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So we’re playing in a 5ed campaign, and while crossing a mountain pass get attacked by Yetis. After an ugly ass boss fight, (one party member thrown off a cliff, two others frozen by some freeze ray from the boss yeti), our druid saves the day by morphing into a polar and basically eating the boss yeti. Unfortunately the yeti blood sort of transformed him into a 7 foot tall were-bear-yeti thing.

After the DM got done describing the transformation, we all waited for the druid player’s reaction. In character, he says to us. “Do you think anyone will notice?”

We all pretty much lost it at that point.

Sometimes I hear certain songs and I…..

…..I have a need to draw/animate Connverse slowly swaying/dancing to it, because……listen that is one of the greatest feelings ok….OK…..

Also it’s my headcanon for how Steven calms Connie down when she’s feeling particularly anxious. She just rests her head on his chest and he wraps his arms around her and they just sway to a nice, slow song for as long as Connie wants…..aaaaaaa (also I usually think this when they’re older and Steven’s like….fucking 7ft tall and has fucking BEAR ARMS and just….encompasses Connie in calm warmth and affection….asdldsfa…..)

Bowser’s MLM

Since this post got a hundred notes and y’all love my gay bowser theory I wanna show y’all that I got proof of him being into men other than him being on obvious bear (tall buff chubby man wearing spiked bands and collar). I have a tag on this blog called “gay bowser receipts” of canon content showing him either being into men or doing something with men.

Here’s what I got so far, only three pieces other than the gay bear coding.

From an official Mario manga, source found from @suppermariobroth. Picture shows Mario at some kinda gameshow, a heart shows up with a curtain covering whoever likes him/he’s paired with. He expects Daisy or Peach, but it’s Bowser, smiling happily.

From Mario RPG. Picture shows Bowser kissing Mario on the cheek. To be fair, this was an accident, but realize that Bowser has canonly kissed a man.

From Wreck it Ralph. Gif shows Bowser checking out a buff man’s thighs as he mentions them, nods and lifts his cup in agreement, acknowledging he’s got some nice thighs.

Anyways if y’all see proof Bowser’s mlm/bi/gay @ me.

Cute and Small ~Auston Matthews Imagine~

Summary: You’re smaller than Auston but have a fiesty attitude. Fans, friends, and family tend to make fun of your adorable relationship. 

Author’s Note: Auston Matthews is a tall, teddy bear. I want to hug him. 

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You were a short person. No lie there. You were a 5′2 feisty little thing, not to mention. One day, you were with your boyfriend, Auston Matthews, and you two were cuddling on the couch. His arms were wrapped around you and you were on your phone. Auston had came back from practice and he was tired after his shower. 

“You guys are so cute,” Mitch teased. 

“Shut up,” You say. Auston was the first boyfriend who you were really serious about. You still couldn’t take in nice compliments from people due to your awkwardness. You feel Auston smile into your back, making you laugh a little. 

“You’re so small. I swear, Auston has both of his arms wrapped around you,” Mitch said. 

“So? I like it when he does that,” I said. 

“Mhm. Okay. Anyway, don’t check your social media,” Mitch tells you. 

“What did you do now?” You ask. You look at your Instagram first and saw a picture of you and Auston that Mitch posted. 

@marner_93: When bae can wrap both arms around you

@stephlachancee: @yourusername how can you cheat on me baby??

@fanaccount: Goals

@fanaccount: Y/N is such a small bean

@fanaccount: Never realized how small Y/N is until now

“Mitch!” You tell him before throwing a pillow at him. 

“What?” He laughed a little.

“What’s going on?” Auston asks, raising his head up to speak.

“Mitch posted a picture about us,” You tell him before showing your boyfriend. 

“Well, you are small,” Auston chuckled. 

“Sorry I can’t grow taller,” You tell Auston. You roll your eyes at him.

“You know I love your shortness right?” Auston says. He kisses your head and you turn around so you were facing his chest. 

“Okay, before anything dirty happens, I’m going to walk out,” Mitch tells you two before leaving. You look up at Auston and you both get up. You looked up at Auston who leaned down to give you a kiss on the head.

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“What if you fall for a taller girl?” You asked. 

“Can’t. Because she’s not you,” He tells you. 

You smile up at him and pull him down into another kiss. He picks up you up and you laugh at him. He gives you another kiss before leading you into the bedroom.

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Author’s Note: Told you that I was gonna post this. I’m a sucker for height difference couples. They are so cute.

Age regression reminders

You arent faking it. If you believe you regress and its helping you relaxe then you belong here. Theres no such thing as faking something that relieves you of stress.

Diapers arent a gross thing to wear. Theyre very useful and non regressors wear them too. Its not abnormal.

Pacifiers arent weird either. I had a non regressing friend who got one from the fair as a stim toy. I promise you its not weird.

If youre an older age regressor, cool! Nobody is stopping you from enjoying what is regarded as “childish” by stinky imaginationless adults.

Im 17 and a half, still play with toys, have almost 50 stuffies, and my room is painted like an underwater circus and has puzzle piece carpet. Youre not weird at all.

People wont look at you funny if you take your favorite stuffy with you. I once took a three foot tall stuffed bear into Joe’s crab shack and sat him at the table.

