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The Recruit (Chapter 4) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 12″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Rob Russells & Reader

Warnings: Slow burn, some more touchin’, cursing.. there will pretty much always be cursing.. I curse a lot, so now you as the reader will to. I’m. Not. Sorry.

Author’s Note: Another favorite chapter, this one was just fun to write..

Summary: Stan has the recruits create an undercover identity so that they can infiltrate a college reunion and convince the guests that they were also members of the graduating class. Mitch and Y/N have a moment. 

Additional Note: This is very, very, very loosely based on like an idea from an episode of Quantico. Loosely being the operative word.

Additional Additional Note: In the original story, this is not Mitch x Reader, it’s Mitch x OFC, and her name is Willa, so when Rob says “Will Petersen blah blah blah” that’s where that came from.

Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five

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Stan stood in the front of the charter bus, his hands gripping the seats next to him, as he spoke to the recruits. “We’re going to be pulling up to the hotel ballroom in a few minutes. Just a reminder that going undercover is not going to be easy, and we will be stopping the people we see talking to you before they leave to see if they believed your cover story or not. Remember, College of William and Mary is a medium sized university. The graduating class of 2012 was about 2,100 people, so while it’s enough for you to get by, these people will probably be able to tell when they don’t recognize someone. If you don’t know your new identity backwards and forwards, tonight, you get punished back at the Barn. If you don’t know your undercover identity in the field, you get killed, so take this seriously. It’s not just a party with free booze. You’re all working.”

“Are we allowed to use each other to play off of our identities? No one ever goes to these things alone.” Rob asked, making a good point.

“That’s true, Russells. Most people would not show up to a five year college reunion alone, but I don’t advise this unless you know enough about someone else’s identity to not expose them as a fraud, and in doing that, yourself as a fraud.”

Mitch watched from behind, through the crack in between the seats as Rob turned to you and stuck out his hand for you to shake. “Nice to meet you, I’m Will, Will Peterson and I’m from New York City, and I speak three languages.” Rob grinned and Mitch smirked, and snickered to himself.

You stared at Rob with a deadpan expression, and left his hand still floating in the air. “……you stole my identity and made me a man?” Rob nodded, vigorously grinning. You rolled your eyes, and huffed, finally flimsily shaking Rob’s hand. “Fine. I’m Maggie Sheffield and I’m from Portland, Oregon. I swear, I think I once sat next to you at a football game at Zable Stadium." 

"This is going to be awesome.” Rob was overly excited.

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A Soul Lost at Sea (Olicity Victorian AU Fanfiction) Chapter 13

Rating:  Mature

Summary:  Five years after pirates attacked his ship, Royal Navy sailor Oliver Queen returns home to England to find his affluent family in financial ruin.  So when he’s presented with the opportunity to marry Felicity, eldest daughter of the ridiculously wealthy Noah Smoak, Oliver doesn’t hesitate to capture her hand…even though he has no idea if he can capture her heart.  Or if Felicity could ever possibly learn to love a soul lost at sea.

Tags: Smut, Fluff, Angst, Victorian attitudes, Arranged Marriage, Romance, Pirates

Link:  AO3

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The imprint.

Requested - yes - a Paul Lahote one where he imprints and the reader is best friends with Seth.

A/N: I suck at titles. Hope you like it!!

“Have you read it all?” Seth asked as the two of you left the classroom after a long period of biology. “It must have been over a hundred pages!”

“Of course I haven’t.” you laughed. Biology was your last class of the dat and you were glad. “Mr. Barnes gives us way to many assignments.”

It had already gotten dark outside - which wasn’t unusual since it was December. Light snow had fallen the day before and it was quite slippery.

“You got that right.” Seth chuckled as he pushed open the large doors that led outside to the parking lot. “Want me to drive you home?”

“My mom is picking me up.” you smiled as you shook your head. “Thank you, though.”

Loud and boisterous laughter was coming from the other side of the parking lot and you both turned your head.

“Ugh,” Seth muttered. “Sam’s cult.”

Your eyes scanned them over as you leaned against Seth’s car. There were five of them; all very tall, tan, buff and half naked. Only wearing a pair of boots and shorts with a very thin shirt.

“Aren’t they cold?”

“I don’t know.” Seth replied. “I heard they were on steriods.”

You snorted and rolled your eyes at him. Of course they weren’t.

“You don’t have to wait for me.” you said, giving your best friend a pointed look. “You can go home and make sure you don’t catch a cold.”

“I don’t mind.” he smiled, shrugging his shoulders. “I’m quite warm actually.”

“Alright,” you grinned.

In the distance you could see your moms car and you nudged Seth with your elbow.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” he asked and you nodded.

“See you tomorrow, wolf boy.” He rolled his eyes and planted a kiss on your cheek before getting in his car and starting the engine.

You waved at him as he drove off right as your mother pulled up in his spot.

“You idiot!” you heard a shout from where ‘Sam’s cult’ stood and you glanced towards them.

