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Actual dad David headcannon

Okay but David would probably start buying Max things he knows Max likes, especially after seeing what Max’s parents get him. David wants to let Max know he cares about the kids interests, be it whatever, no matter how silly or strange it might be.

Imagine David buying Max comic books of Max’s favorite super hero or something cause he know’s that’s what Max likes, and holy hell, “the kid deserves more than just a hoodie!” David has probably said on more than one occasion.

anonymous asked:

do you read a lot of books? or what do you often read? do you happen to have any recommendations? :)

i haven’t read that many published books in the past few years because of school, but typically, i just… like things that subvert their genres, have interesting narrators, or… have good writing styles. thats it, thats all. here’s some books i’ve enjoyed*

  • the rest of us just live here by patrick ness: the indie kids are really weird, always running around fighting off zombies, or mysterious blue ghosts, or whatever the latest world-threatening danger is going on. the rest of the town, though, like mikey and his group of friends, are just trying to live their lives. a look at a typical “chosen one” story from the uninvolved bystanders’ point of view 
  • akata witch by nnedi okorafor: twelve year old sunny, born in new york but now living in aba, nigeria, is a little bit lost. then she makes new friends and is plunged into the world of the leopard people, where your greatest defect is also your greatest asset… 
  • chaos walking trilogy by patrick ness (#1: the knife of never letting go; #2: the ask and the answer; #3: monsters of men).  prentisstown isn’t like other towns. everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in an overwhelming, never-ending stream of Noise. todd and his dog manchee stumble upon an area of complete silence and find a secret so awful that they have to run for their lives. 
  • raised by wolves series by jennifer lynn barnes: a human girl in a werewolf pack. i know this sounds cracky and terrible but this series also was good enough to make me cry so if you like heavy hitting narratives and anguish you should give this a try 
  • curse workers series by holly black: interesting narrative, really good world building, suspenseful plot akin to the tension you feel when watching a high-stakes chinese court political drama… similar in tone to the “raised by wolves” series. good stuff
  • welcome to night vale, the novel by joseph fink: a deeply weird story i’m not sure how to explain. has an absurdist sense of humor, as well as a thoughtful exploration of people’s struggles to find themselves. i loved the ending and would highly recommend it 
  • monster blood tattoo series by d.m. cornish: god, the worldbuilding, the language, just. everything about this series was so good!!! orphan boy rossamund, a boy with a girl’s name, is about to begin a dangerous life in service of the emperor. on his journey there, though, he runs into monsters – and people, who might be just as dangerous. i really loved this series when i was younger and if you like worldbuilding you WILL love it 
  • let’s pretend this never happened: a mostly true memoir by jenny lawson, which made me laugh and cry tears of laughter when nearly nothing else in the world could. 
  • graceling realm series by kristin cashore: i love this series. i will defend it to my dying breath. beautiful strong characters, beautiful plot, beautiful worldbuilding, everything is good and the character relationships are so wonderfully done. 

* disclaimer: i haven’t read some of these books in years so i don’t actually know if all of them live up to how i felt about them in memory. read at your own discretion 


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 26/?


We’re all focusing on Shouji’s face and Kirishima’s past when none of us are talking about this guy:

A sparkling man who is very prideful and sees himself superior so everyone basically sees him as a narcissist.



Chapter 108 was a very interesting Chapter, because it actually showed a little bit of Aoyama’s past. Instead of being his prideful self in his chapter, he actually showed another side. A self-conscious side, something that shows he was possibly bullied.

Looking at the first and second picture, I came up with a theory of why Aoyama is self-conscious of his own quirk and being “Unequal”.

There was a chance that his parents told him he was different, but in a bad way. In the second photo, I cant even tell if he’s crying, shocked, or both because of the belt. It also came in a package, and this also shows that he’s had that belt ever since he was a young child.

So in conclusion, I believe there was a chance his parents actually neglected his quirk and made him think he was unequal. I hope more on his past is shown, since this was a surprise since most of the whole series he’s seen as a dashing, twinkling male.

I’m just putting it out there.

Hello my angels, so I wasn’t going to do this because the thought of skam ending still makes me get a little

but then i realised that instead of being sad about skam ending, I should celebrate and be grateful for all of the beautiful, kind and incredible souls I have met in this fandom

skam has always been about teaching us that despite our differences, deep down we are one. We all have hopes, dreams, struggles and people we love with all our hearts. skam teaches us this but then something beautiful happens, something that only we can do

we become a family

we end up connecting with each other, people who are on the other side of the world, people with different beliefs and different stories, but people who can touch us in a way that makes us all feel less alone in the world. 

before i discovered skam I was too scared to talk to anyone irl and online, i felt like my thoughts and my writing and everything i could offer to the world was stupid but then….when i fell in love with skam i found my voice and i met people like you who encouraged, supported and loved me throughout my journey of actually using it. 

I love you all so much and I don’t think words could ever truly describe just how deep that love goes. 

This isn’t a goodbye because I will always be here for all of you and i’ll be sharing my love for this show and my many projects i have planned until my voice is taken from me

because now that i have it there is no way i’m going to stop talking ;) 

This is to all of my mutuals, my anons, my friends who i have met oh here and talk to constantly, and the friends who i don’t talk to enough even though i love you with all my heart. 

this is to every soul who has reminded me who i am and who i want to be

this is to every person who has inspired and left me in awe over and over again

this is to the editors, the writers, the meta makers (i honestly don’t know if that’s the name for it but whoops i said it) the shitposters and honestly every angel who appears on my dash and makes my heart warm.

Du Er Ikke Alene

and I love you <3

i guarantee you i Loathed many many many things about im3 and tony and pepper’s relationship… “arc” in that movie and i promise you it’s entirely possible to do so without throwing around the word “abuse”

i also promise you it’s possible to hate im3 without hating pepper?? and i promise you it’s possible to do all of that and still get excited about the prospect of them maybe getting back together like please let me experience joy for five whole seconds holy shit

What do you buy for your man?

Like, I love EVERYTHING. Bring me a simple flower for my birthday and I’m the happiest. Get me some ice cream and I’ll never stop smiling. Once he got me a tiny cactus and it blew my mind.

But guys..I feel like the only thoughtful things to give is something expensive and even then I’m not sure if he’s gonna like it. And now I feel horrible thinking I don’t even know the person I’m with for two years.



23/06/2017 - 🌹 Prom 🌹

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