tall and feminine

BTS Ideal Type

1. Ideal Looks 

Rap Monster: A sexy girl who can converse with me for a long with a nice voice, is appropriately tall, has pale skin, feminine girl, looks good in a white T-shirt + Jeans + Red Converse High 

Jin: A girl whose looks and personality is similar to that of a puppy, whose good at cooking, kind and takes good care of me. 

J-Hope: Likes books and takes good care of others, a girl who’s good at cooking. 

Suga: Someone similar to me, someone composed and wise, who likes music. 

Jimin: A girl who is nice and cute. Must be smaller than me.

V: Someone who becomes more charming by the day, someone who only takes care of me, someone who only loves me, someone who’s chic outdoors but makes me hot chocolate and has a lot of aegyo inside. Also a girl who spends the money I earn thrifty, who can give everything to my/our parents.

Jungkook: Someone who’s at least 168 cm but smaller than me, is a good wife, good at cooking, smart, has pretty legs, and is nice. Also a girl who likes me, is good at singing. 

masculine nbs who are short and slight are still masculine and still amazing.

feminine nbs who are tall and broad are still feminine and still amazing.

an nb’s body type doesn’t disqualify them from being masculine or feminine. masculinity + femininity come in a variety of body types and that’s not a bad thing.


Made another Frisk and Chara for fun. They’re basically just designs and personalities I originally had in mind, just revamped and more interesting. I don’t plan to do much with them, just draw them from time to time. As they have nothing to do with this blog in particular (this is Pyro and Bluebell’s blog after all), I’ll draw them more on my art blog @taidoodle !

society has told women that they have to be physically small and dainty because that’s what feminine is supposed to mean and now we’re fighting back trying to be body positive by demanding for more “big women” in the media which is fucking fantastic however we are leaving behind vertically “big woman” in the fight and no im not talking about the skinny runway models that still weigh less than a buck twenty because they still fit into societies feminine category im talking about the tall girls that also don’t fit into the average clothing sizes the tall girls who feel more masculine because of their size tall girls that weigh closer to 200lb than 100lb tall girls that see men that are smaller and often lighter than them nearly every moment that they are out in public these women need to be told that they are still feminine and beautiful and need proper represent in the media and they don’t need to be told by the public that they are represented when a tall former model is cast as wonder woman or that uma thurman is six feet even though she’s just as skinny as everyone else in the industry like NO tall women who aren’t a model’s build need proper representation too thank you

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Can I get teamipliers reaction to dating someone taller than them? Bonus points if it's a feminine tall partner. I just found this blog but I already love it so much haha

I’m glad you like my blog!! Thanks for the request! <3

If the reader was taller than Teamiplier:


He’s so grumpy about it all the time. He refuses to kiss you unless you’re the one leaning down instead of him leaning up. He tries to compensate by making up as many tall jokes as possible, but you can always stop him from talking by tackling him to the ground. Sometimes you offer to get things off of high places for him, but he gets super stubborn and doesn’t let you do it until he really needs you to.


It’s hard to be taller than Tyler, so honestly, he’s impressed. You guys probably have competitions to see who can take bigger steps, because of how long y’all’s legs are, making bets. You usually win. Sometimes, to make him feel like a short person, you use him as an arm rest, just like he could to a shorter person. He laughs and playfully shoves you because of it.


Ethan’s the poutiest about it. Especially when you wear heels because then you’re A LOT taller than him. It makes it all better when you lean down to give him a kiss on the cheek or the forehead. Ethan likes to show you off, because you’re tall AND gorgeous, so he’s like, “Has everyone seen my super model girlfriend? Yeah, GIRLFRIEND. That’s right.” And he’s kind of a dork about it.


Amy’s the one who helps you make short jokes to the rest of the guys because she likes to see them all grumpy and annoyed. She probably makes you give her piggyback rides, and she gets on your shoulders when she can’t see the stage at concerts. Her nickname for you is probably Sasquatch.


When she learned how tall you were, her first sentence was, “Tall people are statistically more prone to trip over their own feet.” Which made you laugh, but also question whether or not you stumbled more than anyone you knew. She makes you grab stuff for her from on top of the fridge and the high shelves, not because she can’t, but because she wants to see you do it.

⚠The signs physical traits⚠ (check sun, rising and moon)

Aries- They are usually fit or skinny because they have great disposition to sports and musculation, and they tend be short. Marked eyebrows, alert eyes, prominent forhead and full lower lip.

Taurus- Very healthy people, women are curvy, is hard to find a taurus person who’s very skinny or unhealthy. Medium to tall people. Large and expressive soft eyes, rounded chin.

Gemini- Slim, they are usually tall and have a “young looking” body. Curious, seductive, bright eyes, slim face and long arms. They sometimes have that “model body” without even trying.

Cancer- Tend to be short. Graceful hands, hair is most likely to be brown or dark blonde. Big, sweet and bright puppy eyes, soft mouth, rounded chin and small nose.

Leo- Harmonious proportions, elegant and strong body, are usually tall. Often blonde or red thick and abundant hair. Pointy nose, large eyes, beautiful mouth.

Virgo- Usually thin people, they worry a lot about their bodies. Feminine legs, graceful arms and soft hands, they are most likely to be medium/tall. Serious and lazy eyes, feminine lips, long eyelashes and long nose.

Libra- Medium height, healthy skinny bodies, gives the impression of class, calm and charm; women have medium to big breast and men have a long upper body. Playful alert eyes, small mouth, rosy cheecks and beautiful structure.

Scorpio- Slim people, very sexy bodies. They are usually short or medium people. Seductive, penetrating deep eyes, most likely to have dark hair, strong shoulders, sensual lips and the impression of power.

Sagittarius- Tall or very tall people, long hair, often brown or blonde. Large lips, funny quirky eyes, big forhead and beautiful smile. Impression of liveness, energy and charisma.

Capricorn- Tall people, normally have that “slender” body, long and slim arms, upper body and legs. Normally brown or black hair, serious eyes, long nose, thin mouth and neutral expression most of the time.