Two of them were wrestling each other - Embry and Jacob. You didn’t know them personally but you knew their faces.

You reached for the door handle but stopped mid-way when your eyes made contact with his’.

Your heart started beating at a rather hard pace as your lips parted slightly. He was gorgeous.

His eyebrows were furrowed before turning into a look of awe. The sounds of his friends were faded as if they were underwater - all he could see was you and hear your soft breathing.

He wanted to run over to you and scoop you up in his arms and hold you. He wanted to protect you and take of you. You were the most beautiful girl he ever laid eyes upon and also the last. He didn’t want anyone else but you.

“Y/N?” your mother’s voice snapped you out of your trance. “Everything okay, darling?”

“Y - yeah,” you muttered, getting in the car which was much warmer than outside. “I’m fine.”

You looked at him through the window and saw that he was still staring at you. You quickly averted your eyes elsewhere as your mother revved the engine and excited the schools parking lot.

“Who was that boy?” your mother asked. “The one staring at you? They looked a bit cold, didn’t they? Are they your friends?”

“Calm down with the questions mom.” you sighed and closed your eyes. “That was Paul Lahote. He is a bit older than me. They were probably here to pick up their friends.”

“He seemed nice.” she smiled.

“I wouldn’t know.” you shrugged, seeing the group getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.

anonymous asked:

Tips for size dysphoria: Converse shoes tend to be/appear rather long, so if u have dysphoria about the size of ur feet, try wearing a pair of converse high-tops (ik money can b an issue but I found a $12 pair brand-new off poshmark so shop secondhand if it is!) a size bigger than usual n ur feet will look about 2-3 sizes bigger. If u wear a size bigger than usual, the ankle laces will keep ur shoes from slipping off. For height dysphoria, u can make makeshift shoe lifts out of (1/2)

(2/2) small, rectangular stacks of paper held together w masking tape to put in the heel of my shoe, plus another half-sized one in front of it to make a sort of slope for ur foot. If it’s uncomfortable, an old sock or gel insert or cut-out yoga mat works wonders. Also works best w high-tops/boots/generally tall shoes, so long story short, converse high-tops r trans culture


Thanks for sharing -Matt

This is cat she wears tall brown boots and shorts and a pink and grey sweater has long brown hair has wolf ears but she hides them has light blue eyes ) that is what she looks like ) cat is 14 is nice shy sometimes but mostly friendly does not like to talk about the past loves cats has a pet cat named Monty and needs friends ! Loves sweets and that is cat I would love to have her in the ask blog thx good night

Tall boots VS. Half chaps

So I recently got asked by @fightingwithallreality about the pros and cons between half chaps and tall boots:

“I am thinking about buying riding boots. I went to a horse store today and tried on both tall boots and short boots with chaps. What are the pros and cons of each? I feel like I don’t know enough to make the choice and I am scared that I will make the wrong choice. Help!”

I actually know a fair amount about this dilemma, since I used to work in the boot department at a tack store. Basically you have two choices: Paddock boots with Half Chaps, or Tall boots.

Paddock Boots and Half Chaps

(Price range: about $100 to $350)
I used to be all about the half chaps. It was nice because I could take off my half chaps and do my chores in just my paddock boots.
Pros: Cheaper (for the most part), more comfortable, less break in time, ability to take off half chap after riding, less care required.
Cons: You cannot wear them in a show (for the most part), take longer to put on, some people don’t like the look, more stuff to carry.
Product Recommendations: Ariat Performer Pro/Ariat Devon Pro paddock boot, $199.99, most comfortable paddock boots ever, they are double the price than the Ariat Heritage ($99.99, and a GREAT, starter boot), but they are worth it, with a better leather and amazing arch support. Ariat Breeze Chap ($129.99) super comfortable, you’ll forget that you’re even wearing them. Easy to clean.

Tall Boots

(Price Range: $250 to $1000)
I school everyday in tall boots, but that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. I like not having to spend the extra time putting on half chaps, and I have come to prefer the feel of a tall boot, but I have Ariat Volants, which are the most comfortable boot in the history of the sport. It takes time and sometimes a little blood to break in tall boots, and even after they are broken in, they might not be super comfortable. For beginning riders I always recommend to use half chaps unless you will be showing.  
Pros: Not having to bother with half chaps, sleeker look, you can wear them for show, some people prefer the feel
Cons: More time and pain to break in, can rub your heel/behind your knee, more care required
Product Recomendations: 
First pair of tall boots: Ariat Heritage Tall Boots ($289.99)
Everyday work boots: Ariat Front Zip Volant Boots ($499.99)
Show Boots: Parlanti Miami Boots ($599.99)
Stay away from Tuff Rider boots, they are horrible.

In summation, if you can handle the pain of breaking them in, I’d go for tall boots. But it depends on your personal preference. 

Stay tuned for another post regarding fitting and breaking in tall boots!