people who want to climb mt everest are crazy. what do u want? to be up there rly high? congratulations. ur up really high. i went on a plane a few times. i was higher than u and all i had 2 do was sit in front of child who put her foot on my hand once. u saw like 18 frozen bodies and had 2 borrow a pick axe and an ear from one because ur an idiot who wants to be tall, but not taller than me. guy on plane. bye

Jungkook, existing:

Jimin: “You got a problem, bruh?”

Jimin: “I mean, you so TALL you must got a problem.”

Jungkook: “I’m literally just sitting here.”

Jimin: “WAS UP”

Jungkook: “A-Are you trying to fight me?”

Jimin: “WAS UP.”

— when you are tall.


• “you’re so tall, [name], even taller than me, that’s amazing!”
• supportive
• validate the heck out of you
• at one point or another you will lift him up
• bridal style or not it’s your choice
• he won’t mind but he will blush blue
• clothes shopping it’s hella fun!
• please kiss him on his LED just to see his reaction
• you can also kiss him on his eyebrows
• just kiss him in general
• will fight everyone who jokes about your height, he thinks it’s very rude
• unless you’re fine with it, of course
• you’re the one picking up things for him!!!!!
• he buys a very large mattress so you two can fit your long legs on it 


• so. you’re taller than this big boy.
• how
• really what do you eat for breakfast
• v impressed by your height
• kinda pleased to not be the only giant
• kinda embarrassed since he’s not used to people being as tall as him, much less to people being taller than him
• plus it’s you (!!!) you’re special
• always worried about being rude to you when addressing the fact that you are so tol
• what if your height makes you uncomfortable?? what if it doesn’t??
• please tell him which is which or he won’t stop torturing himself
• would really like if you felt good about yourself though
• please wear heels he likes them vv much and you being taller than what you already are? sign him the fuck up
• neck kisses
• will lend you his sweaters bc they fit you
• you lend him yours
• everything is sweet up there in the clouds 4 you titans
• also think about it: two tall persons together looking hot as fuck?
• everybody stares in awe at both of you when you walk 


• what exactly do you mean you’re taller?
• really hopes that you’re wearing heels
• but you’re not
• so he gets a little annoyed
• growls like the lil’ pup that he is
• but that’s because he’s worried about you teasing him for being shorter
• but you don’t??
• maybe just sometimes okay shh
• so he slowly starts to relax
• he also slowly starts to accept that you,,,, being tall like this,,,, it’s actually very nice
• he won’t tell you but he likes being held
• please hold him with your long arms
• he will struggle only the first two seconds
• then he will melt