After tonnes of speculation, and rumor, we finally have details on the, long awaited, end of, the original, Assassins Creed saga. Whether this will actually be the end of the series, is yet to be seen. With Ubisoft taking a leaf out of Activision’s book recently, and releasing yearly updates in story, in the same engine, and charging us all prime time prices for the pleasure of playing them, you cannot blame people who are starting to grow weary with the series. 

Assassins Creed 3, on the other hand, has appeared to take a huge leap forward, just as Assassins Creed 2 did before it.
So far we know several important details:

  • The new game will be set in and around Boston & New York between 1753 and 1783.
  • A new protagonist, named connor, who is half English/half Native American. 
  • A new version of the Anvil Engine is being used. One which can depict thousands of troops in combat but also, create great facial close ups.  

If you wish to read (a lot) more and look at some screen shots, head over to Neogaf and checkout the details. 

guys fnaf4 is intense. like you have to be dead quiet to win the game and get through the night. oh god, imagine dan and phil playing this and not even getting past the first night bc phil would be talking as dan actually tries to play the game like:

dan: phil shut up, we’re going to die

phil: no, i don’t hear anything


game: *jumpscare*

dan: *screams and falls out of chair*