough that you’re not busy, he comes up to you and fails at starting a conversation with a cheesy pick up line. “Have you always been that beautiful or did you have to party? Wait no I meant practice, shit.” You laugh as he turns strawberry red, “Well practice does make perfect, but I was perfect before so…” You say sarcastically as he relaxes and laughs with you. “Um would you maybe wanna go get some coffee with me at the coffee shop across the street?” He mumbles hopefully. You smile and say, “Sure, let me close the shop and grab my coat.” He smiles, showing a dimple as he waits for you at the front of the store.

A/N: Ok, so this is like my first real writing, so I hope this is good because I actually really want to write imagines and stuff and I have tons of ideas for preferences and blurbs and stuff. If you want a preference or blurb, just send in one and I’ll make it for you. :) <3 bye