Aquarius- Short to medium height, normally have a normal weight, chubby thighs, unusual body proportions and wavy dark hair. Sparkling eyes, relaxed expression, small nose, full mouth and originality impression.

Pisces- Short people, usually thin or very thin, almost bony. Long hair, hypnotic, slow, dreamy eyes, small nose, thin mouth and full cheecks. Give the impression of being misterious, misty, quiet people.

Nightingale (Part 2) [Slade’s Daughter!Reader x Damian Wayne]


Damian slashed the dummy before him in two; grunting and panting as he jabbed his sword through its head before kicking it back, sending it flying into the wall as he instantly unleashed his rage onto the next dummy. He’d been training for hours since he’d woken earlier around three that morning, somewhat suggestive dreams waking him in a frenzy and forcing him to stay awake to wash his sheets.

He’d been in this state for two days; panicking and practicing extra due to his recent decline in combat whenever he was on patrol with Bruce, and frustration overtaking him because of this.

He cursed under his breath in his mother tongue, something along the lines of “Fuck” in Arabic, one hand gripping his forehead as his other hand plunged his sword through the dummy’s chest. He was planning to pull the sword from the dummy’s chest and use it to slice off its foam head, but he stopped. His eyes were fixed on the dummy’s head as his mind blanked; pausing and closing his eyes as he stood quietly.

Sparkling (Y/E/C) eyes plagued his memories; the thought of pink, plump, soft lips numbing him as every fiber of his being tried to shake the thoughts. That girl. That girl from the warehouse, with her flaming fists and big (Y/E/C) eyes, her warm (Y/S/C) complexion and petite frame, the messy wisps of (Y/H/C) hair that fell on her face, the rest of her hair loosely collected into long braid that swayed as she fought…

He realized how long he’d been standing there thinking about you, grunting in frustration before pulling his sword from the dummy’s chest to then plunge it through the dummy’s head.

It had been two days since you’d kissed him, two days that you’d been unconscious in the bat infirmary, and two days since his thinking was clear and coherent…

“Stupid harlot and her dumb promiscuous approach” He muttered out as he pulled his sword from the dummy’s head.

“Mind still fixed on the girl?” A mocking voice he recognized as Dick said from the corner of the training room.

Damian whipped around to see Dick, Jason and Tim standing not far behind him in the training room, face burning as he realized he’d been heard.

“Perhaps that’s the reason your sheets are in the washer?” Jason mocked before having a laughing fit.

“THEY WERE DIRTY! THEY- THEY HADN’T BEEN WASHED IN AWHILE… THAT’S ALL!” he protested in rage, his face brighter that the color red itself.

“Not as dirty as your thoughts recently…” Tim managed to choke out between hysterical laughter joining in.

“Enough! All three of you had the same problem when you were Damian’s age. He’s seventeen; he’s already going through enough without you three pouncing on him.” A stern voice said as Damian jumped back to realize his father had joined in.

With his face still red he looked down; slapping his hand onto his forehead with a loud grunt before yelling at all of them.

“What are all of you even doing up here?! I thought you were all investigating Slade’s files in the cave?” He questioned as Dick walked over to stand beside Bruce.

“Bruce asked us to check to make sure you didn’t sneak out again, but to our surprise you were just training to err… Clear your thoughts…” Dick said trying to be serious as Tim and Jason continued laughing, Bruce walking up to stand in front of his youngest son who was now the same height as him.

“Did you find anything on Slade? Or perhaps on the girl?” Damian asked trying to change the conversation for his own sake.

“Quite a few things actually.” Bruce stated, tapping his watch and sliding through the holographic files as his four protégé’s gathered around him.

Bruce began swiping through her files downloaded from the bat computer; Dick looking up at Damian and wiggling his brows mockingly before Damian gave him a hard punch to the shoulder.

“Owww” He huffed out rubbing the now black and blued spot.

“I swear to god I run a nursery.” Bruce sighed while shaking his head, his adopted sons and biological son discontinuing their shenanigans for the time being.

“Her name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), a sixteen year old girl from east Gotham. She was born in (W/Y/L) but moved to Gotham with her mother when she was eight. Her mother was (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), a federal agent and rumored first class assassin. She passed away when (Y/N) was nine; there is no documentation of (Y/N)’s father, he is documented as “unknown” in her birth certificate. She was abandoned on an Orphanage doorstep in Gotham as a child; Santa Maria’s home for girls, currently the worst group home in the state. Her files show numerous attempts for adoption, but every family ended up bringing her back… without comment…”

Bruce was silent; tapping his watch turning it off wondering what was so awful about you that forced every family to bring you back. And even so, why would Slade want anything to do with you?

“Perhaps she wasn’t a good kid?” Dick questioned

“Not so, her grades are high honors, she’s an exceptional student in school and in the Gotham Academy orchestra, she has a crystal clean criminal record and no affiliation with crime whatsoever… She appears to be a good kid…” Bruce’s voice faded in confusion before Damian suddenly remembered what you’d told him before fainting back in the warehouse two days ago.

“Back when we found her, she told me something on the lines of her being a monster… Perhaps her abilities with fire cause others to think of her this way?” Damian asked.

They all turned to him in silence; surprised by the fact that Damian was even interested in your case, let alone having concern for how others “felt about you”

“I- I suppose that’s a valid motive.” Bruce stated.

“Well when is she leaving?” Damian questioned as he crossed his arms in annoyance.

There he is, there’s the jerk son I know. Bruce thought

“She can’t go back to her group home with Slade already knowing where she resides, and she’d pose as a threat if she went back to Gotham Academy, putting not only herself but others in danger as well… ” Bruce grabbed a small remote from his pant pocket and pressed the button on it and calling Alfred through its speaker.

“Alfred have you called Santa Maria’s director yet?” Bruce asked into the remote.

“Indeed master Wayne, the home’s director was practically pleading that we take the girl, arrangements have been made to pick up her belongings in the morning sir” Alfred stated through the remote speaker before Bruce confirmed and hung up.

