anonymous asked:

Were you really going to give your baby to Terri Schuester? How could you be so stupid? How did it make sense? That might've been the stupidest thing you've ever almost done.

I definitely had my doubts about it, but, yes, I had it in my mind for a period of time that once Beth was born, I would give her to Terri and move on with my life. 

How did it make sense? It made sense to me for a couple of reasons, that now looking back on it, don’t make much sense at all.

Firstly, Terri was willing to pay for pre-natal vitamins and my doctor’s appointments. That is something I could never do on my own, I needed her in that regard.

I knew that Terri was lying to Mr. Schue about being pregnant, and the last thing I wanted was for Mr. Schue to get hurt. I figured, no matter what, he was going to be a great dad.. so it’d be better for me to give Terri, Beth. That way she didn’t have to break Mr. Schue’s heart and I would know that my child had a great father.

Likewise, Mr. Schue was bound to bring pictures in of Beth to put on his desk, tell stories of her first walk, talk, and laugh. I was going to get to viacariously live life with Beth, it seemed so wonderful… 

Like I said, these reasons over time have become less and less logical.