Teddy Bear

Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens
Words: 344
@otpisms “look- honey, i know you mean well, but i don’t need a 5 ft tall stuffed bear”

i’ve got a lot of requests and i promise i’ll get them done as soon as possible, but i needed to get my creative juices flowing again. the holidays have been a bit rough for me. my father has basically disowned me and i was left feeling terrible on christmas.

but, that’s probably just me. how are all of you? i do hope you’re well! i hope that you all have a safe new years and that you enjoy the rest of your holidays.

i’m sorry for disappearing for a while but i really did need some time to be better. because even now, i’m still a little bit confused and sad.

fun fact: i actually do have a 5 ft bear. it’s the most incredible thing i’ve ever purchased. his name is Anthony (oops).

and with that, i will leave you with this lams fic! requests are open and masterlist will be below xx


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“Laurens, I’ve got a surprise for you!” Alexander exclaimed, pushing the door open with his foot and lugging the gigantic bear into the house.

“Alex, if it’s another sex toy I swear to- what is that?” John asked as he emerged from the office, looking the bear up and down.

“It’s a bear! It reminded me of you,” Alex stated, placing it on the couch. John let out a long sigh, putting his head in his hands then looking up at his boyfriend.

“Look- honey, I know you mean well, but I don’t need a five foot tall stuffed bear,” John stated, staring at the bear that was now taking up the majority of their couch.

“But it’s going to be so helpful when I go away! Look, it’s even the same size as me! You can put it in my spot and when you’re feeling lonely, you can give it a massive hug! Maybe even make out with it… probably not make out with it but you see where I’m going with this right?” Alex stated, sitting down next to the bear and smiling.

“Wait… didn’t you say it reminded you of me? Why would I want to cuddle myself? We need an Alexander bear,” John stated, grabbing his coat from their bedroom and heading towards the door.

“Wait… are you pulling my leg? We’re getting another one?” Alexander asked excitedly, standing quickly from the couch and going to John. He hugged him tightly. “You’re the best boyfriend ever!”

“Alex, we’re not getting another one. We’re taking that one back and getting something that’s more like you. You leave more often than me,” John stated. Alexander pouted.

“But you always visit family in South Carolina, and you have no idea how lonely I get when you’re gone. We have to keep it. Pleaaaaaaase?” He whined, giving John his signature puppy dog eyes.

John looked between Alexander and the bear, biting his lip. “Ugh, fine. But it’s not coming in the bedroom. We’ll find a spot for it in the living room. Deal?”



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NCT Dream react to their GF getting them a big teddy

Request: NCT reacts to short (shorter than 152 cm/5 ft.) g/f giving them an 8-foot tall teddy bear that, when its nose is pressed, gives various clips of them laughing. Thank you! (I sent one in specifically for Chenle because hE’S MISSING IN YOUR POSTS, AND I NEED THAT BAB’S DOLPHIN LAUGH IN MY LIFE.)

This is possibly the best request I have ever seen it was so happy and it made me happy. Also, I agree about Chenle and because of that I made this an NCT Dream post just to make things different :) Hope you like this - Em x

Mark: “How did you find a teddy so big. Like bigger than even Johnny and by like 2ft.” He would laugh at how big and awesome the teddy was. “This is so cool!” He would give you a hug. “That’s the last hug you will ever get because I have this teddy now! Just kidding, I prefer to cuddle smaller people.”

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Renjun: You would wait till his practice had just finished and as he was about to go home you would surprise him. You jumped out from behind the door holding a massive stuffed panda bear. Renjun would immediately break out into a massive grin almost crying he was so happy. “This is so kind and cute. Ahhh how did I get such a cute girlfriend?” He would pull you and the teddy into a massive hug.

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Jeno: As he was walking home from school you would surprise him with the massive bear. “I thought you had extra study?” Jeno asked. You had planned your surprise by saying you couldn’t walk home together as you did every day. “Well it turns out I didn’t, I did have to meet a friend to collect this bear for you, though.” You replied holding it out to him. Jeno reached over to get it giving you a very quick peck on the cheek as he did.

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Haechan: You would knock at the dorm door and Haechan would open it a bit surprised because it must have taken someone so small a lot of effort to move something so big. “How did you even get this teddy to here y/n? It’s almost twice the size of you, it’s bigger than me. I love it though it’s so cute just like you.”

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Jaemin: You would be at the fair together and when Jaemin said he needed to go to the loo or something where you couldn’t go with him, you would run to the closet stall where you could win one of the giant stuffed snowmen. (It was a winter fair) You had been practising so you could win it quickly and sure enough, you did. When Jaemin came back you would give it to him and he would smile so bright like the sunshine he is. “I was sad because I couldn;t participate in the comeback but you make everything better y/n.”

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Chenle: It was Chenle’s birthday and you had been planning his present for a long time. It was perhaps the cutest present ever to be given. You snuck it into his room and hid behind it because it was so big and you were short at best. Chenle walked into the room to see an eight ft dolphin resting between his bed and the wall. It had a note by it saying press me.

He pressed the nose that seemed to stand out and a message played in Chinese from you. (If you don’t know chinses assume you did it specially). After the cute message had played every time he pressed the nose his cute dolphin laugh would play. He heard you laughing at how cute he was and pulled you out from under the dolphin.

“Y/n this is honestly the best present I have ever got it is so cute and I love it. Thank you so much you’re the best girlfriend ever and cuter than even my dolphin because you are small, unlike it.”

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Jisung: You popped out from behind the sofa when Jisung got back from practice. You had been waiting for ages since Jeno let you in. You threw a massive teddy at him which almost knocked him over. “Suprise!” You yelled. Jisung ran over to the teddy and over to you. “How did you even get this upstairs? Ahhh who cares its such a cool present. Now I won’t be lonely even when my best friend/ girlfriend isn’t around. This is the best. Just like you.”

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