talkingbackwardscollectingspace replied to your audio post: My endless list of favourite PT songs: Baby Dream…

To me the highlight of Stupid Dream was Stranger by the Minute. It’s a rejection of everything, an ode to nonsense with a bit of snark and humour snuck in. Pure Narcotic is also a highlight with that delicious contrast.

Of the three singles from Stupid Dream, Stranger By The Minute is easily my favourite. I actually find the song to be quite distressing. The way I interpret it, the song is about mental illness and those tragic moments of clarity when you realize you’re insane and just getting crazier. And very few are as outrageous as Steven to put that behind a melody like this. Which is why it’s special. That delicious contrast.

Pure Narcotic
is probably the song that best represents Stupid Dream, it’s also hard to pick apart, because under all the cynicism and sarcasm (and the very commercial sound), it’s a very personal and poignant song.