“Wow you all are really tall… ” said a feminine voice coming from the back of the room; causing them all to turn around at once in shock to see the girl they hadn’t expected to be awake yet.

You stood against the training room back wall; your arms crossed as you looked on at them with curiosity in your eyes. You were freezing cold in the medical nightgown that only went down to your mid thighs; unaware of your somewhat provoking attire while looking up at the men that towered over you like giants.

You scanned the dropped jaws of the room, recognizing two as the batman and robin from two nights ago except without their masks, however the other three men you couldn’t identify. Meanwhile Damian was frozen; with a stare fixated on every inch of you as he felt his heart beating in his throat. Jason was the first to notice this and snickered as Tim tapped Dick on the shoulder pointing and laughing at the gawking boy. Once Dick was brought to the attention of Damian’s staring, he slapped Damian on the back causing him to realize he was staring; loathing himself immensely for it.

Damian growled in anger as he crossed his arms grudgingly; his father and brothers looking on as he huffed out towards you angrily.

“You!” He spat out at you.

“You stupid little girl and your pathetic harlotry and your god awful STUPID… FACE!” Damian yelled in frustration as Bruce barked at him, causing his brothers to watch on in amusement. You stepped back somewhat dumbfounded, your eyes narrowing as she felt your fists grow hotter; making sure to restrain yourself by keeping them at your sides.

Listen you disreputable, arrogant, bloodthirsty little- wait… what? Harlot? As in like, whore?” You took a confused step back; fists no longer hot as your head tilted while raising a brow in confusion. Bruce’s eyes widened preparing his mind for the burning destruction that would probably come as Dick, Jason, and Tim stepped back from you; knowing very well how explosive this could turn due to their own bad experiences with women. The only person to stand close to you was Damian, refusing to back away, yet still preparing for an outburst from you any moment as you stood with your head slightly tilted.

You really don’t know me bird boy. I have the sex appeal of a moldy potato; I’ve never kissed anyone, let alone had intimate relations with anyone… So I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You replied in all honesty as Damian scoffed before stepping closer to you.

“Really Liar? Never kissed anyone? That wasn’t the case back at the warehouse when you kissed me!” Damian spat back at you; watching the blood completely drain from your face as your eyes widened like a deer in headlights.

“I did what?!“ 


The Tunnels 3/?

At first glance, the creature that emerged from the shadows seemed terrifyingly beautiful. Unusually tall and feminine in shape, with smooth skin the same bluish-black as a beetle’s carapace and a mass of tangled silver hair atop its head. It was also distinctly lacking in eyes.

Then it stepped fully into the light, and this time Youngest swallowed a scream.

It had a slim, humanoid body from the waist up, and from the hips down, it looked like it had been grafted to a gigantic spider, a huge, eight-legged mass, covered in rough, black hairs. And the two arms that emerged from the torso were both too long and ended in seven fingers with stingers in place of nails.

Cor felt something brush her cheeks like a web, and her tongue began to tingle, as though an electric current was radiating from the iron stud. Then the being asked, “And what Names do you wear, schlammkinder?”

Youngest’s mouth was open and he began to speak. “R-”

Clamping a hand over his mouth, Cor stifled his answer, pushing her rings hard against his skin. A dizzy look faded from his eyes and he caught her hand, squeezing it once in thanks before pulling it away. “I’m called Youngest, and she goes by Cor,” he nodded to her.

While she couldn’t be sure Youngest recognized how dangerous true names were, clearly the school’s warnings had made an impression.

On hearing the nicknames, the monster hissed them out, rolling the syllables across her pointed tongue. When neither human flinched, she pouted. “The meat is clever. More’s the pity.”

“And you?” Cor raised a brow. “What shall we call you?”

After a moment, the fae shrugged, a motion that made her entire body shiver. It left the mortals queasy to watch. “Lotkin will work as well as any title.”

Still stunned, but starting to pull himself back together, Youngest licked his lips and whispered, “Are you sure this is all Dungeons & Dragons? That that isn’t a product of some government experiment, or an alien, or something?”

He was grasping for an explanation he was willing to believe, and Cor bit her tongue rather than take the time to chew him out again. Instead, she brusquely replied, “Time to grow out of your paranoia, Youngest.”

Stepping closer to the spider-woman, Cor tilted up her chin and faced her squarely. “Will you bargain with us mortals?“


Continued at http://archiveofourown.org/works/9850499/chapters/23203056


Professor Pompous

Also read on ao3

Roy Mustang raked his hands through his own short black hair as he stared down at the papers on his desk. With a red pen in one hand he looked blankly, realising he needed to get coffee if he wanted to finish marking the pile of first year essays this afternoon. It was hard to read when half of the students didn’t seem to understand what a quote or a reference was, but he was also lacking energy. He sat and pondered for a minute on how these kids managed to get into this university course at all before standing up, stretching his arms above his head and straightening out his navy blue suit jacket.

He left his office and walked down the History faculty’s maze of a corridor, cursing the stench of mothballs and text books in the old building. Surely the older guys will retire soon, right? He thought to himself as he headed down the fire escape stair case and out into the courtyard. The campus was almost deserted apart from the stray dedicated students hanging around the library on a Saturday, probably those with assessments due on Monday and shitty internet connections at their own places. Roy knew exactly how the student brain functioned. He himself was only working from his office today because his own internet at home was down. It had been a rough morning.

He made his way over to his proffered coffee shop on campus and let out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was open on Saturdays. He smiled to himself as he saw the ridiculous hipster set up with beanbags and coffee tables instead of actual chairs and normal sized tables. He rolled his eyes every time he saw it but they did make the best coffee, which is the important thing. The elixir of life in a paper cup had been there for him on many hung-over occasions and stressful days in the past.

