Game-Changer: ThermaSol Introduces Bluetooth Technology to the Steam Shower

We are excited to announce that as of today, all ThermaSol® Serenity Light & Music Systems will be Bluetooth®-equipped, allowing your customers to wirelessly upload their music play lists and volume control to their steam shower environment from anywhere in the bathroom. We are not only proud to say that ThermaSol is the only steam shower manufacturer to offer wireless Bluetooth technology, but, we have also made it a standard, built-in feature included in all Serenity Light & Music Systems.

What Does Bluetooth-Equipped Mean to Your Customers?

Now that all Serenity Light & Music Systems from ThermaSol are Bluetooth-equipped, users can wirelessly sync any Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smart phones, tablets or laptops, from anywhere in the bathroom to the music system and instantly start streaming music.

How Does it Work?

Bluetooth technology works by enabling short-range wireless communication, allowing it to replace hard-wire and docking devices. The Bluetooth adapter is equipped with the Serenity Light & Music System with instructions that are embedded into the system, allowing it to sync with other Bluetooth-enabled devices quickly and easily. When the user’s Bluetooth-enabled device comes into range with the Serenity Light & Music System, the two systems can sync up. This allows users to wirelessly customize their steam shower experience by controlling their favorite music play lists from their device.

How Do I Get It?

It’s already here! As of June 1, 2011, all ThermaSol Serenity Light & Music Systems will have Bluetooth technology equipped as a standard feature.

There’s no doubt Bluetooth technology in the steam shower takes the art of steaming to a whole new level.