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like I’m pretty fucking gay but I don’t get the ‘Gay Fluster’ often? but like ok today in the cafeteria at uni I got hit so fucking hard I forgot how to exist as a person. There was this asian girl, tall with REALLY long black hair that was WAVY AF. Like just. curls and waves and it was lovely and there was a big fake white flower hair-tie in it and it was a really low/loose ponytail? like halfway down her back it was lovely and her face was lovely and honestly everything was. she had like, a white sleeveless shirt with multiple necklaces and one that was a fob watch with a pirate symbol on the bronze metal front and her grey hoodie tied around her waist (combined with the hair and style my brain went omg she is a pirate princess holy shit) and she came over to me bc I was sitting near a power outlet and kinda asked if she could plug her laptop in there and I was so flustered that I started pulling the chair near her out a bit before she spoke and I was like yeah ofc to her request but I’ve never been gay flustered like that holy shit I am such a useless lesbian please send help

Green Eyes

He remembered the day she first arrived.

It felt like only days ago, a memory that was fresh and new and certainly wasn’t something that he would have to brush the dust off of, yet it happened over 40 years ago.

Maybe being in Valhalla for so long did that to a man. Making all memories blur together like watercolors so that they all seemed to blend and lose their time stamp. Either they were as new as this morning, or they were forgotten. There was no in-between.

Or maybe, it was just her.

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earyen  asked:

(1) Aaaa- Can I request a matchup if it's not too much for the cute admins of this cute blog? qwq I'm a 4'11" feet tall Asian girl usually wearing hair in pigtails. I tend to be pretty "motherly" ( from what I heard from my friends ) and am quite gentle, kind and slow pacing ( in terms of affection ), unless you manage to make me mad with the only fast way to do that is hurting people I care about, both physically and emotionally-

aah thank you so much for the nice words ♥ as usual, i’m only answering the first ask but rest assured, we received the other part as well ! i hope you’ll like your matchup ! - mod mademoiselle

Your match is Hajime Shino !

It’s hard not to feel at ease around you, really ! You’re kind and gentle, so people you meet are not very likely to feel awkward… except maybe for Hajime. That boy was literally a nervous mess when the two of you first met. You got pretty worried about him and helped him get over it, and now he thinks he’s forever in your debt. That’s pretty much how things went !
You’re always so nice to him, caring for him during idol training and making sure everyone’s doing good and he loves that. He really wants to repay you someday, and he’s trying to figure out how he could do that…

He once decided to bring you homecooked food as thanks for always helping him out. He’s the kind of person who treats that sort of thing very seriously, so you made him very happy by accepting it ! Besides, he’s so good at cooking ! You quickly learned that boy is basically the perfect wife : he can cook, clean, do the laundry, sew… You often lent him a hand, worried he might not be able to do it all by himself. That’s how you slowly got to know this peculiar boy a bit better ! He still treasures dearly the memories of the many afternoons you spent together folding freshly washed clothes on the school’s roof.

If there’s one trait you share with Hajime, it’s your tendency to overwork. You don’t like leaving things as they are, and it turns out you have a lot to do as a producer. Hajime is worried about not being helpful enough to his unit and overworks too… You often meet him when you go back home after a long day of work, and when you worry about him overworking himself, he shyly answers he also doesn’t want you overworking yourself. That’s how you suggested the two of you relax together, to make sure the other takes a break once in a while ! Hajime was extremely flustered, thinking this was way too much like a date, but ultimately had a lot of fun with you downtown. He still keeps the photos you took together as a memento !

The more you spent time with him, the more you came to love him. He’s earnest, gentle and loves daydreaming. So many endearing qualities ! He also loves how motherly and sensitive you are, as there’s nothing he likes more than gentle people… But that’s not all there’s to love : you also share hobbies ! Namely, your mutual love for art ! Hajime draws too, and he was really impressed and humbled when he first saw your drawings. He admires you even more now… He was very shy about his own drawings but ultimately let you see them : he draws and paints beautiful sceneries, both real and imaginary ! You came to wonder if that’s how he sees the world… Maybe that made you fall a bit more for him : his inner world looks so pretty and peaceful…