As he approached the counter he saw a petite woman with her back to him preparing food for the customer who had come in before him. She had long golden blonde hair that was tied back into a simple braid that fell down the middle her back. The golden trail led Roy’s eyes to wonder further down her body and to her ass that was cupped in tight, black denim that didn’t leave much to Roy’s imagination. He always did have a thing for blondes. He smirked to himself as he thought that perhaps this coffee trip was really going to be worth his while.

“I’ll just have my regular, sweetheart” he said, almost commanding the barista’s attention. This caused the blonde barista’s head to snap around to face Roy, ponytail whipping the air at an impressive velocity. The face looking back at Roy now revealed a very unimpressed, very masculine face. The blonde had a young face that told Roy that he was probably a student on campus. He shuddered as the boy’s golden eyes that he imagined would normally be warm, pierced his own as they gave a long, cold glare in Roy’s direction. Roy’s face paled in the realisation not that he had just hit on a student, god knows more than that had happened far too often, but at the fact that he had just hit on another guy.

“Wait your damn turn, Professor Pompous” The blonde retorted before returning to the food in front of him, packaging it up and hurriedly handing it to the waiting customer.  Shit. That other guy is a witness he hissed internally. Roy’s mouth went dry as he chocked on his breath slightly, trying to recover from his mistake. He took a deep breath as he told himself that he couldn’t let a kid get to him, even if he had just been in the wrong.

The blonde, evidently male barista spun around and grabbed a coffee cup ready for his raven-haired superior.

“What will it be, asshole?” He asked Roy. “I’m knew, I don’t know your usual order” He rolled his golden eyes and deepened his voice on the word ‘usual’ to point out how much of a douche Roy sounded like to him. Roy sighed. This was not going as he had planned.

“Just a regular flat white, please” He requested much more politely this time, looking down at the blonde kid behind the cash register. He’s short, Roy realised and relaxed, only then noticing how tense he had become. Anyone could have made this mistake, right?

“That’ll be $4.50, Mr. Misogynist” The blonde held his hand out to take Roy’s payment before he began to pour the milk.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that. I mean your hair. And you’re really short, you kn-” Roy began but he was cut off as the barista slammed the silver jug of milk on the wooden countertop.

“I’m not short” He hissed, a golden fire burning in his eyes. “And whether I’m short or tall, whether I look feminine or masculine, you can’t talk to people that way. Do you really think that insulting me right now when I have the power to spit in your coffee and put it on soy instead of regular is a really good idea?” He threatened and spun on his combat boot clad heel towards the coffee machine.

“Hey now” Roy stammered slightly but remained confident enough in his voice that he didn’t think the boy would notice. “You wouldn’t want to get fired so soon into this job, right? Hold the damn soy milk, I’m sorry alright?”

“I hear you talk to anyone else like that, you better be ready for soy, got it?” The boy said, shoving a warm paper cup towards him. “take it and go man, I got shit to do, floors to sweep” he added as Roy took the cup, dumbfounded by the kid’s complete lack of fear towards him. Roy was quite obviously a lecturer on campus and wasn’t used to such insolence. He blinked slowly and made his way out of the door, not bothering to thank the kid. There wasn’t much point when he knew there would be just another smart remark in response.

It wasn’t until he was heading back up towards his office and began to take the first sip that he noticed the name and order scrawled on the cup in black pen. It read: Reg FW. Dr douchebag.

Roy couldn’t help but crack a smile.

The Pastel And The Punk

Summary: pastel!dan has been dating punk!phil for eight months, and Phil’s parents aren’t exactly pleased about this. Dan has to deal with Phil’s father, Phil’s there to comfort him.
Word Count: 2k
Genre: AU, Fluff
Triggers/Warnings: homophobic parents, swearing

A/N: What’s a fic? Also, worst title ever? Yup.

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Addiford 43. Dazzle me, asshole.

In the Dimension Jumper AU

43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me”

It had been three days. Adeline half regretted allowing Stanford to go through with the operation but she bit her tongue and let him do it. Even after knowing how risky it was. And here they were, so much time has passed and her husband was lying in bed in a coma with his head wrapped up in bandages. 

When they were brought to Dimension 52 by the Oracle, it was nothing short of a miracle. Finally someone who not only knew the dangers of their enemy but also had a possible way for them to defeat him. A tall feminine figure with seven eyes welcomed them to her home and given them protection. It was honestly the first time in a long time Ford and Addi felt completely safe. There was always the chance Bill was tracking them through Ford’s mind.

“There is a way to keep Cipher out of you mind.” Jheselbaum had stated while they were discussing past events back home. 

Ford looked at their new ally with a confused expression. “H-how? We’ve been trying to find a way for years! No one’s had a way…” Ford held Addi’s hand tightly. She felt just as skeptical.

“It is a bit risky but I may be able to perform an operation to prevent Cipher from being able to reach into your mind. A simple plate made out of a metal only found in this dimension. It has protected us from the demon’s eye and it should protect you as well.” 

It seemed too good to be true. 

“You’d be performing brain surgery on him?” Addi asked with obvious concern. “Do you have any kind of medical training? Will he be under the whole time? What’s the recovery process? Will it effect him in any way? Do we even know if this metal will react well to the human body and vice versa?”

“Addi…” Ford got her attention before she could shoot down the idea entirely. He kissed her hand to calm her and gave her a reassuring smile. “It’ll be okay. I’m sure Jheselbaum knows what she’s doing. We have to take this chance.”

“What if you don’t make it?…” She could feel the burning behind her eyes that indicated tears. She didn’t want to cry in front of their new friend.

“I’ll make it. I promise.” He kissed her and agreed to the operation.

That was a week ago….

Adeline held Ford’s hand while he remained asleep. She spoke with him the whole time, hoping maybe he’d wake up if she simply asked him or even say he was alright. Jheselbaum came in to check on the two.

“Are you sure everything went alright? You said he’d be like this for 24 hours while he recovered. It’s been days…” She felt the tears form and quickly wiped them away.

