i wish ppl would defend unacknowledged sexualities and genders the way they defend pluto like. ‘what do you MEAN being non-binary isnt real ITS JUST AS REAL AS BEING CIS guys we need to TAKE ACTION’ insert +100000 notes, merchandize and letters to the government

anyway this has been your daily 1 AM segment of Trace Talkz. nobody sent me any characters for that ask meme I reblogged so I’m probably gonna go to bed. peace out homies, have a good night and I love you

Random Talkz

Have you tried getting high, then having the munchies, and then when you’ve finished eating, your high peaks cause you’ve got the Itis from being full. Lmao!!! I’m the type that be laughing so hard, over the same thing, for a long time. Then thinking of something to add to the table, and once getting asked what, I can’t remember 

  • me age 7:Wow! It's so cool that Harry Potter gets to have fun adventures with his friends at Hogwarts!! :)
  • me now:
  • me now:alright who the fuck let this happen to a bunch of eleven year olds this is preposterous
  • me now:why would you keep an incredibly dangerous item in a school full of eleven year olds oh sure yeah just tell them to 'stay out of that room over there' that'll fuckin work
  • me now:dumbledore you literal sack of shit i swear to god