Hajime admires you a lot : you’re almost like a role model to him ! You’re always helping your friends out and you inspire him to do the same ! He also finds it admirable that you’re willing to overwork yourself to get things done, even though he’s a bit worried about your health. He’s also fascinated with your writing, and shyly asked if he could get to read what you write. He’s your fan now ! Sometimes, when you’re playing your guitar, he likes to listen to you and hum along. His voice is the prettiest, and you always get absorbed in his singing…
Really, he’s so peaceful and gentle, always helping you around. He also tries to help when he feels you’re hiding things to protect other people. That’s probably one more reason why you fell for him : he was there by your side when you needed him…

To be fair, he’s always known he was in love with you but he was content with things being just the way they were. He got to be by your side every day, after all, why would he try and risk upsetting you by telling you he loves you ? Besides, you might already be in love with someone else for all he knows. So he chose to keep silent, and you had to tell him about your own feelings to get him to open up. At first he thought it was a joke, or something one of your senpai forced you to do. You had to repeat it over and over again for him to understand you were honest, and he teared up a bit. He was very flustered to say he loved you aloud, but that may have been the best decision he made in his entire life ! After all, he gets to be your boyfriend now !

It’s Hajime’s first time being in love so he doesn’t really know how to figure things out, but he’s very enthusiastic about it ! He loves spending time with you more than anything else, but he’s still incredibly awkward with physical contact. Hand holding or hugs are fine, but kisses always make him turn beet red. He’s also too shy to initiate hugs, but you know for sure when he wants to : he gets really clingy and fidgety ! He won’t ever admit it, but he’s feeling pretty jealous of all the other guys you might hang out with : they look much cooler than him and maybe they’d make better boyfriends too… Please make him feel wanted and loved, there’s nothing that would make him happier than your affection ! You’re his sweet girlfriend, after all !

Other possible matches : Nazuna, Hokuto

oh yes… another photoset of cute tights… look they’re only 4 bucks a pair…………….. too bad i’m not a five foot tall size 2 asian girl………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Tall asian females.

The youtuber “Chriselllim” Is 5'9" and Korean.  So for any asian girls out there, subscribe to her! 

Also other tall girls should too because she does talk about fashion for all body types. I’m going to post some of her videos so we can all get a bit of advice on fashion and how to dress for our body type. I’m also going to make a few posts on that myself too. xD 

It was like fate

Sorry that this is on anon - I have irl people who know my tumblr who I’m not out to so I’m being safe. That being said, let me tell you the story of how I met my girlfriend before I ever realized it.

I’m a lesbian but I had a few “crushes” on guys growing up. Those crushes weren't really crushes, especially when I compare them to my crushes on girls. I mistook strong feelings of warmth and fondness towards guy friends as a crush, despite not really feeling romantic towards them at all. I’ll admit I was a bit oblivious when it came to that stuff.

My first “crush” was when I was in 6th grade. A lot of the guys my friends crushed on were assholes. I didn’t get the appeal, even as a “straight” girl. He was different. He was shy, sensitive, loved animals, and loved to write - he had a journal full of poems and stories. He was also one of the only Asians who went to my almost entirely white school besides me (when you’re in a minority, you notice when you see others like you). As you can imagine, he was bully bait.

Being the impulsive, potty mouth kid I was, one time when some bullies were calling him a fag I told them to fuck off. It didn’t do much to repel them, but he was still very grateful, and that’s when our friendship started. He’d show me his poems/stories which impressed me (although in retrospect it was typical angsty preteen stuff, but it was better than I could do). We could talk to each other without fear of judgment. And my girl friends insisted I had a crush on him.

I didn’t really understand crushes, but I figured that because I liked him a lot as a person and that I didn’t find him unattractive, maybe that was a crush. So I told myself I did. I never felt the need to act on it, despite my friends saying I should. Due to a combination of not actually being truly into him (despite thinking I was) and the rumors flying around that he was gay, I figured it wasn’t worth it.

In 7th grade he told me he was moving several states away. He gave me his email. We talked through email for a while, but things fizzled out on his end. It disappointed me quite a lot, as I did like him as a friend. I don’t remember how I moved on, but I eventually did, begrudgingly.