“I’m sure. He’s very strong. Different species recover with different amounts of time. He’s the first human to have this particular operation. The Xolotl has his favor and he has his destiny to fulfill.” She noticed the tears going down the human woman’s face. Her words were bringing her no comfort. Jheselbaum placed a hand on Addi’s shoulder gently. “He will awaken, Adeline. He has too many reasons to keep fighting to not come back. You give him reason to keep going.”

Addi wiped her eyes and kissed Ford’s hand. “I hope you’re right…”

The Oracle smiled softly and placed food on a table next to the bed. “You should keep talking to him. Your voice is a comfort.” She left to give them their privacy.

Addi sniffled and kept Ford’s hand close. 

“You remember when we first met? You were lecturing at West Coast Tech and I was a student. Gosh I was such a jerk… I made fun of what you said at every turn… You even kicked me out, you were so agitated… I still regret that… I should have been a better person… I forgot my book and we ran into eachother. There was a mix up and I somehow got ahold of your Journal… I’ll never understand why you gave me that second chance… I didn’t deserve it… But you did…” 

She looked at him sadly. No reaction. She sighed.

“I missed you while I was here alone… So much happened so fast… I thought I was never going to see you again…” She rubbed the back of her neck where her tattoo was. Ford knew about the story behind it. And he still loved her anyway…

“I miss you…” She felt the tears coming again. “Please wake up… Please…”

Adeline squeezed his hand and closed her eyes.

“Just tell me you’re in there… Squeeze my hand if you can hear me or something… Please…”


She let the tears fall and hit the sheets. Her heart felt heavy and she loosened her grip. She felt her shoulders shake gently as she went silent. 

A soft movement broke her out of her sorrow. 

Ford’s fingers twitched and wrapped loosely around her hand. 

“S-Stanford?” She felt her tears fall more.

“…You really were a terrible student…” Ford smiled gently and squeezed her hand as tight as he could.

“Stanford!” Adeline hugged him happily as he groaned in pain. “I’m sorry! I’m just so happy you’re awake… I was so scared…”

He cupped her face and wiped away her tears. “I know… I’m sorry… But I’m okay… Just have a really bad headache…” 

To couple laughed gently and held eachother close. Jheselbaum smiled from the other side of the door and allowed them to have to be alone for a little while longer. 

Writing Prompts

Royal Jokes

A famous sculptor goes to the kingdom to gift the King and Queen a marble statue from his best work collection.

Noctis and Luna walk among the sculptures to examinate them.

“I like that one,” Noctis points out. It’s a tall feminine figure, it’s sole wing pointing to the sky as ficticious gravity makes the rocky cloth cling elegantly to her frame, “it reminds me of you.”

“I like this one better,” Luna asseveres, guiding him to a thinking male figure, sitting dignifiedly as it stares to the floor, chin propped by his fist. “It reminds me of you in the mornings.”

Noctis stared at her. “While in the bathroom,” she clarifies.

They keep the thinking statue and locate it in the garden, close to a fountain. Strolls close to the place become the prompt to inner toilet jokes.

This was me. My name is Kabaiel, and I had an association with the stars. Night sky, in general. Not too tall, rather feminine, dark, straight, shoulder- length hair, extremely light skin and blue, almost transparent eyes. Golden freckles (sounds weird but they shone golden in the sun), thin halo. Big wings (two), dark brown and white, mottled. Sort of like a bird of prey’s.

I was a scholar, I think, I remember myself teaching a class on the orbits of some distant solar system on a cliff over the sea. I spent a lot of time studying so there’s probably someone who has seen me in the library. I had some notions of healing. 

During the war, I helped someone from the other side despite having been instructed not to do so. I was only supposed to fight for as long as I could. I was deemed a traitor and cast away shortly after, so, though I was among the winners, I fell.

If anyone knows me or has seen me, please, let me know at @i-was-kabaiel or @ubi-sunt-dracones (i’m more active on this one)


I can't remember if I posted this already but

For my fellow fansies who ship Katherine with Jack or one of the boys but still want a lesbian ship, may I submit for your consideration… Sarah/Smalls.

- Tiny, fiery, tough-but-actually-a-huge-softie girlfriend Smalls
- Tall, feminine, sweet-but-can-fuck-you-up girlfriend Sarah
- Smalls is so fucking relieved when Davey introduces Sarah to the group because “thank GOD there’s another girl, finally!”
- “Yeah we’re the gayest sorry I don’t make the rules” - Smalls to all the other Newsies
- Now here are two people who understand midnight ice cream cravings and will always help each other satisfy said craving
- They cuddle and read to each other, these nerds
- Davey is their #1 shipper, followed closely by Sniper (Smalls’s bestie b/c he annoys the crap out of everyone else)
- Normally Sarah is the one who uses a lot of pet names and says cheesy things, but Smalls will say a bunch of extremely sappy stuff while half asleep in the middle of the night, and Sarah just mumbles “gay” and falls back asleep.
- Some guy called Smalls a bitch once when she told him off for catcalling and Sarah gave him a black eye
- Smalls is an eerily calm Mario Kart player. She’s totally still throughout the round, with a perfectly straight face and no extra tension in her body. It’s very disconcerting and causes Sarah to mess up when playing
- Smalls can knit really well but if you tease her for if you’re gonna get stabbed in the eye with a needle so watch it
- Sometimes they cook together, by which I mean Sarah cooks while Smalls sits on the counter and spouts off random facts and bad puns.
- On multiple occasions, Smalls has hidden in cabinets to jump out and scare Sarah when she comes home
- These gals have zero problems with PDA, just sayin
- Sarah can fall asleep literally anywhere
- Smalls has a lot of trouble getting to sleep and will often end up in bizarre positions (for example, hanging upside down off the bed)

since most fantasy humanoid species/races are a few steps away from human, but clearly use human as a base, and dwarves and elves are exaggerations of opposite human qualities (elves: tall, thin, weightless, little/no body hair, “feminine" vs dwarves: short, stout, heavy, excessive body hair, “masculine”), half-elf half-dwarf characters are usually depicted as looking basically just like humans, but what if it they didn’t?

Imagine a really short stout person with no body hair and an ethereal weightless quality to them. 

Imagine a tall and “feminine” elf with huge hands and a chubby belly and tons of body hair

Imagine dwarves with thin fingers and straight hair, or elves who are too heavy to climb trees. 

Dwarves who move gracefully, or elves with exceptional dexterity.

Imagine that dwarves and elves don’t even out into a human when combined, but instead elf/dwarf children get one extreme or the other for each trait their parents differ on.

You are my everything

Jimin fluffy-angst scenario (Yoongi appearance)

Summary: Jimin is your boyfriend since last year. One late afternoon, he returned form practise -not so tired- and he asked you to go out for a meal, at your favourite restaurant. You ended up fighting because his ex was there too, she sat on your table and Jimin did nothing but ignoring you. (Fluffy end)

Request by @taeberriess :can you make an angst fluff where u and Jimin when on a date and his ex gf was there and tries to take him back and she sat at ur table and Jimin completely ignore u? Thank you!! I love u. Ur scenario are so cute and sweet. It’s fully of sweetness 😊😊😊💞😚

You were sitting next to the kitchen’s window and you were watching the sky ready to give up lightning the roads. It was so beautiful. It was not the usual blue, but orange with hot pink. So romantic. You were smiling like an idiot in the thought of your boyfriend. He seemed the best for you. And he was. Since he was your first relationship and you were with him already 1 year it was like a fairy tail for you.

You wish you could be with him more often, but since he was happy and he liked what he was doing you were admiring him that he managed to have you and job together. He had never let you down. He was always there, next to you. Talk to you when you had a problem, hug you when you were crying, take care of you when you were sick, cuddle up when you were scared of the heavy rain. Always there.

Even if he was far away, he was always calling you and asked about you. Sometimes you two ended up sleeping with your phones in your ears.

He was the best.

‘Sweetheartttt!! I am back!! Where are you?’ Jimin cleared your thoughts away.

He was finally home. You swallowed a sip of your tea and you left it on the windowsill. You fixed your hair and your cute pyjama dress quickly. You put on your pink slippers and turned around at the kitchen’s door ready to face him.

'Kitchen of course’ he said while you saw his beautiful face and smiled.

'You are here’ you said and ran to him. He hugged you tight while you were almost lost inside his arms. You were so tinny for him. But to be honest, this thing made you feel safe. Being next to him.

'I told you I’ll be back before night. I always keep my promises’ he said, cared your head and left a kiss on your shoulder while he was moving left and right slowly.

'What were you doing all day? I called you but you didn’t answer… I thought you were sleeping or something’ he said.

You looked at his face and explained yourself

'Well, to be honest, today I feel pretty weird… I have a lot of thoughts. Maybe because I am alone all day. I didn’t want to turn on the TV, radio, laptop, even my phone. I just woke up, drank coffee and since then I am walking all over the house thinking. I also saw our photo albums. You know, he have a lot of memories for just a year together. I wasn’t feel like eating too. After couple of hours I made myself a tea and sat next to the window. Thinking again. I knew you were about to come early today so this fact made me smile times to times…Well, to be honest, that was what I was doing all day’ your voice weak, you smiled awkwardly to him and touched his chest.

'Wow… What a day for a young girl. It sounds like you are feeling sad or something…’ he said. His face changed from blank to curious and worried.

'Is everything okay?’ he said and cared your cheek.

'Yea! Sure. I missed you a lot today, that’s all…But you are here now’ you said and let your body get lost inside his hands once again.

'Hmmm, since you didn't eat and I am not that tired, do you want to go to our restaurant? Unless you want to stay in your pyjamas and just…cuddle up..?’ he suggested.

'Ammm, why not both?’ you said and smiled letting your eyes close in your happiness.

'I’m in’ he said and smile at your reaction.

'Put your clothes on and we are leaving’ he said while he hit your butt and left the room. 

You hopped happily, blushed and went to the bedroom.

You chose an orange dress, short but cute enough to make you feel beautiful.

You wore your black shoes, not  high heels or something, you considered yourself too young too wear high heels, even though you were short.

Your hair down with a small orange bow and your lips light pink. You were not the type of girl that was inside the bathroom for hours. You liked being cute and simple. And that’s how you were liking other people being too. Being natural was something that you were admiring to someone else.

You took your black back bag and  descended the stairs. You saw Jimin waiting on the sofa’s arm staring at your phone.

'80 notifications. 10 messages and 6 missed phone calls… the 8 messages and 4 missed phone calls are from me…You are really not in the mood.’ he said goggled his eyes.

'I didn’t want to talk to anyone else. I just wanted to see you. I was waiting for the afternoon. I am sorry. I should have turned on the sound and answer to you. I just…I was drowned in my thoughts…’ you said looking at Jimin’s shoes.

'Arghh…What to do with you?’ he said and hugged you. 'Since you feel okay and you just missed me, I have no reason to be mad at you, young lady’

He saw you from head to feet, he bit his lip and winked at you.

'Beautiful ladyyyyyyy’ he yelled happily flattering you and you laughed.

You were feeling so lucky that he was appreciating the natural beauty.


You arrived to the restaurant. It was 7:30.

Your favourite place wasn’t that expensive and classy. Nor too simple. Not too big but not too small. It was something in between.

You sat there and ordered your favourite meal.

Jimin was siting in front you. He was holding your hand, forming small cycles while he was whispering sweet words to you. You were blushing. You were feeling so good. You couldn’t stop smiling.

Suddenly, you heard a woman’s voice.

'JIMIN! OH MY GOD!’ you turned your head and saw the woman. You knew her from somewhere but she wasn’t a friend or something. She was wearing a short red dress with black HIGH heels. Her make up perfect and she was tall and fit. Nothing to do with you.

She was obviously,at least one year older that you.

'OH, H/N! You, here?’ Jimin yelled surprised and left your hand from his hand and stood up ready to shake his hand but she hugged him tight and kissed his cheek leaving a light mark from his red lipstick. She quickly wiped it and laughed while he saw his face.