Fast forward to my freshman year of college. I was starting to realize that I was, in fact, a lesbian. So I went to my college’s LGBTQA* club, hoping to find like minded individuals. it was pretty fun. After the meeting, a somewhat tall, pretty Asian girl approached me. She was wearing a gorgeous dress and had winged eyeliner like a champ. I remember feeling vaguely jealous, as I never figured out how to properly wing my eyeliner.

“Your name is (name)?” she asked. She seemed nervous, but I didn’t mind. I said yes. I didn’t think much of it.

“Did you go to (school)?” She said the name of my middle school. I was shocked. I asked if she did. Like I said, there were very few Asians, and I couldn’t think of another Asian girl near my age. 

“I did. I have a confession.” She was whispering. “I’m (name).”

She gave the name of the boy I was friends with, the boy I crushed on. I didn’t understand. I must have given her a weird look.

“I’m transgender and go by (name) now. Is that okay?”

I didn’t really get what being transgender was all about. I barely knew about lesbians. It was partially my intention to open my mind when I went to the meeting. So even though I was confused, I said it was fine.

We caught up. She told me that she recognized me because of my name (it’s pretty unusual). She apologized profusely for falling out of contact with me. She said she was bad at communicating via text - it was still something she struggled with. She also had a lot going on in her life, including questioning her sexuality and gender. She said it wasn’t an excuse, but that she thought of me often and considered emailing me again but she was afraid I wouldn’t want anything to do with her. She asked if I still wanted to talk despite this. I couldn’t hold a grudge and she seemed genuinely apologetic, so I said it was fine. As it turns out, she missed the area she grew up in so she went to college there. I was amazed at the coincidence, that we just so happened to pick the same college.

As it turns out, other than maturity and transitioning, she hadn’t changed too much. She was still the shy, sensitive sort. She still adored animals. And she loved to write. Her writing is outstanding now - certainly a far cry from the angsty poetry she wrote in middle school.

We became friends again in no time. I learned more about my identity and about hers, learning how to look less clueless with trans issues. And eventually, we became girlfriends. I’ve seen firsthand that she wasn’t lying about struggling with text conversation (she can’t text or Facebook chat to save her life, haha) but in person she’s great to talk to. I feel like I can trust her with anything just like I could back then, and like I said, she’s an incredible, talented writer.

I don’t believe in fate often, but I don’t know how else to describe what happened. We’re coming up on our one year anniversary in a couple of weeks. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but I’ll come up something special for a special girl who miraculously ended up back in my life at the perfect time. <3

[Ereri 365 Project] Day 128 : Apartment (Blind AU)

“How do you know this entire way without your eyes?” Levi asks.

Eren shrugs. “Got used to it, I guess. My sister used to walk this way with me every day so I don’t really need my eyes as long as I don’t forget this thing.” He gestures with his walking stick. “I mean, I can’t cross the street alone – Mikasa would kill me if I tried – but going around the corner to get coffee by myself is fine.”

“So you just live with your sister?”

“Mmhm. She’s always been really overprotective of me so when I started writing, she became my editor and found an agent for me and when I wanted to move in the city, she came with me.”

“Don’t you ever just wanna be by yourself?”

“I get coffee by myself.”

“I mean living.”

He shrugs. “It’s not a big deal, I mean, our apartment’s big enough that we can kind of keep to ourselves and she’s an editor full time so both of us are usually working when we’re home together anyway.”

Eren leads Levi inside his apartment building and into the elevator, pressing the button for the ninth floor. “This place is really nice,” Levi says, examining the painting on the back wall of the elevator; a rose garden.

“It was the only place we looked at that Mikasa wasn’t just sneering at everything.”

Levi furrows his eyebrows. “How could you tell she was sneering?”

Eren shrugs. “I just could.”


The doors open and Eren walks out first, leading Levi to room 9B.

Eren opens the door and Levi isn’t sure why, but he feels surprised at how normal the place looks. The main living room area is surprisingly huge, with two plush looking couches and a wooden coffee table in the center, and two big desks with computers set up on them on opposite sides and corners of the room. Instead of a TV, there’s a rather impressive stereo system set up near the couches. On the wall to the right of the front door, is another door that leads to Eren’s bedroom. Behind the living room is the kitchen and beside it is a small hallway that leads directly into the bathroom with Mikasa’s room off to one side.