'Long time no see! What a wonderful surprise to see you here!’ she said and looked deep inside his eyes.

'Well, yea..to be honest it’s been a year and a half.'  he said back to her trying to set himself free from her delicately hands.

You were sitting there with your mouth quit open, trying to understand everything.

They were watching each other for a couple of minutes smiling.

You coughed weakly trying to SAVE your boyfriend. You were a kind and cute character. But you were also a dynamic one. It was just Jimin that made you show the best side of you. You didn’t want to hurt him. You would prefer to cry forever that fight with him.

Jimin bounched. He remembered you were behind him.

'Ermmmm, H/N this is Y/N.’ he said smiling at you trying to save the situation.

'Yea, I know. Hi.’ she said abruptly and her face changed to all kind and sweet to “BITCH I HATE YOU”. She turned Jimin’s face to hers.

'How are you doing?’ she asked him while her face and voice was full of sweetness again.

You turned slowly your face and saw outside the window. It was dark, you couldn’t really see anything but you preferred watch nothing than this woman.

After a while they finished  their short conversation about how they were doing.

'Are you here with your boyfriend?' Jimin asked her completely innocent and you turned your head to see what she was about to answer.

'Um. No. Jimin…’ she moaned. 'There was no boyfriend for me after you’ she said with a weak voice and bit her lip.

You hid you face with your hand biting your lip with a face “WHAT SHE JUST SAID TO HIM?!?!" . You couldn’t believe it.

You could feel Jimin’s awkwardness.

'Umm…friends?’ Jimin asked her trying to avoid what she just said.

She seemed bothered that Jimin didn’t pay attention on her words.

'NO. I am allllll alone. Sad I know. It’s Saturday night and I am all alone in this pathetic restaurant! What really is life?’ she said now with an innocent face full of  melancholy.

'You can sit with us!’ Jimin said quickly.

'That would be perfect!’ she jumped from happiness knowing that she made it.

'I mean…’ she looked at you

'It’s okay. She is okay. You are a friend, right?’ he said while he sat back to his sit.

'A friend…’ she repeated depressed . 'A friend, an old story…it doesn’t matter at all’ she smiled back at him looking at his face.

To sum up. A hot chick showed up in your romantic dinner. She kissed and touched Jimin like you weren’t here and HE did nothing but letting her sit with you?! He just said your name NOT EVEN that you were his girlfriend.  You remembered that half burned photo at Jimin’s house. She IS PROBALY Jimin’s ex girlfriend. His first girlfriend. HIS FIRST. LIKE FIRST GENERALLY. AND SHE WAS SITTING NEXT TO HIM, MAKING YOU FEEL LIKE YOU WERE HIS LITTLE SISTER. This girl so tall and hot, full of femininity and attitude and you the CUTE girl that was just siting there watching your prince walking away from you. Like WHAT IS SHE DOING? What is HE doing? Just a minute ago, he was telling you about how much he needs you in his life and all these things.

Your order was ready and the waitress put YOUR plate in front of HER. She laughed at you awkwardly thinking that you were really looking like his younger sister and Jimin just smiled at her while he took his hand behind her back.

He sat properly and he placed your disk in front of you.

'It’s okay. I am not hungry.’ you murmured.

'What are you talking about? You only drank a coffee and a tea. You have to eat!’ he said.

You looked at his face still with the hope that he was remember you were there too.

'She said she is fine’ this woman said and took the disk back making him forget about you again with a joke.

Jimin seemed fine.

They were talking, talking, LAUGHING, talking, feeding each other, LAUGHING.


You were siting there wishing you could be as hot as she was just to make Jimin look at you. It was the first  time ever that you were feeling so abandoned from Jimin. Like you were nothing.

You could remember Jimin talking about this girl with so much hate. She wasn’t a good girlfriend. She was only thinking that she was Jimin’s famous girlfriend and she made Jimin sick. Such an AWFUL character. But now they seemed fine.

You decided to send a message to Yoongi, your best friend. Both of them really didn’t seem to care about your action.

YOU: Yoongi oppa? Are you awake? Sorry if I woke you up but…

I feel like dying.

You saw if these two understood anything but no.

After a couple of minutes he replied.

Yoongi: No, I am writing something. What is happening?

You: Am in my favourite restaurant with Jimin.


Yoongi: So?

[Isn’t she an idiot?]

You: She is trying to steal my boyfriend. And Jimin is ready to fall for her again! I am ready to cry. They seem so happy and PERFECT together. She is so sexy and I am like nothing here. Like I do not exist! First time I see Jimin like this! I am scared Yoongi! I want to cry so much! I want to slap her! NOW! I WAN TO FILL HER STUPIT FACE WITH MY POTATOES THAT SHE IS EATING BECAUSE SHE MADE ME DON’T WANT TO EAT!

Yoongi I do not feel okay.


Yoongi:  Do you wanna come over my place?

Basically, this way you run away from your problems, but

what to do? The best advise is to talk to him but girl you are too shy and kind to make her understand WHO you are.

You: Please come. I am ready to collapse.

Yoongi: I’ll be outside in 15 minutes.

You huffed and let your body relax. You saw these two. Nothing changed.


You saw the time. 16 minutes after the last message.

'Excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom’ you said.

You had already put on your coat so you just took your bag and walked to the door.

Jimin was looking at you ignoring her ex.

'Were is she going? The bathroom is not this way.’ Jimin said REALLY confused.

He say you out of the window running to Yoongi. He was already there waiting for you.

'What the…?’ Jimin said still looking both of you.

'Oh come on, Jimin! She is fine!!’ she said pulling him closer to him.


You saw Yoongi. You ran to him and hugged him. You started crying like you were a 2 years old child. Yoongi was so surprised. He had never see you like this before.

'Y/N? Do you want to go inside and-’

'NO, TAKE ME HOME.’ you said while hot tears were running down your cheeks.

'Jimin is coming we have to hurry up.’ he said and laid you down in the back seat of his car.