“Welcome to casa de Jaeger,” Eren says cheekily, dropping himself onto one of the couches. “Make yourself comfortable, do you want a drink?”

Levi looks around before sitting on the couch across the Eren. “No, I’m good.”


Eren sits up and faces the direction of the hallway. From the bedroom walks a tall, definitely Asian girl who looks like she works out about as much as Levi wishes he did. “Hey Mikasa,” Eren says, smiling.

That’s your sister?” Levi asks.

“Hm?” Eren’s expression is confused. “Did I forget to mention she was adopted?”

“Yes you did,” Levi says, still examining her, she’s glaring at him.

“Eren, who is this?” she asks, sitting beside her brother.

“Mikasa, this is Levi. Levi, Mikasa.”

“Levi,” she drawls. “This is the guy who’s been sitting with you when you get your coffee? He’s shorter than I expected.”

Levi makes a face but doesn’t comment before Eren laughs. “He’s a sweet guy though,” Eren replies. “I think you two’ll get along well.”

Mikasa is still glaring at Levi, even as Eren stands up and walks to the kitchen. “What do you two want for lunch? I’m feeling frozen pizza.”

“Fine by me,” Levi replies.

“Me too,” Mikasa says.

“Mikasa, why don’t you put some music on,” Eren says as he prepares their lunch.

Mikasa gets up and goes to the stereo, flipping through the CD sitting beside it for two or three minutes before picking something. “So, Levi,” she says as the opening song begins. Levi doesn’t recognize it. “Eren tells me you’re a teacher?”

“A professor, but I’ve been taking over slowly as the administrator for the History Department.”

“History, huh?”

“I’ve always had an interest in it.”

“I’ve never had a good mind for remember dates,” she replies. “But reading, I’ve always had a knack for that.”

“You’re an editor, right?”

She nods. “I wanted to be a writer but I don’t quite have Eren’s imagination.”

Eren nods from the kitchen. “When we were kids, if we played house with our friends she always wanted to be the sister. I always wanted to be the dad, of course.”

Levi chuckles and Mikasa smiles. “Armin was usually the mom, right?”

“Unless Sasha wanted to be, then he was usually the baby.”

“Who’s Armin?” Levi asks.

“My friend who owns a bookstore,” Eren replies.


Eren wipes his hands after the pizza goes in the oven. “You two talk amongst yourselves, I have to go to the bathroom.”

As soon as the door’s closed, Mikasa is leaning forward, staring at Levi. “Listen,” she says. “My brother acts like a tough guy but you’re literally the first person Eren’s met since before high school that he’s had any interest in.”

Levi blinks at her. “Seriously?”

“He doesn’t like most people because he thinks they act too touchy about his blindness, our friend Armin and I are probably two of the only people he’s ever open with anymore and it’s not good for him. So,” she sighs. “I dunno, can you try to be good to him?”

Levi leans back in his seat. “There aren’t that many people I’m open with either,” he says, keeping his gaze locked down the hallway. “But if it’s for him, I could definitely make that exception.”

Eren walks out of the bathroom. “Whoa,” he says. “I’m feeling some tension.”

Mikasa’s staring at Levi, her expression surprised. It shifts into a gentle smile and she sits back. “No, everything’s fine,” she says.

“Good,” Eren says, sitting beside Levi, purposely reaching out and taking his hand. “Because I may have neglected to mention that Levi’s also my boyfriend.”

Mikasa is glaring at him again.

Eren laughs at the way Levi tenses up immediately. “How did you not mention that before?”

Eren wears a cheeky grin. “Because I know she won’t kill me if you’re here as a witness.”

Mikasa crosses her arms and leans back. At the look Levi gives her, she shrugs. “He’s right, I won’t.”

With that, Eren kisses Levi on the cheek and Mikasa stands up, walking to her room again. “I’m gonna call Armin and tell him how much of a liar you are,” she says, smirking slightly.

Eren grins at Levi. “She approves,” he says happily.

That’s what approval looks like?”

“If she disapproved, she’d still be sitting here.”

“I hope to God your parents are this intense.”

Eren stands back up, walking to the kitchen. “Just my mom.”

Levi runs his hand over his face.