You were at Yoongi’s house. You were sitting on his couch  with his blue blanket. Tears still like a waterfall. He was sitting at the other side of the couch right in front of you and he was watching you.

'Oh come on. It wasn’t that bad-’

'It was. YOONGI IT WAS! YOU HAD TO SEE THEM. I am not a person that acts like that if the situation is okay. IT WAS REALLY BAD.’ you said and you covered you head with his blanket.

Yoongi hugged you not knowing what else to do.

'They seemed so happy. Even though she IS fake and stuff… Am I doing something wrong? I am not a good girlfriend. Am I too childish? Am I acting like a 15 years old girl? I can not be like her. You had to see how she was touching him. How she was talking to him. WHAT SHE WAS WEARING AND HOW MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL SHE WAS.’ you tried to explain.

'I mean, Me and This girl, we have REALLY nothing on common’

'Sh. It’s not like that. She is really fake, she only wanted Jimin to be famous and she was acting like Jimin was nothing more that just a boy. She may be hot and stuff, but she is not you.’ Yoongi interrupted you.

'Jimin wanted a real girlfriend and that’s you.’ he said, uncovered your face and looked deep inside your eyes. 'But to be honest, I can not understand why he was acting like that…’ he said and set you free.



It was Jimin. He was yelling so loud. He was furious and he almost broke the door.

Yoongi went and opened the door.

Jimin ran inside without saying anything. He saw you siting there with your face full of tears. He grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the house.

'We are leaving. Yoongi has nothing to do with us. And I don’t want to hear us fighting.’ he said while he was about to close the door.

'What exactly are you gonna-’

'None of your business’ Jimin quickly interrupted Yoongi and let the door shut behind him.

He was holding your hand and walking really fast. He wasn’t talking and you were feeling so furious, sad and weak. Since your house wasn’t that far away from Yoongi’s you arrived quickly.

Jimin shoved you inside and shut the door once again. Your hand was free and you still could feel Jimin’s hand. The pain was still there.

But that wasn’t the point. You wanted to see what he was about to tell you.

'WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?!’ Jimin yelled at you like it was ALL your fault.

'YOU JUST LIE TO ME AND LEAVE WITH YOONGI? WHY?’ he yelled once more walking to you.

'It wasn’t my fault.’ you murmured.

You took a deep breath~~


Jimin held you back and saw your face with a face "we-are-not-done-yet”



'LET ME GO!’ you shouted.





'I am sorry for being so weak next to you. Sorry for can’t be her.’ you cried and finally left, leaving Jimin behind you with his mouth open.

You run till the park and just stood there. Next to the lake. Looking at the dark sky.

Now all your memories from your day messing up your head. How you woke up. How you were watching all these photos you had with Jimin. How you were thinking that he is so perfect. How much he loved you. The unique sky. Jimin’s 'I’m home’. His kiss. His hug. His warm hands all over your body.

Your face in tears once again. As the park was empty, you yelled. You were so angry. Your voice weak from the screams but you didn’t care. And you didn’t even know who to blame. Jimin? This girl? Yourself?

You decided to walk all over next to the calm lake and reach the bench. You sat there, wiping your tears. You took a deep breath. It was obvious. You destroyed everything. It was over. You just wanted to calm down a little bit before going back home to put your clothes and your dreams in the suitcase.

'Hey’ you heard a calm voice behind you.

You turned your head and saw Jimin scratching his head looking at you with the cutest (awkward) face.

'I was about to come back and prepare my suitcase. Sorry for being late.’ you said with a weak voice.

'You hate me that much, you are gonna leave??’ Jimin asked you and sat next to you.

'The fact that your behaviour was awful and I was hopping to die soon… I don’t hate you Park Jimin. And I will always love you. No matter what you do to me. You bring more happiness than sadness to me. It’s just that…pff..you know. Today I understood that I am not what you really need.’ you awkwardly smiled to him.

'Just tell me how you do this? You always ended up blaming yourself. Like I am a saint. It was my fault Y/N. I acted like an asshole. This girl is nothing more that a BAD memory. And you are the one that makes me forget about her day by day. And look at me. I made you feel shitty. WHAT KIND OF BOYFRIEND AM I?!’ he said and look down understanding his fault.

'I don’t even know how I did all these things. I am the worst.’ he said looking up to the sky.

'But you know. You still love me. And it hurts me. You have to break up with me. I am making you feel awful. And I am so sorry for everything. You are my everything.  You are the love of my life. My soul mate. My other half. And I made you feel so bad. I don’t eve know how you can forgive me and blame yourself.’ he said still looking at the sky.

'Whatever you decide…I…feel. I feel okay.’ he said covering his mouth with his hand ready to cry.

You took a minute to understand what he just said to you.

'I decided.’ you said.

Jimin looked at you with a face full of agony.

'What with this face? Like I would broke up with you. Idiot.’ you murmured.

Jimin’s face changed from “OH MY GOD” to “OH THANKS GOD” and he gave you his warm smile. He hugged you and whispered

'Y/N. I love you. You are the love of y life. Don’t care about her. Really. You are the most special thing in my life. Also…’ he said now looking at your face.

’…don’t shout again like this. I was wondering how much anger you had inside your head to yell like that.’ he teased you and you laughed.

'Let’s go home Jimin.’ you said.

You were walking and talking about nothing.

'I still have something to do.’ Jimin said.

'What?’ you asked him.

'Just because of my silly behaviour you are still without food. All day. I have to feed you something’ he said and made you blush from happiness.

'And then…we can cuddle as we said…?’ he asked you kindly.

'Where is our house?!’ you asked making him laugh.


You arrived home. Jimin  made crepes for you and he insisted to feed you.

After 2 hours full of laugher and kisses he took you to your bedroom. Both of you prepared yourselves and then you lied down to your bed. Jimin hugged you tight and you left yourself fell asleep inside his arms and his unique scent.

Jimin kissed your head.

'I am never gonna hurt you again. You are my everything.’


God. That was long enough.

Sorry if you found it too big or not interesting.

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